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>Create a part list
>Learn how to build a PC
Search youtube for a build guide for your socket

Want help?
>State the budget & CURRENCY for your build
>List your uses; eg Gaming, Video Editing, VM Work
>For monitors, include purpose (eg photo editing, gaming) and graphics card pairing (if applicable)
>Don't use Speccy. Use HWinfo, SIV, etc.

>R3 2200G - Bare minimum gaming(dGPU optional)
>R5 2400G - Consider IF on sale
>R5 2600/X - Good gaming & multithreaded work use CPUs
>i7-8700K - Best for 1080p gaming, but most expensive when factoring in delid, cooling, etc.
>R7 2700/X - Best high-end gaming/mixed usage on a non-HEDT platform
>Threadripper/Used Xeon - HEDT

>For Intel, only Z300 series boards can utilize fast memory

>8GB - Enough for most gaming use
>16GB - Standard for heavy use
>32GB - If you have to ask, you don't need this
>CPUs benefit from fast RAM; 2933MHz+ is ideal

Graphics cards
>Avoid cheap models ie MSI Armor (Mk2 is ok), Gigabyte G1/Wf, ASUS duals, and others which have small heatsinks and low quality fans
>Only consider AMD GPU if you plan on getting an upcoming HDR monitor
>RX 570/580 /w Freesync or 1060 6GB are standard 1080p 60fps+ options
>1050Ti or RX560 for lower settings, or older games
>GTX 1070Ti/Vega 56 if seeking higher fps & you have a CPU+monitor to match
>Vega 56 /w Freesync, 1070Ti if you already have Gsync
>GTX 1080Ti if seeking higher fps & you have a CPU+monitor to match
>Titan V or upscale from 1440-1800p
OpenCL work
>Vega 64

>Consider StoreMi
>Consider getting a larger SSD (better GB/$) instead of small SSD & large HDD
>2TB HDDs are barely more $ than 1TB
>M.2 is a form factor, NOT a performance standard

>Consider 75hz minimum; 60hz are mostly old models.
>Always consider FreeSync with AMD cards
>___sync is important for slower response time monitors (IPS)


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Budget 1500$
Need a system for video editing (adobe) and minor gaming (CS, generals etc) but a powerful unit. Help me with a built pls

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>quad socket

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Stop buying Corsair products.

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Which GPU manufacturers have the best heatsinks/fans on the market? I've heard that ROG cards from Asus have good coolers but the excessive gaymer aesthetic is sort of off-putting.

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it varies from card to card. You need to be more specific with what model you want. If you really care just get a 3rd party cooler and replace it. Overall I'd say it doesn't matter much just get whatever is the cheapest

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Don't shit yourself you pathetic poorbag

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>18ms input lag
>580$ in my country
Any reason I shouldn't use it as a pc gaming monitor? A 1080ti barely provides 4K60fps on highest settings, and I don't see myself dumping money on their next gen stuff that *might* do better than 4K60fps. The only obvious downside is no FreeSync/GSync - but if I manage to stay above 60fps then I should be fine.
Too bad those 4 Opterons are outperformed by a single 1950x Threadripper... It is no longer worth it to build a PC from used server parts since Zen made them obsolete.

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>60hz is okay when 4k does it

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yeah that's why

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Hope this isn't a dumb question but how do I know a GPU is better than another if they're from the same line? There's so many different and they all seem similar to me, I guess the difference is in the cooler?

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there are some benchmarks. Honestly there are so many it's all just meme shit. They basically all perform within a few fps of each other.
Just check youtube and you can find some that record fps/temps/fan db noise etc, but it doesn't don't matter that much it's all within like a few percent of each other

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If they are the exact same GPU from different providers (ex. 1050ti from MSI vs 1050ti from Gigabyte) then literally check all spec numbers, and read reviews on newegg to learn about build quality and more. The latter is more improtant than the 5 fps you will save from spec differences.

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cute slut

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Help me you fucking neckbeards it says so ON THE TOP OF THE THREAD VIRGINS

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>Threadripper/Used Xeon - HEDT
Sorry for the folk who willingly paid money for a Skylake-X platform kek

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Read the OP you retard.

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ppl will give you advice but not hold your fucking hand the entire time idiot
put some of your own effort into iit

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1st see this - >>67087538

then see this -

the rules say that you have to give us a list of components to work with.
go to pcpartpicker and make a build. then ask us if you made a boo boo

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B450M Mortar/2600x

Or i7 8700k/Z370-A PRO

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>1050ti from MSI vs 1050ti from Gigabyte
i don't know why companies do this.
literally what even is the point? confusing the consumer and reducing the sales?

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This is what a peak boomer pc looks like

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depends on what you mean to do with the piece of shit.

>single-thread processes vs multi-threaded processes
>gaming vs video editing
choose your life-eating choice of time-waste

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Obviously a boy by the face, but wow those milkies.


It's not tho.
The sentiment is usually
>4k would be nice if it were 75hz bare minimum

Difference is mostly the cooler. Slight difference in binning.
The cooler is a big difference, though. It's one of the main components that ensures the GPU lasts a long time. And loud coolers are annoying, right..?

You can tell if one is good mostly by the density of the fins, number of heat pipes. It says that right in the OP
>Avoid cheap models ie MSI Armor (Mk2 is ok), Gigabyte G1/Wf, ASUS duals, and others which have small heatsinks and low quality fans
Maybe it could be worded better.

You don't need to get the highest end for a decent cooler, but you should avoid the absolute garbage lowest end like those.

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>8700k on a 3 phase board

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Overpay on gpu. If you don't plan to upgrade ram just get 2x 4gb

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Should I wait until the seamonkeys launch on 20th august ?

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The first is a fuckload more expensive, and mATX so comfier case options.
As for the later, that motherboard is NOT sufficient to overclock a 6 core. It's doesn't even look decent for overclocking a fucking 8350k.
Z370 is riddled with shitty boards that are supposedly for overclocking since they have that chipset, but have horrendous VRMs.
They assume most retards who buy a 8700k won't overclock anyway, which is true, but it still comes off as false advertising to me.

Huge shame on Intel for not requiring board partners who use their Z370 chipset to supply at least a 4*2 or 5 phase vcore with it.

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Up to you. They will probably be more expensive for like a 20-30% upgrade over the 10 series, months away, and sell out fast.
I'd just actually search for a deal daily now while many cards are being dumped because everyone else is waiting. What is your budget on gpu? You could easily get a 580 8gb or 1060 6gb for right about $200. Get an even better card if you want to pay more

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final component of my new build arrived but i'm too tired to put everything together. just want to sleep.

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Should I look for used ? For GPU around 200USD because shit is more expensive in Europe

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Gayming really and some multitasking

What motherboard would go well with the 8700k under 150 buckaroos?

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I would only buy used if you personally knew the person, or it was a refurbished card by the manufacturer with a warranty

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imo not waiting for new gen is actually retarded. even if it's more expensive it doesn't matter, what matters is price/performance. also the moment new gen is out you'll have loads of used nvidia users selling their cards just to get their new hot thing AND shops will try to get rid of their pascal stock.

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I built mine after getting off my shift at work. It's definitely a good feeling but it's better to do it when you're well rested and when you have time to troubleshoot any isue that might arise. Good luck anon.

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Yup, I fear them a look too
No used then
In Romania we barely get any deals. A 1060 3GB is 280$

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The jews in Romania are so bad they will not have any deals until Black Friday and even then it will be like a 240$ for 1060 3GB

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You say it's retarded, but they could be ridiculous prices. It doesn't matter how good the 11 series is. It won't beat a $300 1080.
Things can go either way. 10 series cards could barely go down in price. No one will actually know until then. If you want to not play any games at all for months just to wait go ahead

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>If you want to not play any games at all for months just to wait go ahead
literally 10 days left

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Really in 10 days cards are instantly released with aftermarket coolers?
It's months away regardless lmao. And it's total speculation on what their prices will be and how it will affect the 10 series. If you see stuff like 1080s for $300, or tis for like $450 you would be stupid not to buy them

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if I'm in the market for an amd card is there any sense waiting for 11 series nvidia to release?
current prices are $650 aud for vega 56 and $399 aud for rx 580 8gb but recent cryptobullshit has completely destroyed my idea of what a good price/performance is supposed to be anymore

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in 10 days you'll know the rough pricing and performance for the whole lineup. the newest rumor says nivida will use double fan design as their reference cooler.

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quick question. I am absolutely retarded when it comes to computer hardware, but what is the difference between i3/i5/i7/i9 cpus for Intel?

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Even if you bought a card now and it turned out you regret it, you can just return it.

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just so you know amd won't be competitive until H2 2019, so it doesn't matter if you wait. they might cut prices though, iirc they are offering 3 game bundle if you buy their gpu now.

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ASUS Prime Z-370A is is $165.
ASRock Z370 Extreme4 is $155 after rebate
MSI Z370M Gaming Pro is $160 though it's a 3*2 it's probably decent enough.

I'm not really seeing anything cheaper than those that are worth getting for an 8700k.
You don't just buy a CPU that sucks that much power and pair it with a cheap board.

The whole industry has really gotten their price fixing together and going strong. I don't think this is very true.

We saw a massive price drop on RX400 cards, with $95-$115 RX470s, to make way for RX580s.
But despite the 1100 series seemingly immanent and coming in around a month it looks like, most of the cards are still very expensive except for refurbished ones.

Nvidia will just sit on stock and wait until Pascal is almost sold out before they announce the $550+ 1170 and $750+ 1180.

Core counts and clock speeds. And power consumption.

Is Prey in the bundle? Fuck I should have waitfagged harder.

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What's a good motherboard for a 2600?
Thinking between the tomahawk, B450-A pro or the X470 gaymin plus

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The main companies (Nvidia and AMD) offload most of the GPU making to third party companies since their specialty is in making the chip, while the third party companies are better at everything around that chip.

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B450M Mortar or Tomahawk.
B450-A pro does NOT have the same quality of heatsink and the VRM doesn't seem to be the same either.

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i9 > i7 > i5 > i3
difference is mainly cores, speed clocks, cache.
i3 - 4cores/4threads, kinda budget, enough for your average pc user and some gaming
i5 - 6cores/6threads, new mainstream-end, mainly for gayming
i7 - 6cores/12threads, high-end for average consumer who likes to throw money for little performance benefit
i9 - 10cores+, scam-tier for people who don't know what they're doing with their money.

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I really think they're gonna price their 1170,, 1180 like $100-150 over the msrp that the 1070, and 1080s were at. They have literally no competition really and still have tons of the last gen cards to sell

>> No.67087862

>B450-A pro does NOT have the same quality of heatsink and the VRM doesn't seem to be the same either.
back to *eddit please. the heatsink difference is few C at most since both mobos have a mostly-solid-block of garbage with no fins. and yeah they DO have the same VRMs. tomahawk has the gaymer tax with rgbs and shit do not fall for it.

in the last month i've seen bundles happening like 'free 240gb ssd with gtx1060'. that's their last resort before having to cut prices.

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Hey guys,
My budget is $2,500 (Australian Dollars) and I am planning to use this computer solely for high-end gaming: The parts are:

CPU: Intel - Core i7-8700 3.2GHz 6-Core Processor
CPU Cooler: Deepcool - GAMMAXX 400 74.3 CFM CPU Cooler
Motherboard: Gigabyte - Z370P D3 ATX LGA1151 Motherboard
Memory: Corsair - Vengeance LPX 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4-2666 Memory
Storage SSD: Western Digital - Blue 1TB 2.5" Solid State Drive
Storage HDD: Toshiba - 4TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive
Graphics Card: I don't really know yet. Recommendations are welcome.
Power Supply: Corsair - TXM Gold 550W 80+ Gold Certified Semi-Modular ATX Power Supply
Case: be quiet! - Pure Base 600 (Black) ATX Mid Tower Case

Please tell me if I have fucked up already, and any recommendations that you might have. Thank you!

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Why is RAM so expensive bros

>> No.67087905

Get faster RAM at least 3000mhz and a better mainboard and with that you'll need at least a 1080

>> No.67087908

Keep in mind though that AMD Ryzen is superior for the money.

>> No.67087917

make sure you get the k version of your processor

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The big three dRAM companies have been artificially increasing prices to jew more money out of customers. Hopefully the Chinese will change that.

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>Intel processor
You've fucked up.

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based chinkbros

>> No.67087937

here come the amdrones shills

>> No.67087954

god I hate amd fanboys. Sure amd can be good in budget circumstances, but holy shit it's not as good as you think it is

>> No.67087955

>i9 - 10cores+, scam-tier for people who don't know what they're doing with their money
Or Jayztirades. Although I'm convinced at this point Jay is employed as a Skylake-X marketer.

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>hurr durr I enjoy bending over and letting Jewtel ass fuck me like they have for the past decade

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>recommending a 1080 over a 1070ti

>> No.67087970

>having an odd number graphics card

enjoy your bad luck lmao

>> No.67087971

>recommending a more expensive 1070ti over a $300 1080 :^)

>> No.67087976

can't believe I fell for the amd meme. my system is slow as molasses

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Find a $300 1080 in Australia, or forever remain a shitlord

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But anon, they're literally the same price

>> No.67088005

not reading that wall of text

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There are already chink DDR4 RAMs on the market but the highest they can go is 2133 right now.

>> No.67088030

Now post Australian prices.

>> No.67088039

>how Intlets remain blissfully ignorant

>> No.67088043

Is PC gayming even worth it? I could buy 6 ps4's for the price of a good gaming computer and even then I'd not be completely safe if the developers fucked up the optimization or I had some obscure driver issues or incompatibility issues

>> No.67088044

I have an AMD system. its just slow as shit

>> No.67088054


How is this for gaming on 1080p144hz gaming? I play basically anything but something like MHW would be an example, DQ11 in the future, various games that aren't out yet like RE2R and DMC5, though I obviously don't know what those demand in terms of hardware.

Also I'd like to do some emulating but not the point I'd mess with overclocking an unlocked CPU, I do know you need a beefy CPU for that.

Really clueless about motherboards and power supplies, but I don't know shit in general compared to you guys so any help is welcome.

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true. I just game on my console

>> No.67088059

>good gaming pc is $1800

>> No.67088064

AMD Ryzen or AMD FX? Because those are two completely different things.

>> No.67088069

>get the K version if u wish to take advantage of your Z370 mobo and overclock, otherwise get H370? if you don't wish to OC
>cpu cooler is ok, pretty cheap but does the job. anything Noctua would be probably better
>i dont like gigabyte personally, but this board has all the features you want I guess. I'd recommend the Asus strix-f z370
>any memory would do, try go for ddr4-3000/3200 at maybe 16/17 cas latency, thats should be cheap enough
>get a 500gb boot drive nvme or sata ssd
>4tb is cheap as fuck now anyways
>maybe a gtx1060 6gb? depends on what you play/do?
>decent PSU, i'd recommend EVGA supernova g3?, top notch PSU
>any case as long as it fits your choice of cpu cooler and gpu length

>> No.67088071

It's not good gaming if it's not on ultra settings 1440p/144hz AT LEAST, sorry

>> No.67088074

ryzen. I regret buying it every time I use it.

>> No.67088084

tfw want to make a comfg 2200g linux box

>> No.67088085

Biased place to ask this my dude.
Personally, I say yes; it's worth it. All you'd need is about $700 and you'd have a rig that could max out almost every game currently out.

>> No.67088088

>not spending over 1k on a high-end 1080p144hz build just to play indie shit/games from 2007

>> No.67088091

>All you'd need is about $700 and you'd have a rig that could max out almost every game
Post the build

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>> No.67088093

Oh oops, I clicked the wrong CPU. Meant to be locked, my bad.

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That is exactly what i have done.

>> No.67088100

BUT to be fair the age of $300-$400 'console killers' is pretty much dead, unless you count in used parts

>> No.67088106

Do you actually get any kind of performance boost for using a linux or is it just for enthusiast autists

>> No.67088108

i realised that's excatly what i'm gonna do with my build that i'm planning right now yet i can't stop myself.

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>> No.67088112

why? to what part?

>> No.67088113

>spend over 1k
>want to play games maxed out but fucked up component choice and everything lags and stutters
>have 1k machine to play warcraft from 2004 and stronghold HD

>> No.67088117

:D:D, i have unironically considered selling my 2700x + 1080ti system for a 2400g and 1050 or something with linux for my daily uses. Most indie games these days work natively with linux and/or very easy to get working on wine anyway.

>> No.67088119

on low-end hardware/laptops linux is a godsend compared to bloated winshit.

>> No.67088122

>the whole part

>> No.67088128

I own two Ryzen systems and four of my friends own Ryzen systems. We're all happy with our chips; each one is fast and snappy.

Something has got to be wrong with your system.
>which chip do you have
>what RAM do you have
>dual channel or single
>have you updated your BIOS
>have you made sure your RAM frequency is set correctly
>have you made sure your processor is at the correct clocks

>> No.67088132

ignore him anon you gave some decent advices, he's just assblasted because you didn't mention ryzen in your post and he has to meet his amdrone shilling quota.

>> No.67088140

>It was because he greentexted his whole post for no apparent reason

>> No.67088145

Not him but i also bought poozen and had to configure my shit for hours before i could use my pc. Also my 2600x runs hot as fuck and can't oc for shit. Worst mistake of my life listening to the shills in this thread.

>> No.67088154

3200 c14 dual channel
ram is set to 3266
its clocked to 3.8ghz

Ryzen is just shit nothing can help it no matter how good of components you buy for it

>> No.67088155

Prove it

>> No.67088157

how much does memory speed matter? I can save like 40 bucks getting 2133 ddr4 instead of 3000. i7 8700 if that matters.

>> No.67088161

Is 3000mhz RAM absolutely necessary to get smooth framerates if I have an i5 8600k and an 1080

>> No.67088166

Not at all.

>> No.67088172

I think it matters a lot more now than it used to. I can't say much besides that

No not necessary, but why not

>> No.67088176

Yes, expect 10%+ better lows with 3200.

>> No.67088185

Build: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/kkHNxG
RX 580 perf video: https://youtu.be/H6st6QZTDxE?t=2m56s

>> No.67088195

what are you using to cool the 2600x

>> No.67088202

Myself and my friends have had stellar performance with our chips.
Either you two just got unlucky or you're a samefag Intel shill.

>> No.67088207

you don't have any friends

>> No.67088212

>firstly you chose a non K i7-8700, and also chose a z370 mobo, this is a waste of potential overclocking if you wanna go down that route. either swap your CPU to fit the mobo or swap your mobo to fit CPU.
>2nd, the cooler you chose was average, noctua coolers have better fans/heat pipes etc, yet they come at a higher cost.
>3rd, i just don't like gigabyte, however the mobo chosen is sufficient if a K sku was selected
>4th try get better memory timings, 2666 is OK but really a few more dollars and get yourself some 3000+ @ ~16 cas latency. it is way better.
>5th 1tb of ssd is expensive and i always like to keep my OS drive seperate.
>6th yer 4tb of HDD isn't expensive. good choice if you need 4tb.
>7th depending on what you play or maybe render, gtx1060 6gb is a good starting point.
>8th the PSU is good, i simply recommended another good choice.
>9th get any case you want as long as it fits your hardware.

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File: 1.25 MB, 1845x1923, 1526378430843.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>rx 580
>8gb ram
>shitty cooling
>maxing out any game let alone most games
maybe on 720p/30fps lol

>not even counting monitor and other peripherals cost

sorry, it's just not doable

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AMD doesn't have skulls

>> No.67088239

incoming retard.
what is overclocking, and how is it done?

>> No.67088241

Speaking of sockets.

I haven't been keeping up with AMD. Do they constantly require new sockets? That could definitely interest me because I'm a cheap bastard, but I only upgrade my cpu every 4-5 years anyways

>> No.67088244
File: 867 KB, 3264x2448, 1523963305134.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hi. Please review this build.

What I'm looking out of it: gaming on high/ultra at 2560 x 1440, some very crude and basic photo video editing.
Why I picked AMD: I consider myself to be a poor person so this project will be a massive investment for me so future-proofing, as much as it's a thing, is very important to me.

Thank you.


>> No.67088247

Just google it, mate. Basically you can make the speed of your component go faster, or up/lower voltage going to it that affects temperature.

>> No.67088254

The stock. Everyone was saying " hur spire is good" but it's not.

>> No.67088260

hey, we were all new so its cool

overclocking is basically overcharging the inner clock of a component, it could be the cpu or the graphics card. when you 'overclock' a component you make its inner clock spin faster thus confusing its time awareness and it makes the component work faster. the way you overclock is basically opening up your case, choosing the component to overclock and then unscrewing it just enough to reveal the inner clock of the component, you then use tweezers or a similar tool to manually spin the clock hammer forward in time (but not too much otherwise it will overwork the component) to your desired frequency. you need strong cooling for this so you should get an aftermarket cooler. hope i helped.

>> No.67088261

you'll be lucky to even load photoshop with that build. get an 8700k

>> No.67088266

>future proofing

>> No.67088269


sorry buddy, get intel

>> No.67088271

Couldn't have explained it any better

>> No.67088279


Isn't it Intel that goes through socket generations like a hoe? AM4 is supposed to last and support everything AMD will release up to late 2020.

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>t. idiot who can't look things up

>>rx 580
Both the RX 580 and the GTX 1060 6GB are strong enough to max out most games. Check the video. Check other benchmark videos if you'd like.
>>8gb ram
Just enough if the rig is only for gaming
>>shitty cooling
If you're talking about the processor cooler, the stock wraith cooler is more than capable of keeping Ryzen processors cool even at load.
>>>not even counting monitor and other peripherals cost
You're telling me you don't own a monitor already? Or a keyboard and mouse?
Hell, even if you don't, you more than likely have a TV and an existing console controller. If you're really a faggot who doesn't already have a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, you can use those.
If you're a double nigger and you really don't have anything to use, then literally add on ~$110 to the price for a 1080p monitor and a basic KB+M set.

>> No.67088284

why the kek?
2600x will prob go down as AMD's 2500k. it will last ages

>> No.67088292


>> No.67088301
File: 8 KB, 256x256, 1520536826874.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that shitty rig

>> No.67088310


>> No.67088313
File: 1.28 MB, 1024x1387, 1523035312122.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hurr durr I don't really know what I'm talking about but I'm going to talk shit anyways
lmao @ ur lyfe

>> No.67088325

Intel is horrible with supporting their sockets. There are a fuck load of paid Intel shills in this thread right now.

>> No.67088330

such a cute girl would never tell someone to kys

>> No.67088334

I don't know what games you're playing buddy but that piece of shit definitely won't run battlefield 1, the witcher 3, cod ww2, or any other modern game at max settings on 1080p. What you're saying is simply not true and just wishful thinking

>> No.67088336

nope just a concerned guy

>> No.67088337

Is there a program that takes control of all the fans in your case and runs some benchmarks to find out the best fan speed config?
For example: run fans 1 and 2 at x rpm, run fans 3 and 4 at y rpm.

>> No.67088338

i have a GeForce 1060 6GB and i was thinking of getting an upgrade. how does it compare nowadays?

>> No.67088339

Well I won't be accusing anyone of being ''a shill'' here but I read up and it seems like AMD socket generations last a lot, lot longer. By 2020, I'll be able to buy their newest afforing and according to them, AM4 and 470 will support them all.

>> No.67088343

Wait 2-3 months and get 1160/2060.

>> No.67088345

>Do they constantly require new sockets?
Nope. The AM4 platform will be supported through 2020 and most likely longer. That's about 4 or more years of socket support. Pretty great compared to Intel, imo.

>> No.67088350

So I need to buy a new graphic card for my dad's pc since the old one died (fan is running but no signal when connected to the monitor, tried a different PCIe slot and no luck either. I connected with my graphic card and then it worked).

Any recommendation for a card under or a bit over $100? I live in Europe so the price is sometimes iffy.

He's using a MSI 870A-G54 motherboard and processor is a Phenom II X2 550 unlocked to 4 cores also 4 gb ram.

>> No.67088356
File: 151 KB, 1000x630, 5279-16830-11723.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stop talking about things you don't know about kid

>> No.67088363

get a 1050ti 4gb, maybe go rx560 if you really want to cheap out

>> No.67088364


>> No.67088366

You can max out almost every game at 1080p with it if you have a strong enough processor.
You honestly don't need an upgrade. If you want to upgrade, sure. But you don't *need* it.

>> No.67088367

How much worse is an i5 8600 compared to an i7 8700? 1080p 144hz screen but i like emulation.

>> No.67088377

They're pretty much the same minus the hyper threading and a bit of cache.

>> No.67088381

depends on the emulator
you may want an unlocked variant regardless of which chip you get

>> No.67088382

i5 is 6/6 cores/threads
i7 is 6/12 cores/threads

depends on what you play

>> No.67088388

If it's for basic computing, then honestly a GT 710 is more than enough. If you're talking gaming, then a GTX 1050 non-Ti is what you'd want.

>> No.67088389

depend on what you do, not play... sorry

>> No.67088390

>There are a fuck load of paid Intel shills in this thread right now
Always happens about 7-9:00pm Australian Eastern Standard time like clock work. Usually a slightly different tact each time.

>> No.67088415

AMD shills are here 24/7

>> No.67088438

>anyone who recommends something that isn't the brand of which I've pledged my allegiance to is a shill
Dat persecution complex yo

>> No.67088439

Mostly just modern games + some emulation. No real editing or work.

Price difference would allow me to get a 1080 instead of a 1070 ti.

CEMU mostly but I'm not really going big into overclocking to get it run at the best resolution etc.

>> No.67088468

Double the CPU threads will be more of an advantage than the 5% performance improvement of a 1080 over a 1070ti.

>> No.67088477


Well he sometimes play path of exile but otherwise not so heavy gaming.

I noticed that all the graphic cards only got DVI-D and HDMI connection port but no VGA which is a bummer since he only got VGA monitors.

>> No.67088480

lol the irony

>> No.67088498

amdrones recommend ryzen no matter what budget or usage. there are some cases where intel is just a better choice, that's it. but amdrones are simply too retarded to realise it, so every mention of an intel cpu is enough to get them going and then the thread gets derailed into shitposting between shills of both companies, with 'le mad wojack' image every 10 posts. it happens every time. *eddit is unironically a better place if you want an advice on pc building.

>> No.67088500

Sounds like the problem is that you're a shill. Have you tried killing your supervisor?

>> No.67088513

Depends on what you're doing, what DE you're using, etc, but generally speaking Linux is faster and uses less RAM to do the same things as Windows.

>> No.67088561

have you tried using a toilet?

>> No.67088606

Mostly just modern games + some emulation. No real editing or work.

Price difference would allow me to get a 1080 instead of a 1070 ti.

go with i5 and a 1080, or wait a lil bit for the 9th gen to come out, n for the next gen gtx cards. get an i7 and a 1080ti

>> No.67088611

Optane is a meme outside those "SCIENCE CALCULATIONS" purposes right?

>> No.67088614

>blames the game
mate you fucked up. sort you build out before you blame amd hahah

>> No.67088616
File: 173 KB, 672x371, AMD-Radeon-SSD.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, thankfully. Instead they have tasteful, aesthetically pleasing geometric sculpting.

>> No.67088618

>Wants high end gaming
>Suggests low tier 1060

>> No.67088637

>there are some cases where intel is just a better choice
For the typical consumers those use cases include high refresh rate gaming and that's about it.

>> No.67088639

Is 2133mhz RAM too slow for modern gayming?

>> No.67088648

>go with i5 and a 1080, or wait a lil bit for the 9th gen to come out, n for the next gen gtx cards. get an i7 and a 1080ti

Is this actually a real strat? I've been waiting so long I'm getting impatient and I have no idea how long it'll take for the 1080 ti price to even drop. I don't want to wait another 4 months.

i5 + 1080 is something I'm considering.

>> No.67088657

Should I go for a 1080 o 1070ti build for 1000€?

>> No.67088665

The i7 8700 combo is way better man, not sure what he was on about because a 1080 really isn't that much better than a 1070 ESPECIALLY if you like shit like CEMU.

What kind of build is that? Only curious because you said €.

>> No.67088681
File: 25 KB, 468x351, ,7-V-245227-3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>rebranded OCZ

>> No.67088685

this is the link AMD gave when I clicked on buy US


what incompetent monkeys

>> No.67088686

>has a budget of $2500
>said 1060 6gb is a good place to start depending on games played

>> No.67088696

no point, 2400+ is just as cheap and better

>> No.67088707

9th gen comes out end of year. if you been waiting and you want to purchase... well do it.

>> No.67088709

I'm asking because I already have 16GB of 2133mhz memory and I'm upgrading my cpu and mobo already so it's kind of expensive. Do I need the faster memory if I'm using an 1080 and an i7 8700k

>> No.67088720

A gaming pc for about 1000€, not including peripheral equipment. Also I was thinking about putting the I5 8600 in

>> No.67088721

If you already have it, can't you just upgrade what you want, and if it's not good enough, buy new ram too?

>> No.67088723

you can look up overclocking memory. save you a shit ton of money

>> No.67088729

I've been waiting forever and now is a time that works for me, I'm always anxious about fuck about this and end up waiting literally years so I kind of just want to bite the bullet.

>> No.67088745

Could overclock it to 3000-3200 depending on the chips you have.

>> No.67088751

9th gen looks to be another Skylake rehash with extra cores. You won't miss out on too much by upgrading now.

>> No.67088775

They're soldered though so you won't need to delid to get the most out of them

>> No.67088931

What does Threadripper 1900X do better than 8700K? It does worse in games right?

>> No.67088959

Quad-channel RAM. More PCI-e lanes. Better multi-core performance(though not quite as good as 2700x).

The 1900x is only a good buy for specific purposes. If you have to ask, you're probably better off getting a 2700x or 8700k.

>> No.67088960

>It does worse in games right?
yes. if you need to ask that question you don't need a threadripper

>> No.67088965

>Avoid cheap models
>ASUS duals

are the cars really that shit or is it just a poor optimization/cooling thing?

>> No.67088971

One of my case fans no longer spins and another is on its way out. Do case fans tend to die eventually, or should I be worrying about my psu? Also what are some recommended replacementc fans.

>> No.67088977

Ok, thought so. I'll be honest, I just think it's a really cool product, and it's not that far off in price here in Norway. I'll get the i7. Another stupid question, what CL Ram should I get? Corsair has a bunch of different ones and I don't know what's good enough. Mainly for gaming and light editing (8K DSLR pics in PS and 1080p video)

>> No.67089009

I've heard that they tend to die. Something about the bearings inside. I'm new so don't take my word for it though

Adding to this, just found out lower is better? I thought higher would be better cause the most expensive RAM on the Norwegian site I'm using is CL19, while the least expensive is CL15. Would CL15 @ 3000mhz be good?

>> No.67089059

It depends on the software, cpu heavy games(arma for example) you will see 10-20 fps increase using 3k ram instead of 2100. Or so I have read, I dont have two rigs setup to test and compare myself

>> No.67089077

Noctua make some nice fans

>> No.67089090

MSI B360 Gaming Arctic
Asus Rog Strix Z370-E Gaming
Asus Prime Z370-A

Are any of these ok for a 8700/8700K? I have zero knowledge about mobos, please helap

>> No.67089103

They do, and given /pcbg/'s stupidity and mistaking opinion for knowledge, it's not even in the OP to "buy Noctua Redux versions instead of regular brown versions for half the price."

>> No.67089109

I've heard that gentle typhoons and noiseblockers are good too
Noctuas might last longer with the sso2 bearing

>> No.67089198

Got a 1070 ti for $350. How could the next batch of Nvidia cards possibly top that price/performance?

>> No.67089209

I'm building a new PC and I need a sound card because I do a lot of high end audio stuff. Well more like mid end. Anyways i can't decide between this one: Creative Labs - Z PCIe

And this one: Asus - STRIX SOAR

Anyone have experience with these or a recommendation for a better one?

>> No.67089250

Give me an excuse to own a dual cpu motherboard. What can i use it for?

>> No.67089272

They can't? Obviously. Atleast not for now. But at the launch of the next generation after that prices might be so low that they will at that time

>> No.67089290

You don't need one

>> No.67089298

I'm just trying to justify my impulsiveness since the new batch is coming soon according to the rumor mill and when it comes to PC it's all about latest and greatest.

>> No.67089311
File: 192 KB, 576x768, 1533608391854.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


nigs, I bought a r5 2600 + ab350 MB, unfortunately, I didn't opt for the pre-bios update so now I need to do it myself , my friend has an r7 1700 that he can lend me in order for me to do this , my question is, do I get the latest bios version or do I get the bios version that was released when the zen+ architecture was released ?

>> No.67089353

Im still using a q9550, it has lasted years
Daily use, no overclocking though, playing every game on the market, 2.8ghz

When i see people complaining about any of the latests cpus in the 3ghz range I immediately know im reading from someone who doesnt know the struggle

>> No.67089385

Get the latest version.

>> No.67089414
File: 43 KB, 500x500, ce0b9743-bf8a-4c4c-ac06-1e47a6df56f1..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

did i fuck up? cost me $250aud

>> No.67089533


>> No.67089557

I respect good price/performance more than I respect cramming the most expensive thing on the market from every category into a case. It might be more entertaining to watch a video about the expensive one, but that's not all that matters. I saw a guy on facebook who had tons of good parts, including Corsair best watercooler and 32 GB of Ram, but only a 1070. Fucking idiot could have had 16GB and a 1080. God that pissed me off.

>> No.67089562

>at the launch of the next generation after that prices might be so low
Never ever thanks to miners and general rules of free market..

>> No.67089605

people are so god damn stupid

>> No.67089666

I dont need an excuse or i dont need 2 cpus

>> No.67089698

Can you guys help me out? Should i get RX 580 XFX GTS XXX 8gb or Nitro + 8gb?

Price is almost identical

>> No.67089728

Nitro is best.

>> No.67089771
File: 492 KB, 540x663, 1480904074479.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Poorest fag on /g/
>Literally no compoter as my laptop died recently
>Third world only local vendors for building pc
>GPU prices still high as if we are in the middle of mining craze
>Find out about Ryzen APU's
>Literal godsend combo
>Find out about Ram speed requirement and prices
>Checking out Optiplexs and Elitebooks rn in a junk store

>> No.67089780
File: 16 KB, 282x282, 22449992_1577278985628029_5440220826595057178_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i have a shitty prebuilt that has an amd4300 and a gt 610 with a 350w psu.

i have two options, get a gpu (1060 6gb) and a better psu OR just save up for a prebuilt with a 1070 (prebuilt because its cheaper here in mexico).

also i wanna get a 4k 120hz tv to connect to my pc and watch movies.

what should i do? the only game i really wanna play is csgo but red dead redemption and battlefield v looking kinda cute ngl.

>> No.67089791

thoughts on this used PC

and would putting a gtx 1050 ti/1050 inside of it work

>> No.67089838

I thought the reflection was another chinaman bending over to photobomb the first.

>> No.67089878
File: 201 KB, 1217x640, wafawf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guys please help me. ASUS Strix GTX 1080 Ti has 1493 Mhz. Will it affect my FPS?

>> No.67089890


Sapphire is THE BEST vendor by a fucking lot.

>> No.67089912

>ryzen 5 2600
>b450 mobo asscock
>16gb 2666mhz ram
>gtx 1060 6gb graffix
>evga 650w

is this good for gaming?

>> No.67089917

what are you using it for?

>> No.67089940
File: 40 KB, 373x521, metabox.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is this a good deal? i cant even build an intel 1060 system for this price, let alone get a fucking monitor and keyboard/mouse with it. and this one comes with an ips display

>> No.67089947


>> No.67089950

well i was planning to play world of warcraft on it

>> No.67089963

Not sure this is the right thread but I don't see any threads about monitors.
What's the best monitor under 600 with the following requirements:
>1440p or 2160p
>IPS or whatever offers the best image quality (Samsung's qled VAs?)
>Supports VESA
>HDMI 1.4/2.0/2.1
>No edgy aethetics you find in gaming monitors
>Reliable brand with good QC

>> No.67089988

Whats up /pcbg/, im building a new PC after around 4 years.
Keeping the Ram, HDDS, fans and the sort of the GPU, replacing the Case, MOBO, CPU and CPU cooler.

Ive never fucked with multiple GPUs, on my PC or the few ive build for friends.
Say I upgraded to a 1070, and just kept my old 970 in SLI.
How much more performance would that give me? Is it even worth it, or am i better off selling it and using the money on my new parts?
Im aiming for either 2560x1080 widescreen resolution or 1440p

>> No.67089995

Somebody please answer me. Is 1493 Mhz is enough for 144Hz display with ultra settings?

>> No.67089998

Not bad, except you'd really want to go for a premium RAM if you're going with Ryzen.

Get at least 3000, 3200 or 3400 - even better.

>> No.67090019

My U3277pwqu makes me happy every day, I'm so fucking happy i found it.
>92% Adobe RGB
>No ghosting despite being VA
>3000:1 contrast fucking rocks
>No synch at all.
>60 fps and overdrive makes dog awful smearing.

27 is too small for 4K i checked in the stores and compared.

>> No.67090035


The 92 Adobe RGB is on the AMVA vresion BTW.
I have a secondary VA display and it's absolute dogshit. Just like TN but with better angles and awful purple smearing/ghosting.

>> No.67090045

I bought a R7 1700 for 200$ upgrading from an i5 2400. Did i do good enough? I wanna wait till Ryzen 3 to upgrade

>> No.67090048

i've got pretty much the same setup, and while i don't know much about WoW i can tell you that my computer struggles to run games on max at 1080p. high can be iffy and medium is usually good.

>Wielkość pamięci RAM:
8 GB
also in the parameters it seems like you're only getting 8gb.

>> No.67090052

You say if it's good enough for you.
I'm 100% happy about my 2700X

>> No.67090074

It's not unheard of for AIB partners to release cards with a generation launch.

>> No.67090082

Should I reuse my PSU for my new build? It's an EVGA 750 G2 which I think is pretty high quality and is definitely more than enough power, but it's about 2 years old. Also is there really any reason to get a platinum over a gold? It seems like a huge price increase for a tiny efficiency gain.

>> No.67090096

Is rx 580 nitro plus special edition better and more recommended than standard nitro plus?

>> No.67090100

shit build

>> No.67090114


>> No.67090115

>Is rx 580 nitro plus special edition better and more recommended than standard nitro plus?

It's a cherrypicked binned chip that clocks higher.
Whether or not it's worth the premium price - your call.

>> No.67090118

I guess I'd be willing to go up to 32" if it's 4k, since i sometimes use my monitor as a "TV" from a couch that's around 1.5m away from it.
I don't know if i could get used to a 32" monitor for desk use though. I'm used to 24".

Colors and viewing angles are important to me (not professionally) so I'm not too sure a VA would cut it. From some comparisons I've seen, VA look pretty dull compared to IPS. Gotta admit, blacks are kinda trash on IPS, but I'm used to IPS so i don't know any better.

>> No.67090123

>lying on the internet

>> No.67090125

You might want to consider replacing it once the warranty has expired, but definitely not before.

And higher efficiency = less heat, less noise or both. Platinum/titanium aren't really worth the money, though, unless you really just want the best PSU you can get or are spending thousands of dollars anyway.

>> No.67090139
File: 20 KB, 375x346, Heavy_Breathing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hi can you guys check this build out

>> No.67090140

Whats confusing that somewhere special edition is cheaper than standard, how is that possible?

>> No.67090146

>buys a quad core with no hyperthreading and complains about performance
Although you never bought shit and are shilling

>> No.67090155
File: 2.23 MB, 1620x2160, Thermaltake-Level-10-GT-shot-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Due to a motherboard failure I'm planning to rebuild the desktop I originally put together in mid 2011. I was planning to get a new case but I have to ask... why are all the cases on the market nowadays so boring? It seems like they're all just the same rectangular slab design. Whatever happened to the crazy, unique-looking cases and the bizarre designs? I have a Thermaltake Level 10 GT, love this case, but was hoping to sell it and find something new and interesting. No luck. Almost everything that's readily available kind of looks the same, and the more unique cases are hard to get and somewhat affordable ($400+). I'm probably going to end up keeping my existing case. Why did everything get so lame and conservative over the past couple years?

>> No.67090163

>I don't know if i could get used to a 32" monitor for desk use though. I'm used to 24".
You can imagine it's an array of small monitors.
If you're not comfortable for some reason you can use smaller window sizes, lol. It's not like you have to use all of it's space, but it's nice to have it.

Watching movies on it is fucking gorgeous.

VESA stand is highly recommended. The stand it comes with takes a lot of desk space and on a pheumatic arm you can recline back in your chair and game of watch movies with it hanging above your face.

>> No.67090173

>sound cards

actual retard

>> No.67090187

looks good if you dont give a flying fuck about gaymen

>> No.67090193

m8 i cant even run pubg at 1440p 60hz on high settings on a 1070. a 1070ti/1080 however runs its 60fps+ on ultra

>> No.67090198
File: 215 KB, 2060x713, AMD-Zen-Roadmap-2060x713.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Considering how nvidia will be jacking up prices don't you think zen 2 & 3 will be considerably more expensive the zen 1? Considering the 7nm is still new and expensive.

>> No.67090199

You don't know what you are talking about at all. Find out more about how any of this works, or buy a prebuilt/console.

>> No.67090201

Maybe because you have shit taste in games by playing shit for chinks

>> No.67090205

Get a good external DAC or interface instead

>> No.67090213

>zen 2 & 3 will be considerably more expensive the zen 1?
AMD doesn't fuck customers the same way nvidia does, not even intel can manage that.

>> No.67090217
File: 73 KB, 600x600, 1493862118231.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How much can I OC a DDR4 Ram?
Can you guys share your experience?
I am hesitant on buying ryzen because of ram

>> No.67090219

Turns out people don't like ugly looking plastic shit in their homes.

>> No.67090220

I see no problem with reusing a PSU that's two years old, seems sort of wasteful to buy new, especially when you're dealing with a quality brand like EVGA. It's when the PSU is 5 or 6 years old that I would start being a little worried, especially if you regularly keep it under 75-85% load.

>> No.67090222
File: 1.66 MB, 2314x1063, Cases.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Whatever happened to the crazy, unique-looking cases and the bizarre designs?

Manufacturers figured out that 6 years old aren't a well paying demographic.

>> No.67090233

But that's the whole point of this build at that price point.
Am I doing something wrong?

>> No.67090238

Nvidia's pricing is completely irrelevant since they don't compete in the AMD64 market.

>> No.67090241

That's why I'm asking. I wanted to buy Gigabyte 1080 at first but now I'm thinking to buy Asus STRIX 1080 Ti. And I noticed that Asus Ti has less Mhz than regular GTX 1080. And I would like to know if it will affect my performance

>> No.67090242

>AMD doesn't fuck customers the same way nvidia does, not even intel can manage that.
I don't think they'll fuck the customers I just think its just gonna be very expensive to manufacture compared to zen thus making it cost more

>> No.67090251

Ram can basically always be overclocked to the next level like a 3000 can go to 3200. Then you can tighten timings. If your lucky you can go even further

>> No.67090254

Well then get the fastest ram there is because even the GPU is going to be using it and it will be a massive bottleneck in the iGPU performance.

>> No.67090263

>I don't think they'll fuck the customers I just think its just gonna be very expensive to manufacture compared to zen thus making it cost more
You got it backwards. One of the major reasons to switch nodes is that you can pack more transistors into the same area, which translates into lower cost(assuming the number of transistors stays the same).

>> No.67090269
File: 106 KB, 1163x803, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hows this? im prob gonna play at 1080p even though i have a 1440p capable monitor, i dont think a 1060 6gb is gonna be enough (or maybe it will since my hd 7950 did pretty well on it)

>> No.67090270
File: 993 KB, 1080x1150, 1532924926203.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can anyone recommend a good tv for viewing non gaming purposes

>> No.67090274

Yeah. It will. But the card will obviously still deliver more fps than a 1080 because clock speed isn't everything...

>> No.67090277

So if I buy a 3000mhz already oced ram out the box at 1.35v I can OC it further?
How the fuck when it is at it's maximum voltage limit and pre-oced.

>> No.67090285

At the very least that SSD is a piece of shit. Kingston is horrible. Samsung or Micron are really your best options. That ram is really slow as well. I hate the people that say you *have* to have b-die, but at least get 2933mhz ram (that's on your QvL if you won't get b-die). It's a noticeable difference on Ryzen.

>> No.67090287

Well i wanna OC it to 4.0

>> No.67090292

Would the way coolers are mounted vary from manufacturer to manufacturer or is it the same for all cards, specifically from Nvidia's 10 series? I see complications if I get one and go to mount it and it isn't compatible.

>> No.67090299

Sapphire or xfx quieter and cooler?

5xx series

>> No.67090302

I think anon meant you can OC it one level past what is advertized. The advertized mhz is never how the RAM is clocked from the start, you have to oc it in bios yourself

>> No.67090313

>RGB ram
I really hope that is B-die. That's around $200 USD which is fine I guess, but I got 3000mhz (non-bie) for $150 a few weeks ago.
>no name AIO
Just stick with the namebrands with actually good fans (since all pump/blocks are the same) or get a large tower cooler.

>> No.67090317
File: 94 KB, 600x800, 976898fa288ecb7173e5fef2884fbcc6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Between Asus STRIX and Gigabyte AORUS 1080 Ti, which one would you chose and why?

>> No.67090320

I've got the following:
i7 2600K w/ Noctua D14 cooler.
GTX 980 reference card.

I occasionally play my games at 4K and medium settings.

I've noticed the drop in GPU prices and I'm tempted to get a GTX 1080.

Should I be upgrading my CPU at this point? It does 4.5Ghz just fine. Also, is it worth getting a GTX 1080 now?

>> No.67090321

Based pic
>Nvidia's pricing is completely irrelevant since they don't compete in the AMD64 market.
I was just using them as point that new tech can't be priced the same because the components used are what's rising the price.
Amds margins are really small as is they can't produce a product for free

>> No.67090324

>AIO meme
>Some gay ass ram for an obscene price.
You could buy a 2700X with a Noctua DH15 and a 3466 RAM cheaper than this RGB meme shit.

Also Check the StoreMI feature.
I use it and it's fucking great.

I don't know about the west but in Russia the hardware stores unoficially sell the Windows OEM licenses for 20$. the licenses that are supposed to go on their prebuilds.
Maybe you can ask a russian hacker to sell you one.

>> No.67090337

Strix, because Gygabite is a wose with support and quality.

>> No.67090338

>AMD doesn't fuck customers
Right, because they have none.

>> No.67090339

All of them are bad. At least on AMD the Strix F have good VRMs. Z370 Strixes have low-mediocre VRMs which is very disappointing. Get either a Prime Pro or a ROG Hero.

>> No.67090354

Factoring out the yields of 7nm?
Do foundry fabs just give a quote and then if the yields are shit do the cover the costs themselves rather than amd?
Seriously asking

>> No.67090359

So I can OC it over what is advertised alright then.

>> No.67090364
File: 299 KB, 329x374, 1502168187420.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>my face when ever I see someone "paying" for windows

>> No.67090367


Let's get real.
AMD are playing the good cop because they want to earn perople's trust and popularity.

When Intel is where AMD was after Bulldozer release and is seen by everybody as a failure shit brand AMD will start fucking their customers and Intel will have to play nice.

>> No.67090379
File: 2.89 MB, 240x180, hMenf7QaCibypFtE.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How about now /v/ros

>> No.67090387

>Also, is it worth getting a GTX 1080 now?
It's still not competent enough to give you 60FPS at 4k on good-ultra, The more demanding games will have to be played at 1800P instead of real 2160P.

Wait for next generation.
Your CPU will handle 60FPS gaming for a long time into the future.

>> No.67090389

>So I can OC it over what is advertised alright then.
You don't even have to increase voltage most of the time.

>> No.67090397

>When Intel is where AMD was after Bulldozer release and is seen by everybody as a failure shit brand AMD will start fucking their customers and Intel will have to play nice.
Intel didn't play nice the last time they were the underdog either, they just started bribing OEMs.

>> No.67090405
File: 916 KB, 1125x761, F33A1A6F-422D-4A05-8675-E523A2544B8F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A picture of my build on the bench.

>> No.67090409
File: 741 KB, 1024x837, CO-WTP-WALNUT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

R8 my build /g/. All the parts are out for delivery and coming later today.
Video card is staying until next gen Nvidia comes out.

>> No.67090416
File: 86 KB, 879x1077, syclone2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would say that two things happened which both worked towards killing these gaymery case designs. First of all, millenials matured. I used to have pic related "back in the day", when I did my first custom build in 2012. When I had it put together and all lit up, my first thoughts were "this thing is fucking AWESOME". But over the years, as I graduated university and then went out to get a job and buy a condo, my opinion shifted to "this thing is fucking STUPID". I couldn't stand it anymore, so earlier this year I bought a Thermaltake Versa C23 and sold the Syclone to a literal 8-year-old. I am sure a lot of people have had a similar shift in taste as they aged from their early to late 20s, they want a more "mature" looking case.

Second of all, Gen Z is now a major purchaser of PC components, and they don't like these busy case designs. They're used to everything being polished and subdued, so they kind of want their computer cases to be the same. Going for dat minimalist look. And of course, people who are older than millennials never bought these cases in the first place. So yeah there is really no market to support the "unique" designs you crave, unless you go for expensive specialist crap.

>> No.67090425
File: 9 KB, 257x196, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.67090440

Now post the market share pic

>> No.67090443

Thanks bro. So what GPU would you recommend for 3840x2160?

>> No.67090451

>Still using a 2700k

So yeah, I need a new CPU. I'm hearing through friends-of-friends that the next gen is going to kinda be balls. Do I wait for release to see or do I just get current gen?

>> No.67090456


I really think that if you're into poverty gaming this will do better for you.

>> No.67090464
File: 162 KB, 633x900, 1494886290711.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>*NEW* Sales don't matter

>> No.67090469

1080TI or the next generation 1080 successor.

>> No.67090483

post the full list

>Multi-core doesn't matter!
>Productivity doesn't matter!
>Price/performance doesn't matter!
>Performance per watt doesn't matter!
>Power usage doesn't matter!
>Temperatures don't matter!
>Soldered dies don't matter!
>Stutters don't matter!
>Streaming doesn't matter!
>Data centers don't matter!
>Locked CPUs don't matter!
>OEMs don't matter!
>Hyperscalers don't matter!
>Upgradeability doesn't matter!
>Anti-competitive business practices don't matter!
>Locked platform features don't matter!
>Synthetic loads don't matter!
>PCI-e lanes don't matter!
>Burnt pins don't matter!
>Heat doesn't matter!
>Server space doesn't matter!
>ECC support doesn't matter!
>*NEW* 7nm doesn't matter!
>*NEW* HEDT doesn't matter!
>*NEW* StoreMI doesn't matter!
>*NEW* Security doesn't matter!
>*NEW* Stock coolers don't matter!
>*NEW* Games don't always matter!
>*NEW* Hyperthreading doesn't matter!
>*NEW* Sales don't matter!

>> No.67090490
File: 64 KB, 898x614, poo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh no no no no

>> No.67090494

>Intel didn't play nice the last time they were the underdog either, they just started bribing OEMs.

They still had the reputation and most people thought "AMD? What are those? Some chink shit? Intel is the real deal" even when AMD have actually had the better products most people didn't know that.

This time around everybody has internet and the knowledge of Intel's absolute failure is absolutely public.

>> No.67090500

Can someone reccomend me a cheapish build that will handle 1080p gayming at something like mid-high settings? Im guessing a ryzen 5 2600 and a gtx 1060 3gb is a good option?

>> No.67090501

Next gen intel is just Skylake again, except with more cores(and soldered heatspreader). Next gen AMD is supposedly 10%+ IPC gain and higher clocks, but that's still around 8 months away.

>> No.67090534

>This graph counts the baselines submitted to us during these time period and therefore is representative of CPUs in use rather than CPUs purchased.
>Everyone with a computer has used passmark

>> No.67090539

>gtx 1060 3gb is a good option?
Get the 6GB. Even if you only plan on gaming at 1080p. Games are already starting to hit 2.5-3GB of VRAM. Otherwise you'll probably be bottlenecked next year by the lack of VRAM.

>> No.67090541

If you're willing to do used parts, I'd recommend the following:
i5 2500k/3570k and a GTX 780 / R9 290
These use the much cheaper DDR3 RAM and would be substantially cheaper than a 1060/Ryzen

>> No.67090563

>B-but more people buy AMD, they just don't use them on their PC's
Cope more pajeet

>> No.67090609

>using a benchmarking website as a measure of sales figures
Okay, I'll use rebbit users on the intel and amd subreddits as a measure
>inb4 b-but that doesn't mean sales
>b-but more people buy Intel, they just don't use them on their PC's
cope some more rajesh

>> No.67090620

You do understand that 80% of PCs around the world probably still use Pentium 4, Core2Duo and sandy Bridge, retard?

>> No.67090640

This is a good idea. Some parts are okay to go used for. Parts like RAM, PSU, SSD and HDDs, I'd really just get new.
However, the Sandy/Ivy bridge CPUs, motherboards are at a great price now.

I've just had a look, older for the time top tier gpus are at good prices used. I was surprised to see how cheap some of this stuff was.

>> No.67090649

>buy AMD
>don't use passmark
>purchase doesn't count in the graph
What's so hard to understand about that graph not being a representation of actual sales?

>> No.67090653

AMD's dies are tiny tho, they can do that since they can just interconnect them. They can also bin them to hell and back for their entire product line. Nvidia's prices aren't high because of their costs, they're high because people are willing to pay a ton for them. Also Nvidia is going to use 12nm, not 7

>> No.67090682

I'm not super knowledgeable on anything, but I've recently picked up MH:W and considering it's a bad port it's horrendously CPU heavy. So I get 20fps and crashes even with a GTX 970 which while nothing special should be capable.

I'm running an outdated four-core i5 3.40GHz and I just never really ran into issues with most games even at very high settings.
I'm not super good financially atm but assuming I had $300-$400 on hand, is there any significant upgrade I can make?
The bottleneck is real.

>> No.67090689

>statistics dont matter
>there are no actual numbers so AMD sells more despite every study saying otherwise
Amdrones on suicide watch lol

>> No.67090717
File: 479 KB, 1309x784, chrome_2018-08-10_11-17-09.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol i guess the intel shills are extra triggered today that the 2600 is gaining on the only intel cpu that sells well.

>> No.67090735

>i5 2500k/3570k and a GTX 780 / R9 290
Every single gpu/cpu in that lineup other than the 290 is absolute shit

>> No.67090754
File: 222 KB, 581x542, I_don_t_think_it_s_specific_to_the_anime_board_because_7859773ec9ac740730cc9cacc6ec927e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got a GTX 1070 TI from an amazon price error on prime day.

Now, my i7-2600 is 7 years old and it feels outdated. Is it a bad idea to upgrade my processor right now? Should I wait?

gaming pc. 2560p monitor

>> No.67090768

>statistics dont matter
Not when they don't take into account that the vast majority of people aren't using passmark. That's like saying more people buy iPhones than Androids because iPhone users install Snapchat more than Android users. Maybe if this looked at Windows OS installs and not a 3rd party application.

>> No.67090804

Any chance of GPU and CPU dropping in price soon?
I wanna get a GTX 1060 and ryzen 2600 but I'm also a poorfag

>> No.67090873

For 1080p gaming?
The R9 290 plus the i5 2500k @4.5Ghz can max anything you through at it for 1080p gaming.

>> No.67090935
File: 65 KB, 336x450, 1396622536507.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



my pc is fully built just sitting here gathering dust FUAAARK

>> No.67090973

Fuck me I really want a white board

>> No.67090979

>not keeping spare sticks of RAM around.

This is obvious, why even bother posting this?

Wait for the new set of GPUs.

How much did you pay for the 1070Ti?

>> No.67090991


my man i aint putting filthy sub-par 3200mhz 14cl ram into my new build like some animal who do you take me for

>> No.67091026

Corsairs Spec-Omega is kinda cool, but I don't think it goes further than that

>> No.67091068

wasnt there a guy here a few weeks ago who claimed he was shoving his old 2666s in his ass? maybe you can use those

>> No.67091107

How long do you think it will be until GPU prices return to normal? I have some spending money but I don't want to overpay hundreds for a 1080 ti

>> No.67091122
File: 279 KB, 2000x1000, shill.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>AMD doesn't fuck customers
>Right, because they have none.
>I'm running an outdated four-core i5 3.40GHz and I just never really ran into issues with most games even at very high settings.
Which i5? I got a i5-4440.
I was getting below 30fps on high for warhammer.
So I overclocked my GPU aswell as my ram. Also I replaced my super old thermal paste with deepcool z5(its only $4) and enabled multi-core enhancement in the bios.
I'm running at 55-60fps on the game now. I basically jacked my shit up by 30fps without really doing anything costly or dangerous. Maybe you can try that out.
Also MW is pretty new I think nvidia will be updating their drivers for it soon.
And regardless of what others say keeping your nvidia drivers up to date is best for greater performance

>> No.67091161

I don't think there's anything the drivers can do for me considering the age of the parts and how absolutely trash it's running.
It's an i5-3570k, probably about six years old now and I've never changed the thermal paste, come to think of it. I bought the paste but never changed it. I don't really get overheat issues, the CPU is just at 100% use and the game is tanking.
Haven't enabled multi-core enhancements in BIOS, I feel like if I'm going to do that maybe I should do the paste first huh.

>> No.67091195

>and yeah they DO have the same VRMs
I haven't seen the phases without the heatsink on

Not a good model, similar to the Dual, but for 250 aud you can't beat that.
Worst case, you could replace the cooler.

I mean it's not worth the price at all, no. It's like a 1% perf increase. It costs way more than 1% more.
I bought one anyway myself though because it's neat. If you're trying to make a logical price:performance decision, you should never have considered that card.


When VRAM prices return to normal.

>> No.67091208

>I feel like if I'm going to do that maybe I should do the paste first huh.
> I don't really get overheat issues
MCE has nothing to do with paste and like you said, you aren't having temp issues. May it'll improve temps by a few C, but usage won't change.

>> No.67091214

I need recommendations for the best 1440p gaming monitor between $600 and $1,100ish.
Pretty please

>> No.67091218

New thread


PG27SQ or whatever

>> No.67091220

MCE isn't going to tax it even more?
I was concerned that it'd create heat issues I didn't have before.

>> No.67091237

What about the g-sync failures? I've heard they are super common

>> No.67091273

Yeah idk. All the expensive 1440p g-sync monitors seem to have issues from what I hear. Another reason I avoid them.

>> No.67091349

>>AMD doesn't fuck customers
>Right, because they have none.
>I'm running an outdated four-core i5 3.40GHz and I just never really ran into issues with most games even at very high settings.
Which i5? I got a i5-4440.
I was getting below 30fps on high for warhammer.
So I overclocked my GPU aswell as my ram. Also I replaced my super old thermal paste with deepcool z5(its only $4) and enabled multi-core enhancement in the bios.
I'm running at 55-60fps on the game now. I basically jacked my shit up by 30fps without really doing anything costly or dangerous. Maybe you can try that out.
Also MW is pretty new I think nvidia will be updating their drivers for it soon.
And regardless of what others say keeping your nvidia drivers up to date is best for greater performance
Your CPU is much better then mine.I find it hard to MH is that poorly optimised. You can overclock your CPU atleast.
Thermal throttle is around 70°C for your PC. Regardless of what others say I've seen it with my PC.
You'll want to put the paste cause MCE jacked my temperatures up by 10°C atleast(can't tell cause of the throttle) that's why I bought the paste. So now a sit just under 60°C with intensive shit.
Just do it for fun cause after 4 years my paste was basically chalk

>> No.67091385

I haven't overclocked anything really, it seems risky to overclock it when I'm not super sure what I'm doing.
I feel like my CPU/GPU combo plus 16gb of RAM should be plenty for Monster Hunter at medium settings but I can't even make it sit at consistently 10 with minimum settings.

>> No.67091964

EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti FTW2 for $405 after tax and shipping, at least 20% off retail price you find usually

i needed and uppgrade, and dont regret it. i just wonder if i need a cpu upgrade now too

>> No.67092806
File: 134 KB, 800x800, p50.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this inefficient?

>> No.67093148

Hot air naturally rises so you want to exhaust it from the top.

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