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Whats up with blatant amd shilling in this board? i feel like someone in amd sale and marketing division shilling non stop

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>non-stop intel shilling since 2011
>amd release a competitive cpu
>woah hold on what's up with the blatant shilling on this board?
go home jew

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Not OP, but they used to at least pretend they were average consumers, now they just make stupid memes and shitposts and don't try to hide it.

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more like
>blatant intel superiority since 2011
>amd releases a competitive cpu
>both sides shilling harder than ever before

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never seen someone shill intel in here since 2011

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Man I hate shills too. Luckily I avoid them by using a vpn. Right now it is more important than ever to start protecting your online experience. With constant database breaches and the ongoing discussion about Net Neutrality protecting yourself is more important than ever and Nordvpn has over 4,300 servers available in 62 countries and pretty much every region around the world including Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and the United States. But the best part about Nordvpn is that they don't keep logs which means you're experiencing a truly 100% anonymous online experience. So start taking your online security seriously and go to www.nordvpn.com today.

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Since 1951, our seafood and ice cream restaurant in Manchester, New Hampshire, has been your year-round location for dining in Southern New Hampshire. At Goldenrod Drive-In Restaurant, we offer delicious menu items for the entire family. From hot dogs and burgers to chicken fingers and seafood, we are well known in Manchester for the quality of our food.
Because customer satisfaction is important to us, our family-friendly restaurant is open all year round. Backed by more than 60 years of industry experience, we have affordable prices and a convenient location, and we support our local community. Customer can't get enough of our delicious food.

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Hearty chuckle.

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It was pretty much the same ~2005 when it was all about Athlon64 vs Pentium 4. It happens every few years when both are head to head.

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