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Some absolute hero has finally put their foot down to stop human rights abusers from using their software such as Microsoft and UPS. What do you think?


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Congratulations. now it's proprietary software

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It's literally proprietary now, as
>>67368490 said

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this is a good point

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They finally realized how much of a shit license MIT was. Without any clause, it was bound to be abused by corporates. Stallman was right all along.

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Fpbp. >>67368490
Also congrats. This is not GPL compliant anymore. This is not a software that respects freedoms. And also
>implying people just wouldn't fork it from up until the license was introduced

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>bound to be abused by corporates
That's because they are retards
Allow me to quote Theo de Raadt:
>But software which OpenBSD uses and redistributes must be free to all (be they people or companies), for any purpose they wish to use it, including modification, use, peeing on, or even integration into baby mulching machines or atomic bombs to be dropped on Australia
Not knowing what the license youre using means makes you technologically illiterate, it doesnt make the license bad

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licenses are just words

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>atomic bombs to be dropped on Australia
Pls don't do that. My family lives there.

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Kek anything that embeds this code can still be used by ICE related companies. Look at the wording. Your would be getting the product through a different license. Also, since others have worked on the project and they didn't approve, this change to the license would not hold up in court. It's just feel good nothingness.

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it's fine

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Huh someone already made the point I made here >>67369022

Nice. Keep oss, oss

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>Also, since others have worked on the project and they didn't approve
They've worked on previous versions that didn't have this and which they can fork if they don't agree.
But, if they continue contributing then they agree.

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>Also, since others have worked on the project and they didn't approve
yep. it's pure pottery.

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Is there a link? I cannot seem to find it.

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nm found it https://github.com/lerna/lerna/issues/1622

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good shit my dude

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ESR weighs in: http://esr.ibiblio.org/?p=8106

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Why are JS devs so idiots that let a guy not even caring for the project be the one in charge?

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this is a logical consequence of CoCs, it was completely obvious that we would come here, it will not get better now, because the time to speak up was five years ago before github employees felt empowered to publicly hate on white males (and then MS bought them)

the culture war for code is lost, every time people don't fight the battle when it counts but only struggle like bitter counter insurgents pointlessly fighting for values they only decide are worth fighting for after everyone that could have helped them are gone

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hahahahah link please

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What's Lerna?

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Hmm. Thanks anon. Interesting thing to look at.
It's sad that people like this exist. They are a drain on human society. I'm not talking about his beliefs but that he's taking advantage of the fact that those who disagree with him won't create their own license to fuck him over. He's taking advantage of those who actually care for OSS.
Over 10k stars so an important project I suppose.
I still have hope. I think when the monkey poo starts really flying (opposing licenses, etc.), people will come to their senses.

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>Remove my contributions to Lerna
kek kek

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Richard Stallman is rolling around in his grave right now.

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>A tool for managing JavaScript projects with multiple packages.
wow, how will they ever recover?

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we live in a so sigh uh tee

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"Hello, my name is Richard Stallman and I hate human rights."
Can you really see this happening?

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>The way this tirefire of a license can be interpreted, is that since a company uses Windows and pays Microsoft, they are complicit. Or Github for that matter, which is owned by Microsoft. Are the Lerna repo maintainers profiting on ICE, in direct opposition to their license? Github free accounts didn't come from nothingness.
based and redpilled

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>be a faggot
>be retarded and think you're not part of the project even though you're a maintainer
>change license without consulting with contributors
Ayy lmao

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FSF/GNU is pretty adamant in saying that EVERYONE has the ability to use GPL software. And any modifications of GPL that restrict the use of software is NOT compatible with the GPL

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So why doesn't this license now deny the Trump administration or ICE the ability to use the software?

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man, imagine having such an empty life that you worry about these things.

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Because no actual thought was put into this.

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Literally addresses the topic of license restrictions for moral reasons (spoiler: RMS is not in favor).

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Anything that's not public domain is really proprietary software but of course internet commies still want to be able to define something as free software while at the same time bar use to people they don't like.

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And fuck the SJW.

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They have no right to violate the sovereignty of our nation, they are felons who endangered children and brought them to party of their crime.
They also deliberately refuse to cooperate with ICE.
Fuck them and fuck Lerna

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