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How the fuck do l get rid of these without jailbreaking my phone since it's fucking OEM locked?

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jesus man

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If they're disabled they're pretty much useless unless you want to free up space.
Either use something hacky like adb or root the phone. There's no jailbreaking on Android u boomer

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It's still a botnet, retard, that won't change anything.

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Install Gentoo

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Are you suuure that jewgle still isn't watching me?

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Unlock it then

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Yes it's still botnet, like 99% of other phones/tech. BUT WHY WOULD YOU CARE IF THEY SEE YOUR CARTOON PORN REEEEETARD

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Pretty pointless being on that tinfoil Level if the os itself is made by Google.(govs through) Isps are more likely to spy on you anyways

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Google knows everything you do on the phone retard

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>jailbreaking my android
nice one

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brainlet weeb

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sent you a pm, check it out.

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if you can't avoid it you might as well use it

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smash it whit a hammer

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(on samsung)
If not, ur fucked.

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Get a phone that isn't shit and os made by jewgle.

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Girls' Frontline worth a download?

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GFL fag here
its your typical gacha game but not to the level that FGO sets
its generous in the fact that you get rewards per update and when maintenance happens and you'll be gradually getting resource as you play the game
collecting units is easy
trying to get specific units once you have a big arsenal is the hard part
the REAL gacha is in the furniture and dorms but if you dont care about that then it'll just turn into a game where you log in, do your daily rolls, do your daily portion of the event and then log back in every so often to collect your logistics which is your means of collections resources
its a turn-based """strategy""" game where you pair 5 anime girls in a specific pattern to increase your numbers so you can burn through the map but after that the only thing you have to look forward to is again, events and then maybe that occasional EXP rate up event where you can max out your units

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Such as?

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>Get a phone that isn't shit and os made by jewgle.
But, but... Android is Free and Open.
Google told me so.

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Why is that game consuming gigabytes? I thought it's mostly a sprite based game with chibi characters.

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Android Debug Bridge (ADB) can disable/deactivate apps.

Not sure if this is basically the same as using the deactivate function that can be found under Settings > Apps > App Info

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damm what a great screenshot quality, which program do you use?

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They don't spy you through Google music you dingus, you have tons of other """""system""""" services running in the background and guess who built them?

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>buying a phone you don't have control over
you blew it

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Not OP, but if I fuck around with ADB is there a chance that apps will realize it and block me from using them?
I remember when I rooted my old phone I all of a sudden couldn't play half my mobage anymore, so I had to do a complete factory reset which was a pain in the dick

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Those mobage apps are checking for root because being rooted allows you to cheat in the games. ADB doesn't modify the system like rooting does so using it won't affect any such apps.

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Anyway of rooting a AT&T Locked Galaxy S7 G930A?

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>2.66gb for weebshit
>complains about gmail

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>he doesn't have the admin right on his device

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Google doesn't care how many loads you already jerk off to Negev.

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I don't like tapping as 90% of the gameplay. Right now I'm playing Honkers.

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pm uninstall --user 0 "package name"

Without quotes, and over adb shell

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the fuck

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they already know you're an anime pedophile

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