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Hey /g/ fags, it's another one of those Speccy threads. Do your service and post your shitty computer specs. Mine is W2K on a Dell Latitude.

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>tfw no case fans
GPU temp is a bit above idle

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Dealing with +110° degree summer sitting next to my housefire of a pc is no fun.

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WHY doesn't it show my GPUs memory clock?

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Holy fuck rainmeter, throwback time hey?

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My CPU is OC'd to 4.1Ghz.

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Waiting for 2080 to upgrade gpu, or should i upgrade cpu mb and ram as well?

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Smell of burnt plastics coming from under my desk

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feels okay

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GPU upgrade next when new gen comes out.

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I own two Alienwares and both have been pretty great with no issues.

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What am I supposed to use if not Speccy?

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Main problem people have with Alienware is that their prebuilts are overpriced.

Imagine paying a premium for Mac, but it doesn't have good build quality and only runs Windows.

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The sad part is macs don't even have good build quality, they look pretty but that anodized aluminum shit scratches and dents ridiculously easily and the laptop becomes hideous.

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How does an Alienware have poor build quality exactly? As for prebuilt I don't mind tossing a few pesos Pedro's way to put my PC together for me.

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I'd take that over broken hinges and melting plastic any day, my nigga.

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