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>He doesn't tape his camera

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You mean like point a camera at my camera?

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> not removing your nsa cam

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>he doesn't remove his microphone, GPS, FM chip, WiFi adapter from his cellphone thus rendering it useless but at least you won't be tracked

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Can you actually remove the GPS from a phone and does it make the whole thing not work

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> he assumes somebody wants to watch a hairy fat man type on a computer for hours.

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S-should I tape my camera?

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sudo rmmod uvcvideo

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microphone is more dangerous desu, don't give a shit about my face, they can't even find a social account with it

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It would be difficult to remove seeing as its usually a small chip soldered onto a small circuit board. No idea if removing it would also prevent the rest of the board from functioning (though my guess is it would).

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What if you put in a non-functioning replacement so it thought and acted like it was still there, but it didnt actually do shit, i have absolutely no experience with this shit so i probably sound retarded

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It could work in theory but it entirely depends on how the board is put together and how much of a role the gps chip plays in it. If you're concern is tracking though, most of the time you aren't being tracked by your phone's gps but its wifi and cell tower connections. Lots of people will disable their GPS, nobody disables their wifi and cell signal. What would be the purpose of the phone?

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Taking this in a different direction, how would I go about getting up a dark box drawer type thing where I could stick my devices in when not mobile, that blocks microphone camera etc, yet still can hear the ringer if a call comes in? Is this stupid?

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I think you mean
>didn't open laptop case and remove mic camera

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you should!

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>he has a camera
top goy

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>He doesn't have open source hardware

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Botnet band aid. By doing that you basically admit your computer might have spyware on it, which means you also admit to being a retard

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>you basically admit your computer might have spyware on it
you don't?
or hardware backdoors are not included?

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what about microphones and speakers

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>his laptop has a camera

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>his laptop has a proprietary BIOS

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>tapes camera on relatively static piece of machinery, with little ambient data to mine
>walks around with a device with 1 to 2 cameras, GPS tracking, and several other data mining metrics that monitor literally all aspects of your personal and private life

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>He diden't mod a mechanical switch to his camera.

Fooking mong.

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