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>Mfw Windows 10 uses 4GB of RAM doing jack shit
What the hell happened? I remember 4GB of RAM being a ton on bloated Vista. Why does it use so much?

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>meanwhile it runs just fine on shit netbooks and tablets with 2GB RAM
Something doesn't check out here anon

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Microsoft sees unused ram as free real estate. They use your idle and unused system resources for free computing power for themselves, and also to spy on you. Basically, botnet.

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>read/write are at 100%.
>Turn wifi off.
>It goes back to normal levels rather quickly.

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>6 tabs and 2 torrents downloading
what are you talking about?

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Vista was literally the best system but everyone upgraded to it from Pentium III Windows ME/XP machines so they whined about it running slightly worse than their previous OSes that could do a third of the things Vista can do.

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>it runs just fine on shit netbooks and tablets with 2GB RAM
No, it most certainly does not.

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