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Steve Jobs, Mark Cuckerberg, Wozniak, Google founders, Bill Gates, Bezos

probably more

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Apart from the creator of the Linux OS, most of them.

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Richard Stallman

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his tech tips suck, fuck canada

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Don't forget Elon musk

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You cannot resist this laptop. (I think Linux Techtips is a great marketing channel.)

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Ah yea that cuck. He's probably the biggest welfare queen in the US. Can we cut him off yet?

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Posting my collection.

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pledged of $30,000 goal

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>contracts to the government are subsidies

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> booze allen hamilton
> raytheon
> general dynamics
> anything with elon musk
> contracts to buy crops from rural cuckimerican farmers b/c muh DOHNULD TRUMP
yes, govt contracts are subsidies

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That the client of Space X is the government doesn't mean the government should own equity on it.

Did your parents take you out from the school at 12?

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he looks like a sex offender

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> goes from contracts to equity
> doesnt understand the difference
done moving the goal post yet?

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Pure salt
Mayer took the position as a revenge plot for Google passing her up for promotion. She was barely able to tread water let alone save the company. Being able to alt-tab the wealth out with Altaba at least saved her legacy with the share holders.

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This fat fuck. Did nothing except creating most cancerous software licence and whining his whole life that it's gaaaahnoouu/Loooonix instead of just Linux.

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Uncle Bob. Clean code sucks

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he is a degenerate,
but he created and maintained alone emacs for almost 3 decades with a codebase of several million lines of code.
He should STFU and go back to programming.... and die in a basement.

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and something that I forgot,
he is not overrated, but underrated as a software developer....
but he likes passing his time eating his foot 'n' shiet.

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Big call, kiddo

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Wozniak and Gates are underrated

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But the gams....

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god i want to be a female ceo's bitch secretary

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Use to be really good, now is an outdated piece of trash. He did quite impressive things but he also did nothing in the last 30 years

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She's not even that attractive

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Fag or jealous roastie detected.

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i went there

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is that the encryption schnieder guy?
i thought he was good last time i was studying crypto

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Someone has to tell to do the three meals a day challenge before anything else.

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this bitch went too far because of her face and body

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she isn't attractive at all

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>He should STFU and go back to programming.
He can't; using emacs gave him RSI so he can hardly type at all anymore.

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How about voice typing?

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More like #CuckWithKlossy

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this prick

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voice typing is pretty much shit desu

also, what open source solutions are there for voice typing? RMS certainly wouldn't use proprietary software for it.

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Sean Parker

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his left part is different from his right. he also have that robotic eye expression. devoid of humanity.

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You're not a sex offender if you're not caught.

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