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2018 iPhones Edition

If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what carrier you will be using it with, along with wanted features, budget and size.

Good Resources:
>Reviews, Specs, Comparisons

>Frequency Checker

>Chinkphone news

>Visual Phone Size Comparison

>Post a Mini-Review of your Smartphone
>Discuss upcoming and current models
>Ask for help related to phones
>Tell us how much shekels you spent on good/bad phone

Previous thread >>67526285

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>Good Resources:
>>Reviews, Specs, Comparisons

Doesn't include www.phonemore.com

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Feels good having a note 9

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anyone here used the Pocophone? the specs seem rather decent

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That website is actually garbage

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so far its the best phone i've had. low spec but i dont power use phones so it works for me. built in sylus is neat too.

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I have an old motorola phone I wanted to root, but when I tried to go through the steps on the motorola website for unlocking a device, it said my device doesn't support bootloader software. Do any of those apps that claim to be able to root your phone like Kingo or whatever actually work?

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>tfw my S8 has a small crack in the glass on the back from a drop
What case to get? The phone fell out of the belt holder. I don't want further damage.

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What model?

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Seems to be a Droid Mini?

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lol same. makes reading this general pretty pointless though when you already have the best

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>belt holder

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So my family member is visiting me in the USA for a few months and we went to a phone service provider to find out about non-contract options. They tested the phone to see if it would work on their network and to test they reset the phone number. Now when we try to switch the phone back to the original phone number we can get any verification texts or calls since we are not in the service area of the original number. Is there a another way to change this number back while still in the USA? Phone is an Iphone 6.

Would really appreciate any help.
pic not related

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What is the best I could get for $200 ish or less?

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Bros is there any reason to buy a Note 9 with Galaxy X being around the corner?

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Looking for a cheap new phone. I'm thinking of getting a pocophone even though I live in the u.s, am I going to notice anything hiccuoe beside slow data speeds? As long as it works fine on wifi I think I can deal with that.

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lol notch guy samsung makes fun of has a hot wife and a child and they can all afford to get the latest iPhones.

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Check the bands

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>ese feel cuando compre el meme note cinco

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Why do pajeets absolutely love mobile phones? All the phone repair shops by me are run by paki bastards.

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I just started iOS development with my company after 5 years of doing Android. Swift is pretty nice. Anyway, why do all of my development tools suck? Even AppCode is ass compared to Android Studio. How is it possible Apple treats their developers like shit? Storyboards are retarded, app submission is tedious, cost to start up is ridiculous, stacktraces maybe 50% of the time, no real file structure to speak of, unreadable project files that cause merge conflicts at the slightest opening of the file, fowl language misuse from the API's... I could go on forever at the horrible design decisions deliberately made by Apple here.
My question to you, anon, why the fuck do we let Apple get away with this? How come I'm the only person who wants Apple to get their shit together? Why do they treat their app devs like shit?

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Good for him.

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Nuoh my god

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Poojeets can't afford computers. Phones are the cornerstone of Indian culture as it allows them to see bobs, something they can't do normally since they're absolutely disgusting creatures

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u da man

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Help would be greatly appreciated:

Around $300
As small as possible
Removable storage
Whatever OS allows most freedom, least bullshit
(used to think this was android, but now i don't know)

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I've used android, wp, ios and symbian.
Never getting back into android.
I need suggestions for a new phone, no way in hell I'm buying the iPhone X, it looks trash, not into gestures and but if they have a decent release soon I'll stick with ios.

Now my biggest interest is back to WP, I know its obsolete but idgaf, I'm not a gearwhore I just want something with decent battery life and build, with the ability to do the basics like internet browsing, music and texts. L920 was so bad, I had to get mine replaced 3 times for either dusty camera, overheating and got the lcd burn at the end. BUT, it worked, software-wise it didnt bug out or lag.

Anyone still using WP and will be using it for the foreseeable future, pls post experience with the new OS's and what not and state what phone you have.


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i'm looking for something with an ok battery time and can handle some of the more goofy mobile phone games these days like girl's frontline.

i have a SJ7 that is blacklisted due to my father's shenanigans and want something along those lines.
thank you for your help in advance.

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I just retired my WP because many of the apps were being retired and the camera stopped focusing and the camera was generally obsolete anyway.

I miss the operating system so much though. The email and calendar were better than ios. The whole tile interface is much cleaner and convenient than my new iphone. Plus my wp had removable battery and memory slots, wireless charging and you didn't need a cover or case since the actual body was enough protection. I just feel it was a superior design but without support or modern processors and camera they won't hold up as well.

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Reminder to look for Snapdragon phones if you play weeb games.

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>look for an AMOLED tablet to replace my old S2 phone
>find nippon tablet that is essentially a white tab s4 panel from 2016 for $600, chink tablet that is again a white tab s4 panel on kikestarter for $300 and tab s4 the only one with black bezels for $900
I swear samsung is doing this shit on purpose why do they even manufacturer AMOLED screens with white bezels?

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>Apple users spend money on apps at a 2:1 ratio to Android users
>App developers who want to make the most money the fastest target iOS first because that's where the majority of the money is
>Apple can afford to treat developers like shit because they have such a lock on the customers developers actually want that it doesn't matter.

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Lumia 950 is what my fiancee uses and she enjoys it, though it's 2 years old and stuff is starting to not work anymore. She's sad she can't get a new Windows Phone and we're starting to figure out which Android phone she could eventually "upgrade" to.

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Opinions on the (upcoming?) Samsung A6? Is the camera decent?
I know there are plenty of better phones with better hardware for the same price but it's for someone that really only likes Samsung software

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What do you mean blacklisted?

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>it's for someone that really only likes Samsung software
I'm guessing it's a gift. The camera seems decent, combination of that screen and battery as well and you seem to know what's wrong with the hardware. You might want to look into last year's A5 if it has comparable price, that one had better internals IIRC and was waterproof.

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For use with Ting which is generally over priced once you reach 3gb, would be the Moto Z2 play or X4

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moto g4 play, root'n'boot. It's not the smallest, but this is the phone for you my friend.

I have one and it's gr8

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Google Pixel (2016) still good in 2018?
Or i should buy Mi A2?
What i wanted:
Good camera
Fast animations

Yeah, pixel have trash battery, but i deal with this shit, if phone is good

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>ese feeling cuando en lugar de pocophone vamos a tener poco phone

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Ya cambiate a AT&T puto

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Do you use wireless buds with your phone? If so, what brand are they?

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Jajaja este wey

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Have any ausfags here bought one of those real cheap optus phones?

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That coupling looks a bit weird and unfeasible

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Whats your CHINKED status so far?

- Redmi Note 5
- Back button doesn't register sometimes, maybe 1/100 of times
- Sometimes I have needed to restart because the SD card doesn't register. Then no matter how many restarts I need to plug/unplug to get it to register again
- Australian adapter they sent me makes some sparks when I put it into the socket, doesn't snap to the socket like it should

>Before listening to /g/:
"Just trust the chinks, they want good feedback and satisfied customers, so they make sure their phones are legit"
>After falling for the chinkphone:
"What did you expect from chinks?????????????"

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>want OLED tablet
>options are $900 snapdragon based samsung or $300 mediatek chink
Am I missing something here? Is snapdragon massively overpriced or is mediatek utter shit? The battery size is almost identical, they use the same display panel so what gives with the 3x price difference?

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>2018 iPhones Edition
Really curious about those, but I'll likely be disappointed. If the leaks are true, the SE will be deprecated and if they are not, it'll likely be notched on dongled.

But my main reason to come here, is to inquire about multitasking. So I'm looking for a new phone to replace my aging blackberry (5 years old, just got an OS update last week, but the H is stuck and the browser can't keep up with the (((modern))) web anymore… sad) and so I played around with the gfs android (some 2yo Sony thing).
How the hell do I switch on multitasking on that piece of shit? And more importanly, why would anyone switch that off by default?
As soon as I open more than 2 apps, the third one stays in that stupid multasking card deck, but if I bring it back into the foreground it reloads (browser) or just stalls with a black screen for a few seconds until it's back.
My Q10 with like 10% of that fuckers RAM and CPU power can keep 6 apps running without problems, probably more, but I don't need more, but only 2? No fucking way.

so how do I turn on multitasking and is the iphone better?

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Its 2018 and i still dont know how to root my phone.
Anyone have a link for good material or guide?
I have a Xperia ZX, and all i want is super user access to be able to use adaway. No further modding, nor fancy stuff.

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I have Redmi Note 3 Pro (kenzo) with newest LineageOS 14.1 with microg (no gapps). My wifi signal range really, really sucks - lately, I haven't been able to use wireless outside room with router. And it's not a router problem, because on my laptop everything works fine. What can I do about it?

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Good thing warranty exists, right?

>> No.67549405

is unlocking the bootloader really as much of a safety risk as the warnings make it seem

>> No.67549425

No, your device is almost certainly encrypted anyway.

>> No.67549427

serious question.. not trolling, I love android but..

is there an Android phone which actually records audio decently or the problem resides on the OS and I'm fucked?? every fucking Android phone that I have had sounds like shit when recording something loud.

>> No.67549460

I don't know about loud, but I was able to record a conversation in a pretty noisy bar with remarkable clarity with my HTC 10. Are you trying to record rocket launches or something?

>> No.67549467

Definitely a faulty unit.
Mine is working perfectly fine.

>> No.67549526

Op6t? S10?

>> No.67549527

recording in places where music is loud.. to show light shows and stuff like that.. iOS devices seem to have some kind of dynamic compression which works fine.. android devices seem to record everything too loud.. so if the volume surpasses certain level (not even very loud in my experience) they start distorting like crazy, I don't know if this has to do with hardware or just the way android devices record video.. will see if I can get an HTC to test out. I have had samsung phones, huawei, redmi.. tp-link.. just can't get them to record video without distorting like crazy when something is just a little bit louder, which doesn't happen with the iOS devices I have had.

>> No.67549570

No, it isn't. Often times your device needs to be decrypted for this to work, but performing encryption again is fairly easy and your internal storage will be password protected. Also, you will be able to install custom ROMs which are open source (no security risk there). Many manufacturers don't support this, because of security holes and exploits they might've chosen to exploit, etc. The process of unlocking the bootloaders doesn't void warranty on Xiaomi devices.
Neither of these are out yet. I don't understand what response you're exactly expecting.

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first time im ever thinking of doing this and i just really want to get rid of all the bloat on my poco, yellow pages and majority of googles stuff
why they force that trash upon people is beyond me

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>weird witch looking bitch

anon go outside

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Assuming this is the tablet https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/alldocube-x-tablet-for-high-quality-entertainment#/
>Am I missing something here?
Yes, it’s not everything is same except the soc. It’s everything is different except the screen.
>Is snapdragon massively overpriced or is mediatek utter shit?
A bit of both probably. Here is a comparison on just the soc’s
>kikestarting a 3rd rate chink company
Don’t do this to yourself, at least wait for reviews.

>> No.67549695

>first time im ever thinking of doing this and i just really want to get rid of all the bloat on my poco, yellow pages and majority of googles stuff
I forgot to mention that rooting also doesn't void warranty on Xiaomi devices. OnePlus as well. Good luck. It can be done through ADB, but not guaranteed to work on every device because of permissions.

>> No.67549717

do the google apps still run in the background regardless if i use them or not? i was thinking of just hiding them with nova launcher in case i chicken out

>> No.67549738

obviously not done on a note since you didnt get it in slow motion

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Is there an app that share the screens between phones on the same network with drawing capabilities?
Like a whiteboard over wifi using your phone screen?

>> No.67549910

>Here is a comparison on just the soc’s
to be honest I don't see what is wrong with a 6 core part compared to 8 core its just a tablet and 350 MHz will never show up outside of a benchmark maybe I'm just retarded but the only difference seems to be 28nm vs 10nm for less power usage
>Don’t do this to yourself, at least wait for reviews.
Fine its only a saving of $70-80 or so I'll wait till end of the year and see if the tab s4 drops in price or if this all do cube turns out to be any good
Thank you animeposter

>> No.67549977

If you just hide apps, you've changed nothing. Don't worry, it's easy as ticking a box next to an app you want to uninstall in Titanium Backup. Or alternatively deleting their folders from /system/app and /system/priv-app.

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>iPhone XS max
>Not just iPhone XL

>> No.67550012

alright ill wait for xiaomis unlock confirmation and i'll get it done

>> No.67550029

Not same type of cores and clock speed on the different cores means nothing either, that’s why there is benchmarks, gaming tests and remarks on general smoothness in reviews.

>> No.67550039


The new Nokia phones got good audio recording thanks to Ozo Audio

>> No.67550054


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I really hope they don't do that. Naming your phones after clothing sizes, and them fucking those up.
But then on the other hand, we are looking at nu-apple here, so yeah, they're probably going to do that.
Oh well, could be worse
>iPhone XS-L Ultra
Probably next year…

>> No.67550144

Anyone with a Mi 8 willing to post a mini review?

>> No.67550149

I miss when phone were made out of plastic. I miss my S4. I don't miss the lag or the shit battery but I miss the plastic build and removable back.

I like glass phones but I hope they're on their way out soon...right bros? I would gladly pay $650 for what is essentially an S9+ with plastic back

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When did /g/ become so normalfag-tier that people are actually bragging about purchasing overpriced notched jackless trash without being called out for it?

>> No.67550187

I think Google Hangouts has this capability?

>> No.67550193

Anything else?

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I absolutely destroyed my redmi 4x yesterday night. I'm mad because it was a good phone.

Will I be better of just buying a new chinkphone on gearbest or trying to repair it somehow ?

>> No.67550213

I will in a few days when I get mine and play around with it for a bit

>> No.67550219

Dear God....

>> No.67550260

The Pocophone unironically looks based as fuck

>SD 845
>4000 mah battery
>6gb wam

Ive never seen a chinkphone that was a good deal until now

>> No.67550278

Destroyed how?

>> No.67550298

Screen is completely fucked.

>> No.67550329

can you actually find it for $300 though?

>> No.67550337

It is a notched plastic piece of shit that is not waterproof and you are a bugman for even considering it

>> No.67550358

Is there any reason to wait for the galaxy x when the note x will only be 6 month wait more?

>> No.67550383

You can get it for $299.99 here ($339.99 - $40 off coupon)

>> No.67550390

The notch can be hidden for one. Two, have you actually fallen for the "glass is a superior building material" nonsense?
Ah, now that settles it. Who's supposed to decipher this?

>> No.67550501


>> No.67550697

Are there dumb phones who are capable of connecting to wifi and browsing the internet (with a browser)?

I don't need a smartphone, but I need web connectivity to check my mail, look things up and read books and articles.
I wouldn't ever use a camera, fingerprint sensors, watch movies on it or any of that crap.

>> No.67550744

Nokia 8110 maybe? It got kaios

>> No.67550860

Thanks to Xiaomi shills who keep recommending Pocomeme to me.
Just got it last Saturday and it has been really pleasing so far, got to handle my weeb games better than my old S6.
Now I'm just waiting for my micro sd to arrive to move all my pics and music collections.

>> No.67550929

Damn, that's a neat little phone.
Checking it out I actually realized what I need is probably a PDA or something with a keyboard. I know some Blackberry phones have keyboards, but those are more in the smart category of phones including the pricetag.

I'm not planning on buying anything yet, I was just curious if there is even a product that would meet my needs.

>> No.67550976


4 prime and 4x have wifi issues on 2.4ghz band when bt is turned on (packet loss, high latency, 1/4 throughput).

Posted that on mi forum and stupid pajeets where like "it's normal, uses the same frequency".

>> No.67550989

Any knows issues with Mi A2 lite?

Need new phone fast.

>> No.67551003

Do you have the backlight bleeding issue near the chin of the phone?

>> No.67551015


>> No.67551027

Everything is perfect for now. Just gonna wait for my sd card to see if it can handle it well.

>> No.67551034

How's the display quality?

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Spend £240 to repair my galaxy S8's broken screen and LCD,
or sell the broken phone for £100, add that to the £240 (total of £340) and buy a second hand s9?

>> No.67551051

Is my Xperia XZ still gud? I won't buy another Xperia until they stop making these new ugly curved phones, I want my monolithic design back.

>> No.67551090

That's an extremely professional looking photograph. Looks like a screencap from a YouTube video.

>> No.67551093

Need a simple robust phone for my old man that isn't too big.
Is the Moto E still alright?
Had my Moto G for four years now and it's still holding up despite heavy use.

>> No.67551097

The bezels on the Xperia XZ make it look horrifically ugly, but I do agree that the current trend of curves isn't much better.

But your snapdragon 820 isn't awful, but don't expect it to keep up much more than 2 years from now.

>> No.67551106

That's not my phone. Its just a broken s8.

>> No.67551109

Thanks fren

>> No.67551111

Quite good for an IPS screen.
Slightly worse when I compared it to my sister's S8+, but for the price I got, it's been a really good deal.

>> No.67551113

It means you have to kill yourself

>> No.67551121

Samsung A5 2017 or S7?

>> No.67551147

Get him a nokia in your price range they're what Motorola used to be

>> No.67551153


>> No.67551160

Note 4 here and my only problems are it has trouble grabbing a signal in certain areas and the internet goes slow as shit. Other than that it's fine.

Now I have the US version of the Axon 7 so I don't know if that counts, but that phone worked like a dream until the latest update and now my battery is all sorts of fucked and the performance throttles under 40%.

>> No.67551162

What you have to realise is iPhones are for plebs anyway so a nice understandable name like that would go over

>> No.67551169

Wasn't my question, I can get both of those models for around 200€, the Poco I can't.

>> No.67551189

Redmi note 5, the Samsung phones will have atrocious battery and shit software you cannot change, xiaomi will have good battery life a and software you can change

>> No.67551195

fuck you pocophone shill

>> No.67551197

I can put Lineage OS on the Samsung's can't I?

>> No.67551215

It generally has a lot of problems on Samsung phones, you can look up your specific models

>> No.67551228

Yeah I'm gonna do that right now.

>> No.67551244

not him but is a popular device like a tab s2/3/4 more likely to end up with a usable custom ROM rather than a lesser known product like a lenovo tab 10/10 plus or that alldocube x?

>> No.67551247

fuck you, bugman

>> No.67551256

how can something like an ass can be so perfect like that? id kill to have that ass on my face.... fuck my life.

>> No.67551272
File: 229 KB, 713x497, available_sd845_oled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tfw only search criteria: sd845, oled and a headphone jack.
exynos variants only
>Vivo & Meizu
never heard of and not available
>LG v35
nowhere to be found either

Should I just get oneplus 6 or wait for overpriced v40? Oneplus 6T doesn't seem that interesting.

>> No.67551281

Probably gonna go for the Redmi Note 5 then. Thanks!

>> No.67551286

I depends on the processor they have and popularity, if its snapdragon and the device is popular enough you'll get a rom, but if the manufacturer dosent post the kernel and it's a proprietory processor the potential for rom in non existent

>> No.67551292

Get huawei mate10 pro

>> No.67551304

Op6 /6t

>> No.67551320


>> No.67551329

My LG G4 is dying and I'm looking for a flagman-tier replacement to last 2-3 years.

The most important things are:
>Dual active sim.
>Vanilla or not too bloated Android with OTA support for at least 2 years, major updates no latter than a month or two from release
>USB-C with QQC
>Length/height no longer than 150mm

>Would really prefer a 5" phone, but nobody fucking makes them at flagman spec anymore.
>A-GPS, Barometer, GLONASS
>Knock to activate or fast fingerprint scanner for the purposes of unlocking
>Not chinkshit

1+6 almost fits everything, but from what I understand 6T is around the corner, should I expect anything better?
Also, 1+6 is still not active 2sim and has proprietary crap fast charging instead of widespread proprietary crap fast charging.

Will be buying it a month or two from now, anything upcoming I should be keeping my eye on?

>> No.67551356

how did you like the g4 senpai? Mine is dying on me too and I think I will just jump onto the new iphone train this month as a replacement - that being said G4 is for sure the best phone I have ever had, gonna miss back buttons.

>> No.67551458

I was gonna reply, but you sounded like weeb.

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File: 1.30 MB, 1850x2234, 1530402962344.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>notifications don't show up in the status bar because of the notch
>notifications don't pop up on the screen if you're actively using the phone
>notifications don't show up in the lockscreen because ????????
>notification light doesn't actually light up when I get a notification even though the option is enabled
>the phone doesn't even vibrate when you get a notification, no option for this
>literally the only sign that you got a notification is the sound, only way to see any of it is to open the drawer

how the FUCK is MIUI so BAD with notifications. like what the fuck do they have some weird reason to not want you to see them? I can't find any other explanation.

someone PLEASE convince me that custom roms will solve all this soon, I have less than a month to return it if not

>> No.67551478

I feel kinda mixed. It gets both awesome and absolute shit points.
Updates stopped a year from release which sucked and LG software isn't particularly good.
I got the notorious bootloop bug when it fucking randomly bricked on the last day of warranty. Had it shipped to a service center and repaired.
The display quality and knock-to-unlock were gamechangers for me. So were QQC and 2sim, but those aren't really LG innovations.
The camera was fantastic, but looks like it either aged or displaying planned obsolescence. It can't do night photos anymore.
Liked the changeable covers, I had 4 through its lifetime keeping the phone fresh. But the seam on its back and convex shape made it a nightmare to use it while it's lying on a table.
Aside from bootloop and hardware tear it served me good though, it's still doing well as far as performance goes. I'm still thinking maybe I should repair the microUSB, get a new battery and keep using it for another year.

You did reply though.

>> No.67551533

kinda split between

Xiaomi Redmi 5 Note


Xiaomi Mi A2


>> No.67551547


>> No.67551554

You should look at the Sony phones if size is everything
Yes they will solve it
If you can flash a rom get the redmi note 5 or else the mi a2 light

>> No.67551580


But the light version has the notch and shit cam/specs compared to the normal version, no?

>> No.67551587

Not worth it to repair the S8 for £240 if you can get a S9 for £340.

>> No.67551589

Note 5

Sure note 5 still has micro USB but who cares when Mi A2 has no micro sd card slot. Also the note 5 64gb goes for around 160$ now.

>> No.67551595

The regular version has a small battery, no micro sd and no headphone jack

>> No.67551601

Also Note 5 has official LineageOS released and its pretty gud desu. Only thing that sucks with Xiaomi is that you need to wait 2 weeks until you can unlock the phone.

>> No.67551607

Install LineageOS on the Axon 7

>> No.67551617

Fixed in MIUI 10

>> No.67551639


>> No.67551640

Not a weeb, just forgot that f a m is changed to senpai on 4chan. Nonetheless, lg g4 = pure sex.

>> No.67551669

>We are partnering with the company to start a development program in the near future once the device launches.
I don't keep up with XDA news but have XDA ever said this sort of thing before then NOT delivered some kind of basic working ROM?

>> No.67551684
File: 34 KB, 480x480, 1502443910116.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would the battery make a difference, really? A2 has fast charging and a much better processor.

I couldn't give a shit about the headphone jack.

>> No.67551711

It would 3000mah is unacceptable
How much will this cost and what sd processor is that meditek processor equivalent too

>> No.67551723

You're better of getting nokia 6.1 plus, unless the 660 is necessary

>> No.67551769

So what are your thoughts about the Mi Max 3? I´m really interesed on the 5.5K mAh battery and the camera

Also looking to buy the Mi Notebook, the one with a i7 and 256 ssd, does anybody have any experience with this laptop?

>> No.67551791

Are we getting those meme foldable smartphones next year?
t. Note 8 user

>> No.67551803

>How much will this cost and what sd processor is that meditek processor equivalent too
$220 USD on kikestarter but $270 USD in October
meant to be equal to a SD 625 according to the article

>> No.67551832

it's more expensive. I'm not knowledgeable about RAM management, which people mention as the major difference.

>> No.67551897

Xiaomi generally gimps their android one software, nokia delivers timely updates and fast software

>> No.67551901

Nokia 7 plus got SD 660 and 3800mah battery if it up your alley, otherwise Mi A2 is fine

>> No.67551982

so why isn't anyone making smaller phones anymore ?

I swear the standard is >5 inch now and I hate big phones.

>> No.67551992

Is there any free non-root adblocker left?
ABP, besides being a bunch of no balls jews, dont have a system wide adblock, only a crappy browser
Adguard is paid
And I don't have root so i cant adaway.

>> No.67551995

Sony still is

>> No.67552006

Blokada or DNS66?

>> No.67552035

>Not having a 7 inch phone

>> No.67552075

I know that feel
ended up getting a nokia 1, android GO is a bit weird to get used to but it runs stuff like clover/naked browser better than my old as fug galaxy s2 despite having the same amount of RAM

also has ludicrously fast security updates

>> No.67552218

I'm gonna have to settle for a 5.8'' phone. Fuck.

I miss my 3S

>> No.67552327

Brave + Blokada (fdroid ver.) Should do the job

>> No.67552609


Tesco (runs off O2)

A decent camera would be nice, headphone jack, removable battery/storage

Less than £300

I've had an SE since launch but due to possible bad repairs on the lock button or drops (I've had it in a heavy duty case + screen protector constantly) the left side of the screen keeps acting nonresponsive and its really annoying. Last phone I had was an S3 and hated it with all the bloat.

>> No.67552641

how badly can I fuck up replacing my xiaomi redmi 3S battery?

>> No.67552668

Nokia 7 plus

>> No.67552687


>> No.67552695

Alright my OnePlus 3's screen is finally fucked, is it worth it to get it fixed or how dear are they. What is the best OnePlus 3 replacement atm


Around 400 euro

similar to OP3, don't really care about the camera too much, similar size, 64 gb storage is fine

>> No.67552729

Any z2 play users here?
I just got mine.
What rom should I install on it?

>> No.67552731

PiHole/PiVPN + uBlock origin

>> No.67552740

Op6/6t or pocophone

>> No.67552771

Nokia 7 plus doesn't have 3800mah battery.

>> No.67552789

It does

>> No.67552793

When I root my Samsung A5 2017 it gets stuck in a boot loop and if I just install LineageOS then the phone won't detect the SIM. Now I want to back out because I'm a low-effort brainlet.

I copied the PIT-file before I did anything, so can I return the phone to stock with just that and Heimdall?

>> No.67552800

you're right

>> No.67552805


>> No.67553452

thoughts on the honor play? it costs 60 bucks equivalent money less here than the pocomeme and specs seem fine.

>> No.67553569

Just get the Pocophone, it's better than the Honor in every single way.

>> No.67553734

How's the battery on the A5?

>> No.67553821
File: 102 KB, 639x634, 1535894998343.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My HTC 10 is finally reaching the point of being unusable and I know a lot of it has to do with the shit tier batteries they came with. I really like this phone and would rather keep it because I haven't found a good replacement. Should I buy a (supposedly) sealed box from ebay and start with a fresh one or should I just start looking for a new phone altogether?

What are some similar, newer phones I could pick up for $400 or less?
>use AT&T but would prefer if the phone is unlocked
>don't think I really need the processing power this has but I don't want a slow shitty phone
>needs at least 3 gb of ram
>internal storage doesn't matter much as long as I can put in a big SD card
>screen size doesn't matter much, HTC 10 is 5.2" and that is just fine
>LOVE the fingerprint scanner being right on the home button
>left back button right overview master race
>USB type c is preferred but not required
>preferably something with plenty of aftermarket software support
>camera isn't important, just needs to actually function properly unlike my HTC 10

>> No.67553885

How much of a bitch it is to replace a redmi 4X screen if anyone's done it before ?

I don't want to buy a new phone, and a screen is like 20 bucks on aliexpress. Seen a video of some dude doing it and it seems tricky.

>> No.67554183

I'm dumb as hell to this. The Redmi note 5 only supports 2 bands and the Mi A2 lite supports 3 for T-Mobile ( I think ). Are they still worth getting for the price?

>> No.67554186

Op6 /6t

>> No.67554232

Could be, check here if you'd be covered:

>> No.67554264

well, the poco has a slightly faster soc and a better camera, aside from that they are quite similar. also, the honor comes with 2 years of warranty instead of the one year of the poco. the added 2 gigs of ram simply doesn't justify the price hike for me.
i'm confused.

>> No.67554314

Honor comes with cancer ui you cannot change

>> No.67554330
File: 60 KB, 650x900, 95164.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>slightly faster soc
The SD845 shits on the Kirin 970, especially on the GPU front. Kirin is so far behind that Huawei had to resort to cheating in benchmarks to make it seem that they're even somewhat competitive:

You're also forgetting the bigger battery on the Pocophone. Oh, and unlike the Honor you can actually unlock the bootloader.

>> No.67554342

i had a huawei phone before, and it was ok. as far as i'm concerned i can change the launcher, that's enough.

>> No.67554346

Snapdragon is just a better chipset, Poco gets nearly double the Antutu score compared to the Honor Play. If you want to play games for cheap, go poco. If not, then probably don't get an Honor Play anyway and look for a phone that fits your needs.

>> No.67554365
File: 224 KB, 1311x1545, download_20180901_024900.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How is OPO as a company now ? Didn't they have some data spying scandal ?

>> No.67554404

>i had a huawei phone before, and it was ok. as far as i'm concerned i can change the launcher, that's enough.
Enjoy being exploited by whatever backdoors and security holes Huawei choses to exploit, as well as much updates as they see fit. And no, a launcher doesn't speed up a particular UI skin.

>> No.67554413

small and subtle but still definitely implants
on top of (underneath) lucky genes and specific exercises and appropriate diet

>> No.67554420

i'm not in for the games, i just want smooth everyday performance for a while. had multiple midrangers, each of them became sloggish pieces of turd after 1,5 years even with custom roms. regarding the chipset and the processing power, i saw in multiple documentations that sd835 is slightly lower than the 970, and the sd845 is faster, around the 270k in antutu and the kirin970 is around 210k points.

>> No.67554428

That's to be expected of any OEM, because all firmwares are proprietary. The exploit was discovered on OnePlus 5T. Good thing their devices are developer friendly and you don't have to use Oxygen OS.

>> No.67554468

Nah, it was fake news

>> No.67554474

if i wanted to be safe, i'd get an exynos galaxy and install a pajeet rom, i don't care about that. regarding emui, i have two friends who have a huawei/honor phone, the p9 and honor 8 respectively, and they are still pretty smooth.

>> No.67554479

Anything below Snapdragon 625 will eventually lag and slow down, with UIs other than stock Android not helping this. Samsung for example has overpriced J and A series of devices which often feature an underpowered Snapdragon 450. Internal storage speed also helps.

>> No.67554513

I think this is what he was likely referring to. Luckily OnePlus has plenty of custom ROMs for each and every of their devices.

>> No.67554541

So OxygenOS is shit ?

>> No.67554544

what about their Exynos chip?

>> No.67554551

has anyone used QXDM/QPST to modify LTE bands on a snapdragon phone? Seems like it might be the only way to get snapdragon chinkphones to get LTE worldwide

>> No.67554573

It was literally nothing
>a previous OxygenOS 5.0.2 forOnePlus 5Tincluded a mysterious app called Mkey specifically for India.
>OnePlus later clarified that Mkey APK is a font resource that was provided officially for local font compatibility needs.

>> No.67554651
File: 58 KB, 811x612, 1535246698005.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can I get a rundown on obscure chink brands?

Looking for a new phone after my OP3 broke. Something bezel less would be nice (no notch shit please)
I really like the aestethics of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

>> No.67554749
File: 178 KB, 1200x900, DmKZfWVUYAAjngp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wait for Mi Mix 3

>> No.67554821

That actually looks dope. Any speculation on the price?

>> No.67554886

do these notchless phones have front-facing cameras? I assume they just go without. I'm good with that, but I'll be very impresed if there's actually a workaround and I'm not aware of it.

also, what do they do about the earpiece? do you just hear muffled sound through the screen?

>> No.67554909

Moto something something

>> No.67554920

is the 450 really that bad? I've been eyeing a G6 because I like doing server admin + database + ipython stuff from my phone. don't ask why; I know it doesn't make sense, I just like doing things this way

>> No.67554957

Non-Flagship Exynos i.e 7885 (A8 2018) could not beat SD 636, because exynos phone shipped with shit GPU (Mali).

>> No.67554976

Is it worth sitting through a 1 hour+ Flossy Carter phone review video?
It seems so absurd that I'm actually tempted...

>> No.67555008

Phone recs please

> US
> Verizon
> 3.5mm jack
> No shitty unremovable bloatware, or ability to install custom ROM

> Doesn't give away all my personal information
> Android
> Removable SD card / battery

I'm fine with Chinese no-name garbage if they hit a lot of my points. Budget is "whatever's necessary", I don't care about size or 30 gigapixel camera or anything like that.

>> No.67555044
File: 2.32 MB, 360x640, 003O8JUXlx07nlo6XKeA010402002DcF0k010.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You slide it open to use the front camera or to talk on the phone

>> No.67555052

c mamó

>> No.67555073

I think everything around me is 4 or 4,12,66

>> No.67555114

there are open box Moto G5 Pluses for sake on eBay for 129.99, it's still a better phone than the G6

>> No.67555128

Nokia 7 plus or Nokia 6.1 plus

>> No.67555153

the 6.1 doesn't work on VZW and the 7+ isn't even sold here nor work on ANY US carrier

>> No.67555162

Is there an android calendar that's actually good?

>> No.67555169

I think this is wrong, snapdragon 450 is the new 625....there isn't any much different between both in term of performance. It's a 10% slower because lower clock from 2.0-1.8


>> No.67555202

Thanks. Got any reasons why? Is it going to be necessary or possible to install a custom ROM?

>> No.67555230

Google calendar

>> No.67555244

Neither it's going to be possible nor necessary as nokia is really good with updates and you'll get stock Android out of the box

>> No.67555275

Well Pixel phones should do the job, eh?

Both phones run Stock android experience with Android One and project treble, means faster update to Android P

>> No.67555286

I love the iPhone XC rumor price and specs, but I fucking hate that it's 6.1", the 5.8" is just barely not uncomfortable for me to use with one hand.

I'd really have preferred the iPhone XC to be 5.8" or less, so I might cave and get a fucking iPhone Excess. ;_;

>> No.67555366

Isn't it the carrier that pushes bloatware onto the phone in updates? I'm worried that, if Verizon dumps a bunch of trash on there and I can't install a custom rom, the phone will be garbage in a year or two. But if I'm wrong about that, great.

>> No.67555379

Only if you buy a contract phone

>> No.67555395

What are this board's thoughts on Samsung? The last two phones I've owned were Samsung, and they've both had serious hardware issues, like the microUSB port failing and the camera lens spontaneously shattering.

Ah fuck. Never doing that again. Thanks.

>> No.67555423

>touch jizz

>> No.67555446

Non-Flagship Samsung are Overpriced Scam, also >touch jizz

>> No.67555479

Not really, but why take a chance when there's an abundance of custom ROMs?

>> No.67555485

>touch jizz

I'm not familiar with this maymay

>> No.67555497
File: 2.38 MB, 198x228, 19639.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I BOUGHT the Mi A2 Lite AND I will LIKE it.

>> No.67555507

He will only get as much updates as HMD Global sees fit. Two are promised. Not really ideal.

>> No.67555537

Both of them shipped with 8.0 it will atleast get 10.0

>> No.67555541

>iPhone Xs
>iPhone Xs Max
>iPhone XC

Lmao. Is apple run by Xiaomi now?

>> No.67555579

Not this shit again.
I thought sliders died for good.
Thankfully this is not Apple and it wont be the ew gimmick of the generation.

>> No.67555601

Sliders were comfy i miss my n95

>> No.67555609

Exynos is better than SD645 you imbecile

>> No.67555631

Well, both of the phones have band 4 so you should be covered.

>> No.67555711

I certainly don't miss the tiny battery of my EL71.
Or the broken ribbon cable in my E71. It wasn't even fucking supposed to be in there because it's a monobody phone. But because it and EL71 shared component it had to have it.

>> No.67555728

doesn't exynos drain battery much quicker than the snapdragon?

>> No.67555753

>t. retarded gook

>> No.67555791


>> No.67555868

Which sellers on Ali are reputable for the Redmi Note 5 and will chink customs and claim its a cheap MP3 player?

>> No.67555879

Exynos is faster only in benchmarks, in real life tests it performs worse and is less efficient than the SD845

>Ever since we first heard about the Exynos 9810 we had very large expectations and we knew there would be some tangible differences between Exynos and Snapdragon variants. The expectations couldn’t be more shattered than the results we got. While the Snapdragon 845 variant of the Galaxy S9 performed largely as advertised and as we had been told to expect by Qualcomm, the Exynos 9810 failed to live up to its hype in real-world scenarios. Effectively, the Exynos 9810 variant and as evidenced by all the data we collected, is the slower variant of the two. The root cause here has been identified as the extremely conservative scheduler and DVFS mechanisms which essentially nullify any advantage the new M3 cores have in synthetic benchmarks.
>In 3D benchmarks, the Exynos 9810 posted very healthy efficiency improvements and even sometimes managed to catch up to last year’s Adreno 540. Qualcomm’s new Adreno 630 raises the bar in terms of peak performance, however the promises of increased efficiency have not materialised in the commercial hardware as the performance boost comes at a cost of increased power. Effectively, when looking at sustained workloads, the Snapdragon 845 isn’t any faster than the Snapdragon 835 in its GPU department. Fortunately for Qualcomm, they’re still in the lead and this is not a deal-breaker for the Galaxy S9.
>While the performance advantage of the Snapdragon 845 variant over the Exynos 9810 variant is something we could live with, the battery life results of the Exynos is definitely a deal-breaker. I’m not sure of the root cause here and whether it’s something that can be fixed by software, but showcasing such a battery runtime regression over its predecessor is universally something that we can all agree on as not acceptable for a flagship device.

>> No.67556060

Motorola phones are probably your best bet. Moto G5+/G5S+/G6, X4, Z2 Play etc. OG Pixel or Pixel XL could also fit.

You have to buy unlocked instead of through Verizon to avoid their bloatware. The Verizon versions also have permanently locked bootloaders.

Neither of the Nokias mentioned here are compatible with Verizon >>67555128

>> No.67556089

>I don't understand how the AndroidOne program works: the post

>> No.67556115

Am poorfag in US with T-Mo

My Oneplus One is shutting down on me for no reason (dead battery I am guessing)

Should I get a new cheap phone (like Nokia 6.1) or an old flagship powerhouse (like Samsung Note 4)

I don't really use many apps.

>> No.67556136
File: 226 KB, 1080x1194, Screenshot_20180912-022953_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I really like the design, but should I wait for the possibilty of XZ3 Premium with SD 855 and 4k (Oled ?) display ?

>> No.67556150

get a Nokia 6.1 or try and find an open box Moto G5+ on eBay for $129.99

>> No.67556192

Get a cheap flagship powerhouse (like pocophone)

>> No.67556260

>I don't understand how the AndroidOne program works: the post
Please explain then. It's not like Treble support matters either, because bootloaders are locked.

>> No.67556300

when an OEM enrolls their products in the Android One program they HAVE to roll out at least TWO YEARS of feature updates (typically version upgrades) and THREE YEARS of security updates. If they viokate the agreement they can no longer advertise their phones as AndroidOne, it's as simple as that

>> No.67556303

How does the G5+ compare with Nokia 6.1?

Looks like the open box G5 Plsu's are pretty plentiful, might go with it

>> No.67556315

The XZ2 Premium literally just came out, even if there'll be a XZ3 Premium it's still several months away.

>> No.67556332

For around $150 (or about £150) what is the best phone I can get?

>> No.67556338

can't go wrong with a SD625 honestly, has great developer support and you can unlock the bootloader unlike the Nokia
also you can flash 64-bit ROMs and they actually increase the performance of the 625 to just about the same level as the 630 in the Nokia

>> No.67556360

Moto G5 Plus from Ebay

>> No.67556362

That's not anything out of the ordinary. Most devices have gotten two Android version updates and then abandoned by OEMs. Nokia isn't doing anything to change this and fight fragmentation.

>> No.67556371

Redmi Note 5

>> No.67556377

Whats wrong with the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 that people say so much about

>> No.67556402

You don't like it yet?
I'm really considering buying one as it's the only NOTHUEG phone that ticks all the boxes for me.

>> No.67556417

>Most devices have gotten two Android version updates
this is false, most flagships get one maybe 2 if they're lucky then get abandoned, most midranges are lucky to get one feature update

>> No.67556694
File: 355 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20180911-160642.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>No headphone
>But it has a P60 and lots of RAM and carbon fiber and Android 8.1
>Also supports all 4 USA carriers
Help. Wat do.

>> No.67556775

Might as well buy the Essential for $310? Has a SD835 and already on Android Pie.

>> No.67556911

No SD card slot is a deal breaker. Plus it has issues on T-Mobile doesn't it?

>> No.67556921

Wanted the Redmi Note 5, but it's 6" and doesn't have type C. Is there an alternative?

>> No.67556958

noice get. How is lack of card slot a deal breaker, isn't the 128gb internal storage enough?

>> No.67557045

Nokia 6.1 (or 6.1 Plus if it's available), Lenovo Z5, Sony XA2, Moto X4

>> No.67557107
File: 183 KB, 1198x1500, anygoood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the general opinion on the essential phone? Small notch but very minimalist. Has an alright camera if you use google camera apk. Plus stock android pie.

>> No.67557117

I don't want to lose data if phone breaks. It's easier to transfer files to PC with SD card. Bluetooth is slow. I sort through music on my phone, and I will move 10s of GBs of music at a time. USB connectivity is dodgy. I don't want to use any cloud services, because those are slow too.

>> No.67557284

shit's dead bro, company's done for

>> No.67557287

Thank you, which one(s) have the best battery life?

>> No.67557415

KDE Connect and AirDroid exist.

>> No.67557470

how do i stop my s9+ from heating up?

>> No.67557518

Yet they still managed to update the phone to Android Pie on literally the same day as Google released it.

>> No.67557661

enjoy your 1 year old defect-ridden phone supported by a company that's dead in the water

>> No.67557728

If Band 20 is the only LTE band missing from the CN version of the phone that is used in my country should I still get the phone.

>> No.67557763

Depends. But you probably want to get the version with B20 instead of one exists.

>> No.67557779

Even for another ~$40? ($200 instead of $160)

>> No.67557793

Yeah. Not worth it to try to save $40 to get worse reception.

>> No.67558023

What country and bands? In USA GSM carriers are only 2 and 4 are needed. Extra bands like 66 are not.

>> No.67558147

Can you guys recc me a good shooter game with anime grills for android?

>> No.67558335

you can go that route or save $20 and get the Blu Vivo XI+, basically same phone, no carnon fiber back and only works on GSM carriers , but supposedly their guaranteeing an upgrade to Android P in Q1 2019 in an attempt to reboot the company policies

>> No.67558358

why doesnt the find x have wireless charging?

>> No.67558368

if he's talking about B20, more than likely not in USA, also B20 is used on Sprint, but if they're other bands aren't supported, and the device isn't whitelisted, it's a no-go

>> No.67558382

how can i COPE with not using imessage

t. applelfag

>> No.67558408

Implants right?

>> No.67558414

>how can i COPE with not using imessage
>t. applelfag
i think there's a way to use iMessage on android as lomg as you have a mac, macbook, or iPad(?), either way google it

>> No.67558454

S8+ faggot here, Id like to get away from Samsung. Murica fag with att as well. What are my best bets for top tier droids?

>> No.67558480

OnePlus 6 or wait til 1/15/19 for the 6T
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S

>> No.67558504

Pixel 3 launching next month

>> No.67558589

How do I into themes in lineage os?

>> No.67558590

They pretty much confirmed the OP6T is coming in October

>> No.67558620

What is the price gonna be? i feel like the teardrop notch will age way better than all the apple clone abominations

>> No.67558687


>> No.67558727

I saw a leak/rumour saying that it'll be $550

>> No.67558729

Is there that much of a difference in performance between Mi Max 2 and 3 (both 4GB of RAM)?

>> No.67558769

Redmi Note 4 Global or Redmi Note 5 Global? Or something else? Looking to spend less than £200.

>> No.67558930

Yes, SD636 is much faster than SD625.


>> No.67558978

jesus christ i just want a phone that won't be a brick in two weeks. why is this so fucking hard?
fuck you nokia for not being available here.

>> No.67559042

Is it worth getting the note 9 if i have a note 8? I have a free upgrade in febuary. So in theory i could save it but i always want the biggest phone possible because my eyes are shit. Sprint usa if that matters

>> No.67559240

>Worse CPU by a lot
>No wireless charging
>Half of the RAM
>Half of the networks
>Believing in upgrades
This is supreme bait. Anyway I pulled the trigger on the Z2 Pro. Will be good, I hope.

>> No.67559258

guys, i bought a mii mix 2. is this shit easy to root and flash a custom rom on?

>> No.67559484

You will have to wait for a bootloader unlock, though.

>> No.67559568

you bought a mi mix 2 when the mix 2s is out and the mix 3 is around the corner? why?

>> No.67559658


the price was right

>> No.67559755



>> No.67560058
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what? no the Vivo XI+ is a P60 device same as the Z2 Pro, the fuck are you looking at?

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>In USA GSM carriers are only 2 and 4 are needed.

Don't you think there is more to it than that?

Having a 700 or 850 band depending on the provider is a big plus.

Get better reception out in the sticks and in the basement.

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