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Now that we have wine build seamlessly in steam, whats the point of running windows on my personal computer?

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>not wanting to deliver microsoft free usage data
>not buying every software from the MS store where they get 30% of the money of all sales

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it seems like a good idea on the surface
the entire point of wine that it isn't an emulated at all
if valve had to branch it off
it means they're doing some stuff they shouldn't be

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What do /g/ think about windows registry?

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I'm not going to unequivocally say they aren't but:
1. The project is open sores and can be built and installed manually
2. It's likely separated due to requiring specific steam only code (or just to have built in scripts/configs for specific games)
2. a) They've been contributing to WINE upstream anyway

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The Netflix native app

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That's exactly the point. Wine has always been inferior to native.

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shitshow, but Im not 100% sold on dotfiles either..

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How would you solve this, then?
Not trying to shit on you, just curious.

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The moment Adobe runs on Linux is the moment I ditch Windows for good. I lost all hope for Windows ever being an usable desktop OS again.

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Bibeo gayms are for kids. I'm sticking with Windows however.
It feels good not listening to /g/'s ((("""advice""")))

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(long term) support
not having to use the command line for mundane tasks

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Now that pretty much all GNU binaries run seamlessly inside Windows, whats the point of installing Linux again?

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This. Very surprising they're not on it already. Photoshop runs flawless. My company used illustrator a lot and inkscape lacks literally 1 feature we need. It's on their "inkscape for illustrator" wiki but idk if they're adding it soon or not

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>not watching your resources being gobbled up when Windows decides to update
>not having Candy crush automatically installed without your knowledge
>not having your personal data sent over to the botnet
>not having to worry your install is going to break every single time there's a feature update
>not having a shitshow of an UI made LITERALLY in powerpoint

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>hey, there's a WINE bug that's causing all our workstations to crash
>alright, we'll just submit a ticket to some neckbeard loser in his mom's basement, it'll get fixed whenever he feels like it
That doesn't cut it in the real world freetard.

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>i'm going to reeee about non-issues and things that don't happen or takes 2 clicks to fix for three years rather than just do the fix
I thought freetards were supposed to be computer literate?

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if you have to ask then you have no use for windows, congrats and enjoy using GNU

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>2015 memes

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You can centralize all your configs into your DE/WM config.
For example, instead of having a config file for compton, you just type out the command and the options you want in your autostart.

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Linux registry is better :^)

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Linux, is in fact, GNU/Linux or as I’ve recently taken to calling it, simply GNU

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>takes 2 clicks
I wish. Disabling updates for good is a fucking chore, the rest of the points require some shady powershell scripts and still it's only a partial fix, and the UI as far as I can tell is irreversibly fucked.
But that's not the point.
Imagine the next build of Windows came with the display rotated 180 degrees by default because somebody smart at Microsoft decided it's better for the user. It's a simple fix, takes just one registry edit, but YOU STILL SHOULDN'T NEED TO TO THIS. I shouldn't be expected to fuck around with powershell just to make fucking minecraft not install automatically.
Also I'm not exacly a freetard. I use debian on my shitposting laptop and Windows 10 on my work PC. I tried switching to Windows 10 and after wasting like a week trying to make regular editions work I installed Enterprise LTSB 2015, which is by far the best of all of them. I still hate the fucking UI but I can't be bothered to reinstall 7.

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Direct3d games, specifically DirectDraw titles. I can't play Thief: The Dark Project in Linux, at least not without a modern patch, and I have too much autism to the point that I want the original unpatched game.

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Shady ps scripts when you can read them all line by line??????
Are you sure you're certified to hold a computer, let alone operate it?

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where's this ""GNU"" you speak of?

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>thinking you need to disable updates and shit
I can install Windows 10 without ever touching the registry or powershell and still have a more useable OS than most Linux distros

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I'm not going to read a 1000+ lines of code.
Also let me reiterate what you conveniently omitted: I don't have to do any of this bullshit on Linux, or ever Windows 7.
>Are you sure you're certified to hold a computer, let alone operate it?
actually yes, I am.

I wish be like you and just roll with NuMicrosoft bullshit.
Ignorance is bliss.

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But Windows is so inferior to Linux that even Wine+Linux is still superior

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>Ignorance is bliss
it's pretty comfy tbqh

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I'm glad I'm not this retarded and stupid.

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Electronic music production.

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The reason why I can just “roll with it” is because shit like updates breaking things I haven’t had issues with. The preinstalled apps I could care less if I see them I just uninstall them they uselly don’t find there way back.

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Mouse movement.
The moment mouse movement is the exact same on Linux is the moment I ditch Windows for good.

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What a stupid meme reply. It's because of people like that everybody thinks Linux is crap.

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>not having to use the command line for mundane tasks
you say this as if cut/pasting a one linner isn't 15 times faster then click click wait click click wait click click wait wait wait wait click "You must restart your computer for this change to take effect"

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not him but try gnu.org. It's a great operating systems with many different flavors. just don't hold your breath waiting for professional grade applications.

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All I see are core utilities prefiex with GNU. I see no OS on there.

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How long until the gnu kernel is finished?

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>a more useable OS than most Linux distros
No one believes you.

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>cut/pasting a one linner
Only after you've spent 20 minutes searching on the internet for it.

Someone re-post that pic of disabling a web cam in Linux vs Windows.

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What feature?

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>programs beong installed without consent is not an issue

The absolute state of cuckindows.

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Grats on showing an entire thread that you have literally no clue how free/open source software works.

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Shutup ranjeet

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It's pretty obvious you don't work

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>installs Windows 10
>searches desperately for dodgy patches to make Cortana shut up, to get rid of adverts, and to disable telemetry
>repeats this after every update
>eventually disables updates out of frustration, resulting in security vulnerabilities going unpatched
>installs ltsb/c placebo
Windows just werks guys!

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>run a simple console script before windows installation begins
>literally everything just werks
year of the lolnix desktop now!

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I could reinstall Windows 10 right now and by the time I’m using edge to download another browser Windows update would have installed all the drivers I could ever need any everything works right the first damn time without weird bugs. I guess it helps I’m on a slightly modern haswell system

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It's pretty obvious you're a virgin

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>Only after you've spent 20 minutes searching on the internet for it.
or you could git gud and figure it out yourself. It's really not that hard even if you're a brainlet, though I understand how a windows user could be intimidated by a scary flashing command prompt.

>Someone re-post that pic of disabling a web cam in Linux vs Windows.
How about doing something that you would do more often, like downloading a youtube video? On linux I can do that with less than 15 keystrokes, taking up probably less than a second of time, without any dodgy websites browser addons or even a browser.

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Linux has less overhead than Windows.
If you want to play games, Linux has greater potential. It just needs... games.

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It has games. Just not triple-A identikit gray/brown edgy shooters.

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>installing debian
>no license agreement, GPL is a bill of rights for the user
>installing pajeendows
>license agreement is written in such a way to obscure all the shady shit microsoft does. Page 54 makes you agree to sacrifice your blood to Ba'al in case microsoft wishes to

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Poor ranjeet. No good comeback once he's been called out

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Drivers 100% guaranteed to work.
I've amdgpu and mesa and games still complain about dx11 and shader model 5

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Except I could do that in Windows.
Why are freetards so fucking stupid? It's like their virginity keeps their IQ dangerously low.

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>has to run a script to disable built-in malware


>> No.67456128

>install loonix
>x breaks again

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>disabling a web cam in Linux vs Windows
>unplug the webcam
>unplug the webcam

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Unfortunately those are the games people are playing. Even if you don't want to play those games, odds are your friends do.

It would be a bold, selfless act, but if Valve releases Half-Life 3 as a Linux exclusive, Windows will die that day.

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Soon Linux will be the premier gaming OS, and all freetards can do is cry about it.

>> No.67456143

How? Genuinely curious.

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Literally everyone at my company avoids windows 10 at all costs. Everyone wants linux or Mac OS. The senior Director of Technology fucking uses ubuntu on his work laptop. We're a Forbes 250 company also. Only Excel monkeys and pajeets shill windows.

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>has to run a script daily so that X never breaks

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Samefag panjeet

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Fuck off. Linux doesn't need any proprietary garbage. You cucks are fucking breaking decades of activism.

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"I never used linux and too dumb to use it" the post

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>I'm too virgin to use anything else

>> No.67456188

>Tux Racer: now with VR support!

>> No.67456189

tbqh I'd like more games to run on GNU/Linux, but I don't think I want more Windows gamers to move to GNU/Linux

>> No.67456195

A bunch of clueless appletoddlers. No wonder.

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I've used kubuntu, debian and gentoo for years, nothing ever spontaneously broke. Indiows on the other hand...

>> No.67456203

out of curiosity what does you company do?

>> No.67456204

Are you talking about yourself? It seems like you are too retarded to learn how to use another OS

>> No.67456205

Operating is the operating system's job. I just send it ideas.
>dodgy addons
retard, theres a button on hooktube

>> No.67456208

Running proprietary games indicates you're a traitor to the cause.

>> No.67456212

that would be awesome and you know it

>> No.67456213

Why not?
They might learn something and improve themselves.

>> No.67456218

Just need a good office client now. Libre is trash. I'd be happy to pay 50bux for a good alternate office suite.

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Why do you lie? There's a reason for that 2%, because loonix is a poorly-made, hacked piece of shit that can't work properly.

>> No.67456225

I want to use windows 7 forever ;_;

>> No.67456230

Its stock wine staging but bundled with some extra stuff like DXVK that you'd normally install separately.

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Calm down, bud. We don't need to follow Stallman's word like a creed. The fact that video games are proprietary is a symptom of a larger issue than software licensing.

>> No.67456239

Kill yourself shitstain. Proprietary cucks like you should be lynched on sight.

>> No.67456244

>I just send it ideas.
can't send ideas without learning how to do it

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Is there a linux music player that shows my music by folders and not by genre/album/artst?

>> No.67456250

Fuck off wintard. You don't and never will belong here.

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Unfortunately you have to become a murderer to kill a rapist.

>> No.67456252

calm yourself, more games running on gnu/linux doesn't necessarily mean more proprietary software

>> No.67456254

If you're serious then you need some serious help. You're likely insecure and looking for something to take a strong stance on.

>> No.67456255

You don't have the authority to say what linux does or does not need.

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>hurr ether be on the communist free software crusade or don’t dare use Linux

>> No.67456266

Why do you hate freedom so much?

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The company is ADP

>> No.67456271

RIP :(

>> No.67456275

you're better off asking there

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It's all about *nix and the terminal here since we are developers. No one likes shitty powershell, cmd, or the neutered WSL with shit tier performance. Most people will use Linux if it wasn't for exchange

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I literally choose what looks about right and click on it. I know its a foreign concept in Linux but bear with me.

>> No.67456297

I don't. You are being illogical and irrational, much like an inexperienced child. I suggest you stop and think about how much you really understand what you are talking about and how much of it is simply parroting others.

>> No.67456308

Gradient meshes one designer said
The color dye girl said PMS too idk wtf that is. But it's on the list there

>> No.67456311

I like freedom. The freedom to have my conputer do all the work instead of figuring out which fork of an open source alternative to get.

>> No.67456313

It is? So why is it used when you have a performance-reliability critical problem? Do you think satellites run your CandyCrushOS? Better yet, do you know what happens when your nuclear plant is run by windows? Tip: stuxnet

>> No.67456315

.ini files, obviously.

>> No.67456321

my grandma is computer illiterate, she has no idea how to turn on a computer, let alone how to choose what looks about right and click on it
I guess she'd have to learn after all.

>> No.67456342

Ah yes highly specialised scenarios running a bare bones system is quite indicative. Yeah linux works when you get the 5mb that do.
Your grandma has dementia since my grandma can use a smartphone just fine.

>> No.67456364

How can someone live with such a low IQ?

>> No.67456377

Memorising useless commands to spite professional computer users is a mental disorder. Grow up.

>> No.67456386

>downloading a youtube video? On linux I can do that with less than 15 keystrokes
Besides the fact that you can do the same on Windows, I really don't see the point when I could just dl from the browser, without involving additional software and most likely faster than your nerdy shit too.

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Windows is made by professional company. It cost billions to make and is used by the many.

Linux is made in Linus spare time, it has only 1% and is shilled on his youtube channel. I keep telling my son this but he insists.

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thanks, i couldn't find the thread

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Time to go back to fornite general, zoomer

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>ad homem

>> No.67456433

She still had to learn how to use it, how to lock and unlock it, where everything it, how to find the dialer to call your dumb ass, unless you're going to tell me she just picked up a Galaxy and started using it like she had it for years.

>> No.67456441

Both Steam Proton and DXVK aren't good enough to switch to fully yet.

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>reddit jargon
>Muh zootropics
Kys junkie.

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>steam goes full linux support
>years after some of the biggest publishers quit steam for their own solution
>I can either continue using windows for maximum compatibilities or double boot so I can still play AAA games
>soon steam will just be an indietrash store
Too late. Instead of sitting on their pile of cash, valve should have had it ready for steam linux release 7 years ago. It would have boosted adoption, and therefore development and quality of linux, drivers, native games and such too.

Valve are huge retards and missed the opportunity to change things.

>> No.67456460

True. Nothing past Neptunia 3 works. Tales of Berseria won't boot.

>> No.67456462

>I use CLI even though it's stupid and less efficient, am I a leet haxor yet??

>> No.67456465

Don't pretend you'd ever have switched to GNU/Linux. You love being used by Windows too much.

>> No.67456470

>faster than your nerdy shit too.
my nerdy shit can download 8K 60fps yt video maxing out my 400Mb/s connections, so doubt it.
It also works with many many different services btw, not just youtube. I can also make it download whole playlists at once, download just audio or even the thumbnail alone if I need.

>> No.67456482

Sure buddy. Just because you are mentally handicapped doesn't mean it is hard to memorize a few commands that you use. It's just like memorizing the clusterfuck GUI of winnigger 10. How retarded can one person be?

>> No.67456489

I don't even play video games anymore, I was just saying. Valve made insane amount of money and all they could do is a steam client for linux, the same broken shit than on windows, and a shitty pseudoconsole.
I'd be Gabe, I'd suicide by diabetes. Oh wait.

>> No.67456491

>Pretending to know about CLI
Windows pajeets are getting more and more pathetic. Cringe desu

>> No.67456495

>tap on the thing to wake it up like a pet cat
>click on the humorously oversized image of a 1920s phone
>click on my name
Wew lad
I guess youre right tho, you could save a few kilobytes if you remove the icon and all the names and just do
>sudo phcallsvc
"Oh fuck..."
>sudo apt install libGSM
>sudo phcallsvc -c -f --NUMBER --USA..........

>> No.67456496

Just think, Windows used. If you'd spent all that time and effort over the last ten years on learning GNU/Linux instead of puttering around with Windows applying dodgy registry patches and running shady programs, you'd be damn good at GNU/Linux now.

>> No.67456502

>my program makes the download speed faster

>> No.67456511

>t. graciously BTFO'd

>> No.67456513

>wine build seamlessly in steam

is this a thing now? Where's the source

>> No.67456519

Window niggers can't even make up good scenarios. It's so fucking stupid. You sound like a numale web dev trying to talk about kernel dev

>> No.67456526

VideoDownloadHelper was way slower for me

I think you missed my point or are moving the goalposts.

>> No.67456528

Steam Proton. Have you been living under a rock?

>> No.67456529

>You cucks are fucking breaking decades of activism.
People that think ideological purity and activism are the end-all, regardless of logic or practicality, are the cringiest mofos in existence.

>> No.67456532

I can do the exact same thing in my browser tho and I don't have to rage that it dowbloaded it 10 times over because i misspelled a command

>> No.67456540

I dont even touch cli that often. TWM are a joke.
I bet you also hate Macs despite never having owned one.

>> No.67456547

I'm too smart for CLI because we oassed that in the 80s. My OS caters to me
. But most importantly, I don't suffer from antidepressant withdrawal so I don't get epilepsy from a green box popping up.

>> No.67456550

>misspelled a command
Ctrl+Alt+T to open terminal
press Tab
autocompletes to youtube-dl
paste link

You'd have to be pretty retarded to consistently misspell three letters

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>Mistyping youtube-dl 10 times

>> No.67456559

I hate neither Macs nor Linux (it's good for servers), just pretentious tryhards.

>> No.67456566

Not an argument

>> No.67456569

I haven't seen a point in doing such a thing for several years now, so clearly it's different for everyone.

>> No.67456572

It's pretty cool desu. More programs should use it instead of treating Windows as Linux with a bunch of .files.

>> No.67456574

I hate windows users who thinks the world revolves around gayming and making pepe memes in pirated Photoshop

>> No.67456578

Spaghetti clusterfuck.

>> No.67456584

You're acting like what you said was an argument. It's not

>> No.67456597

Don't move goalpoasts now

>> No.67456599

Good software is never finished. There are new security vulnerabilities in things all the time, and someone not even born yet may have a good idea for something to add to software. You can install GNU HURD right now, if that's what you're asking.

>> No.67456602

Your English skills and your shit example shows how retarded you are. I hope your handler wrangles you from the computer before you embarrass yourself even more

>> No.67456605

How is that moving goalposts?

>> No.67456617

Pointing out that mistyping a simple command 10 times is retarded isn't moving the goal posts. Try making good examples before shitting out your opinions.

>> No.67456618

Littoe baby got booboo? Go take your meds you crooked fuck

>> No.67456626

>the world revolves around gayming and making pepe memes in pirated Photoshop
>He says, writing on an OS family that started with 2 guys wanting to port a game to goof around with friends;

Yeah, those areas are important, too.

>> No.67456628

Autocad, ms office. Thats about it. We have a few in house applications which run on windows but maybe they could run with wine as well

>> No.67456640

>Steam Proton

thanks and yes apparently I have

>> No.67456652

Nice fud

>> No.67456677

>muh autocad
>muh ms office
Amazing really, how so many people claim to need those things (and that the free alternatives are simply unacceptable for what they use them for). I'll tell you what it is: a bullshit attempt to save face. They know there's no good reason not to switch to GNU/Linux, they're just lazy.

>> No.67456689

Even the icon shows that everything in reg is falling apart

>> No.67456716

That's sour grapes if I ever saw some. Say that to a professional in the field.
Linux offers zero, absolutely zilch, benefits over windows's proprietary products.
I still want and use visual studio so as nit to deal with clion's cmake.

>> No.67456741

Windows users are like housewifes who get beaten by the husband, but when someone criticizes him, she gets angry and defends him. I have sympathy for neither. The shame is that windows users don't end murdered.

>> No.67456755

>t. angsty teen orojecting
noone cares retard

>> No.67456763

incredible how so many windows useds on /g/ are "professionals" who "need" photoshop/autocad/ms office. I think it's highly unlikely that they're all telling the truth
>Linux offers zero, absolutely zilch, benefits over windows's proprietary products.
completely delusional

>> No.67456769

Once i get a NAS i'll probably look into running Linux on my main machine much more seriously.

Currently too much stuff is sitting on my PC that i don't want to wipe

>> No.67456795

Look at desktop threads. All the windows posters have every shortcut for Adobe/office products pinned like they think it'll give them cool professional points. Pretty embarrassing desu

>> No.67456810

Fact: professional artists use adobe/ms/autodesk products
Fact: linux does not support said products

Go distro hop your toy OS retard

>> No.67456833

Fact: "professional" photoshop/autocad users on /g/ are likely larping

>> No.67456839

Didn't know /g/ was filled with professional artists. It seems /g/ is filled with underage gayming retards and developers.

>> No.67456862

VSTi's, CAD software, and SIbelius are the 3 things keeping me from deleting my Windows partiton. There really are no viable alternatives for those in Linux.

>> No.67456880

My dad uses CAD and I use visual studio. Alternatives are not worth a damn.
No, I am not wasting a second re-learning my tools of the trade unless the devs pay me my hourly while I learn.

>> No.67456901

as reliable as clockwork

>> No.67456913

Yeah unlike linux software

>> No.67456936

I use windows 10 at work. I know I'm only using it because of Skype for business. Use the tools for your job but I know that it's a pile of shit and everyone that has the misfortune of using Windows 10 here complains about it.

So unreliable. That's why the internet lives on Linux. Fucking retard. I bet Pixar is filled with neckbeards since they use rhel

>> No.67456959

Fl and ableton run perfect with wine, along with dll vsts

>> No.67456963

>whats the point of running windows on my personal computer?

Easier to install GPU Drivers.
Easier to install audio drivers and odd peripherals.
Easier to install software. Yeah, you can go to the terminal and do sudo apt whatever, but what if that piece of software doesn't exist in your distro's repo? Now you're stuck finding some obscure thread on ganoolinux for some random link to someone's repo you now have to add in manually.

Windows, unlike Linux, doesn't shit itself if you mess around with any of the configuration. I still have nightmares about getting ALSA to work.

Linux has become easier to use, it has not become idiot proof.

>> No.67456964

The internet could live on space magic. I don't care, people get paid to make it work - like I do. Don't move the goalposts dumbass

>> No.67456979

I'm not retard. You're claiming Linux is unreliable which it isn't. You're so fucking dense, no wonder you're a C# pajeet using VS

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File: 11 KB, 245x310, 1356727151243.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no no no no no

>> No.67456998

Should have transitioned to a real database engine years ago.
Also should have replaced NTFS years ago.

>> No.67457006

Learn to read you cunt rot. I said linux software. Don't you have some FOSS to contribute to?

>> No.67457034

GPU drivers just werk now
99% of audio shit werks
Software is not easier to install. Manually downloading shit from websites is not easier. Building for most things are piss easy.
Pulse Audio just werks now for 99% of users

It is much easier but your complaints arent that good

>> No.67457050

Learn English pajeet. You clearly don't know what you said nor what I said. Nice ebin comeback. Go back to shitting out crud apps in VS

>> No.67457088

Your sweaty ass got roasted so now you delusionally think I use C#? Kid I'm a real life professional C++ programmer, unlike your autistic NEET ass.

>> No.67457120


>> No.67457122

That's the best way to get software since I don't have to guess the package's name or hope it's in the repo at all, nor do I have to trust some crappy app store middleman.

>> No.67457134

Post your linkedin, you underaged crybaby.This is the last (You)

>> No.67457138


Playing dx9 games without a 40% performance hit.

>> No.67457141

Lmao. I work in a Forbes 250 company as a developer while you larp on 4chan after getting demolished. Maybe you can get a job one day

>> No.67457166

some people say game exe works better with wine than with windows, you may even find some on yt

>> No.67457181

Good thing it's open source so you can modify it to your needs. On Windows if something breaks you're unironically fucked.

>> No.67457185

>you're both on 4chan
who isn't?

>> No.67457196

Not really, someone gets paid to fix it asap.

>> No.67457203

>it's good to have the micro dick in my ass

>> No.67457230


>> No.67457239

Look at the current state of Windows and tell me how well that method is working

>> No.67457254

Post yours first. That wasn't me btw. Your low IQ pajeet brain forgot that this is an anonymous board

>> No.67457255

Visual studio is yet to break for the first time in my life.

>> No.67457290

Must be nice to just start programming

>> No.67457317

Still no aggregate audio drivers though.

t. iToddler

>> No.67457326

literally nothing wrong with dot files even at this moment even if some may go in ~/.sex/ ~/.config/sex/ or ~/.local/something/sex/ unless the configs of the program sex spew outside their parent folder sex/ which i have never seen happen and does never happen

>> No.67457342

this is OS fag

>> No.67457343

Speak for yourself. I bet you also use gdb

>> No.67457358

Ebin comeback pajeet. MS needs to give you guys a handbook of better insults.

>> No.67457376

what's the problem

>> No.67457377

Stay mad codelet

>> No.67457396

Better. At least it matches /g/ lingo.

>> No.67457446

Same situation with Clip Studio Paint

>> No.67457887

because there's no Adobe

>> No.67457950

>another anon who really definitely needs photoshop
yeah yeah, join the group of totally-not-larping professional photoshop anons over there

>> No.67458011

>a bunch of projecting
>instant aggression
Why? None of what you said is true

>> No.67458088

Emualtors that don't have linux variants yet.

>> No.67458402

so sorry, you'll be wanting the group of totally-not-larping professional adobe-using anons instead

>> No.67458435

what? I've done all my gaming on linux on emulator until now. you must be playing on some top hipster tier consoles if there's no emulator for linux

>> No.67458476

Even if I use photoshop to draw circles all day, that's what I want and if the OS doesn't support it, then tough shit - stop advertising it.

>> No.67458504

>I don't work with adobe and therefore neither do all of you!

>> No.67458523

>every single windows used on /g/ really uses autocad and adobe professionally, honest!

>> No.67458578

apparently you've never heard of redhat for enterprise. im sure you know all about the real word, you fucking retard.

>> No.67458637

I don't understand why they did it. To encourage people to use steamOS? To please 1% of their userbase? To piss off Microsoft? Autism?

>> No.67458644

I'm not installing a legacy OS because of some hairy sperg and his gatekeepong minions.

>> No.67458656

Or Suse for that matter.

>> No.67458667

To become indeoendent from windows and the threat of the windows store. They also know subscription-based Windows will be a shitshow.

>> No.67458782

Makes sense. Hopefully we'll get more support from the game devs as well

>> No.67458814

I do use it professionally as it's my job, it's just not Photoshop. Linux has no alternative for it. What's your problem?

>> No.67458845

Has no alt-.....

Sit down and LEARN to use it just as you did photoshop. Find a bug or missing feature, file a report or go fix it yourself.

>> No.67458874

Nice trips, but Netflix works 100% in-browser on Linux. I've been watching Netflix in chrome for about 2 years.

>> No.67458889

Yeah enjoy your spectre/meltdown

>> No.67458894

You're limited to 1080p on linux.

>> No.67458905


>> No.67458974

lol do I look like a NEET who has nothing better to do? it's not my fault your OS is not supported
it's already marked as "garbage" on WineHQ since 2008 im not gonna learn linux just to fix what possibly dozens of people who actually know linux failed to do lol

>> No.67458990

>lol do I look like a NEET who has nothing better to do?
honestly yes

>> No.67459001

Netflix's fault, not GNU's/Linux's.

>> No.67459006

should have figured you're a troll from the first reply t'bh
i dont really post on or look at /g/ but most of the time these kind of threads seem to be here just for bait

>> No.67459007

Since I only have a 1080p monitor, that's no big loss. For my 4k tv i use my Xbox

>> No.67459066

Go back to Windows and draw circles in Photoshop, then.

>> No.67459081

>go back to windows
get some sleep

>> No.67459108

nigga youtube-dl is made in python, it's in the pip repository and not Linux exclusive. you can create a youtube-dl.bat in your system32 folder, have it execute "python3 E:path\to\youtube-dl.py" and then you would be able to call it exactly like you do in Linux.

>> No.67459136

>if valve had to branch it off
>it means they're doing some stuff
protip: forking isn't the "bad thing" people seem to think it is, it's just part of the contribution process

how to contribute to a foss project 101;
1. fork the code
2. make changes to your fork
3. submit a pull request for those changes back to the original dev(s)
4. have them accept your pull request

forking doesn't mean "not just contributing back to the original program", it's literally how to contribute back to the original program

>> No.67459581

>your OS doesn't do what I, a specific consumer, want
>stop advertising it

>> No.67459929
File: 140 KB, 800x445, moneys.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't forget to renew your Adobe® Creative Cloud® subscription. It'll be coming to Microsoft® Windows®, only $99 with Microsoft® Office 365®.

Remeber! No one got fired for buying Microsoft® or Adobe® products!

>> No.67459986

>the salt
i just wanna play my high-end games
games that have an actual userbase
i breathe pol at times desu

>> No.67460009

I think that more devs will have their eyes on Linux and with WINE integrating more and more features devs will be able to write software that runs seamlessly in both linux using WINE and Windows. I think thats pretty neat imo

>> No.67460094

I'm not saying you can't, I'm saying CLI is often faster and more flexible. That applies to Windows as well, though in a smaller degree since powershell and windows command line are shit in comparison to bash.

>> No.67460129

for 20-30% higher framerates, shill. half-assed DirectX emulation will never, EVER perform as well as the real thing.

>> No.67460137

it's not an emulation

>> No.67460162

I am pretty certain that youtube-dl have a Windows binary release, though.

On Windows and I use it constantly, it's great. Tried browser plugins and JDownloader before and they all would either break frequently, were full of bloat or generally felt dodgy (ads/nags,...)

Well, I suppose some wintards in this thread are afraid of the command line (or maybe they pretend to be idiots to make linux look worse or something?), so I suppose I could understand if they can't handle it. It doesn't help that the windows terminal is cancer and even something like pasting a URL is annoying to do

>> No.67460305
File: 14 KB, 240x320, fgdshf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>using POO
>"real life professional"
get back to me when you get a job in real systems programming

>> No.67460324

>implying I don't pirate it

>> No.67460332

this but unironically

>> No.67460335

It's not emulation and it already outperformed windows several times.

>> No.67460337
File: 8 KB, 265x265, 1455596028755.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ITT: /v/ pretends to be structural engineers and secretaries who need MS Office

>> No.67460366
File: 21 KB, 400x400, 1514011923956.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw visual studio just werks through wine and creating shitty software for windows in Linux just got even easier

>> No.67460427

>he still thinks the superior platform emulates the inferior one

sasuga /g/, doesn't even know what the acronym "WINE" stands for.

>> No.67460434

I'm just content with using Windows. I may try a Linux distribution the day Windows 7 support ends because fuck Windows 10.

>> No.67460456

all of those statements are false.

>> No.67460486

how about 'em DISTROS, eh?
i fucking LOVE to talk about DISTROS.

>> No.67460544

No they are not ranjeet

>> No.67460614

stfu commie loving dickwad.

>> No.67460677

I know you're joking, but your probably right since windows developers have no clue what they're doing and know it's trash

>> No.67460691

He was really too good for this world.

>> No.67460782

>Too late. Instead of sitting on their pile of cash, valve should have had it ready for steam linux release 7 years ago.
This tech didn't exist 7 years ago, we had directX 9 to OpenGL and we had gallium nine. It was really shit and unshippable.

Now wine legit has everything which is why valve is using it and DXVK is the powerhouse behind it all.

>> No.67460868

Guys nothing is going to change until OEMs start shipping computers with linux distros preinstalled. This will never happen because microsoft probably pays them shekels to stick to windows 10.

>> No.67460903

Skyrim would like a word.

>> No.67460920

>This tech didn't exist 7 years ago
The pile of money existed.

>> No.67461009

I almost wouldn't be surprised if Adobe has a Linux port of Photoshop internally, maybe other software too. If they released it they'd have to support it as a full product, which would be a lot of work, but I wouldn't be surprised if they're thinking ahead despite whatever that one guy on their forums says about the situation now.

>> No.67461066

>it already outperformed windows several times
[citation needed]

if you GNU/shills actually posted some benchmarks of games running better on Linux than on Windows then you might get a few gamers to switch.

>> No.67462185
File: 6 KB, 250x202, 1506696096467s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>i need photoshop to draw circles

>> No.67462198

that dreamcast one is windows only afaik

>> No.67462214

>t. wendell

>> No.67462235

isn't kekflix garbage quality anyway, why would anyone pay to use that

>> No.67462253

>you can create a youtube-dl.bat in your system32 folder, have it execute "python3 E:path\to\youtube-dl.py"
you don't need any of that and pip doesn't matter
you just pet the exe in \ffmpeg\bin\ and make a cmd exe desktop shortcut

>> No.67462489

>dotfiles are an equivalent to the registry
stop posting about shit you don't understand
also kill yourself

>> No.67462565
File: 1.88 MB, 500x374, 1532199113518.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do you think they've been doing anon?
AMD has a completely free and open GPU stack, Vulkan got pumped the fuck up from its humble beginnings as mantle, steam is transitioning toward 64 bit support on linux, nvidia has to actually be competitive with AMD's hardware on linux now, and some dude was mad enough to make DXVK in the first place completely leveling the gradual ascension of gallium eleven in favor of the infinitely better VK. Now he's on Valve payroll.

This kind of stuff doesn't just come out of the blue, someone has to fund it and Value has been putting in the rounds.

>> No.67462630

Except that is exactly what it needs.

>> No.67463000

I really hope it improves.
I'm okay with not getting 1:1 performance, but I do want 90+% of my games to work and be playable.

Installing everything correctly, using the Platinum ranked Lutris script and still having Overwatch run like a slideshow isn't good enough yet.
No one is going to want to play through games to build a shader cache, that shit was bad enough on Cemu.

>> No.67463029

>still using steam


>> No.67463105

Yeqh I'm not letting some python monkey steal my password

>> No.67463181

Hey anon I've been using linux mainly for fifteen years myself. But sadly I'm a sysadmin who has to work for a living, and said work entails maintaining windows machines and servers, as I work in an engineering workshop.

At home, I use only linux on desktop, but mix of linux and freebsd servers in my homelab rack.

I can't move our 50-100 pcs (if counting embedded systems) to linux at work as autocad doesnt work on linux. Freecad's not good enough, nor is any other alternative. I've been thinking getting companies to support freecad development, as we absolutely need dwg support which is lacking on every libre software.

>> No.67463218

Fuck meant to reply to this

>> No.67463241

You can adjust mouse movement to your liking. Baseline speed, acceleration factor, acceleration kick in threshold - or disable all that shit and use raw input like any sensible person. Gnome for some stupid reason doesn't have GUI for that anymore though.

>> No.67463270

password to what?

>> No.67463827

Can someone link me to a performance comparisons between windows 10 and Linux?
Can't find any

>> No.67464689

No memes? It was an ok idea that the company itself never decided to fully back/support.
Just like everything else they ever did, because muh "Marketing"

>> No.67464695

>What do you think they've been doing anon?
Nearlt jack shit. Steam was a piece of garbage, it's a better with last month update. Wow, it took 15 years to make steam half decent.
What did they do? Oh, muh steambox? Wow, it must have taken billions in R&D. Steampad? Wow, some laptop shit glued on a paddle. SteamOS? A linux distribution with a console mode must cost a hell lot to make.
Face it, Valve has never given a fuck, and they only half bake shit when they're facing the wall. Even steamos was released because of the eventuality of windows being a walled garden and taking a cut of everysale from the fat fuck. Only then valve started waking up and implicate in vulkan, which isn't even their own thing.

Face it, Valve is a company that made and still makes probably billions profit every year, it was the most profitable company per employee once because you're profitable when your only job is taking a cut on everything.

People say valve said pc gaming, it was just a viral marketing slogan people fell in. All valve did is make an game store for PC. They could have saved PC gaming with wiser choices, like from the start trying to make this and give themselves and their partners to do so. Not in 2017 or 2015 or even 2011, but even sooner. The first thing valve should have done is trying to make PC gaming stir to a non proprietary OS. Now it's too late.

>> No.67464810

I flickered vagina lips with my finger once and I use W10. So MS won.

>> No.67464861

7 years ago Vulcan API wasn't a thing. Most of what makes this viable has been developed in that time.

>> No.67464868
File: 899 KB, 1366x768, linux theme.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because every office suite on Linux is a steaming pile of shit, including LibreOffice.

>> No.67464874
File: 186 KB, 1920x1080, installGUIbrainlet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Install the fucking GUI then

>> No.67464929

>Linux has less overhead than Windows.
>hurr-durr Linux on servers, tf is Server Core
>I need software from win32 on my battlestation so I'll run syscall-translator — or even better — vm with second graphics card!
Gosh, what a retard
Please kys

>> No.67465321

so use ms office 2010 faggot

>> No.67465332

Wrong guy but thanks for the (You)

>> No.67465449
File: 20 KB, 426x182, a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>half-assed DirectX emulation will never, EVER perform as well as the real thing.
d3d9 games can run on an extremely thin layer, wine runs program code directly on the cpu, it's not emulation. the only overheads are in system call translation, and d3d>opengl translation if you use that
besides >opengl translation built into wine, there's also gallium nine for d3d9, which is a /completely native/ implementation of d3d9 as a gallium state tracker, this sits alongside opengl, it's as native as opengl is on linux
there's also dxvk for d3d10/11, which translates to vulkan, which makes it pretty thin as well

>> No.67465512

server core 2016 is too heavy for my VPS (20G hdd, 512M ram)
currently with linux it's only using 4.4G disk space, with about 2G of that in just emails, and i usually use around 200M ram, with a few services running

>> No.67465549

Can DXVK possibly implemend DX12 pr is it impossible for legal reasons?

>> No.67465599


>> No.67465631

d3d12 is very different afaik
also, wine is already working on VKD3D, which is a d3d12>vulkan translator

>> No.67465722

that's the same as dotfiles retard

>> No.67465730

That's the joke, you fucking autist.

>> No.67465878
File: 24 KB, 340x256, 1531334041177.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>install Ubuntu because it's super fast
>wipe the disk during install because I don't need a slow OS
>after it's done try and install my favorite game
>oh nononono

>> No.67465962

wait, so there are no proprietary drivers for amd on linux?

>> No.67465981

there's AMDGPU/radeonsi, which are the foss ones, and there's also AMDGPU-PRO, which is proprietary
you'd only need to consider the proprietary one if you need OpenCL performance (that's CL, not GL)

>> No.67466296

In both ways i just offed the webcam in bios on my T420.

>> No.67466376

and that opencl thing is coming to foss driver as well. afaik the kernel/driver side is already in newer kernels, but the userspace tools to actually make use of it are still lagging behind

>> No.67466408

which one should install for muh games?

>> No.67466435
File: 59 KB, 614x770, a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the free one

>> No.67466459

-- also keep in mind gallium nine (native d3d9) is a feature of gallium, which is a component of the free driver, so you can only use it with the free driver

>> No.67466517
File: 771 KB, 1007x979, the guy she tells you not to worry about.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>People still use steam?

>> No.67466685


>> No.67466740

What's this trash?

>> No.67467310
File: 65 KB, 718x479, windows.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its exactly what it needs and it already has it
the kernel has proprietary blobs that power your shitty hardware

>> No.67467395

Sorry sir, and you are welcome

>> No.67468252

Nice Steam skin.

>> No.67468296

I had to use Windows for the last 6 months because of a project we had to do for some e-commerce site. I have been using Linux for 10 years now and Windows is still as shitty as I remember it, once I get my computer back from my old house I'm gonna drop it immediately. My only interest that required Windows was elder scrolls modding but I'll just stick with openwm for now since I won't have much time for it this year.

>> No.67469056

Literally Guix

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