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>intel is kill in HEDT
What now?

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I'd rather choose chiller than fucking Ln2 setup
>32 core barely beats 28C even with +100Mhz

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That's a ~5% increase in both coarz and points.

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One processor is reality and the other is fantasy rubbish.

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>AMDs real product beats Intels fake demo
Holy shit

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Not really fantasy, it's just the best binned xenon ever.

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The problem is, the chiller setup is not realistic at all. It's a golden chip, maybe even one of a kind, with an impossible setup that no one right in their mind would ever think of using.
I wonder how long that CPU would actually last being clocked at 5.0GHz. It must be getting fed so much voltage, there's no way it can be stable in the long run.
That 28core demo is never seeing the light of day in consumer stores, by the way. The 2990WX will be available soon enough. You can choose to do LN2 on the 2990WX. You can't choose to do the 28c demo on a chiller, because it's not going to be sold anyway.

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This kills the Jew.

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Intel was kill since Zen release

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>not even zen2
>already destroying Intlel

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Can't wait for the excuses when Zen2 launches and obliterates Intel on every end. HEDT and Server are already turning to AMD on all ends, consumer tier products are next.

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when tom's hardware, AKA Jewtel Shilling Central, is giving it to AMD you know things got fucken serious.

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Lmao this can't be real

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Based, good thing we use LN2 on daily use and even more based, Intel has also 4 cores less, lmao and 14nm while AMD uses 12

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Lmao 32cores @ln2 with higher clock
barely beats a 28core with water cooling
The absolute state of ayymd

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Cool story

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Good thing we all have 2000W rated chillers at home ready to plug into our fucking CPUs to use Intel's demo CPUs that are never getting released.

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>industrial water cooler.

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RIP Intlel

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Ouch, my stock price.

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Oh no, you just wait for the i7-8086 and see! We've got this, guys, amirite?

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>5300 leak fuck intel
Now 6399

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delid the yid

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Right. Specifically: The best Xeon that's ever been binned. On a one-of-a-kind mobo designed for this particular event. Using a cooling solution, rated in horsepower, that is restricted or even banned in both north America and Europe.
It occurs to me this setup really sounds more like something out of Linus Tech Tips than a publicity stunt of a business like Intel.

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You know what's killing Intel even more in the server space? New sockets every year.

Know what's a big driving force behind Epyc taking Intels lunch? So much cheaper to operate for effectively the same performance that buying Xeon will get you fired.

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Os this 32 core 5.1GHz threadripper?
What the fuck

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That's LN2, which means unrealistic voltage and power consumption levels. You'll never be able to achieve that much under air or water, much like you'll never be able to achieve Intel's 5GHz 28core demo without a chiller.
It's a neat little test, but a one-trick thing that doesn't work in real life. 4.4GHz is much more realistic on water, 4.1-4.2 on air, maybe. Wait for more benchmarks later today.

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It's on LN2.

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it is under ln2, but yeah

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>intel retarded garbage

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Came in to post the same graph.
Not even TH is shilling for intel anymore.
Intel is quite literally finished and bankrupt.

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The same insane unrealistic setup intel used for their "5ghz 28 core" expect at 4 ghz on both that the ryzen will be faster

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it's an unrealistic setup like the intel 5GHz that used a 2hp cooler
Intels best possible scenario still can't beat AMD's best possible scenario, and the AMD offering is actually going on the market later this year

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>Intel has 14 whole nanometers
>AMD only has 12 and can't even afford that so they're only selling 7 next year

How can AMD even compete?

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>next week

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I kek'd

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>AMD offering the new 2950x for 100 dollars less than the old 1950x
that's antisemitic, guys.

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Got a chuckle out of me

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nice botnet

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>for 1799 usd, Pierre.
Which would put it probably at 1/10th of the intel's 28c MSRP

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if you don't want to watch a video for a cpu that got out of NDA a few hours ago featuring one of AMD's VP, be my guest then.
No need to bitch like a cunt, just roll your eyes quietly and ignore the links.

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I just noticed. The disclosed 4.2ghz boost is PB2. I wonder how much XFR will get on Threarippers.
4.35 just like Ryzen doesn't look too unrealistic.

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cheeky breeky
accurate tho

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It's 4.2GHz.

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actually by XFR's nature, and considering Threarippers are binned chips, 4.5ghz in 2 cores shouldn't be that far fetched.

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This is bait right

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4.2 is the highest the 2990 will boost to in lightly threaded workloads.

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10 C Long term use
-210 C Temporary use for 2 minutes

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AMD finally learned how to meme good.

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>14.3% more cores
>only 3.73% more performance with +100mhz
woah it's fucking nothing

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plis, plis kys promptly.
I won't even call you a retard because it isn't funny when it's true. It would be very nice of you if dodn't reprduce though. So, could you please not? That would mighty fine of you. thanks.

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Intlel's 28c will btfo it even without a chiller.

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>the virgin 1 in a million binned 28 cores CPU 14nm++++++++++ with custom motherboard and 2.5 horsepower chiller worth over 10 thousand American Pesos that works that intel had to tell everybody that it wasn't an actual product that was coming out, they just felt like trying to show off
>vs the chad 7nm 32 core kikeripper legit product launching in a week, worth less than 2 thousand US Dollars of pure ADVANCED MICRO DEVICES tech

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This AMD is finished after 9900K btfos it in consumer market. And the 28 core destroys it in HEDT
The server market is already lost to xeons because nobody wants inefficient glued together dies in that market
It was a good efford though.
Samsung acquisition when

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>Over $5000 dollars.

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$10000 to be precise

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No argument, only seething

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>a year and a half ago a 10 core processor from our competitor was 1723 dollars. To put it to prespective. Now about 1 and half year later you can have 32 core 64 threads for about the same price.

that would be antisemitism, Jim.

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>confuse temperature and heat.

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Intel are fucked

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2kw chiller
>long term.

yo, retard, a fully filled dewar of ln2 is most likely cheaper than the electricity cost of running that 2kw "long term" chiller. Which was modded to run at -20c btw -- making it even more energy inneficient.

Nobody needs arguments against you. There absolutely no reason. Calling you names is enough.

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Clock Speed 2.1 GHz
Turbo Speed 2.8 GHz
Max. Turbo Speed (On 2 Cores Only) 3.8 GHz

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Based AMD shows how to wreck some shit.

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>40% faster than intel's fastest hedt chip
>same price


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Available next week.
One of a kind chip on a one of a kind mobo. Available never.

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this is bad, not because intel was necessarily good, but because if AMD takes over then the industry will become a monopoly.

>> No.67040322

>implying we don't have an oligopoly alrady fucking us over for decades now

>> No.67040347

>proceeds to lie
The chiller used was 700W and you have no info at which temp they ran it.
For all we know is that there are many consumer grade chillers for long term use that keep the CPU slightly below ambient

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just a reminder
5960X was at 1100 bucks and 6950x 1800 bucks just a year ago...

>> No.67040374

>amd never played dirty tricks in order to sell CPUs by lobbying.
>amd has never shown signs of bad behavior against its customers and other companies in the field
you should spread the fear kike... if intel is finished, we will enjoy good cpus from amd.

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>Tells me I'm lying.
>While lying unabashedly

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that you jay?

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Monopoly is okay if AMD does it

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This but unironically.

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>One of a kind chip on a one of a kind mobo. Available never.

Now seriously, how cool is that?

>> No.67040642

poor sap didn't get no 5k worth reviewers kit.

>> No.67040654

Considering it needs an industrial chiller for BOTH the CPU and the mobo, not cool at all.

>> No.67040656

Not cool enough to sell it as 28 cores @ 5Ghz that's for sure.

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>and it wasn't even enough
+ a compressor blowing cooled air into the case.

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Can't wait for peasant Intel 28 core stock score.

Also twice the price or something.

>> No.67040758

disappoint with 2950X. Barely more points than 1950X.
Not the scenario we saw with 2700X vs 1800X.

>> No.67040793

To be honest, intel has nothing to offer before 10nm somehow works.
They'll be selling at a loss for the foreseeable future.

>> No.67040797

>buy threadripper
>gets better value the more you spend

I honestly don't think Intel can even fathom this approach. I mean not only does it promote going all win and always betting on duke but it also massively is a big fuck you to Intel where each core costs more thna the last. THIS is the real advantage of MCM from a manufacturing perspective - going for more cores doesn't actually increase cost that much as its not monolithic and all the yeild advantages smaller core blocks bring.

>> No.67040805

>twice the price (3.4k~)
>for a binned unlocked xeon


>> No.67040819

Intel sells 6950x for $1800 2 years ago
10 cores

>> No.67040820

Nearly 1-1 scaling from 16 to 32 cores wew

>> No.67040823

that would be upwards of 10k, son.
you really think gonna start holocaust denying just because it's 1947+71?

>> No.67040833

It's just most likely gonna go sub-3Ghz at stock on all cores.
But let's be honest, nobody buys those things.

>> No.67040843

>just look my new 28 cores CPU for gaymer.

>> No.67040884

I'll say 4500.
If you take their 1000W demo and get it down to usable levels(>300W), that's where it goes.
I would be puzzled if AMD won the efficiency battle, but zen is most efficient at around 3Ghz, so we'll see.

>> No.67040899


Given outside of memory intensive workloads (quad vs dual) ryzen basically murdered broadwell-E and lit a fire under Intel. Problem is Intel looked at this fire and decided if its feeling the heat, so should its cpus!

>> No.67040909

kek you faggots are delusional. AMD won't take all the market despite having the superior product. Intel has so much marketshare it's ridiculous.
They have plenty of time, they just need to unfuck the abomination that is their 10nm node and stop releasing Broadwell over and over again. Multi die on a package is the future and they need to get there sooner rather than later.

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Well, server side is questionable.
Mostly because of intel themselves.
Integrators are just finding themselves waiting on 10nm while client are asking when the fuck they'll get their upgrade.

>> No.67040971


>sub 3.0ghz
that would stock base clock of 3.0ghz, 4.2ghz max boost, Brian. For 1/20th the price of your abomination. At least it's going to be soldered now. So, you'll at least have that now.

>> No.67040975


I want that album.

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File: 370 KB, 1016x927, 46831_01_amd-teases-zen-powered-32-core-apu-hbm2-more_full.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Remember when this was a concept?
Sure, it's missing GPU, but damn it has gone a long way.

>> No.67041014

*Jayz holds tightly to his 10 core intel hedt*
*he still loves it so very much*
n-n-n-n-nobody needs no filthy ryzen thearippers.

>> No.67041019

The real problem here is that intel can't into multi block cpus. Therefore killing their yields, therefore killing their profit, if any.
Meanwhile, almost every zen ccx is useable for something.

>> No.67041030

He didn't shill enough I guess

>> No.67041044

Well, to be fair, the guy has real use for hedt.
Don't remember why he dropped his TR build though. All I know is it was bullshit.

>> No.67041061

AMD is aiming for 5% market share of HEDT by the end of the forth quarter and they may well pull it off. They are aiming for 10% by mid 2019. They are catching up fast if it pans out that way.

>> No.67041080

My guess is that he shilled a bit too much and too blatantly. For a green team. For the last 10 years.
He shouldn't have gotten even a gen 1 chibi Ryzen.

>> No.67041111

>dropped his TR build
Jayz2fag builds dual-purpose personal rigs that can game and process his videos. TR was great for videos but wonky for games until software/bios matured.

I feel AMD is shunning him because he's an idiot and so is his viewerbase.

>> No.67041114

Jay is such a shit.

>> No.67041141

>real use
real time editing of 8k raw brainfarts actualized into videos.
If he wasn't such a shill he would've realized that ryzen would be far better for that use case. But just you wait, he'll release another brainfart telling how much better intel is for this task, on his (now) prefered software, very soon.

>> No.67041163

well it wont be missing a gpu for much long anyways 600 is coming

>> No.67041168

Despicable kike

>> No.67041175

The only thing preventing AMD from owning it all, north of gayming is virstualization, as far as I know.
And even that has been fixed since last year.
The thing is, Intel will still win for retard 144Hz gaymers, but that will be the only market they'll make money from.

>> No.67041180

>AMD gives TR2 sample to Jayz
>next week's video is: "We Tried To Watercool The New Threadripper But We Killed It..."
>"Yeah guys, no benchmark results here because our EKWB leaked and killed our 2990X... Whoops, accidents happen to everyone, right?"

>> No.67041181

>threadripper was just some hobby side project of some engineers and wasn't originally part of the company plan
Nice little interview even if it is just PR.

>> No.67041191

jayz doesnt get a tr
meanwhile hardwarecanucks that dropped amd for intel because of "muh adobe premiere suddenly decided to support intel igp out of blue" gets one

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File: 81 KB, 1024x1024, 1515009887806.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

8 core Ryzen is legit chibi tier now.
>hold my hands guise. This is a bit too much for me.

>> No.67041226

even on this day
even when amd has a clear win by all standars
toms goes so out of his hand to get the 7980xe at 4.2
and totally forget out of mistake to show its stock points

never change tom never change

>> No.67041231

@10 minutes.
>Fucking air cooler for your 32 cores CPU.

>> No.67041249

>fucking awesome air cooler.

>> No.67041261

Apparently they reached out to him and offered him a sample after all his crying and he turned them down. Jay is just looking for attention like always.

>> No.67041293

I just hope AMD can remain affordable and there won't be any jewish trickery from Intel-Aviv that will fuck things up.

>> No.67041301

They will try believe me.

>> No.67041317


2018, the year 16 threads becomes corelet territory.

>> No.67041327

>Turning down 5 thousand dollars worth of products just to keep up the tantrum.
I actually believe this in his case.

>Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't this guy say he was going to buy his own products from now on to ensure the integrity of his reviews?

>> No.67041339


That puts the 2990WX as the highest out of the box TDP yet no? Still, being able to air cool that is insanity but that surface area has its advantages.

>> No.67041347

>That puts the 2990WX as the highest out of the box TDP yet no
Speaking of real not fantasy cpus, yes

>> No.67041382

TR2 16 cores = 900$
TR2 24 cores = 1300$
TR2 32 cores = 1800$

TR16 price/core = 56.25$
TR24 price/core = 54.17$
TR32 price/core = 56.25$

Pretty much linear, with slight advantage to 24 core model.
Also ryzen 2700X is in the same ratio.
AMD is just selling all their silicon.

>> No.67041391

tis a glorious day anons.
ShillersFexus didn't get no TR2.
nuh huh~
he's saying he refused them.
I doubt it.
AMD finally blacklisting filthy known shills. I hope I live to see the day they'll have the balls to deny Tom's Hardware. For crimes against AMD.

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File: 198 KB, 2518x1024, 1515122253590.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>when yields are so good you can basically give your top model away

>> No.67041407

Well, the channel's name clearly says gamer in there, so why send them?

>> No.67041415

>inbf4 intel literally paid for his new studio.
(which is probably true)

>> No.67041427

*64 thread stallion

>> No.67041447

don't you fucking name drop jim keller.
it still hurts you fucker.
remove it nao.

>> No.67041467


I'm just drooling at all the shit he got.

>> No.67041469

Yes, but nobody will buy them, so...

>> No.67041482


Nice try Brian - you're not getting your job back by funposting on 4chan.

>> No.67041496

>I refused a Threaripper sample because I couldn't find a way to spin it negatively, again.

>> No.67041513

I mean, who the fuck buys this?
It's useless for gaymin.
It's only good at encoding cat videos.
Do we even need to feed youtube faster on them?

>> No.67041532
File: 55 KB, 297x365, d5c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.67041536

check out all of the press AMD is missing by ditching JayZ

don't watch, just check the titles and hit dislike.
Fucker had it coming.

>> No.67041553


>> No.67041574


My apologies anon - I forgot that gaymin is the only use of a high power cpu. Its why nobodies buys Xeons - they are shit at gaymen.

>> No.67041603

I mean, the only in-between market would be standalone 3D artists.
But Even then, It looks out of frame for them.
I've done it and was just using old networked PCs to render. Cost me 0$.

>> No.67041694
File: 59 KB, 268x766, 4QJ3wJ0s-y4MBR24h0EiflnrXm5zGAcq8yhCmynR4Ck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

mama Lisa <3

>> No.67041737

>AyyMD is literally buying off reviewers now

>> No.67041738

No wonder those aussies got a 32 core proc.

>> No.67041748


>> No.67041765

he's 100% right you fucking retard

>> No.67041767

More like the ones who received TR2 are the AMD shills.

>> No.67041777

>Intel rushes out shitty chips to hastily compete with amd
>They're house fire disasters for the most part and and is still on top of performance.
>Intel thinks optane memory is somehow going to sell in a consultant.er market when it's a useless paperweight for the a average user

Just what the fucking are those retarded Jews doing? Their management must be freaking out about amd, it's fucking hilarious.

>> No.67041791

They're all shills, moron. That is the purpose of their channels.

Jay and Steve are just butt hurt bitches ever since AMD called them out on their bullshit at the Ryzen launch.

>> No.67041802

*Consumer market

>> No.67041804


28core overclocked to the gills.

That Intel chip would distintegrate if the chiller stopped for a ms.

>> No.67041806

Because that's what I want to troubleshoot instead of buying a pre-built with a warranty. Or doing it myself to save money.

>> No.67041811

That cheeky cunt

>> No.67041859

I read that the 19xx series already had the improvements from the Zen+ architecture, as did the 2400g and the 2200g. Just not the "12nm node shrink", so what you are seeing there is just the process advantage. I assume.

>> No.67041861

Look that's how I go.
I do some 3D rendering from time to time because, well people ask me to.
I use an old quad core Intel thing (can't remember it's name) + an i5 750 + an i7 3770k.
They render while I'm editing on my 2700x machine.
Most of the time, Render will be out before I have must change being done.

>> No.67041877

>They're all shills
You are right

But some of them shill AMD (like Hardware Unboxed) and some of them shill Intel (like Steve, Linus and Jay)

>> No.67041912

And if you had a thread ripper you could be doing it all on one machine even faster.

>> No.67041932

No. Jay and Steve have a personal grudge against AMD because AMD wanted them to test with in their parameters. They decided not to and make a bunch of guff about it and act like spoiled children, and even when AMD try to be the adults they still get stabbed in the back. The sooner those two fuck wits fuck off and die. The better off everything will be.

>> No.67041943

This really, there are many "neutral" reviewers that got no sample even though they are more popular than the ones who did

>> No.67041948

Sure, but those machines were my editing ones, once.
I'm sure someday that 2700x will join the group.
To be quite honest, I could adopt a strategy where I'm not editing on the best platform.
But so far, I haven't been held up for rendering.

>> No.67041949

Dang, impressive results, I mean I don't render stuff and neither does a lot of people, but still good to know for the few engineers I have I guess.

>> No.67041962

Which Steve?

>> No.67042003

Theres no chance that wraithripper cooler gets a regular ryzen version right? Id buy it in an instant.

>> No.67042011

The relaxer and straightener in his jewfro hair steve.

>> No.67042012

>tom's hardware = amd shills

>> No.67042025

It's something like a 250w TDP cooler. They could shrink it, but it would lose efficacy. Not as many heatpipes or cooling area.

>> No.67042063
File: 123 KB, 653x726, 1497881707324.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm still on 4cores and 8threads Its not like i can understand this type of thing.

its a bit over my head.
>t.6700k user

>> No.67042071

Meanwhile, intel will have you buy new motherboards.
I still feel bad for uninformed people (including me) upgrading their amd CPU from last gen on B350/X370mb, but it still works for no extra platform $. Just extra noise from cooler in my own experience.
But putting a 32 core TR in an old X399 mb might be the worst gamble of all times.

>> No.67042097

idiot youtuber literally hired a lawyer to discuss, justify and excuse nvidia's new NDA. Never bashed or disclosed intel's own reviewers guidelines, which are far more restriticve than AMD's, not to mention they also send out reviewers guide for AMD products, or rather how to compare intel products during AMD launches.
>Nothing to see there.
But since AMD dared to tell him, a professional "tech enthusiast" youtuber, which windows power plan he should be using for his first encounter with a brand new and unknown processor (Ryzen 1), damn, how dare they be so patronizing? So much strong arming. Literally dictating reviews.
(reminder that these youtubers don't even do fresh windows installs for their "professional" reviews. They actually shill for "hassle free" migrating software bundles -- this triggers me so bad, morons can't even spare the time to do a proper fresh install. Be it for gpu's or fucking new cpu's).

>> No.67042162

>Anandtech tried to open the lid on windows timers for intel. that got hushed and shut down promptly within the day it came out.
>GN still bitching futilely about one matter of factly and easy tweak to run a new cpu, for more than 1 year now.

>> No.67042178

Would unironically buy one of these

>> No.67042199

I think the mounting bracket is tad too big. Not sure, But I feel like am4 doesn't have the clearance, even if you tried to hack a custom adaptor bracket.

>> No.67042208

oh, with a smaller base plate, you mean?

>> No.67042243

>the most jewish filthy corrupt company to ever exist on this planet won't smear shit and bribe as many people as possible
Yeah not gonna happen.

>> No.67042261

>Anandtech tried to open the lid on windows timers for intel. that got hushed and shut down promptly within the day it came out.

I missed that one. What happened? Is this the HPET forced timing?

>> No.67042271


>> No.67042336

funny thing about shutting it down.
'member that consumerist report about nvidia gifting UHD tv's and flagship Titans to basement dwellers with big forum traction and followers?

well, that was nice.

>> No.67042394

From 2006. AMD Shill.

>> No.67042408

That's a bunch of nothing burger. Who cares?

>> No.67042427

I wonder how many 10,000 dollar xenons they destroyed trying to find one that could hit 5Ghz.

>> No.67042458

The R5 1400 and 2600 are the best value CPUs right now

>> No.67042466

>t. 2 anons behind brand new UHD 4k 144hz g-sync displays run by Titan Voltas in SLI brought to them by nvidia (not for retail editions).

There was one from this year. Coouldn't quite find it. Google kept showing nvidia Shield results instead of nvidia shills. It was a bit aggravating and I gave up.

>> No.67042484

So they've been fucking other companies over from a confirmed 12 years

>> No.67042492

I scrubbed through the vidya, and they just seemed to be talking about how amazing it is and other bullshit. Was there any interesting technical info at all hidden within those 23 minutes?

>> No.67042517

today is unboxing day.
reviews under embargo till the 13th.

>> No.67042519

I would recommend you read further in to it. But why bother? You just want attention like a faggot

>> No.67042561

>1770 w of heat removal for just 750 W
Sounds like a pretty good cooler desu.

>> No.67042568

t. Dipshit who got bought off with a Wega 64, the bulldozer of GPUs.

It couldn't be that it doesnt exist, shill? Much like pedophile pizza rings? I mean if you actually bothered to read your 404'd bullshit you'd be able to look up more relevant terms?

Unless you want to add in lazy as well as incompetent?

>> No.67042623

The knockoff version is 600 bucks.


It damn well better be.

>> No.67042631

Wow. Take a chill pill, LJM.

>> No.67042641

Shill elsewhere AMD.

>> No.67042650

>mfw i actually have a intel 6 core the 5820k

>> No.67042671
File: 3.54 MB, 1662x2048, lisatr2template.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here's the template. have fun dudes.

recommend some 16px gaussian blur for whatever you paste there for that authentic out-of-focus look

>> No.67042672

>we succesfully shut it down
>it never existed

t. muh 6 million 404's.

>> No.67042691

Don't you think your reaction is a little exaggerated there, Jensen?

>> No.67042727

>ten thousand burger shekels
>20% fewer PCIe lanes than a $650 Threadripper

>> No.67042777

wtf I love AMD now

>> No.67042790

on a related note, check this out.
dual epyc big bros.
pure hardware porn.
12k vs 60k edition

>> No.67042864
File: 84 KB, 653x726, 1524494894700.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

AMD buying out der8auer the same way intel bought Linus off. With server parts.
AMD did it right with the superior german tech enthusiast pro oc'er youtuber. Intel didn't even manage to firmly grab the manlet canadian professional memer by his boipussy. Intel laso lost the guy who got rich by promoting their own delidding.
they lost their delider.
this is an epyc day.
they can't even delid dis anymore, even if they try.

>> No.67042880

Very good CPU for the time, but didn't it had problems along the way? I almost upgraded to it coming from the 2600k, but decided to wait™.

>> No.67042998

>Intlel's 28c will btfo it even without a chiller.
> has 3.3 times the power density of a fucking nuclear reactor

If anything, it vaporizes the moment it doesn't get cooled.

>> No.67043052

Look, everyone, this idiot believes in the megahertz myth.

>> No.67043415

>JayzTwoFags BTFO
That made my day better.

>> No.67043548

HAHah get wrecked for not properly running AMD setup

>> No.67043570

dare I say, aussies are truly the /cunt masters/?

>> No.67043615
File: 243 KB, 588x1159, JayZTR2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jayz tirades. what an insufferable cunt

>> No.67043717

>need to pullstart your 1hp cooler like a lawnmower

>> No.67043763

>please feel sorry for me, AMD has been so mean it's sickening!

>> No.67043767


>> No.67043958

>attempted to make it right and offer us a sample
I hope they send him a TR2 box full of Anthrax

>> No.67044159
File: 141 KB, 670x894, 1530288608992.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.67044174
File: 256 KB, 609x465, 1521267615160.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.67044176


>> No.67044196

kek, this sad fuck is pathetic.

>> No.67044232
File: 152 KB, 604x721, 1502069072962.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.67044326

>One person says a thing on twitter
Ok kid

>> No.67044347

I'm actually laughing at the retard's tweets, using battery life of a shit laptop with tiny battery as a measure of CPU power efficiency, what the fuck.

>> No.67044359

>Intel employee for 20 years

>> No.67044544

new cpu beats old cpu wowzas

>> No.67044570

Intel in panic mode.

>> No.67044666

>Threadripper isn't good because it lacks the single core performance of a Skylake-X i9 and it uses more power than a mobile CPU
Genuinely curious if anyone actually takes this guy seriously? Seems his whole shtick is making intentionally obtuse arguments to bait rational thinkers to disagree so he can sling condescending ad-hominems.

>> No.67044870


>> No.67044910

>AMD releases a near chip for all 23 people in the world that need them
For what purpose?

>> No.67044926

>AMD makes amends
>offers you TR2
>Nah, fuck you
what a manchild

>> No.67044940

>still shilling for Intel even though he doesn't work there anymore
What the FUCK is his problem?

>> No.67044946

Watch a year from now when he brings this up but conviently forgets that he was offered one.

>> No.67044955


well 20 years of brainwashing at inTel aviv does that to him

>> No.67044971
File: 650 KB, 995x1159, precision7920.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Intel's best possible scenario.

>> No.67045036

Remind me again why a consumer needs 32c/64t cpu that costs thousands of dollars?

>> No.67045065

Render, video edition,compiler code.

But today average consumer, only need 200 dollars android phone...

>> No.67045121

Christ, Dell OEM cases look good.

>> No.67045132

They wouldn't, if they need that much raw power they would just use EC2.

GPU is better for video encoding.

>> No.67045141

Remind me again why a ten core 20 thread 3Ghz CPU used to cost $1,500?

>> No.67045144

they're fucking huge and weigh a ton.

>> No.67045153

Hahaha. Holy fuck I'm poor. That's more than my car is worth.

>> No.67045169

Why do they take so much to certify Threadripper workstations?
Most IT departments aren't allowed to build their own PCs.

>> No.67045183


>> No.67045184


GPU video encoding is shit-tier for quality
it is only good for casual stuff. CPU encoding is the only way to good if you want quality.

>> No.67045186

I'll bet you it's whisper quiet and never goes above 68 centigrade under full load though.

>> No.67045205

>almost a thousand points
>barely beats
I'd call you an idiot but you're defending jewtel so it's implied

>> No.67045213

My 1070 can do 8K 12bit HEVC, btfo much dipshit?

>> No.67045228

Congrats on the artifacting. Am I supposed to be impressed?

>> No.67045231

Its lossless.

>> No.67045248
File: 5 KB, 211x239, 92d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nigga u blind

>> No.67045285

fug unrealistic use cases, I'm looking at the performance data on regular conditions.

>> No.67045293

>thousands of dollars
not even that my friend, the most expensive threadripper is less than 2k

>> No.67045300

That will not happen.
Intel will just get their ship, fly to some asteroid field, punch the floor, cry and come back with a brand new architecture able to actually compete.
It will be the fourth time or so this happened.

>> No.67045314

what 'regular condition' did they test the 28 core CPU in again?

>> No.67045325

this thing could mine the shit out of some monero.

>> No.67045354

it's over 1:1 at stock settings

>> No.67045385

Out of the whole Linus team, only Linus seems to be the one that defends Intel and to a lesser extent Luke, everyone else has no problem shitting on Intel.

>> No.67045394

>AWS memes
2x 16 core instances running 24x7 (1 year reserved up-front m5.4xlarge * 2) will cost ~$8,000, while a 32 core TR2 build will cost less than half of that.

Even if you included automation to use on-demand pricing and only run the instances strictly when needed, the costs of running two are 0.768 * 2 = $1.536 per hour, so your break even point with a $3,000 TR2 build is still only ~2,000 hours of use. Less than a year if you run it 8 hours per day.

>> No.67045426

And guess what they end up using if they rent those EC2 servers?

>> No.67045445

Nope. You are sacrificing bits by trying to cheat the encoding using brute force GPU algorithms. Versus doing it properly on a CPU. To put it in layman's terms

In a GPU it takes, let's say three frames, encodes them simultaneously and tries to make each frame align with the one before it and after it with calculation of motion vectors and color depth and all kinds of other complex computations that are way above our pay grade. And then tries to correct it all together after it's encoded. Which is why it's faster.

Versus a CPU it takes each frame and encodes it one by one by one. Devoting more processing to those motion vectors and color depths.

If you REALLY want to test it, encode it with 10-bit 4k using an X265 codec. 10 second video one on GPU, One on CPU. Then down convert it to 8-bit with the x264 code and see which one still has a higher quality. There's a reason X264 CUDA stalled out. And why not even OpenCL tried to take over the mantle because all it could do was accelerate some of the encoding path while still rely on the CPU.

>> No.67045473

Who cares about x86 garbage?

>> No.67045511
File: 5 KB, 359x154, ohnonono.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.67045597

Nah, Dell loves to put fat 120mm fans on their stuff, it probably sounds like a revving truck at full load.

>> No.67045622

[citation needed]

>> No.67045678

If tripfags could stop self-owning they wouldn't be tripfags

>> No.67045820
File: 12 KB, 758x55, IntelChiller.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Chiller using R22 refrigerant

>> No.67045831

>Intel literal destroy ozone layer.

>> No.67046014
File: 69 KB, 662x393, AverageAustralianPoster.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Champions of Shitposting

>> No.67046024

I want this guys sub count to fucking dive and his mortgage to fuck off and be homeless.

>> No.67046219
File: 599 KB, 1312x1740, !BEtripfagBTFO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>btfo much dipshit?
yeah ((you))

>> No.67046282

I feel there's another collage to be made in this thread

>> No.67046367

I swear this tripfag loves getting owned. He deliberately posts easily debunked claims so people humiliate him in just a couple of replies. That is it, he enjoys being humiliated, the little faggot.

>> No.67046554

It supports lossless you moron. You honestly aren't worth replying to.

>> No.67046724

I've suspected for a while this tripfag could well be an AMDrone false flagging to try make Intlets even stupider than they are. But other times the level of conviction this faggot uses in some of his/her arguments makes me think otherwise.

>> No.67046863

then why did you reply to him anon

have a couple in my office, they're pretty quiet. They also look quite nice in person

>> No.67046893
File: 83 KB, 681x522, 1528964800915.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Delid dis right now!

>> No.67046900
File: 132 KB, 608x575, 1530381756042.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.67046902

Best chip ever binned btw

>> No.67046913

Kind of want to subscribe, but really don't want to give him the satisfaction

>> No.67046917

Fuck that cheese eating surrender monkey.

>> No.67046926


>> No.67047611

this reminds me of when tweaktown tried to shit on the radeon ssg and then the red ceo came out and told them "we specifically asked amd to create that card because we wanted it on our next gen render farms for the hollywood studios we wouldnt ask for anything if it wasnt anything less than awesome "

>> No.67047721

>GPU is better for video encoding.
Look, it's another anon that needs new eyes.

>> No.67047760

good luck smuggling r22 for it
why you think intel made the demo on computex and not on europe or usa?

thats right because the particular gas they used is banned

>> No.67047772

>What now?

>> No.67047786

his only child was the p4 lineup dude he really hasnt been involved on anything else

>> No.67047807

the only card AT THE MOMENT that can do a live 8k is the radeon ssg
the rest especially given that you dont have pcie insane ssd's and massive 4-6tb of ram you are lying simply

>> No.67047886
File: 247 KB, 1024x305, w7xkU-kHZhmf9bNdtQMW83CfOUp5mgi8CCrGucLKdpM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.67047930

already in the top 20 lol

>> No.67047971

i kinda doubt that companies buy their server and workstation cpu's from amazon

>> No.67048019


>> No.67048165


>> No.67048258

This is the result of InTelAviv brainwashing camps.

>> No.67048305

yes, because a 1.2ghz current-gen CPU outperforms a 7700K @ 5.0. OH WAIT IT FUCKING DOES NOT.

how can someone be so fucking ignorant, or just dumb? like how you become this much of an imbecile? parents dropped you? kids beat you up in school?

>> No.67048309

>shill for AyyMD
>like Hardware Unboxed
that fucker changes sides so often, just to avoid subscriber backlash, he doesnt even deserve to be called a shill, he is just a jewtuber in full damage control at all times

>> No.67048313

> Server are already turning to AMD
Yeah, no. I support a company as part of my job, they already have 3-4 centers up and planing to build more. AMD threw everything at us, but they just don't have anything high-frequency on the market. We did look at every Epyc, but fuck, they are only useful for threaded tasks.

So. It is indeed an impressive offering. But does it cover everything? Hell no. Far from it.

>> No.67048355

nice larp faggot >>>/v/

>> No.67048378
File: 57 KB, 682x767, 1532360815680.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tfw want to ditch Intlel but can't justify it because the 5820K is still a top performer.

Why was pre-Skylake Intel so good?

>> No.67048413

>Why was pre-Skylake Intel so good?
It wasn't.
The last decent CPU was Sandy Bridge, everything went downhill from there.
First the thermal jizz, then the ~5% improvements and new sockets, then the late and botched 14nm with Broadlel and the integrated power regulator which occasionally fried the CPU and the disabled instructions due to bugs.
Take off those rose-tinted nostalgia glasses, Intel has been slowly fucking everything up since Sandy Bridge.

>> No.67048431
File: 52 KB, 599x440, jayzzz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jaystwofag buttblasted post

>> No.67048440

how is cost of operation below 50%, lower purchase entry point and higher performance not a compelling argument for epyc?

each 2u xeon rig is bested by a 1u 7401p at less than half of the operating cost with >30% performance.

>> No.67048484

Don't even bother. It's pretty clear he's a shill who never set foot into a datacenter nor worked in enterprise IT.
I mean, high-frequency server CPUs? "Only useful for threaded tasks"? What the fuck?

>> No.67048566

Holy fuck! So much salt. I love it!

>> No.67048588

Did they do an clc or custom loop oc? Id be interested to see it

>> No.67048667


>> No.67048674

cry moar Jayz, your profile picture fits you so well.

>> No.67048780

Does your company specialize in running CSGO instances? Thats the only way I'll fall for your bait.

>> No.67048859

toppest of keks

>> No.67048877
File: 31 KB, 450x337, 10513.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.67049472

I wish AMD could pull off like this all over again.

>> No.67049557

7618 * 50 / 51 // 7344 == 1.0169x ( 32C vs 28C ) or 1.0170x

32C / 28C = 1.1428x

Intel has a 1.1237x IPC if equally clocked

( 32 / 28 ) / ((7618*50/51)/7344) == 1.123x

>> No.67049607

Yes, that's why Intel still wins despite having lower core count than 32 core TR2

>> No.67049795

yeah it wins at burning your house down faster than ever

>> No.67050100

Are you sure the 1.5kW chiller running using banned CFCs on a one off chip and mainboard that will never be made again which also consumed another 1.2kW on their own during a demo intended to steal the thunder from the trade show that AMD was about to buttblast Intel at regarding their incapabilities at this very activity is not the actual bait?

>> No.67050128

Other than Paul and AMD Steve who else received the TR2 marketing meme box?

>> No.67050867

You could probably pull it off with a DH-15. My 2700x gets single core boost of almost 4.4, and when I stress about half the cores, I get around 4.2 - 4.3. All core, I get 4.1 - 4.2Ghz.

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