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since the dust has settlet

which one is all in one better?

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What dust? 7-Zip has been superior in speed and compression for ages.

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None, use the compression included in windows 10, it's way faster.

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Winrar is proprietary and 7zip is LGPL

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I rarely use Windows for anything other than games, but I do still have a 12 year old winrar install cause I never bother to update.

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You shouldnt be on this board if you use either.

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how is that a feature?

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Can someone fill me in. Did the people behind .rar actually successfully cuck Microsoft ?

You need their program to use it. It isnt in the shell like .zip. Also just werks on debian since forevor.

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Do you pay for winrar anon? I wouldn't call it cucking. If anything, they are the ones getting fucked. Just like Sony stealing from the BSD cucks.

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Microsoft just doesn't care, anon. There are tons of compression systems, Microsoft is content to let just anyone fill the void.

Anything where business people can figure out a tool to do every day stuff, Microsoft decides not to do anything. Normies discovered winrar? Then Microsoft is content. That means other compressions software can chase every compression algorithm from now on and Microsoft can continue to do nothing.

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I like my compressions on a scale of magnitude of 1 to a billion and taking a month to compress.

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This "debate" settled before you were born.

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So Winrar > 7zip

>Freedom > Nazism > Communism

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The Unarchiver

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There's probably an autist that compiled something for you somewhere, anon.

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I prefer Winrar, since it is more portable (a simple exe is all that it needs for zip and rar functionality)

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7z is for Linux too

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7-zip is maintained by the Russians.

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So is your mother's pussy but nobody has any problems using it.

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I tested them a few months ago. Winrar is faster, but paid. 7zip has better compression and is free.
Overall, most of the time, speed difference is negligible because I don't really pack HUEG amounts of data, so I stick with 7zip

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7-Zip has always been better. Who the fuck still uses bloated Winrar? Fucking retards.

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I use 7Zip and have found it useful. Never used Winrar.

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Can you make your agitprop less conspicuous, comrade?

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The only thing I miss from Winrar is the ability to select multiple archives and extract each into a seperate folder. It hasn’t been a big deal since I stopped porn though.

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7zip can do the same

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Winrar's duplicate file references and certain adaptive file filters occasionally allows it to generate smaller output, but overall, 7-zip is far better.

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neither, lzip

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Bandizip for japanese files

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winrar because i'm not a newfag

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Spotted the Russian.

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7zip has a shell interface, Winrar does not.
7zip wins.

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>Winrar does not
Excuse me, what the fuck are you talking about?

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>both made by russians

pиaлли мeйкc ю тхинк

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why not tar.xz?

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Both do the same, but Winrar has a cooler icon.

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Redpill me on tar

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It's funny how retarded freetards are. All they do is google some old RAR vs 7Z benchmark. In reality RAR5 is on par with 7z but where they really differ is in speed. It's not even funny how much faster RAR is being extracted. In addition, 7z doesn't have the ability to add recovery records, which is beyond retarded.

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you mean gzip and bzip anon

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7zip has a ugly interface

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just par your archives

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>The speed for single-thread LZMA/LZMA2 decoding was increased by 30% in x64 version and by 3% in x86 version.



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That's not true. I believe it was rar5 which proved to be far superior to 7zip for compressing certain types of file formats. The main people who cared about it where people who released game torrents.

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https://portableapps.com/apps/utilities/7-zip_portable faggot

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Winzip is still The King. Feel free to try and prove me wrong.

Spoiler: You can't.

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>he doesn't know what a shell is
Wow, windows users sure are retarded

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lol are you like turbo fucking retarded or just memeing?

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That's not how burden of evidence works you absolute retard. The burden is on you to demonstrate that winzip is better.

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that fucking guy...
>right clicks
>different options come up
so this is what it is like to be a hackerman, right guys?

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I got back to Windows since I wanted to play VR gayms. First went with 7-zip but it was painful to use so I tried winrar which turned out to be super comfy and designed for actual users.

I'll probably buy it when the trial runs out.

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tar sdfsasucdivsvfhdbfbhfudb lol.tar.mq

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>paying for winrar

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tar xJpvf stage3-*.tar.xz --numeric-owner --xattrib-include='*'

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Neither is better for all use cases.
- recovery records and recovery volumes
- can make installers
- higher compression ratio

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GPL is freedom

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Winrar is maintained by russians too

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>Proprietary is freedom
What, how

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WinRar doesn't support 7-Zipped files in it's free/non-paid form.
7-Zip supports WinRar files in it's free form right from the get go. And 100500+ more formats.

Which is one is better? Gee, I wonder.

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>WinRar doesn't support 7-Zipped files in it's free/non-paid form.

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Freeware/trial version of WinRAR can't unzip .7zip extension files. At least it was like that in mid-2000s, dunno how it's right now (haven't used anything other than 7-Zip for a long time now).

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You should unironically kys my gnu/freetard

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i dunno, but their new logo's a shit A SHIT
im changing now to 7z

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Having an extra set of par files is messy and prone to user error. .rar embed the parity file in the archive, which is much cleaner. Also, if you split the archive it's even sexier to have the parity embedded, then you can perform a recovery even if some parts are missing or corrupt without having to deal with locating matching parity files.

And you can encrypt it as well, and it's all self-contained.

WinRar is sexy.

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>recovery volumes

What is this?

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unrar your self

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AnCap here. I'm guessing he's misinterpreted "capitalism" (corporate apologism) to mean freedom, despite free software developers voluntarily releasing their code for free. Also licenses/copyright don't exist in true capitalism.

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Where do you see 'rar5' in 'winrar 5 vs 7-zip 9.30'?

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MIT license or CC0 is freedom.

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It can. Why do you retards act like it’s hard to crack winrar? The key has been the same for years, you literally just copy paste “rarreg.key” in the directory and it just werks. I’d rather have it completely void of paid shit but come on.

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>No dude you don't understand, it wasn't TRUE CAPITALISM.
Please stop proving horseshoe theory right. It's embarrassing.

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Are you saying people voluntarily releasing their code isn't capitalism? Last line was a joke btw.

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I use WinZip from download.com

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GPL is communism

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You're braindead.

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Take your software Marxism elsewhere

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It depends on what your preferences are. I currently enjoy winrar. Back in the late 90's I used mostly winzip and 7zip but after years winzip turned into bloated crap and I did not like 7zips interface. Been using Winrar since 2003 I think.

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I need Recovery Record so winrar win.
Still love 7z file manager, though.

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i actually like both so im gonna say pkunzip

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KGB Archiver is the best you illiterate fucks

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tar -xkjdflkjf

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7zip for compression and messing with executables, WinRAR for general decompression needs and SFX

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