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>break copyright laws (i.e. pirate a program or file)
>get banned from the internet by all ISPs

Not so smart now, huh, pirates? Will it really been worth getting all those Japanese animes for free when you're stuck without an internet connection?

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Who cares? This shit is irrelevant today.

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Won't happen, ISPs don't want to lose customers

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Why did you make another thread? stop spamming.

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How is it irrelevant?

>gubberment: these people on ur service are breaking copyright laws, ban them, fucker
>ISP: ok np

That sure was tough.

Remember what happened to the guys who ran The Pirate Bay and Mega? Though they (((weren't))) supporting copyright infringement themselves, running a platform that did so was enough to get them in shit.

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i doubt they're monitoring nyaa for anime from 2003

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Pirates are truly the scum of the Earth, no better than your common shoplifter. I would not have to pay $14.99 for an online HD rental if it were not for pirates unwilling to pay their fair share for digital products.

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So basically every location on the planet with publicly available internet is fucked. Schools, businesses, college campuses, even those Comcast hotspots that are fucking everywhere. You can cut someone else's internet off for leaching off their WIFI. And somehow this is totally going to pass and set a precedent and change everything.

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>Zog machine posting boogeyman propaganda funded by a decadent media industry that is losing the fight daily
wew lad

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her gravure video was nice

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You're right you'd pay more fucktard

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>get into the MPAA network
>pirate shit

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godammit anons you guys realize that's A BOY?

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Stupid cunt needs to do proper porn before she's too old.

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If the courts foolishly decide to require ISPs to act as copyright cops, Congress can override them as soon as their constituents start demanding they be allowed to use the Internet again.

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>Remember what happened to the guys who ran The Pirate Bay and Mega?
As I recall, The Pirate Bay and Mega are STILL ONLINE.

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kys nigger

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>law goes global and enforcing begins simultaneously worldwide
>99% of the population banned from the internet
>we start talking to each other again
>all conflict ends
>world peace
>all because some kikes were trying to keep people from copying shit

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>get banned from the internet by all ISPs
Please make this happen. It's just the kind of kick in the ass that meshnets need.

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I WANT to be banned from the Internet. I hate this place.

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More like,
>we start talking to each other again
>world burns
You don't understand human nature, leftist.

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Lol this is so fucking retarded. This is just another step in the endless arms race of piracy. Pirates will be pirates because the endgame of getting the content without paying is the reward. Having your own high quality copy with no restrictions is the reason. And pirates have been at it since the fucking 80s. They will pirate over VPNs at coffee shops if they have to.

Fuck off faggot. What the hell happened to this place? I was here 10 years ago and if you said this shit you would have been laughed out of the thread. You cocksuckers went from being liberal antigovernment anarchists to a bunch of pseudofacsist conservatives in less than ten years. Its fucking sad. Piracy used to be celebrated as a way for the average anon to stick it to the man. You realize these shithouse corporations will charge what they please? It would not be cheaper if nobofy pirated. It would likely be more expensive because it would be the only source.

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Fucking thank god there's at least one oldfag in this thread. People are so soft on trackers nowadays, even /ptg/ has gotten significantly lamer.

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nice, know I know how can I fuck up business and people that I hate. I backdoor their PCs and then download illegal content. This shit is genius!

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>What the hell happened to this place?
Infested by SJW drones with an agenda, le nothing to hide pls suck government+corporations dick equality diversity kind of faggots, the moment you give them an inch you already lost, enjoy your new personal hell

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>buying things makes me superior

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>live in a country where ISPs are forbidden by law from looking at my traffic
Oh no what ever will I do

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u my man

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Just use a VPN and if you do get kicked offline by the ISP don't ever use that provider again. Not hard

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smells like cheese in here

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but you anti-SJW /pol/faggots are just as bad, only possibly more stupid, you adopted some dumb /b/ jokes into a full blown political movement because any place where people go to pretend to be idiots will eventually be flooded with real idiots who think they've come to the right place

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imagine cumming on that pretty little face

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>move to ISP that doesn't enforce this stupid shit
>pirate with a VPN

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semen demon

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What's her name?

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It's now a FBI honeypot. The operators agreed to track all people downloading/uploading the torrents in exchange for leniency.

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Please be a boi.

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are you gonna post it or what?

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>get banned from the internet by all ISPs
I buy the SIM card from the shady seller and I'm back in the game, no?

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Or move

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isps would go out of business

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How does /g/ like knowing the girl in the OP is a plaything for Asian men to use?

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>those knuckles

its a man baby

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Her kid

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whats her name

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>no interracial

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Isn't asian on white interracial?

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she literally has a kid with a Japanese guy

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I don't care, shes not someone I know in real life

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I had wondered why she hasn't showed her pussy, guess this is why.

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found the faggot

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babies sure are scary little monsters

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Is /g/ man enough to handle this?

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I will start paying when the prices become reasonable for third world countries.
Im not paying $40 for a blue ray disk period.

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>blames pirates for high price "rental"
You know what, just because of this stupidity I'm going to up my downloads just so you pay more

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do you have permission to redistribute that photo?
didn't think so, pirate.

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gib me sauce now!!!

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How about you read the thread

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Why are Asian Americans so obsessed with race?

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does she ever go nude?

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This ruling would ban pretty much everyone between the ages of 7-37 from the internet.

Who will the government spy on? Is there any reason to own a smart phone if you're banned from the internet?

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How long until Pirates create a private network completely separate from the internet?

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oh look, another basedboy whiteknight who won't pirate shit for moral reasons, fuck off mate

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Could she could at least rub her snatch or dildo herself silly?

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>Why are Americans so obsessed with race?

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talking brings forth misunderstanding, misunderstanding brings for conflict.

>anon thinks the world was safer in before the internet.

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Something is wrong with him. Too feminine.

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She's a cutter

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Fuck off back to >>>/b/ with your shit fetish

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But I don't pirate anything. All the software I need is gratis.

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I didn't expect to find an asianmasculinity thread on /g/.

OP does this switcheroo on other boards for those unaware. Mostly on /int/ but he finds ways to weasel it into boards that are completely irrelevent to his fetish.

Just report his posts for being off topic.

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>Implying ISPs would ban all pirates
They would just lose a shit ton of money in the process. It's not happening.

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/pol/ was a fucking mistake. I too hate how their cancer has infested this board.

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Who cares tho, she`s some slavgoloid anyway.

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those users have been on 4chan and pol was created as containment.
be glad there is pol, otherwise they would be on other boards more often

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>falling for bait

You deserved it, desu~

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The existence of /pol/ brings a shitty crowd to the site and encourages their behaviour though.

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When has this not been the case?

>Hey, Timmy, have you heard about this thing called /b/? Its filled with those "epic memes" the cool kids been talking about.

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Fair point, I didn't even think about /b/. I mostly ignore that it even exists.

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You are replying to bait, retard

Every board is political now because technology giants are pushing their politics and censoring others. What you are seeing is just a reaction.

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>just as bad
really, dork?

>> No.67330218

It looks like they are the ones being used

>> No.67330225

worse, since the only time any SJW bullshit makes it's way to 4chan it's through /pol/'s vapid screams about it

>> No.67330226

I somehow instantly lost interest entirely

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Same here. I want that ban. I need that ban.

>> No.67330235

Good point. You can't say "punch a TERF" on Twitter without getting your account suspended.

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>use vpn
>vpn's ip blacklisted on irc, tracker etc
Your move.

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literally neck yourself

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That's what being a real XX girl looks like. You will never understand tho, faggot.

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I can see People making a peer to peer worldwide network, just so they can pirate.

It will be faster, free and unstoppable.

>> No.67330952

they will have to whitelist those if they still want to exist.

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>implying they weren't tracking before
>implying they can track more than what ip is leeching/seeding
How come most of these anti-piracy burgers are so tech illiterate?

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1. You'd pay more, the price is what makes most money, if higher price sold just as much they would sell it at thr higher price
2. Why the fuck would I pay for streaming if it's a compressed shitty quality designed for shitty american internet speeds, and I'm not even gonna get into how you need to have different subsciribtion if you wanna watch a wide variety of media
If you could download and watch BlueRay Ultra HD without leaving your home, REMUX rips tier then I would consider paying
But right now, the service provided does not meet my requirements so fuck that noise
Imagine steam but for tv and movie media
Almost noone pirates vidya anymore because of steam
Why can't you anti piracy retards realize it's all about ease of access and user satisfaction

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>use neighbors WiFi to torrent recently released movies

>> No.67331069

you mean like IPFS?

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i wouldn't copy these floppies

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gem.webm or gem1.webm is missing :/

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>Implying she not taking black dick off screen
at least share with us before she get old

>> No.67331365

That make it hotter. You realize the effeminization and emasculation of males is more psychologically arousing than the typical woman right?

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Is it though? I mean shit, even bait posts that are common enough can start to influence opinion. And this is something I have been seeing a lot of lately. Maybe I am just noticing it more but people need to address these morons and laugh them out of the thread.

Like I said Iin my prior post >>67326113 piracy used to be celebrated on this site. People used to post You Are a Pirate when there was a piracy thread because it was so pervasive, because it was so celebrated that an anthem of sorts was chosen out of the memes of the day to represent it.

Piracy was never about being poor (though it certainly influences it) it was never about just paying the artists for their work, it was about letting information be free because you fucking could and because the MPAA and RIAA were cunts. It is about resistance to the establishment and circumventing their DRM measures so others could have it and to generate lulz.

But now people can stream shows and mudic and that kind of killed everything. Im not sure if the NSA revelations in 2013 affected anything in the piracy spehere, but i do feel like people are more afraid than they were before. Maybe things have changed and that makes me sad.

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only if you're unironically a homosexual

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no good for me unless she filmed it

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>Piracy was never about being poor (though it certainly influences it) it was never about just paying the artists for their work, it was about letting information be free because you fucking could and because the MPAA and RIAA were cunts. It is about resistance to the establishment and circumventing their DRM measures so others could have it and to generate lulz.
I love it when thieves try to take the moral high ground. No, it's not about sticking it to the man, it's about getting shit for free with little to no risk. The only exception I can think to that would be academic papers which are behind insane paywalls (often $30+ a paper).

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DRM is anti-consumer tho

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not him but I'm gay and I find traps gross

>> No.67331859

Who is he?

>> No.67331869

what makes you think i'm above using someone elses identity for internet to continue pirating

>> No.67331908

source about her

>> No.67331984

and? just because you don't like one type of dude doesn't mean that liking dudes in general isn't gay
traps are only not gay for as long as it takes you to realize they're a trap, if you continue knowing it's a guy, it's gay, no matter how nice that skirt looks on him

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>/pol/ was a fucking mistake.
>pseudo fascists are pro-government
But /pol/fascistoids hate government and are more subersive and anarchical than liberals now. American liberals celebrate the FBI, hate russians and want social media to police everyone's lives. What strange perspective.

>> No.67332333

For once the FBI aren't the bad guys, they're investigating corruption in the US government like they should be. And I don't know about you, but I sure as hell don't want Russia running things. Trump is a Russian puppet, and if you think that's somehow a good thing you need your head examined.

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white women

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So every time somone downloads a website to their browser to browse they are banned eh?

The irony is rich.

>> No.67332412

lmao this is what I meant. As soon as you start not liking the politics, suddenly a force of unelected, atrocity commiting spooks seem like the good guys for you. And suddenly the fucking commies, I mean the russians are evil and subversive and have infiltrated the entire government and mccarthy would be the good guy if he was around today trying to rid russian influence from the world.

Liberals are the establishment, 50's religious right are dying or irrelevant, and you're the bootlicking conservative now.

>> No.67332450

>ahahaha statistKEKS btfo you all kept saying NN would kill the net but it actually did noth-

>> No.67332533

Nn only mandates that you provide the same service to all data packets. It doesn't say anything about not inspecting the content or not matching the origin, much less about not banning piracy.

>> No.67332542

That Mccarthy all of a sudden would be "good" is just hyperbole.
The trollfarms are real though. Sputniknews is real too. Putin is real and he is running laps around Drumpf. If "we" had "news-channels" that were gov-funded and spent 24/7 talking about how shit Russia is, I would not blame the Russkies if they got a bit pissed off.

Republicans and Drumpf and the 1%ers are the establishment. They own all the seats during this term. Haven't you noticed?

>> No.67332577

>b-but muh transcendental sudoku!
The only 3d chess there is that Israel got Americans to elect their goodest goy for a president.

>> No.67332663

>That Mccarthy all of a sudden would be "good" is just hyperbole.
Why? You're literally cheering the FBI like the little bootlicker you are. You're afraid of the evil russian trollfarms like some fucking church going old lady in the 50's who thinks the commies are spreading homossexual propaganda. Of course the Russians spread propaganda, just like they did back in the USSR days, and just like the US does right now in most of the world. The CIA and the FBI are assholes and have ruined entire countries, and you're cheering them on and giving them more power like a good dog, just so you can own Drumpf
> If "we" had "news-channels" that were gov-funded and spent 24/7 talking about how shit Russia is, I would not blame the Russkies if they got a bit pissed off.
You have. All of them. 90% just copy the NY times and CNN, and they all have an agenda. I doubt most of them aren't heavily funded by individual politicians and corporations special interests, and their interests seem to be anti-trump for now.
>Republicans and Drumpf and the 1%ers are the establishment. They own all the seats during this term. Haven't you noticed?
And yet most of the media and the unelected parts of the US state hate him. The entirety of the stablishment hate him. He was a fluke.

Most of the western world is liberal/social democrat now. It's the real political center. Things were mostly moving towards neoliberal/neoprogressive interests, and Trump seems unexpected.

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Who cares?

>> No.67332960

>0:11 bone mode on

>> No.67332986

>not forgetting because of how boring it is now
Pure reddit

>> No.67332999

>how boring it is now
Isn't it mostly slow, gay porn threads?

>> No.67333000

he must be netorasefag

>> No.67333057

you’re complaining about people in the thread not telling the guy you quoted to fuck off, even though that’s exactly what you did. Even better, most of the people in this thread support piracy. I have no idea what you’re complaining about.

>> No.67333074

He's just feeding trolls to pin down his political boogiemen.

>> No.67333196

only gravure videos? no porn?

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>> No.67333439

take your faggotry somewhere else

>> No.67333470

>They will pirate over VPNs at coffee shops if they have to.
lol, imagine the ISP blocks the coffee shop because someone pirated something using the coffee shop's wifi.

>> No.67333812

Should we buy terabytes of hdds and start archiving?

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>> No.67335101

>whitelist vpn ips
That will just encouage ban evading.

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What's wrong with her voice

>> No.67335169

>living in America
Your mistake.

>> No.67335176

She's pretending to be an anime girl, like most female nip celebs.

>> No.67335226

>nog music
every fucking time, what a boner killer

>> No.67335538

>Here for 10 years
>Can't identify baitposting

Absolute state of /g/ desu

>> No.67335865

What the hell is going on here? Why is she rolling over people?

>> No.67335937

it's a female, you sick tranny loving degenerates

>> No.67336023

?? I though this was a common thing for modern women.

>> No.67336034

You clearly haven't seen japanese TV before.

>> No.67336061

Who is this cum dumpster?

>> No.67336115

Gemma Boyle AKA Gemma louise boyko

>> No.67336160

lmao if you think that Verizon, Cox, CL, AT&T, etc are going to be just fine losing customers because they torrented some shitty popular movie.
The only ones who might be OK with that is Comcast, and that's because they own NBC universal.

The "government" isn't going to demand that pirates be kicked off the internet, and if they did, that shit would be in court so fast it wouldn't matter.
This is just a last-ditch attempt by old-style content owners to save a failing business model through ridiculous government intervention.

>> No.67336203

>every public hotspot and associated business kicked off the internet
>30+% of residential users kicked off the internet

I would pay to see that shitshow.

>> No.67336865

>not posting an archive link

>> No.67337662

>weebs at high school torrent animu during class
>copyright fags get wind and tell ISP to burn that bitch to the ground
>ISP does it. Local school's network gets BTFO and they are banned from getting internet access
>The news picks up the story. Streisand affect activated and piracy shoots through the roof as a fuck you to the MAFIIA
>copyright fags tell ISPs to double down and go on a banning shitfest
>the anime that started this clusterfuck Boku No Pico

>> No.67337701

kek, based

>> No.67337742

Spoilers don't work here, /g/ has nothing to hide.

>> No.67338025

can you imagine being known as the pedo kid who ruined the internet at your school for life? For real, what would happen if this scorched earth shit the RIAA/MPAA wants to do goes into effect and it not only affects grandma losing her internet for life because 30 year old man child Billy downloaded neko shota nyah nyah 9 but also schools and businesses? This no longer seems about money but vengeance. That article read like a revenge tale.

>> No.67338074

The copyright holders are the ISPs now, so they have every incentive to stop piracy.

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>> No.67338956

Up until meshnets as a technology become outlawed for harboring pirates, "hatespeech", drugs, and pedos.

>> No.67339060

>>67328841 Got deleted.
What did I miss here?

>> No.67339486

hot pants close up on butt

>> No.67340670

lol i remeber when they tried to charge people for pirating here in australia the judge ruled they only had to pay the $18 for the tranny movie they downloaded instead of the thousands the company sought in court

>> No.67340812

protip governments are assembling lists of all people who use vpns

>> No.67340828

I've seen her pussy

>> No.67341606

They'd be hard to outlaw.

>> No.67342111

daily reminder

>> No.67342150

Peace comes at a price.
Many will die.

>> No.67342174

She chose that life.

>> No.67342188

Pic is a trap!
Weebs are all pedos and should be gassed like the jews.

>> No.67342204

Then wares will be traded over bbs' like the pre-internet days.

>> No.67342206

Gas me, daddy!

>> No.67342216

You'd think so, but lawmakers and activist judges have quit giving a shit about that pesky constitution. Its just an obstacle in the way of getting what they want that at most tells them a few toes to avoid stepping on.

>> No.67342285


>> No.67342505


>> No.67342604

cant seem to care since they pose no threat

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