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>Have you seen the new iphone XS Max, anon

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i wish this dumb fucking meme of the month would die out already

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Yeah, it sucks, just like this stupid new meme

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So we should bring back the boomer meme?

>*cracks* back in my day *sips* memes really meant something *burps*

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>can't wait for that new nvidia card

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Yes, literally any and all post-2016 shit is better than this garbage. Even brainlets overused to death had actual artistry and originality in them. This is just standard wojaks with a fucking smiley face. It just doesn't get any more low-effort and forced than this. I'd call it plebbit or 9gag, but that would actually be doing a disservice to bottomtext macros, advice animals and preteen ragefaces.

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It only clicks with the 14 y/o kids on this site. Should die within two months.

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So it clicks with the core users? 40+ here BTW, been there, done that, got the monster *sip*.

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NPCs, how can you live without inner speach?

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First post reddit

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>a "maymay" about self awareness and independent thought
>hordes of autists spam the same picture calling everyone the same word

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Wow how many shekels did you get paid today you kike shill

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Shapiro is a controlled opposition cuck. Can't wait to see him crash and burn like the faggot kike he is. His sister is welcome though, could definitely suck on her milkers.

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I think the meme of the month is actually funny as fuck, just like the boomer meme... yep, good times
*crack* *tssssssssssssssssssslslsllllslsllllsp*


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>falling for the meme

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>summer ends
>a new, shitty meme appears
And they say summerfags are the one ruining this site

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unironically kys

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> >Have you seen the new iphone XS Max, anon
new meme: being sick of it all

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But the khazar milkers

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Fuck off kikeberg

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says the guy who wants to suck on subhuman tits

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ya bro, it's way too much money. I'm gonna stick with my 50 dollar android phone.

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whenever i feel bad about those couple poor financial calls i made in my life, at least i can rest easy knowing i am not spending my money on a fucking iPhone lmfao

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