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>think audiophiles are crazy
>go over to friend's house with higher end audio equipment
>dares me to tell the difference
>listen to Voyager by Daft Punk at 24/96 from a properly made Vinyl Rip through his schiit stack and HD600s

holy shit
my ears were tingling
it actually was PLEASANT to listen to
I know it sounds crazy or "yeah I know it's pleasant that's why we like music dumbass"
no you don't understand
it felt good to listen to this, STARK difference from my iPhone and itunes version of the trck
i understand now

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Go to bed gramps

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Found your problem.

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yes you understand the difference between spending the minimum amount and spending more than the minimum amount
but you do not know the difference between spending more than the minimum amount and the maximal amount yet

don't get fucked

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i'm just going to buy the schiit stack, hd600s, maybe a shanling m2s and spend a bit of time on apollo.rip

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Jokes on you I have tinnitus.

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Just buy a nice pair of headphones first.

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>vinyl rip
what a fucking retard

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>record audio digitally
>convert to lo-fi analog
>convert back to hi-fi digital
>ears tingling
this bait doesn’t even deserve a (you)

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there's no reason to keep anything higher than 24/96
192khz just takes up more space and DSD is a complete and utter meme
discovery was recorded analog
>implying vinyl is lo-fi analog
you're thinking cassette tape dummy

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>high end audio equipment
top fuken jej.

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next experiment. try his headphones with your iphone. bro tip: you wont notice the difference

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I did, there was a difference. If anything it was that my file was still the iTunes file.
I'm telling you I heard it

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There is a difference between your shitty iPhone, correct audio gear and over expensive audiophile memes.
Anyone spending more than 500€ for the whole dedicated audio stuff is a retard (or is an actual sound engineer, but audiophiles and music consumer aren't).

I'm pretty sure some of the mastering process involved digital, I really doubt they did send an analog tape to the vinyl manufacturer.

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anything above 16 bit 44.1 khz for audio playback is placebo

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>HD600 and schiit stack
Oh boy anon, that's mid range shit. You've got a deep rabbit hole to delve into yet.

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No thats literally how it was done, they sent tapes over

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Good song anon

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>listening to daft punk

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There is SOME merit in what they do.
Sound without the retarded loudness war crushing, a decent set of speakers.
But you can get the same result for cheaper.

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I want to watch the sun set with her holding my head in her chest.

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The placebo effect is an amazing thing, it's why so many "all natural" remedies sell so well. As long as people believe something is working they'll throw money down the drain.

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via abx testing and with an expensive enough set you can reliable differentiate redbook cd from 24/192
granted you're 20-24 years old with good ears

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lmao no you can't, even for that age group the frequency ceiling is at 16 KHz for 10-60 dB unless you play high frequencies really really really loud (like go deaf loud).

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I sold my schiit stack because it was shit. Big surprise. Seriously though, there are better alternatives for less money.

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>random shitty powerpoint graph saying you can't hear below 2 kHz

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That's a mistake on the graph but my point still remains, audiofools are the biggest sufferers from the placebo effect which is why they buy magic stones and cable lifters lmao.

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...I'm 20 and can discern 20kHz

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At 60 db and under? Fucking prove it.
>inb4 "b-buh I listen to 20Khz at 120 dB so that means I have golden ears and can hear 1,000,000 THz"

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>Vinyl Rip

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You guys are getting bamboozled by how audio works.
This table is about the sound frequency itself, not sample rate.
But it's quite easy to "translate", as you only need 2 samples to make a square wave change, so you just double the frequency on that table to get the sample rate.
Kids listen to up to 32 Khz sample rate, old people go up to 22 Khz.
But that's only for perfect square waves, for anything more detailed you need more samples or you get shit aliasing.

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>t. literal mong

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>ripped from vynil
Is this shit serious?

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Hey, thanks for making a post with a single line that explains the shit a lot better.

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Analog recordings are lo-fi compared to digital.

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>he was listening to music on an iphone
well you may as well have been putting a sound transducer on a piece of shit in that case

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Prove this magical audible "shit ailasing" if you can still perfectly render back a sine wave by only digitally recording the crest and through.

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Just follow a '$200' rule.

That no piece of equipment should cost more than $200 In my personal opinion, $200 is when diminishing returns kicks in, not to mention, there's the question of whether you can even tell the difference.

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Well, i was thinking more on the case of non sine waves, but you wouldn't be able to listen to it anyway.
I don't remember exactly why CD-Audio aim at 44Khz instead of 32.

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lets see what you use

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Well when you find music encoded with these ayy lmao wave shapes you let us know.

44.1 kHz was chosen because some faggots hacked video recording devices to encode audio using lines in interlaced video and people lapped that shit up because reasons.

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>tube amps
you're listening to pleasant distortion

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When you listen to Pachelbel's Musicalische Ergötzung with your AKG Q701 connected through your cheap Chinese USB DAC and Headphone Amp

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>JDS Labs DAC/amp
Splurge purchase I partially regret. Too cheap to look into anything different or better
>Audiotechnica's M50X's
>JBL 305's
>Sennheiser HD558's w/ foam mod for back-ups/easy listening

Too lazy to post timestamps. Feel free to rip into me.

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>Tube amp
Old-school engineer grandpa mentioned that there's some valid reasoning behind this--that since all sound and music is inherently analog, it's more naturally processed through an analog tube. Say whatever about accuracy though.

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Anyone had experiences with the KANN?

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>Vinyl Rip
then it was shit regardless of the equipment. vinyl sounds like garbage, there was a reason it was replaced asap.

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Music is a vibration of atoms that is made by an instrument or a speaker, the way that the speaker is excited is not that relevant IMO (usually by electricity).

Tube amps are good because the way they manage the signal, it gives it a special sound. I don't know what the fucks is your grandpa saying about the analog processing, but that sounds as a meme.

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thats okay gear but you're missing out on the 30% of the signal that makes things sound real

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Are you actually unironically questioning the fucking objectively proven nyquist theorem?

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lol rip apollo

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you know what nevermind, did my research and shiit sounds good

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>Missing out on 30% of the signal that makes things sound real


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or maybe you’re a stuck up who don’t believe in anything but your own bs

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>"I am retarded'

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>holy shit
>my ears were tingling
>it actually was PLEASANT to listen to
>I know it sounds crazy or "yeah I know it's pleasant that's why we like music dumbass"
>no you don't understand
>it felt good to listen to this, STARK difference from my iPhone and itunes version of the trck
>i understand now

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hey at least i havea dialogue with myself and not fucking zero consciousness dead air in my head.
: )

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Enjoy your noise

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>t. mongoloid sub-conscience
Go back to obsessing about making my cousin fall in love with me. I got shit to do.

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Properly cleaned vinyl recorded on modestly high-end equipment can basically be considered an nth generation master of the track. You can't really say that about CDs unless the album was mastered incredibly poorly to the point where it doesn't matter.

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Your stream of consciousness is no replacement for an inner monologue.

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>Go back to obsessing about making my cousin fall in love with me. I got shit to do.

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>comparing it to an iphone and not an equivalent digital system
a high end digital system would probably have sounded better. your baseline was flawed

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Just ordered a schiit mani because that Asian guy on YouTube said it was a good value, and my current phono preamp is not so great.

What of theirs did you buy and what are you using now?

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liberal use of wood-glue

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I have a Mani. I'm happy with it.

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>schiit stack
really good, go for it my dude

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