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Bidets are technology.

Do you have a bidet? Which one, and how is it? I recently upgraded to a BioBidet Slim One (pic related) from a generic $20 attachment, and the difference is unbelievable; mechanical nozzle, heated water and seat, the works.

Would definitely recommend a full seat to an attachment, it's well worth the extra money.

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No, I shit in a hole in my backyard.
Get fucked windowstard, I won't install your botnet, my hole in the ground works just as fine, and it's free.

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>splash water on your ass and balls
>have to dry it off with paper anyway
only slant-eyes would use it, because they are retarded as fuck

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>walking around with wet ass
No, thanks

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Real talk, squat toilets are a nightmare.

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Why does it shine blue light on your shit

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>he doesn't have shining blue shits
Fucking brownshitters.

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>not sitting there on your phone while you wait for it to dry

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Imagine spending a thousand dollars just to spray water on your ass after a shit.

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Where is the toilet paper?

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They work if they are reversed so water actually flushes the shit and the loo doesn't counterattack when you poo

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The toilet attachment is like $30 faggot

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Well this picture is not what I meant because you're supposed to face the handle but you got what I meant

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What do you think the bucket's for, anon? You fill it with water and clean your butthole that way. If you're lucky they'll have a hose.

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Okay, that's not what OP has. This garbage costs a grand, just to tickle your pervy ass.

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The bin you mean.

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That's also not what OP has, retard.

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I think it's good for public bathrooms because you don't have to sit on it and get all the germs in your ass.

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>what do you need a bidet for
>says primitive retard who cleans shit off his hands with paper towels

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just buy one of these you fucking retards

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I've had a Luxe and a Brondell attachment before. The Luxe was pretty good, lasted a few years no issues. The Brondell broke after a month and started leaking everywhere.

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bought one of those 30 dollar luxe ones with the metal hose. best 30 bux i spent in my life probably. no more swamp ass . no more hemorrhoids or anal fissures, no infected tissue from wiping too much. its surreal when your ass is the cleanest part of your body.

love the "pressure" control which is just what level of shit rending ass sundering you want because even a millimeter of turned on is full throttle.

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I wipe my ass with rubbing alcohol, and/or wet wipes, so I never had any of these problems.

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>I wipe my ass with rubbing alcohol

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>I wipe my ass with rubbing alcohol
That doesnt even clean you properly, use this instead.

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wet wipes destroy my septic and cost a small fortune to actually use consistently. the bidet saves a fortune and is essentially the same but less shit wiping on your end.

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>its surreal when my asshole is the cleaner than your dinner plate.

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They can be nice, but because they're usually found in third world shitholes (heh), they have third world shithole aesthetics.

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i wish i had a home or apartment so i could get one

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I've thought about buying one of these but I don't know how to explain it to anybody in real life. Already get called a queer and a goatfucker due to the assblaster

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Only if you're a whiteboi with weak heels who can't into squatting.

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also forgot the worst part of being a bidet fag is having to cope with not having bidets.
it was bad enough shitting in public places but now that you know the feeling of a truly clean ass you also have the cognizance of an unclean ass.

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>is essentially the same
It's not the same. Alcohol can clean thermal paste to ass turds, and it's able to kill bacteria while preventing infections to your anus hole.
I don't see how "buying" a bidet would save anyone any money since you could just hop in the tub, and sprinkle water on your bum without to get the same, or superior effect of a bidet without having to purchase a bidet.

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Just do what I did: super nice bidet for at home, and a cheap attachment for the toilet at work. There's 90% of the places I'm likely to shit.

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If I ever saw one of these instead of a normal fucking can I would shit right on the floor out of spite

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Just carry a little bottle of rubbing alcohol with you, and wipe your booty clean after you wiping the shit from your ass.

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>It's not the same. Alcohol can clean thermal paste to ass turds, and it's able to kill bacteria while preventing infections to your anus hole.
imagine thinking you evolved to rub alcohol on your asshole. you are intended to have bacteria back there and this will only leave to health problems and skin issues.
>I don't see how "buying" a bidet would save anyone any money since you could just hop in the tub, and sprinkle water on your bum without to get the same, or superior effect of a bidet without having to purchase a bidet.
Bidet seats/attachments save you time and money and remove the hassle of using your hand to clean shit off. Also you don't seem to understand how fucking hard these things spray water at your ass compared to a faucet. its literally a pressured blast of shit sundering aqua.

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Don't be racist.

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You could always just fold a bit of TP and drip a little water on it for a nice, clean USA wipe.

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>a nice, clean USA wipe
>USA wipe
>USA wipe

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>tp just tears and sticks to your asshole more than usual.
fucking neanderthal asswipers

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>imagine thinking you evolved to rub alcohol on your asshole. you are intended to have bacteria back there and this will only leave to health problems and skin issues.
I don't have any issues with my tight butthole anon, and you need bacteria inside your intestines not ON your asscheeks retard.
>its literally a pressured blast of shit sundering aqua.
My house came with a tub that I can wash my ass in with soap, and water if I need to do, so, and my asshole is lickably clean, because I uwipe it with rubbing alcohol, so buying a bidet just seems irresponsible to me.

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>my asshole is lickably clean, because I uwipe it with rubbing alcohol

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Anon, where are you getting "a little water" if you're in a generic USA toilet stall?

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what kind of third world chucklefuck education did you get where bacteria don't exist on your exterior.
how exactly do you think skin infections are prevented.
maybe stop drinking petrol and wiping your ass with alcohol.

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Good thing they don't sell whatever the fuck "petrol" is in the United States.

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don't pretend to live in the land of the free you 71% asshole

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The one at my job has a tiny hand wash station in the stall. So people can clean their shit-stained hands before they leave.

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>sink in the stall
waht the fuck are you in some billionaire arab palace company

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It's for handicapped people, so this checks out entirely.

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>what kind of third world chucklefuck education did you get where bacteria don't exist on your exterior.
Getting this angry, because you got called out for being retarded.
1. Bacteria from from fecal matter causes you to smell you stink ridden fuck, and I have less bacteria on the exterior of my pooper, because I wipe with rubbing alcohol, and my ass is literally cleaner than yours.
>how exactly do you think skin infections are prevented.
Not by smearing wet feces all over it you fucking caveman.
>maybe stop drinking petrol and wiping your ass with alcohol.
Why are you so angry that my hygiene is better than yours?

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>sperging out this hard over your autistic and borderline insane ass cleaning
what proof do you use pussy
anything less than 99 is pathetic

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This man is correct. I park my butt in the handi-stall while the wheelchair guy fumes. I swear the shitter-cops are gonna give me a ticket one day.

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>thread about cleaning your ass after taking a shit

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I used to be afraid of this until I learned my anus actually extends out of my body like one of those alien miniature mouths when I take a shit.
I am convinced that this is a debilitating and crippling affliction that warrants using the cripplecrapper

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Better than shaved man-legs in stockings.

>> No.67469878

just what the fuck is the difference between socks and stockings? is it the length?

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I prefer hydrogen peroxide

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We have the cleanest, and healthiest assholes in this thread.

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Pic related is an *actual* bidet.
The one in the OP is some kind of nippon-american abomination.

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I never understood Euro-style (standalone) bidets. Why would you waste all that space? All that extra plumbing? And to you it, do you walk over holding your cheeks apart to keep shit from smearing everywhere before you...squat down uncomfortably?

Europe really has the worst ideas.

>> No.67470052

>having a second toilet just for the purpose of washing your ass
that nippon abomination is the next evolutionary step in ass cleansing and is superior in every way.

>> No.67470108

yeah nah, regular nippon bidet is better than that.

>> No.67470133

>I would shit right on the floor out of spite
sasuga pajeet

>> No.67470160

>you could just hop in the tub, and sprinkle water on your bum
now imagine your leftover shit dirtying your tub instead of just the toilet bowl.

>> No.67470177

Let's get back on track. What's the best <$100 attachment or seat out there? Don't need a bunch of bells and whistles, but I won't say no to features.

>> No.67470188

Wipe your tub with rubbing alcohol, and your all set.

>> No.67470201

or you could just use bidet and don't have to worry about shit stained tub

>> No.67470221


>mfw it's only cost around $30 and some people still won't buy them

>> No.67470223

Or you could just learn how to wipe your ass properly, and then wipe it with rubbing alcohol for good measure.
Even if you use a bidet you should still wipe your ass with alcohol just for good measure.

>> No.67470235

> Why would you waste all that space?
It is not wasted space, it's space used for a purpose. I can't speak for all euros, but we Italians like our bathrooms large and comfortable, kinda like how americans make oversized kitchens for some reason.
>And to you it, do you walk over holding your cheeks apart to keep shit from smearing everywhere before you...squat down uncomfortably?
It's right next to the toilet, and has basically the same form-factor, not uncomfortable at all to use.
Also, remember that the bidet complements the toilet paper, it does not replace it. There's also a designated towel used to wipe your ass once you're done.

>that nippon abomination is the next evolutionary step in ass cleansing and is superior in every way.
We have a more frugal taste... there's no need for a bidet to kiss your ass, sing jingle bells and call you goshujin-sama while you're doing your business.
Also, the true european bidet doesn't need electricity to operate.

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>you should still wipe your ass with alcohol just for good measure
Or maybe don't wipe your ass with alcohol at all?

>> No.67470238

just get the luxe or whatever the fuck they've got on amazon for 30-50 bucks. most of them are practically identical. make sure you get one with the metal tubing though. the plastic ones have a tendency to rot

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Sounds like some homosexual fetishist nonsense

>> No.67470251

Are you legitimately retarded do you know what putting rubbing alcohol on your skin repeatedly like that does, especially near your anus?

>> No.67470265

>Or maybe don't wipe your ass with alcohol at all?
Then you'll have a dirty ass you dumb fucking mong. If your goal was to have a dirty ass in then why even bother wiping, or sprinkling water on it?

>> No.67470273

>Even if you use a bidet you should still wipe your ass with alcohol just for good measure.
This is definitely better than merely wiping your ass with alcohol wipes. I bet your average americans only use regular toilet paper to wipe their ass and be done with it.

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you realize there are attachments that aren't 900 dollar heated seats that make safari noises to cover your thunderous anal eruptiobn right while projecting ultraviolet light on your poopoo.

the seat attachments make sense. there is no need for a seperate mini toilet to clean your ass fucking paki.
big fucking jap brains combining the functionality of the bidet with the already existing toilet seat. protip they don't REQUIRE electricity either. thats only for freaky shit like the 1000 dollar seats.
a single 30 dollar attachment provides all the utility of your vestigial toilet with none of the inconveniences of it.

>> No.67470330

Tsk tsk anon, thats cultural appropriation

>> No.67470334

thats what everybody says until they realize they have lived like a backwards fucking savage gorilla nigger for their entire lives.
it also doubles half assed enema device if you ever have trouble shitting, it can make it so much easier.

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That's not a real bidet. Water is supposed to come like this.
I saw one of those in Europe and how are you supposed to wipe your ass?

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Explain to the thread the horrors of wiping your ass with rubbing alcohol to keep your cheeks feces AND pimple free.
This is definitely better than merely wiping your ass with alcohol wipes.
The bidet is the unecessary step here anon.
This is the proper workflow:
>wipe ass clean with TP
>wipe ass again with alcohol on tp until squeaky clean
>spread cheeks in prone so other anons in public restrooms can admire the cleanest asshole in the fucking galaxy

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Why do bidets have a stopper?

>> No.67470425

Europeans are short, so they usually don't use a tall, standalone sink like we might. The bidet is also a sink for the Euro.

>> No.67470446

>that fucking fairy brush tinkle of a spray
what the fucks even the point lmao, that isn't going to clean some of the fouler shits.
the attachments can shoot fucking water 20 feet.

>> No.67470463

are you one of those clowns that actually thought putting alcohol on their face prevented pimples instead of irritating the skin and causing even worse problems.
its like a number of companies got massive lawsuits for peddling that information 20 years ago while being fully aware of the harm it did.
I'd tell you to google it but you're clearly unhinged and or retarded so god bless ignorant alcoholic ass rubber.

>> No.67470465

there is no hope for anti-bidet people

>> No.67470478

When euro bois have to adjust their chastity cages small parts can sometimes fall off and this catches them

>> No.67470485

you'd think this is a joke but its so they can pool the water and use their hands to wipe... shit off their ass... by putting their hands in the shit water... to clean shit off their ass into the shit infested water thats been stoppered.

>> No.67470492

Are you one of those clowns that proudly walk around with a dirty ass, and for some reason look down on people with cleaner asses?

>> No.67470517

european version of bidet is honestly weird.

>> No.67470557

>wipe ass clean with TP
>wipe ass again with alcohol on tp until squeaky clean
>spread cheeks in prone so other anons in public restrooms can admire the cleanest asshole in the fucking galaxy
now THAT'S some homosexual fetishist nonsense

>> No.67470564

I thought they only used it to wash their feet or something. Water coming DOWN and having to use your hand to wipe your ass is retarded.

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>>wipe ass clean with TP
>>wipe ass again with alcohol on tp until squeaky clean
Sometimes I do this without having to poop. It's just refreshing.

>> No.67470590

>now THAT'S some homosexual fetishist nonsense
Stop getting turned on by my clean tight freshly wiped asshole faggot.

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This is the only right type of Bidet

Cheap - hose and nozzle
easy to install - literally attaches to your existing plumbing
no bullshit\

the Thinkpad of bidets

>> No.67470604

Idk, I never use that type of bidet.

>> No.67470624

literally every pro you listed is fulfilled by the attachment class of bidet.
the difference is you dont have to spray water all over the place and then have it spray on your hand while you hose down brown town

>> No.67470629

You know that most of the Japanese kinds attach to your existing plumbing too, right? Even the heated (electric) types. You literally just bypass the water supply to the tank with a T connector, which attached to the bidet. Hell, that's about it for most of the "simple" ones, then it's just water pressure controlled by the dial.

>> No.67470645

m8, you're the one writing all that nonsense while I just use bidet to have my ass clean.

>> No.67470695

this is probably better for public toilet because it's easier for cleaning workers to clean the whole toilet.

>> No.67470711

BUT your ass isn't clean dumb ass. You just wasted time, and money on having a dirty ass when you could have just cleaned up after yourself with isopropyl alcohol.

>> No.67470733

found pajeet

>> No.67470787


You forgot the part where its a big bulky piece of hardware that needs electricity and has buttons all over. I can just imagine you bringing a chick home and her seeing your weird as fuck special needs looking geriatric toilet with fuckin razer RGB LEDs.

Things then only turn worse when she goes to your bedroom and sees all of your anime posters and loli figurines.

The Chad butt gun vs. Virgin ass fetish toilet robot

>> No.67470790

As someone who's cleaned toilets: fuck that. Easier to just cover the whole thing, and every fixture, in disinfectant and wipe it down. Then sweep and mop, spray some air freshner and you're done an entire room in five minutes.Water doesn't clean for shit on it's own.

>> No.67470812

lmao you would believe that. Just continue using alchohol to "clean" your ass even though multiple people have warn you against it.

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File: 70 KB, 1500x1500, 61dAJXWcHUL._SL1500_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You forgot the part where its a big bulky piece of hardware that needs electricity and has buttons all over
...or you just get an attachment. One of these things. A bidet attachment and a bidet seat hook up the same way (T connector at the water supply), the only difference is the attachment just has a pressure-nozzle, while the seat has all the bells and whistles.

You can get an attachment for <$20 online, and install it in five minutes. It's just a dial.

>> No.67470848

>lmao you would believe that. Just continue using alchohol to "clean" your ass even though multiple people have warn you against it.
You're fucking dumb anon, and those anons are one person. You have to be completely retarded to believe them, or even think that sprinkling water on your ass is cleaner than using an antiseptic.

>> No.67470892


Ok ok, now we're getting somewhere. I'd maybe give this a go. Still I like the personal control of the butt gun to really hose down my dirty fuckin' ass and get all up in there, maybe wash my balls a bit. My experience with those jap types are that the spray shoots straight into my asshole rather than showering down my whole ass and gooch. Not comfy

>> No.67470902

I'd expect cleaning workers to have other tools for cleaning too and the spray can be helpful. Like, if someone shit on the toilet seat instead, they can use it to spray the shit into the toilet bowl then clean the rest with disinfectant.

>> No.67470916

reminder that the anus is an erogenous zone

>> No.67470925

a good bidet use pressurized water not just sprinkling water on your ass.

>> No.67470955

I'm on a tight schedule. If there's shit on the seat I don't have time to spray it with a hose for ten minutes hoping it moves. Just toss an extra glove on that hand, toss it in the trash (which I'd be taking with me when I leave), and scrub a bit harder.

>> No.67470963

you just wobble on the seat a bit and lean around to get everything cleaned with the attachments.

t. guy who washes his balls and groin too.

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>wagecucking so hard you're little the wojack from that meme pic cleaning public bathrooms

>> No.67470976

maybe something like >>67470592 but with spray nozzle that can adjust the water it shoots

>> No.67470978

>anon still going on about rubbing alcohol on his ass
>still hasn't told us what proof
sanitation larpers get the fuck out

>> No.67470997

I've since moved to better things, but yeah, it was a shit job. People are fucking animals. It was nice during the off-season, though. Nobody around to use the washrooms and fuck them up, just spend all day vacuuming the different offices and listening to chill beats.

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>> No.67471006

>Just toss an extra glove on that hand, toss it in the trash
I don't think I can do that especially if it's someone else's shit so uhh...respect.

>> No.67471010

Fun Fact: Islam mandates washing your ass with water. Bidets are literally Sharia

>> No.67471020

You're numb to it after a while.

>> No.67471033

as somebody who had to clean female restrooms previously in their life I am so sorry for what you and our kind have suffered. one day maybe women will learn to actually sit on the damn toilet

>> No.67471057

Unfortunately, drunkards doesn't have the best aim.

>> No.67471061

>a good bidet use pressurized water not just sprinkling water on your ass.
Does it spray antibacterial soap on your ass as well, because it's not as clean as you think it is if it doesn't.

>> No.67471068

patrician shitting environment

>> No.67471072

I actually use both antibacterial soap and bidet so...

>> No.67471083
File: 1.07 MB, 750x1334, 1515370813232.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You don't need antibacterial soap on your ass, quit rimming people.

>> No.67471088

Why exactly do you want antibacterial soap on your asshole. You realize you have good bacteria on your skin around your anus right? Do you clean your mouth with antibacterial soap? How about your crotch/genitals?

>> No.67471099

So you wasted space on a bidet. You could have just wiped your ass clean, and used alcohol.

>> No.67471114

>you don't need to clean your ass, just to clean your ass
Get lost you filthy pigman, and wallow in your own shit elsewhere retard.

>> No.67471117

>wasted space
How is this a wasted space >>67470817 ? And cleaning the soap with water is better.

>> No.67471132

I rim my gf all the time.. should i be worried?

>> No.67471133

>ITT there is an american that cleans his asshole with rubbing alcohol only to piss off bidet users


>> No.67471135

>You realize you have good bacteria on your skin around your anus right?
Show me the medical papers anon that state this.
Wait there isn't any, because fecal bacteria is waste, and it does not belong on your skin.

>> No.67471167

No, it's only an issue for gay men. Something about their chromosomes and shit.

>> No.67471205

>ITT euronons go blackface with fecal matter, because they believe that bacteria from fecal matter is healthy for their skin
Fucking savages

>> No.67471206

>cleans shit off his hands with paper towels
>shit - off his hands
>shit - hands

>> No.67471207

you're a literal retard who doesn't understand the skin around your asshole isn't the same as the skin on your forearms. you were designed to have waste back there and purging the area with alcohol isn't what was intended.
like i said previously, google it, but you won't because you're actually mentally ill like people with ocd. you're just a moron peddling terrible advice to people who are going to go through the insanity you're suggesting and damage their skin or anus. why you're demanding "medical' papers is beyond me, this is something that is common knowledge for anybody who went through the 6th fucking grade.

>> No.67471228

you misinterpreted that post. its mocking all the retards who would scour their hands with water/soap after touching any form of fecal matter but then proceed to smear shit all over their behinds with a fragments of a dead tree.

>> No.67471285 [DELETED] 

Oh ok, sorry :^)

>> No.67471292


Hygiene is almost an unofficial pillar of Islam. even apart from the practicing ones who wash 5 times a day minimum, Muslims are by far cleaner than their western counterparts and have been since the middle ages.

>> No.67471315


>> No.67471319


>> No.67471330

sand is serious business

>> No.67471344

except the paper doesnt remove the shit.

>> No.67471351

So no proof, or scientific evidence at all, and yet instead you insist that your holistic approach to "cleaning" your backside is somehow superior.
Anon I'm going to take my chances with scientifically cleaning my ass with an alcohol, and you can keep sticking your head in the sand by sploshing wet shit around your skin.

>> No.67471360

Japanese use them because they know better.

>> No.67471364

>my anus actually extends out of my body like one of those alien miniature mouths
pls go poop and take pics for us im curious

>> No.67471375

I am not spoonfeeding you retard. You can literally die from putting too much rubbing alcohol on yourself as its absorbed through the skin.

>> No.67471394

>he enjoys fingering his ass after taking a shit
>he unironically smears shit all over his asscheeks with toilet paper
>he thinks toilet paper does a good job

>> No.67471397

The problem is that they don't know what "clean" is, so cleaning yourself like a muslim is not actually that hygenic. Their concept of "clean" is just plain retarded.

>> No.67471401

Too much taking dicks up your ass... it's called prolapse of the anus. T. wannabe M.D.

>> No.67471417

Seriously, they "clean with water" by wetting their hands, smearing off all the shit, then "washing" their hands (without soap).

>> No.67471421


I'm in the US, and I have a bidet. I have the cheap $30 conversion that goes under the normal lid, looking at the photo you posted makes me want to upgrade because while it came with 2 rubber standoffs to even out the height difference added by the bidet, I lost those cause they never stayed on the toilet and the lid is kind of unstable.

That being said I LOVE having it. I feel like a fucking caveman now using some other toilet with just TP. For messy poops, its a godsend, no more excess friction causing discomfort. Also it saves time, no more needing to wipe 20x, just blast that asshole for a few seconds and wipe to try off basically.

I've told my friends and only 1 or 2 have actually done it. Its kind of frustrating because people just don't know what they are missing and seem uninterested, but I'm sure anyone who actually tries one will love having a perfectly clean asshole, without any burning or irritation.

>> No.67471426

yeah I am aware of it but I've never done any anal stuff. think I just exert way too much effort when shitting. its actually really painful. too fucking embarrassed to go to a doctor.

>> No.67471439

There is nothing to spoonfeed me anon. My method of ass ass wiping is cleaner, and science backs it up. Your method is based on old world here say, and is obsolete while remaining non hygenic. You need to evolve as a person, and start wiping your ass with the intention of properly cleaning it anon.

>> No.67471444


Have you even used a bidet? Firstly, when you get the right angle it basically goes right where you want it. Secondly, you only have to wipe to dry ONCE instead of wiping the shit off your asshole 25x. Thirdly, after bidet and dry wipe, I just use a towel. I'm sure some people would call that disgusting but only because they don't understand how much cleaner my asshole is than theres. After bidet + dry/confirmation wipe, my asshole is super clean and refreshed, its great.

>> No.67471445

>You can literally die
Just let him be

>> No.67471448

Right. That is called piles, I believe. You really should see a doctor about it.

>> No.67471452

That's disgusting.

>> No.67471465


>> No.67471471

There's a reason they're stuck in the dark ages.

>> No.67471480

Its really weird how defensive people get over it too. They have absolutely no idea how much of a game changer it is and how backwards and fucked up they look to us.

Imagine never having any itch down there, no warmth discomfort or throbbing pains after a volcanic diarrhea attack. no toilet paper stuck to your forest of ass hair waiting to stab you when it crystallizes. every single uncomfortable thing from your ass is gone from existence. it helps with anal fissures and hemorrhoids too. there is literally no downside other than the 30 dollars you're going to pay.

I bought one 4 years ago and only just replaced it with another due to some fat fucking retard kid breaking the seat and subsequently the unit.

>> No.67471511

Get over the embarrassment or you'll really regret it.

>> No.67471513

I have this newfangled thing called a shower with a detatchable shower head so I can actually wash my ass with soap.

>> No.67471527



that can't be true.

>> No.67471528

Sold i just ordered one.

>> No.67471551

How does one flush a squatting toilet? Seems like the shit won't go anywhere.

>> No.67471556

Its not so much worse compared to the face that the nearly see through paper doesn't protect your hands from feces.
Water is a decent solvent so even if it has poop germs in it it gets rid of most of the material, so when you wash with soap you are then clean.

>> No.67471561

putting soap on your anus is as retarded as putting iso alcohol there.
also I don't mind the shower thing but its a lot less efficient time wise. also my shower sucks and has terrible water pressure comparatively to the bidet. : ( really just jealous

>> No.67471573

What brand do you guys recommend?

>> No.67471576

>Its really weird how defensive people get over it too
Yeah, I understand if they don't want to use it for some reason but I don't get why some of them are so against it.

>> No.67471577

its really that good dude way better of an investment than a mechanical fucking keyboard.

>> No.67471595

>I wipe my ass with rubbing alcohol, and/or wet wipes, so I never had any of these problems.
Guess who's ass is cleaner?
(protip: it's not your ass)

>> No.67471601

>due to some fat fucking retard kid breaking the seat and subsequently the unit.
did he smash that thing up?

>> No.67471607

ITT: bidet shills absolutely getting rekt by rubbing alcohol

>> No.67471615

a lot of them think its gay or disgusting or something.
I just got one of the luxe neo things off of amazon for like 35 dollars. Just make sure that it comes with the t-valve(almost all of them do). Depending on the toilet/seat you have you might want some stoppers to help level it out but thats like a 4 dollar purchase at most.

All in all it took maybe 20 minutes to install and set up. First one lasted for over 4 years without a single problem. Only thing you need to be aware of us its going to shoot water a lot harder than you are expecting when you first use it, its not painful or anything but some people freak the fuck out.

>> No.67471618

but what if i dont want my butthole to burn?

>> No.67471639


I presume hopefully everyone washes their ass in the shower. The bidet primarily serves to fill the void between taking a nasty shit and taking a shower so you don't have to wipe your ass 25x to get your asshole clean.

>> No.67471643

Porky did some crazy shit trying to straddle the toilet seat or something and trying to lean side to side or something. I have no fucking idea but basically he rolled his enormous ass over to the side too far and ended up ripping off the seat and cracking off the bidet control.

I don't really know because my sister in law told me afterwards that hes a literal tard who pretends to ride a horse while he shits,

>> No.67471647

>but what if i dont want my butthole to burn?
Why would it burn? Do you have ass cancer, or forcefully take enough dicks to rip your anus apart into a billion pieces?

>> No.67471665

because I have put alcohol in my ass crack before and it BURNED

>> No.67471686

KEK :^)

>> No.67471697

FYI i have a virgin butthole, nothing has ever gone inside it. I have put alcohol in my ass and it fucking burned worse than any volcanic diarrhea.

>> No.67471699


You should leave your room and meet some Muslims sometime.

Interesting. Is this what the average American thinks?

>> No.67471717
File: 24 KB, 535x535, what.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>who pretends to ride a horse while he shits

>> No.67471728

About toilets and cleaning, I had this brown spot that formed out of nowhere on this fucking toilet seat, looked like it was burned in there, and could not remove it with any cleaning supplies, until today I took a bit of toothpaste on a piece of toilet paper and rubbed it till it went away. I figured it should probably work because toothpaste is supposed to be slightly abrasive.

>> No.67471736

>because I have put alcohol in my ass crack before and it BURNED
Maybe you have a medical condition, and you should see a doctor. I for one have been cleaning my ass with rubbing alcohol for years, and my asshole has not burned. Maybe sensitive people like you should just try a mouth wash like listerine. It might be your only option to have a clean asshole until you gain the power to move on to rubbing alcohol like the rest of the big boys.
>You should leave your room and meet some Muslims sometime.
I've met enough in my life time, and retraining them to have proper hygiene was something that I had to do once.

>> No.67471750

Trust me, I have met too many already.

>> No.67471764


Tell me more about this muslim experience, because I don't believe you.

>> No.67471765

the kids like 160 lb midget 12 year old and has a cowboy hat with him at all times dude i cant understand. something went real bad with that kid.

>> No.67471795

I came to /g/ with the idea of finding out about restroom tech from other counties.
Poo in loo, virgin assholes and iso alch BURNS THA BOOTY.

>> No.67471810

>Tell me more about this muslim experience, because I don't believe you.
Neither did they, because their concept of "clean" was wrong, so they remained filthy while drinking camel piss, and splashing their faces with said camel piss.

>> No.67471811

Haha, trying to waste his time by having him tell you about it so you can say something else and waste his time even more. It's always the same.

>> No.67471837

taqiya feedback loop initiated...

>> No.67471887

The one I've seen certainly don't do that (they wash their hands like everybody else) just don't expect someone on 4chan to be an expert on muslims or something because I doubt they are.

>> No.67471903

>Maybe you have a medical condition, and you should see a doctor.
Google says doctors recommend against putting alcohol in your ass and that it usually hurts.

>> No.67471923
File: 2.40 MB, 2752x1548, Bidet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It's a complimentary item when I move in to and it's comfy.

I found myself sitting on toilet bowl when peeing now.

>> No.67471943

MUH DIALOGUE! t. muslim

>> No.67471955

based nippon.

>> No.67471966


Fine, stay ignorant of the world around you, I don't care. But why then spout uniformed shit about something you don't have any idea about? Someone will read it as fact and perpetuate it.

I guess I can extrapolate that maybe you were in some gay NGO in some shithole african country teaching some filthy (barely) humans what civilisation is. Well, I think being a dirt poor subsistence living peasant very much supercedes being a muslim. Notice in >>67471292 i say 'their counterparts'. Find me a western counterpart of some shithole mountain afghan goat fucker and tell me what his hygiene looks like.

To stay on topic, bidets are pretty much universally fitted in the public and private restrooms of Muslim world, so in that respect alone modern day muslims have exponentially cleaner assholes and genitals than Americans.

Im sure that makes you SEETHE.

>> No.67471976

I have only met the dirty muslims. I apologize for not having the pleasure of meeting the sophisticated progressive molsem who doesn't do what the rest does.
>Google says doctors recommend against putting alcohol in your ass and that it usually hurts.
Why is shoving something inside of your ass your first instinct? You don't need to be a few knuckles deep up your asshole clean it you imbecile. You're goal is to clean your ass, and NOT to give yourself an enema you fuckwit.

>> No.67471989

>Well, I think being a dirt poor subsistence living peasant very much supercedes being a muslim.
What if I told you that some of them were actually pretty well off, and claimed a lineage to big mo?

>> No.67471998

>You're goal is to clean your ass, and NOT to give yourself an enema you fuckwit.
Thats not what I meant. If I meant inside your asshole that is what I would have said. Your ass is your two cheeks and everything between.

The skin in your asscrack is sensitive and you are not supposed to be putting alcohol on it. If your butthole doesn't feel anything that might be because you already wiped out the natural ecosystem of your ass skin.

>> No.67472009


It gets really boring especially in 2018.

>> No.67472023


Then i'd like to hear about it

>> No.67472024

>Trying this hard to justify your dirty ass.
Just stop anon.

>> No.67472040

I just told you about it. Maybe you would benefit by re reading the prior posts until you are satisfied?

>> No.67472054

>using a bidet
>not having your gf eat your ass clean

>> No.67472132


That's some attitude. There is no context in your anecdote, like where are we even talking about?

Whatever, Forget it. Responding the way you are makes me think you're full of shit - use a bidet for that.

>> No.67472145

typical muslim

>> No.67472169

It must be islamaphobia, because muslims are super not like that at all.

>> No.67472240
File: 12 KB, 235x279, smug goth dude.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Fucking brownshitters

damn that got me good.

>> No.67472268

Wtf is this thread

>> No.67472283

i haven't wiped my ass in 17 years and my ass has adapted to be like a self-cleaning oven, i just take a shower to make it smell nice. no crust, and i save hundreds a year from not using toilet paper. if it needs to be even cleaner, i just get my girlfriends to rim me. bidets and TP are useless, wasteful inventions.

>> No.67472344

14th annual bidet thread at your service

>> No.67473277

So what are the steps in using this? Just blast your ass with water then pull up your pants and go? Like no wiping?

>> No.67473644

you wipe to dry your ass off. the first few times you use it you might not understand the amount of water/cleaning necessary and might have some left over doodoo but you learn quick.

I use a roll of tp maybe every 4-5 months.

>> No.67473826

Chinese people sometimes carry toilet paper with them in the car or bag. Some locations refuse to provide paper because it will get stolen.

>> No.67473880

>tfw my soft little hole has become so accustomed to my bidet, whenever there's an emergency evac of my bowels and I have to use toilet paper, my little hole gets destroyed

not a good feel

>> No.67473932

>120.00 volts

>> No.67474021
File: 30 KB, 474x448, bidet-montage-omnia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's not a bidet. That's a fucking toilet.
Pic related is a bidet.

>> No.67474083

Anon, you know how americans are retard and will believe anything you write. Stop spreading misinformation.

>> No.67474119

then explain the fucking stopper

>> No.67474131

someone that uses bidets please explain to me

i get it makes your ass clean or whatever but then what the fuck do you do about your entire ass being wet? do you just have to sit there for 10 minutes for it to air dry or are you just supposed to soak your underwear?

>> No.67474138

What about the fucking stopper? Don't you have a stopper on the sinc?
The biddet is also to clean your feet if need be, or put a piece of cloth or anything you might need to submerge.
What's so chocking about it?

>> No.67474149

Holy shit, is it really true americans don't know about bidets? I thought it was just an exageration.

You have towels next to it.

>> No.67474156

You'll never fill that bucket up.

>> No.67474157
File: 14 KB, 480x352, 1526807478292.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Insists on using rubbing alcohol
You do know they make wet wipes right? Just wipe your ass and use a wet wipe or two to finish the job. Squeeky clean.

>> No.67474169

you wipe your ass with a used towel? are you for real?

>> No.67474171
File: 187 KB, 466x492, 1509631023761.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What I've learned from this thread is that Americans are some really exotic people.

>> No.67474179
File: 14 KB, 480x320, PRESTIGE_14_large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've got my eyes on one of these >pic related puppies
Literally never buy bog roll again and have an extraordinarily clean arse
shitting is a daily for me, so I see this as money well spent
also, I like the minimalistic design

>> No.67474187
File: 54 KB, 640x480, marth sword head.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You dry your properly CLEANED ass with a towel used by YOU. Yes.
How do you dry your ass out of the freaking bath?

>> No.67474189

I just sit on my phone and let it air dry. If I'm in a hurry just a tad of TP and I'm good. idk what these disgusting euros are talking about towels and shelves and shit

>> No.67474220

i'm asking if you're talking about a disgusting cloth towel next to the toilet that multiple fucking people use or a paper towel/toilet paper

>> No.67474238

literally just shit and piss in your sink. its a bidet you already have.

>> No.67474244

You use a few pieces of toilet paper to dry your ass. I have an exceptionally hairy bunghole and use maybe 3 pieces everytime I shit to dry it. Europeans are weird and use ass towels.
You are under a misconception though which is that your ass isn't magically sparkly clean of all visible fecal matter, because it is. Maybe 1/2000 shits I have seen any amount of "skidmark" from wiping. its usually perfectly clean.

I don't like the towel thing but I can't really argue against it since I leave my bath towels hanging up after using them to dry my ass post shower.

>> No.67474272

oops wrong fucking post replied to, sorry shitters.

>> No.67474316

I thought you were asking what people do to dry their ass after using the bidet, not the toilet.

Also, the toilet is obviously personal.

>> No.67474320

well i can get down with it with wiping with toilet paper afterwards, but using a towel that other people use to wipe their assholes with is fucking disgusting

>> No.67474381

You realize that the reason why colon cancer is on the rise is because of western-style sit-down toilets right? Squatting is objectively better for you and stools like the squatty potty are poor substitutes. You need to get a deep squat to relax your muscles and straighten your rectum for a good poo. Anything else and you're straining and damaging your poo muscles and nerves.

>> No.67474399

I don't know what the fuck other people do in their lives but I came from poverty and grew up with 4 people with 2 bathrooms. Even then we knew not to touch the other peoples towels.
Do you people seriously wash/dry your towel every single time you use it? what the fuck.
Idk about fucking euros and their guests ass towel logic but its fine if you live alone or have expectancy that nobody is going to touch your towel.

>> No.67474429

Reusing your towel is still disgusting you tard. At the very least use a disposable paper towel you can use and toss in a closed bin. Fuck

>> No.67474456

Actually what is more surreal is the damage you're doing to your asshole by "cleaning" it with isopropyl alcohol

>> No.67474476

>using a towel on freshly cleaned skin is gross and disgusting!

>> No.67474478

Everything causes cancer who cares

>> No.67474509

>Why do bidets have a stopper?
They use it to wash their faces, and brushing their good tooth when they aren't spraying turd water up their bum bums.

>> No.67474521

>your destroying your ass by cleaning it
Third world education everyone.

>> No.67474547

The ones I used in Japan were quite nice. They looked like they were designed to function properly instead of looking like they attempted to mimic a western toilet like in your picture.
They were longer and slightly sloped with a tiny bit of water constantly running, and the hole at the far end was wider and more of a thing stuff disappeared into, rather than something that collected everything until you flushed; Flushing simply increased the flow of water to ensure that anything that might have had trouble moving flowed down and went away.

Only used it because I had a bout of intestinal cramps/diarrhea from eating too much dairy and didn't have the leniency of looking around for western toilets. Ended up being one of my most comfortable shits.

>> No.67474560

Is this for real. do yall niggas know shame? pissing in the sink is one of the foulest things a man can do in america and yet you eurodogs are here washing your face and shit in the toiler.

standalone bidets are fucking stupid and if you do any of this you are foul.

>> No.67474561
File: 62 KB, 764x764, 4L.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>enjoying shit soup and crusty nuggets of fecal matter hanging on your asshole hairs isnt retarded, as still using pounds inches and feet.

>> No.67474662

You know that towel in the bathroom everyone in your family uses to dry their hands with?
If you have a brother, he sometimes gives his dick a quick rinse in the sink after a wank and dries his dick on that hand towel.

>> No.67474677

>You know that towel in the bathroom everyone in your family uses to dry their hands with?
Everyone in my family had our own set of towels, and we weren't even rich.

>> No.67474718

>what the fuck do you do about your entire ass being wet?
If it's properly aimed, it's only the small area that would have made contact with shit that gets wet. Just a few quick wipes with normal toilet paper and it's dry as normal. The bidet turns even your most annoying spongey shits into those perfect ghost shits where you wipe and see nothing and then wipe once or twice more to confirm there's really nothing to clean up.

>> No.67474774

That sounds more like an obsessively clean family thing than it does an income thing. The vast majority of 300k~800k houses I've been to only had 1~2 hand towels on the racks in the bathroom.

>> No.67474789

>having a hairy asshole
You boys are fucking disgusting

>> No.67474795

>having separate towels
>obsessively clean
What did you mean by this?

>> No.67474806

I ant even rich and my family has more towels than people in the house bruh.

>> No.67474826

>not being able to smell your sisters and moms ass towels
pity the americans

>> No.67474851


>> No.67474869




>> No.67474924

americans continue to wonder why their sperm counts are down 50%

>> No.67474956


>> No.67474970

Having separate hand towels for each person in the family in each bathroom is excessive if you've got a standard nuclear family or more. You dry your hands after they've been washed; even if shared among the family it's generally cleaner than shaking another person's hand.

There's a significant difference between having more towels than people in the house and having 4+ towels laid on the rack in every bathroom. It's apples and oranges. You can have 20x as many hand towels and people and still only have only 2 towels per bathroom rack.

Do you also have multiple drying towels in the kitchen for every dish that had something different in it before being cleaned?

>> No.67474979

Poo in loo plz

>> No.67474990

>When towelets rationalize their dirty unsanitary upbringings

>> No.67474991

>Not using needle nose pliers to rip out your asshole hair in large clumps
Shaving is for wimps who like razor bumps. If I had the choice I would wax my asshole regularly.

One day I will get a bidet and start using cloth for wiping my ass instead of toilet paper. I wish I could do my part helping the environment like that. Unfortunately, I am not rich enough yet, I need to save up to build my futuristic self-sufficient hobbithole.

>> No.67474992

better yet
>then shit

>pee water now on your bunghole

enjoy your infection eurofags

>> No.67475028

Explain me something - are watergunners and paper maximisers so plain stupid that they have not heard of soaking the toilet paper under the tap for best of both options, THEN followed by dry wipe?

>> No.67475062

Did you only have one bathroom in your house, or something?

>> No.67475137

toilet paper does not do a good job desu senpai

>> No.67475156

It's not the toilet papers fault that you're bad at wiping your ass anon.

>> No.67475238

Most toilet paper in the US will completely dissolve into nothing if you attempt to wet it before wiping. You'll end up with rolled up bits of paper all over your asshole instead of cleaning it. Just to make sure the paper is sturdy enough to wipe, you may need to layer 2-4 squares depending on the brand.

I mean you can pay 2-3 times as much money for luxury toilet paper, but that's just about the most retarded consumerist thing you could possibly do, you'd literally be wiping your ass with money.

>> No.67475273

>American toilet paper sucks

>> No.67475286

>wasting even more paper and time
retarded and ineffective enjoy your nuggets
I have a prehistoric forest of asshair, the only ways I have been able to remove it is to either use nair and burn my asshole with it or to have it waxed which hurts even worse than the nair.

btw I have 7 towels in my bathroom, one for each day of the week kiddos. I wipe my spotless bidet loving ass on all 7.

>> No.67475296

Found the squatlet

>> No.67475301
File: 534 KB, 1723x595, togamefags.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I bet 80% of this retarded thread buys extra/ultra soft toilet paper.

>> No.67475327

Not sure why you'd think that, when everything I've said points towards the opposite, when having hand towels for every person is less troublesome with less bathrooms as opposed to more.

>> No.67475359

Just reach down, grab a bunch with your fingers and twirl it around until you have a big solid trunk of hair. Then you grab your pliers, clamp that bundle solidly, and just RIP IT THE FUCK OUT. Repeat several times until you've thinned the forest. Rub some petroleum jelly on your asshole to protect it, then apply your hair melting chemicals to the rest of your crack.

>> No.67475372

Stop lying, and trying to look cool online. Your town probably only had one bathroom with a single towel. You were probably considered rich too.

>> No.67475595

If I lived alone I'd totally use a towel to wipe my ass, but I'm not going to share an ass towel with my mom, or my sister. That's gross. And then where do I wipe my dick?

>> No.67475666

Upper middle class here buddy, you're barking up the wrong tree. The town over actually only sold property to white people back over half a century ago.

>> No.67475685

>Upper middle class here buddy
>One towel
It's like you live in a completely different world, because I aint even rich, but my family had a fuck ton of towels homie.

>> No.67475785

>but my family had a fuck ton of towels homie
Again, this doesn't contradict what I've said. I'm beginning to think you're ESL.

>One towel
One to two towels on the rack with easy ability to replace whenever is the norm. It's predominantly what I've seen not only around here, but in the other places I've visited.

>It's like you live in a completely different world, because I aint even rich,
Again, given my sample set includes houses in the 400-800k range I really don't think income is the driving factor here. Your family just didn't understand that having hand towels for each person in each bathroom/wc is closer to OCD than expected educated behavior.
Shaking someones hand at work is dirtier than sharing a towel to dry your cleaned hands with your family.

>> No.67475840

trump we need towel stamps not food stamps ;plllz

>> No.67475850

not using a straight razor

>> No.67476014

One of the best, yet mundane, eye-opening things I've done was use a bidet in a Japanese train station. Just the best defecation experience of my life without exaggeration. I wish so often that I had a hot-water line, or an electrical outlet, in my rental home's bathroom (near the toilet, that is), it's just so goddamn convenient and comfortable.

Anyone who talks shit about bidets has never used one, or is an absolute fool.

>> No.67476208

No fucking lie, this guy is right about alcohol on the anus. I used to often get terrible irritation on the ring about an hour after shitting, even with rinsing. The irritation would just get worse and worse until I deep washed with soap in the shower. One day I decided to wipe with 70% alcohol on a tissue because I didn't have time for a shower. It stung pretty good, but the irritation went away. Now after cleaning I do a quick swipe with alcohol and I never have issues. Doesn't even sting because the skin isn't already agitated by whatever the fuck was giving me trouble before.

>> No.67476235

>Already get called a queer and a goatfucker due to the assblaster
Where the fuck do you live?

>> No.67476301

>can't afford a couple towels
Some one should have called child services on your dirty ass family.
>one towel
That's no way to live anon. If you were my neighbor I would have just gave your ass a few spare towels. My family isn't even rich, but we made sure that we always had enough towels to go around.

>> No.67476329

I've done the alcohol to my anus, and I've never felt cleaner. I tried it when I ran out of wet wipes, and now I don't go anywhere without a bottle of rubbing alcohol ( I also use it to wipe things down in public before I make touch).

>> No.67477355

this 1000x

>> No.67478677

I use a 1 liter bottle that I drilled a hole into the neck with a knife. More than halved my TP usage(for drying) and does a far greater job cleaning up.

>> No.67478690


>> No.67478698

>/g/ - shitting technology

>> No.67478853
File: 24 KB, 350x311, KE17035NailBrushMed2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll kill this thread I haven't read with a post reminding bidet users, and those they attempt to shame into bidet use, that one who uses a bidet must scrub their shitty asshole with their bare fingertips until it is free of shit. But there isn't a fingernail brush at that sink is there? No, you never see a nail brush at any bidet, which means that no matter how well they wash their hands, a bidet user has their own shit under their fingernails.

>ctrl+f fingernails
That's what I thought, you disgusting shit eaters.

>> No.67478894

No one uses three shells?

>> No.67478897

The point of the bidet is to have the water pressure do the scrubbing, you fucking retard.

>> No.67478936

>Always wanted a rimjob for years
>Got hemmeroids a year ago
>No longer have rimjob fetish anymore.

>> No.67478949
File: 196 KB, 556x435, 1535338718780.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Tfw I'm that brother

Always funny seeing my sister wipe her face dry with that towel

>> No.67480029

Italian here.

Yes, we all have it. It's considered normal here in Italy.

The bidets here are a separate component from the WC. All in one is considered gross.

>> No.67480090
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>> No.67480119

I didn't see toilet paper even once while in Japan.

>> No.67480538

because you don't need one since the pressure from the bidet should be enough to scrub the shit off your ass

>> No.67480563


>> No.67481110

I want one so bad but unfortunately I my toilet doesn't have a tank it's like a public bathroom with the metal pipe and the handle :(

>> No.67482129

>his toilet can't run DOOM

>> No.67482464
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>> No.67482484

but can it run crysis?

>> No.67482521

>bump limit on a thread about toilets

>> No.67482522
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Do offices in the US seriously have stalls?

>> No.67482634
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>not shaving your ass

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