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>your gf broke up with you in a tragic way
>want revenge
>load the nudes she sent you in a memory stick, specially the ones where she is recognisable
>install it as a dead drop in a crowded place

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Gets knocked off with ballpeen hammer.

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>no point of this post
they'll accept you anon, plus man up

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>autist daydreaming about hypothetical break-ups with his imaginary gf

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>the perfect crime?
There's absolutely nothing that would ever link the nudes of your ex gf to you at all, because you uploaded your ex gf's pictures to a dead drop that's in a crowded place.

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nobody cares about nudes unless it's something gross like scat

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atleast buy a domain of her name and rank the website

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Or just grow up and stop being a shitty dramatic faggot.
This is why you people get dumped in the first place.

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what if its for the lols and you don't actually care about her at all?

women can do shitty things after a breakup and they're not the fairer sex by a long-shot you dumb white knight faggot.

if a girl fucked you over hardcore then certainly it will make you feel better to accomplish something like this.

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You don't even need to buy a domain just register a bunch of forum accounts with her full name and post lewd threads using her identity. Those will rank in the search engine.

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if you want revenge just rub your shit onto her dorknob or somethign

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I don't think you'll have to worry about that mate. You'll be an incel for the foreseeable future

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i dont even have a job and i've fucked more women than you, stay mad faggot beta cuck.

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you've been fucked by more women than me, that's for sure

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can underage get b&, please?

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>you didn't use Tor or a VPN
>police raids your house
>go to jail for 4 years
>get raped multible times, because the prison system in the US is as bad as in a third world country.
>commit suicide

good work OP.
Just don't do it. She has the right to drop you. We don't life in Saudi Arabia.

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Not the person you're replying to, but women being shit people is the reason they get broken up with too. If you're a shit person people won't want to date you, it's that simple.

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If you "don't actually care about her at all", then you just fuck all of her friends, and be done with it. This beta-ass revenge shit (whining about getting played by a slut, trying to "out" a slut that everyone but YOU knew was a slut) is pathetic.
>/g/ - technology

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doesnt have to be cheating.
one time i met up with an ex to exchange some things we had (she had pictures of my family) and i took them from her and was like "bye", she held onto my arm and wouldnt let me go so i ripped away from her and she fell down to the ground and i left.

she called the cops on me for this, "assaulting her", they arrived at my door at 2am and put me in a prison for 24 hours until they reviewed the security camera footage of the establishment the incident happened outside of.

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So, you would post intimate pics/vids of her in a dead-drop because she acted like what they all are, an over-dramatic female?

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>didn't use VPN to glue some cold storage to a brick wall

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>expecting any woman not to have all her nudes in public on the internet already
So much for your sad revenge fantasy anon

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>thinking all women are shameless whores

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Is that Joe Rogan?

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this. also if photos of her end up somewhere after her ex-boyfriend had a meltdown, the fact that there's a usb thumb drive that CoUlD HaVe BeLoNgEd To AnYbOdY won't be a sane defense. it's obvious you had the photos and you had a meltdown.

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They're probably not that great. I mean I love my girlfriend and all, and I think she's super hot, but with all of the nudes on the internet there's no reason to contribute anything. If all you're looking for is pictures of a hot naked chick then it doesn't really mean anything

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If you did that, then it's no wonder why your gf broke up with you?

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sometimes i wish i had photos of my ex. at the time i knew she was attractive but she was up for sex often enough that i think my mindstate/whatever was like "when would i want MORE of her body?"

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I delete the porn I make of my gf's when we breakup. You don't want those feels when you're jerking off alone, pathetic state.

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I still have every single picture I ever received. I don't really look at them though. They're in a folder deep in another folder somewhere.

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that's fair. sometimes i think if i masturbated to pics of her it would be literally the ultimate opposite of "moving on", which would be doubly shitty because i was the one who wanted to end it in the first place.

yeah if i had them i would look at them. i think once she sent me a text of her in a swimsuit when she started swimming to workout, so it was just a one-piece that wasn't like earth-rocking. it was cute but at the time i wasn't like "gotta save this". i think i'd have to scroll back in my text history a lot to find it, and going back to the earlier bit i don't think that'd be a strong move lol

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Not OP but you described me

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>physical traceable element in 2018
>not setting an anonymous WiFi network with custom DNS gateway running HTTP server with HTML5 chat.

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>go to prison
also why would you even want to do that? Just move on with your life. People who do petty revenge shit to their exes (breaking their stuff, burning their clothes, fucking their friends, ruining their career, etc) are pathetic

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>t. a cuck who wouldn't do shit if his gf fucked another guy

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>being this much of a nerd

I'd tell you to not reproduce but I'm sure that won't happen anyways.

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>the absolute state of nu-/g/

get the fuck out, you have to go back

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Id break up with her, but why would I commit a felony and risk time in a federal prison, effectively ruining my life over some bitch just because my feelings are hurt? I bet you guys are the same types who are constantly spouting off about how "nice" you are and wondering why no girl will give you the time of day

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Damn you people are thinking about shit to much. Just put the nudes in a zip/rar file and upload that shit to mega/zippy share, etc. Then post link in "whatever public forum" you want. You don't gotta say where they came from you know. Soon it'll spread around. You do know that you can remove all "user info" from the jpeg's before you zip/rar them right? But in all fairness, unless the bitch your dating is semi famous or some shit like that no one will really give a shit. It don't mater if she's hot, there's tons of hot naked chicks online already.

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Any way why would you go to prison? If that was true, all the pics on Facebook would land the posters in the slammer since nearly all feature someone other than the original poster in them.

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