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I want find a cute gf (female) who is interested in tech. (Preferably someone of the same nationality as me, Russian, so we can share the cheeki breeki.) I'm a 8/10 male with a 10/10 face and reasonably fit and active. What dating websites give the best results?

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interpals.net is pretty good desu. You can match with cute girls from different countries who are interested in learning English.

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But what about foreign girls in the US? I don't think long distance would be a good idea.

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Try going outside

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bro you don't want to marry a girl from the US

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>gf (female)

what are you, gay?

>rating yourself 8/10
you're definitely not if you need a dating site.

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And then what? Do you think the average stranger is going to respond well to being asked out on a date when they're most likely not interested? I don't want to waste my time and effort on that.

See above, I'm not the best at being social, that's why I want to find a good website to find gals who are already interesting in dating someone so I can spend less effort.

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>Someone on 4chan
>expert in anything related to women

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>projecting your virginity onto everyone else
stay mad incel

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Who knows? Maybe some lucky anons here have better tips on how to get girls than chad, who's strategies only work best for the socially adept.

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I said in the US, doesn't mean she has to be culturally american. She could be a Russian immigrant like me.

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Wow anon, you sure told me.
Find a hobby that requires you to interact with other people. You can't be anti-social and expect to find a girl, the act of finding a girl and keeping a girl requires you to be social. It's all about that sweet sweet interpersonal communication

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But my main hobby is tinkering with computers. Should I try and pickup some chicks at my local Linux user group? Hahaha.

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Sure, go ahead. Pick up more hobbies too. Learn to cook, learn to dance. go hiking, pottery making. Anything that gets you interacting with others in a wider variety of fields other than computing

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Here's the problem though, most women one interacts with out in the open are not interesting in dating and trying to ask them out will not end well most of the time. That's why I'm trying to find some kind of platform where there are girls who are already interested in dating so I don't put myself in these awkward situations time and time again. But I also don't want the platform to be a scam with rigged algorithms.

t. Anon that has been ghosted 5 times already

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that's why you actually DO the hobby. this is what not to do
>go to dance class
>see chick you like
>oh hey lets go out!!!!
>wonder why she doesn't want to go out with you.
this shit takes time. go to learn and appreciate something new. if you focus all your energy on the girl, you'll not learn something new and not get the girl. Focus on the learning something new, the girls will come later.
>ghosted 5 times
my girl and i have been ghosted more times in less time, i'm sure. it happens. don't give up.

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For you it's irrelevant, they're all shit

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How does this advice make sense?
I wasn't focusing on the girl all that much when I had asked them out.
I was well dressed and clean.
I was having a flowing conversation in the initial interaction.
I made sure to be confident and assertive.
I even took beta blockers (funny name for a drug) to make me appear less nervous.
Yet every time I get ghosted.

Look, are you going to give me recommendations for a website, or are you going to keep saying normalfag advice that everyone hears?

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not as much a dating site as a thinly veiled dick pic catalogue.

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Going abroad is always the choice of losers who can't cope at home.

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did hitler stop when he gassed half a million jews? NO! did he stop at 2 million? HELL NO. He kept going. you will go back out there and talk to women. you will talk to women until the conversation and rejection washes through you and doesn't affect you. i'm not going to give you a recommendation because i think the social interaction will do you better. i'm cheering for you, anon.

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fix yourself and stop obsessing about silly things such as partners

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