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Can you remove gsm,wifi and bluetooth modems from a mobile phone without fucking it completely up? I want to make something thats basically an offline data storage and cipher machine.

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Ask Louis Rossman, he's a lurker here

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Depends, how familiar are you with compiling kernels? Is the device unlocked (Recovery/Bootloader)?

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Removing support from kernel doesn't remove functionality at hardware level

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Why mobile phone? Get Arduino board and add what you need to it.

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Of course, but does the OP want to start removing components on the board? For someone who is unfamiliar with the small pitch of SMD components, they're more likely to fuck up the whole thing.

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Phone has everything already and you can buy a used one for 20$

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well if everything is 'ready to go' is whats desired, then why is this thread here? and why is the OP asking to remove comms? Still going to have to do some fuckery with the hardware or software.

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Guess you can on older phones. I'm no expert on hardware but smartphones have everything integrated in one single chip, no? Would make it difficult to remove individual components.

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>Can you remove gsm,wifi and bluetooth modems from a mobile phone without fucking it completely up?
>literal single piece of silicon
just put in aereo-mode without sperging.

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buy a raspberry pi and remove all IO pins.

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Or keep the pins but mount it into a metal case.

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go and find an ancient palmpilot or similar on ebay

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