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And this ladies and gentlemen, is why noone uses freetard software.

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Learn to spell shitlord

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Noone uses freetard software because they used other logos 10 years ago

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This but unironically

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welcome to the petting zoo

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You somehow picked the worst pieces of software to make your case. Photoshop, illustrator, IntelliJ IDEs are all good examples of high quality, commercial products. The apple suite is pure shit

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>all the freetard logos look better

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It's avaliable on Linux.

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>no one uses gcc
Every day I think I've heard the dumbest thing a macfag could say and every day they prove me wrong.

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>high quality

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>had to use the same icon twice on the mactards side
>it's not even the flat meme one

>had to use unofficial icons on the free software side to make them look bad

Are you even trying?

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As much as I think furries are degenerate, right side looks as if it was made for literal cucks anon.

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You forgot
>people who use gcc surely choose it because of it's logo

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But the things on the left are used, especially linux and gcc

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Why didn't you post this?
>logo designed by apple for a free software project

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no one gives a damn about logos here

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Nobody "uses" gcc though. It's all hidden behind cmake.

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This is true.
I worked with FOSS people and most are on the autism spectrum.

They are uncompromising and arrogant and think that their "8 hours in Inkscape" putrid logo looks good because they worked on it.
Like Richard Stallman, retard doesn't see the issue in calling his shit "Free Software". Fucking autistic idiot.

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>is why noone uses freetard software.
Walmart uses.

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Behold https://www.gnu.org/graphics/package-logos.html

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>2018 /g/ in a comment

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>use Qupzilla because it works with KDE themes
>gmail gets angry because I'm using an unsupported version of Safari

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funny how linux gets better and windows and mac os get worse every major update

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Windows is stable, it was never good, and will be never good, but it will never become shittier.

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wow so code engineers aren’t also master ux/ui designers
if you don’t like it hire another person to

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Absolute cringe.

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it hasn’t changes since win7
it’s the same fucking nt kernel with a .1 increment
they just half assedly paste cruft and ugly menus over ancient residual shit from windows for workgroups with nt lan manager featuring ms bob

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It sounds like he posted that aspie OpenSores devs are too autistic to realize that their own special OC art logos look like ass.

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yeah but they complain about every design choice an autist makes it doesn’t matter, it’s not their specialty

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Are these jokes

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It's funny how linux gets more bloat, systemd and NSAware with every release.

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>you can add logos to the list
let's get cracking /g/

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one is true
one is standard fud

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I'll admit that I like a couple.

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>apple software
>not partly FOSS
and this is why no one should take this bait

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>difficulty: nightmare
lol this is what script kiddies tell themselves

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But there's a dragon on it.

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which one is which?

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Unironically, yes.

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>trillion $ company more popular logol
Its ok for linux to be itself. Apple has convinced the corporate whores in UX that everythinfg must look like apple or is bad. Really logos don't matter and exist solely for superficial retards to make judgements with no basis on the software itself.

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>no one uses linux because of its logo
Does Tux even actually appear anywhere in the majority of distros? You didn't even use the bitch tits version.

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>bitch tits version

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>not being into chaos
I bet you shampoo twice

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>Available on linux
On linux =! Freetard software

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>noone uses freetard software

Does he? I never knew.

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>And this ladies and gentlemen, is why noone uses freetard software.
Your proprietary browser's grammar checker seems to be defective.

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Because of some fugly icons? That can easily be replaced? You'd have to be pretty petty to ignore good free stuff because of that.

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>open the door, kid, I will show you my freedom stick

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See what I meant: I thought "nobody uses gcc" was the dumbest thing a macfag could say, yet today I wake up to read "gcc is always hidden behind cmake". I wonder what macfag stupidity tomorrow will bring!

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>literally turtles making out
And some say freetards aren't autistic.

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Gcc is fucking dead.

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Fucking FOSS autists are just insufferable. Better designers might contribute, if they felt they are valued. There are actually people on this very site that think good design or a good user experience is for normies and they are above that.

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nobody use that shit, OP still right
Apple knew what was doing

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Nailed it.

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What the hell is this???

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if you use linux in public in front of normal, well adjusted people, they will most likely assume you are a furry.

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>implying normals know what a furry is

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Newsflash: FOSS users don't give a shit about logos. We care about functionality, I guess apple fanatics will never understand that...

btw, you really shouldn't complain about logos when you're too stupid to understand the difference between white and transparent.

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>implying normals know what a Linux is

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Hint on Linux getting mainstream?

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He's thinking that mac is an option to anyone but a college drop out that lives on daddy's money.


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A perfect example of an apple fanatic who doesn't know shit, not even about his own platform. Apple's own IDE uses llvm.

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That's so dumb I don't know what it mean.

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Simply epic.

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>20 year old shit no one uses anymore
At least try to make a decent bait next time.

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This is beautiful.
Holy shit, it's actually wonderfully beautiful.

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>no one uses anymore
Its literally logos for GNU, Linux, Firefox, GCC and GIMP you fucking retard.

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Jesus bit-bucketing Christ

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>change permissions 777

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I think you mean old ass gimp and old ass Firefox.
The more modern gimp, ganoo, gcc and linux logos get a pass tho, but that's only 4 out of 11.

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Meant for >>67050291

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>Does Tux even actually appear anywhere in the majority of distros?
It's opt-out in the default config, so I guess it does.

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>old ass gimp
From their homepage.

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So what you're saying is that the logos for the things that people use look like shit?

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>tries new GIMP, everything stutters
>refresh rate below acceptable

Why do I have to live a miserable life just because it's free?

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Don't pretend to be dumb.
As you can see, there are two gimp logos on that picture, and one of them is not the one you posted here.

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So? All 3 look like complete dogshit.

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Found this gem

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>being this insecure that you must base your choice of software on the fucking logo of the program

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Just imagine being this retarded

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>imagine imagining second level trolling still works in 2018

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The auctex logo isn't terrible though.

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imagine being so retarded you use gcc

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That's why homesexuals use apple.

>> No.67052212

Can confirm. The save for web function both deletes my EXIF and is capable of compressing my JPEG's without changing the fucking colors on the picture.

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Don't fix it if ain't broken.

Win can be bloat and spyware nowadays but it is used for his productivity aka it just works. Why change something working.

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holy moly the shishi one

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how will freecucks ever recover?

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LibreOffice would have corrected that typo

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File: 52 KB, 500x528, know_your_meme_newfagfaceug87werg8gsd8f7g8wgefiwegf87gsd8fhs8dfg8sdgf8sdgf8sd7ggf_LOLITSOKIWASJUSTPRETENDINGYOUIDIOT.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>calling him retarded
>yet noone is able to explain why he is wrong
4chan epic style

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Chrome is built with LLVM iirc

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It doesn't fucking matter if you're using CMake or not, you're still using GCC retard.

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LO is a piece of shit my dude

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Why the fuck does anyone use Gimp when paint.net is free and miles better?
Pic related it's some anon from another thread trying to show how "easy" it is to make a circle in Gimp.

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>Fuck, wrong size, I have to rewatch it drawing the circle again.

Yeah, Pain.NET is good (there are a lot of plugins), but I think that at this point, if you want something free, Krita is definitely better than GIMP.

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GCC > Any compiler on microsoft.

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Obviously everyone uses clang. Get with the times grandpa.

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>using clag

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>Pic related it's some anon from another thread trying to show how "easy" it is to make a circle in Gimp.
The absolute state of freetards.

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Fuck off normies!!!

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>Pic related it's some anon from another thread trying to show how "easy" it is to make a circle in Gimp.

You are all retarded. The anon who posted that originally was trolling. Are you really this dumb?

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>exist solely for superficial retards to make judgements with no basis on the software itself.
And exactly this is why the OP is right. People like a professional looking logo because it implies that the company/person that made the logo is themselves professional, meaning they deliver quality, speed and support.If the logo looks badly/hastily put together than the assumption will be that the software will likely be made with the same level of quality.

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no u

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Spotted the newfag.

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ladies and gentlemen, I present to you /wdg/

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>he compiles bsd on gcc
Absolut cuck

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>The quality of software is based on its logo
So THAT's why Blender is better than Maya

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This is completely untrue, apples native apps are masterrace tier.

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No shit, but worse than that (icons can be replaced easily) is the retarded UI on many freetard software. It's like they make it intentionally bad.

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Most common distros use plymouth

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Doyouhave butterflykeyboardmacbook?

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>comparing mail services, a c compiler, firefox, and an image manipulation program to default mac os x programs like itunes, safari, and quicktime; applications that do not have the same uses
Okay retard.

>> No.67059577

this is what autism looks like in logo form

>> No.67059654

Wrong. LO is a godsend for using a Unix-like OS as a daily driver.

I rarely have problems opening/editing/saving Word documents, its almost completely compatible.

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i don't give a shit how it looks as long as it works

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>a bunch of virgins who get paid donation money but live in a basebent
>an organized multinational corporation whose design team is led by Sir Jonathan Paul Ive, KBE, HonFREng, RDI who happens to be Chancellor of the Royal College of Art

literally virgin v. chad right here, bro

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