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Are there any ethical video hosting sites?

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Peertube. Host your own if you want

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Kike bullshit

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>youtube is communist
this is too funny for words

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>It's unethical to ban Nazis
Are you sure you're using the right word?

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There is no such thing as ethical consumption under Capitalism.


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They censor shit all the time dipshit. Don't play dumb

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>It's unethical to ban Nazis

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There's that buzzword again.

>If I keep repeating it I won't have to have a point.

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Alex Jones is a crazy nut, but he ain't a Nazi. He hates government and collectivism. Seems like you need to brush up on your terms.
Plus, Youtube is now just banning and striking any mention of Alex Jones, which is pretty messed up. Even when H3 Podcast try to take Youtube's side, their livestream got shut down and they got a strike for just saying the name Alex Jones. But keep believing in whatever utopia you live in

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>nazis are real

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>private company hunts down your family
"It's a private company, they can rape me inside my country." :ol

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The same people who think you should be allowed to refuse a gay person service, are the same people who think you should provide a platform for their views. What a coincidence.

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>hurr durr corporations should have the right to treat me like their bitch
good goy

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i have a theory that alex johnes is more like hamlet in the second act of the play hamlet, where he is |pretending to be crazy/spicing reason with crazy| in order to slip truth under an ingorable haze of nuts.

In other words, Alex Johnes is actually very sane, and is using crazy as an alabi.

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Goofle is private?

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It's not a coincidence that the media didn't bring the hammer down on him until he got divorced from Jewish wife.

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the whole ban stinks of collusion. He even predicted it would happen mere days before it did.

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>There is no such thing as ethical consumption under Capitalism.

this is true, the ethic must come from the people participating in the system, not the system.

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His lawyer confirmed the "crazy" Alex Jones is a his on-air persona. He's quite sane, he's just playing to his audience.
He used to do a lot of real shit like sneak into Bohemian Grove but he's probably too well known to do it now.

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I'm an unknown fuck with a kitsune mask and a deathwish, maybe i should try that?

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d.tube is the most transparent one. It's also not bad for creators.

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>takes down deepfakes because "muh virtual rape"

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