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AMD appreciation thread.

You may only post in this thread if you stuck by AMD even when they were down and out with stuff like the FX series.

How much stock did you buy knowing they would make a glorious return? They just keep climbing and my worth it going up huge thanks to it.

Thank you based AMD.

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Based FX-8350 reporting in.

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just bought in. how fucked am I?

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I wish I had bought more. I should have thrown my whole paycheck in.

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short term, possibly a bit, long term, intel doesnt have a solid answer to 7nm epyc and wont for 3+ years

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vendors don't flip on a dime when it comes to CPU support. AMD has not shown any consistency in their lifetime. epyc is not a threat outside of small places and sponsors.

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>Azure, Amazon ECS, Google, DropBox and TenCent Cloud are small

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Wanted to buy in when it was a dollar in college but had no money. When I finally got cash I got in at 12

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checking in. Doubled my monies. Got in at $11 or so. Thank you AMD!

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Can I post if I used Intel for my main machine from Core2 through Ryzen, but kept up with AMD for all my side rigs (purchased AM2+, FM1, FM2 and FM2+ boards)
My little fileserver is a 7850K

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Got in at $10ish and bought more at $11. Comfy

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i bought amd at 17 euro and stmicroelectronics at 18,6

fuckin stmicrocucks are killing my gains with amd

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Should have stuck more in

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Is it even easy to buy stocks?

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literally as paying with paypal from a cellphone app

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What app

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Oh fuck should I buy in now. It's 25$

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Apparently it's inpossible to buy stocks here in Germany. That or I'm too stupid to figure out how to.

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>he missed the dip

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What apps do you guys use for stocks? I found Robinhood. Any other one I need?

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>buying when it's high

le mao

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>he actually bought FX

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EPYC is strong in general purpose; it'll crush in HPC due to its very high integer and reasonable FPU performance; virtualization, cloud, and datacenter is better due to high memory bandwidth and higher I/O count. There's only specific areas where EPYC is less enticing such as in memory databases and AVX applications. With the ongoing security concerns, it's kind of the perfect time to put EPYC against Xeon. Smaller companies may be less enticed to migrate due to lack of time-tested hardware but overall it will be a huge win as it's not costly for AMD to make at all.

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It's a bubble. You fucked up.

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