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threadripper 2000 packaging

how can intel even compete

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That's fucking cringe

I thought /g/ hated gaymer oriented marketing. Considering this is a workstation CPU it makes it much worse

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Neat, beats cardboard boxes.

>things can't be stylized or it triggers my autism
>I'm a super mature adult person and definitely not a manbay enough though I call things cringe like a 14 year old on twitter
Maximum upvote, retweet, liked, subscribed, followed on instagram. 10/10 blog, my guy.

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>Everything but a plain boring cardboard box is gayming shit

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How's being 14 treating you?

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>threadripper 2000
What year is this?

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>defends alienware tier packaging and branding
That makes you the juvenile idiot

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Ohh I get it now most of the money goes into packaging %25 goes into the chip itself.

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nah they made it from the molten rock intel cpu's cause
its free obviously

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How can AMD go even wider?

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i like amd more than intel
but this packaging is excess and completely capitalist

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Isn't this a huge waste of money?

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why would it be a huge waste of money?

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Fancy tech packaging costs like 1 $ extra.

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No it's included in the price.

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It's a top tier CPU, do you expect it to come on a blank box like some chink laptop part?

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more like threadripper $2000 lol

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It's a box, retard

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Economy of scale, packaging doesn't cost much.
$2 worth of packaging buys you an awful lot when you're dealing with thousands of units.

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With Intel you are the tool.

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>how can intel even compete

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Could come up in some grown-up case.

Shit like avionics are packaged in thick plastic suitcases with handles and snug fitting cut out foam.

That feels serios as fuck, you could beat somebody to death with the thing, drop it from a window and the contents will be fine.

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It's a fucking box you massive faggot.

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>t. apple sojboy
neck yourself

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>reddit spacing
you have to go back

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That's uncanny...

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>with Intel you are the fool

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made me laugh

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Holeee shit lol

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That box looks pretty sturdy, though. Additionally, a processor is nowhere as heavy or bulky as those things so they can at least afford the extra flair in the packaging. On the other hand I wouldn't dare dropping an Intel box, especially not one of those with the window that almost leaves the chip outside.

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see >>66986119

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>Maximum upvote, retweet, liked, subscribed, followed on instagram. 10/10 blog, my guy.


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I worked in package design. It's way more expensive. We did a cardboard box the size of a graphics card box with the same foam they use. It wasn't complicated. Just a few cut outs for some stuff. It cost close to 20$ per box. We made a few thousand of of them. Now the prices we got where about 30% more expensive than the really big companies. But we put their prices to around 20$ for each box. That's whit the advanced printing and the advanced cut outs.

This box for the new amd cpus is way more difficult to make. So I can say it costs more than 20$ to make even on a large scale.

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this is why ayyyymd will always be poor

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>it has 2000 cores

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How on earth did you come to that conclusion based of an expensive box?

FYI. I think the box looks fantastic.

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We lunchbox now

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I think the Ryzen box is pretty damn aesthetic. I have it on a shelf in my room.

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waiting for my juicy 7nm CPU from AMD <3

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There's no way a small cardboard box would cost 20 when in Norway you can go to ikea and get them much cheaper

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I wonder how they're holding the processor in place, I'd worry that it'd be "snapped" in there and you'd have to force it out.

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>We did a cardboard box the size of a graphics card box

Do you live in China?

If not, then you need to remove a zero from the cost, at least. These boxes are made in china with imported labor. They pump these out by the tonne.

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>useless box that you will save in a shelf forever
based intel gives you a free coaster with every cpu

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>his cpu packaging is detectable by radar

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So many intlel rustled jimmies lately, brings a tear to my eye.

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Threads prepare ur anus!

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>insert into ravaged anus

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If ANYTHING but an AMD product was in that exact packaging you all would be spamming about it being gaudy gaymur shit.

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>t. intelel

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Found the shintel shill

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The raw materials might be a couple of dollars worth of PVC and styrene beads but the cost of having the moulds machined would be easily in the tens of thousands per set and hundreds of thousands for the processing and assembly lines. Which is still chump change when it comes to a product that is sold globally, but they wont be making enough of these to bring the cost down to the levels you're thinking of.

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i can taste the kiketel tears from here

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Good luck buying $10000 xeon kek

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>how can intel even compete
Indeed, how? When there's no competition.

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It's wayy cheaper to make those shitty heatsinks than it is to make the packaging shown in the OP's pic; the intel heat sink is literally made as a long aluminum extrusion that's chopped into sections every couple of inches. The cost for the extrusion is probably something like $10 a foot and a foot will probably yield 6 heat sinks. Add a cheap fan and those pegs which have been in production forever and the grand total cost might be less than $10 per heat sink.

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>When there's no competition
*in 1770W cooling solutions

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nigger what

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Love this thread, so much jewish butthurt and tears.

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> 32-cores/64-threads
> $1800

Intel i9 7980XE:
> 18-cores/36-threads
> $1900

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> tfw tampax outperforms the i5

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LOL my sides are in orbit

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It's a fucking CPU in a box, how is that gaymer shit lmao

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Autistic loser with no hardware to be proud of.

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This is going into my incel compilation

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holy shit.

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Brown is always better.

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It looks neat but seems wasteful for some useless garbage that's going in the trash anyway.

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Seriously, styrofoam? That’s a pain to throw away.

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I still prefer intel packaging

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>we make boxes as minimalist as possible to be environment friendly while ensuring a conflict-free supply chain and-

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minimalism > bloat that isnt needed

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Reminds me of those metal boxes for FX processors. I still regret not snatching up one when they were in stock

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attention to detail >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> bland and generic

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It's literally a box.

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looks like shit

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You can still buy them in OEM tray packaging if you're a company building workstations.

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Go and drink your soi, you fucking Intel shill.

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minimalistc designs are submissive and gay while gamer designs are manly and cominating. You're not gay are you?

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I fear that's what the company I work for might become in the future. But a wholly different market.

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Accurate, their CPU naming and packaging look like some edgy gamer shit nowadays

t. TR owner

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I fucking love packaging that I can keep.
Then 10 years later I put the product back in the package and display it.

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>doesn't mention cache, boosting, clock speed, or overclocking ability
Be fair pls.

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When you buy the best, you should expect the red carpet.

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>no plastic guns or skulls on the packaging

>> No.66992571

>So autistic he doesn't understand that people like nice presentation

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You obviously never seen old workstation gear.

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>this persecution complex

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Does that $10k include a thermal solution?

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honestly that looks stupid. what happened to packaging your CPU in a neat box

>> No.66992917

no company has ever

EVER indicated generations with an increasing large number

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It's ok when AMD does it!

>> No.66993172

Lmao it's still not dead and that's the time AMD fucked up. Makes one think who made that.

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There is something to be said for a CPU box that doesn't take up half a fucking shelf.

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We've been making jokes about this for years

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It look like Tv or launch box

It another Shoah

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AMD knows a thing or two about packaging

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>tfw got the cardboard box one

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>3-Way Leak Protection
Meltdown: Vulnerable
Spectre v1: Vulnerable
Spectre v2: Vulnerable
Meltdown: Invulnerable
Spectre v1: Invulnerable
Spectre v2: Invulnerable
Holy shit tampons btfo intel

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cucked and bluepilled

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2013 was just the beginning faggot, infinite shitty refreshes, 2018 is now the result of all these years of being a lazy shit

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This. It's cringey as fuck. Imagine building a workstation and having to buy this package aimed at 13 y.o. Americans. But AMD has always been a juvenile choice.

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At least looks professional, not like GayMD.

>> No.66994145

Yeah it only looks professional, but it performs like dogshit.

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dont care

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You seem mad. You sure you haven't missed your pills?

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I have a FX-8320. I love the tin it came in! Best CPU packaging ever!

>> No.66994500

Looks fucking AWESOME
this might convince me to migrate from Intel to AMD, fucking hardcore packaging

>> No.66994518

>all these /v/edditors seething
Cry more faggots. Chug on that soda and play games for manchildren all day every day.

>> No.66994727

At least they have free sodas

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>i9: 24.75mb cache
>the 1950x had a 40mb cache no doubt the 2990x is gonna have something like 60 at least.
>i9: Base clock 2.8ghz turbo at 4.2ghz
>2990x: Base 3.4 boost 4.0
I guess I should mention that some nigga poured liquid nitrogen on the i9 and oc'd it 6ghz according to pcgamer.
Apparently using a high end aio they OC'd the 2990x to 4.12ghz but it's early days.
In fairness Intel typically has higher individual core performance but there's no way that shit's gonna beat 32 cores, even the 28 core cpu that intels making will probably have a hard time tryna match it's multicore performance using the same cooler.

>> No.66994935

this makes my 2700x look shit in comparison. the chip is sooo big. a real mans chip omg.

>> No.66994949

It's going to depend on workload, like it always does. Some will favor the core count of a Threadripper. Some will favor the faster individual cores of the i9. Which you already know.

>> No.66994991

>Some will favor the faster individual cores of the i9.
28 Intel cores won't be clocking over 4.0 without a industrial chiller, they'll be even game against AMD.

>> No.66995066

/g/ is a fucking hypocrite

>> No.66995099

Oh I see, $200 is spent on the packaging alone.

>> No.66995159

literally seething

>> No.66995176

skylake-x was fucking shit

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Better than Intel as in no leaks

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>the faster individual cores of the i9

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you look like a faggot

>> No.66995736

Jean-Claude !
You smelly canuc, stop hacking Intel's mail server plz...

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This is my absolute legend

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So /g/ what would you use a 32 core/64 thread XeonRipper for?

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>> No.66995784

Wish I could have one of those to keep my tea in, instead of the overpriced "tea" tins I bought.

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>> No.66995820

Shitposting on /g/ on Speccy threads....
Boasting everyone because I made it run Win7 and Gentoo in cross VM...

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>faster individual cores

>> No.66995842

>/g/ is one person

>> No.66995915

u jelly schlomo?

>> No.66995975

Let alone that large number of cores vs clock speed. 28 core from Intel wouldn't do anywhere near 3.4 GHz all core with that kind of efficiency, let alone being able to air cool the damn thing. This chip is insane! Wish I had a use for 32 cores.

>> No.66996558

>i don't like the box, so the product inside it must be objectively bad

>> No.66996727


Helvete Ola, erru helt korka eller?

>> No.66996904

If you're unable to write anything in one of the two written forms of Norwegian, it is better to not write anything at all.

>> No.66997126

>two forms

>> No.66997207


Nothing wrong with that sentence, pal.


He's probably thinking of bokmål and nynorsk, the two language variants. It's a bit like deep south vs north east for a burger.

>> No.66997380

I know, right?

I kinda want to build a TR box just to get that ...box

>> No.66997407

I'm going to ejaculate all over that box desu

>> No.66997443

>to throw away
does not compute

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Big box for a big chip

>> No.66997523

This is true

>> No.66997527

>pay $400 premium for a box
>pay $4000 premium for nothing

which would you pick faggot

>> No.66997541

i love intel and i love jewish people and diversity!

>> No.66997553

You know enterprise users and serious workstation builders don't buy in retail packaging right?

>> No.66997576

Lol my 7700k keeps me warm in the winter

>> No.66997617

it does, but as an enterprise customer, who the fuck cares? the IT dept. gets them and throws them in the garbage.

>> No.66997643

> record earnings
> selling like candy

Jesus Christ, you for real bro?
Not being a fanboy, but this is still too much.

>> No.66997657

what? an i3 destroys a Ryzen or Threadripper in any kind of single thread workload. what do you smoke? what drugs are you on?

>> No.66997723

i3 is complete shit in every conceivable workload, dumb shill.

>> No.66997727

I thoguht we were gonna see some nice unboxing and everything. It's the same shit as always, I don't know why I even keep coming back.

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Is this all the AMD marketing team, or AdoredTV, or what? I always thought /g/ didn't care for gamur aesthetics so it sure doesn't seem natural for this many people to so fiercely defend it, especially with all these similar-sounding posts.

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File: 245 KB, 800x612, 1489160516428.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Delicious intel kike tears.

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Er fra Norge, sukkertopp.


Norway. and we bought the Foam from China, from the larget Foammaker in the industry.

Granted ill give you this. if the packages are just molded plastic, then its way cheaper to make.

but if its anything like a GPU box, they are fucking expensive, no matter where in the world you are.


The AMD cpu wins no matter what. even if the 7980x can oc to 4.5 and the 2990x is cooler, cheaper, the socket has more pcie lanes and more functions. its a nobrainer.

the 7980x only wins in games where IPC matters. but thats a stupid cpu for gaming as the 8700k or the 9700k is a way better value and performs better.

Seriously. i cannot think of a single reason to get Intel HEDT over AMD. not one. If anyone has a good argument, im all ears.

>> No.66997762

10 days.

>> No.66997798


Sure its like 5% faster in games.

Seriously High end belongs to AMD. Intel cant compete. Sure they have the new 9700k and 9800k coming out. and those will even cannibalize their own HEDT line even more. So unless you need PCIE lanes, you wont go HEDT. And if you need PCIE lanes, you go AMD since they rape intel on all price segments

>> No.66997868

> hurr
> doing emerge -avuDN is a valid workkkloadddd

>> No.66997874

>Sure its like 5% faster in games.

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File: 253 KB, 1000x1000, 1503848584264.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>nobody needs more than quad cores

>> No.66997964

I don't give a single fuck about the CPU brand wars, but this sort of self-aggrandizement is embarrassingly unprofessional, a completely unnecessary waste of resources and eventually just more trash to dispose of.
It's a fucking workstation CPU, there is zero need to put it in a bling display case to impress normies.

>> No.66997995

I'd rather have an amazing CPU in a "unprofessional" packaging than a shit one in a "professional" packaging

>> No.66998107

That goes without saying, but I really don't see the need to ship workstation CPU in a massive bling case when 99% of these are going to get in the trash right away because the target audience here is very far removed from the kind of guy who puts his tech status symbols on a display between his funko figures and his vape stand so he can take another "omg so excited" open-mouthed selfies with them.

>> No.66998217

It looks rather reusable though. Just take the thingy that holds the CPU out and it's a plastic box of a practical size.

>> No.66998273

You realize you're in an AMD marketing thread? Just look at all the replies to this post: >>66985892

Look at how aggressive AMD fanboys/marketers are towards anyone who dares suggest the meme packaging is retarded and unnecessary.

>> No.66998367
File: 978 KB, 1228x1024, intelunboxing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying Intel doesn't have the best unboxing experience

>> No.66998390

>tfw intels TIM is actually period blood collected from their subsidiary Tampax

>> No.66998398


>> No.66998410

>Just look at all the replies to this post:
That was embarrassing to read.
But apparently the OEM comes without the bling box, so it's not that bad, really. I guess I can understand that people who buy a $1500 CPU using their own money - without strictly needing it - might find some satisfaction in the "premium" packaging, so it makes a lot more sense.

>> No.66998435

yeah remember that time that intel made this big deal about being "conflict free" and then threw that shit right out the window as soon as Kaby Lake started production?

>> No.66998482

Isn't it funny that an i7 from 2013 is still perfectly usable and even competitive with modern i7s?

>> No.66998502

what the fuck

>> No.66998514

>people who buy a $1500 CPU using their own money - without strictly needing it - might find some satisfaction in the "premium" packaging, so it makes a lot more sense

>> No.66998606


>> No.66998668

and who exactly is doing any kind of serious work on a single thread anon?

>> No.66998706

>Wish I had a use for 32 cores.
Depends on what hardware monitoring software you use. If you use Windows then you would get 64 pretty looking graphs in Task Manager, one for each thread.
I think just seeing that many tiny graphs on one monitor is a good enough excuse to buy one.

>> No.66998709

But what if I gain satisfaction from the fact that my cpu is forged from the blood of innocents and the sweat of slaves?

>> No.66998738

Don't we all? It just makes those precious cinebench points so much better.

>> No.66998788

Why isn't there a company that creates conflict zones with mercenaries and then extracts the resources from the locals at gunpoint. Why isn't the free market serving my needs?

>> No.66998797

You legally have to be conflict free, everyone does, people get audited multiple times a year for this

>> No.66998806

Not at the same clockspeed

>> No.66998812

*wink* yeah and I legal have to claim all of my income as well

>> No.66998835

Developers, mathematicians, sysadmins, data. It's not like you write a program, or let's say you have a dataset, and you magically can just spit out parallel code. Yes, that is the aim IF you have a stable dataset, you plan the program, yadda yadda.

But if you don't. You have to just come up with a solution. Etc. You work single thread.

No shit, Sherlock. If Ryzen could run on 5ghz or above, people would buy it, for fuck's sake. That's the point.

>> No.66998843

I want to know that hundreds or potentially thousands of people suffered so that I could play Doom at 300 fps on my 60hz monitor.

>> No.66998854

You’ve never worked in a company that fabricates chips have you? I currently do, they literally breath down our necks when we take shit breaks. It’s not as simple as not declaring the $10 grandma gave you for your birthday.

>> No.66998865

wew lad

>> No.66998900

lol pleb. You want to play at 60fps on your 300Hz monitor like a pro-gaymer™

>> No.66998922

Nice try g-man, get me to admit I don't pay taxes than try to coax my meta data from me for my employment history. Fuck off glow in the dark zucker-bots!

>> No.66999076
File: 35 KB, 640x640, bo3 loot box.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Am I the only one getting this feeling?

>> No.66999094


>> No.66999118

>fucking tacklebox
I wonder how many retards bought a fucking fishing Tacklebox Edition cowadooty black cops 8

>> No.66999134

>black cops
*black cocks

>> No.66999165

Its looks like some "gaymer extreme limited edition".
Most of Intel box are boring but you can take seriously. Amd too, but the ryzen series suffer from "a tec for "pro" gamers"

>> No.66999209

>"a tec for "pro" gamers"
Oh, that is irony-laden. Gayming is the one area Ryzen falls behind.

>> No.66999223

I think some amd interns are shitposting again
Dont give a fuck anon

>> No.66999232


Dude slow down. I think it looks great. But yeah as the other guy said it's overkill and useless. But it's shiny so it will attract attention. And being amd retarded marketing. It makes sense for them.

Like when they changed Zen to Ryzen.

It was such a stupid move. Ryzen sounds so shitty ND childish. Same with thread ripper. It's like a kid came up with it. But still the fact remains. These cpus are epic. And the packaging looks dope.

>> No.66999234

Woah! Look at that big momma!

>> No.66999247

/g/ will swallow AMD's cum anytime

>> No.66999253

Ryzen rolls of easier from the tongue than Zen does. The 'Ry' really makes all the difference
and the packaging looks hefty and suggests great power within, I like it, definitely an attention grabber.

>> No.66999288

Don't forget to click the bell icon to be notified of his posts the second they happen!

>> No.66999309

>greatest Mutt ally pulling out random numbers out of his arse

>> No.66999419

I bought a Shintel 7th gen late last year and they still "proudly" touted their conflict mineral free bullshit.

>> No.66999435

>everyone that doesn't think like me is paid shill

>> No.66999458

Who cares if niggers are murdered for the talcum????

>> No.66999471

Why is this guy called an AMDshill again?

>> No.66999526

>how can intel even compete

More of these


>> No.66999527


>Ryzen rolls of easier from the tongue than Zen does. The 'Ry' really makes all the difference

It sounds like a cheap Chink phone name. Like something a retard/pajeet came up with.

Zen sounds like the name suggests. Tranquility, self control and power.

>> No.66999528

I'd rather take the $20 saving for using a brown cardboard box to be honest

>> No.66999555
File: 122 KB, 882x624, 1525791170216.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.66999560

It sounds like Raiden. GOD OF LIGHTNING.

>> No.66999576

t. retarded pennypinching jewish intel kike shill

>> No.66999591

>Regular cardboard shit inside
Why even do the outer one?

>> No.66999594

If you bought the OEM version it'd be the same price, so it's actually AMD taking a $20 cut to give you a nicer box.

>> No.66999623

I have no idea.
Maybe encode moving mongolian picture BD rips to HEVC or AV1(whenever that gets a nonshit encoder) and upload with a measly 1MB/s connection.
Compile firefox and chromium every day.
Put in a fuckload GPUs, get plenty of peripherals, and make a LAN party without multiple computers.
I just stream with the 2700x, that many cores would be overkill for me, but I do welcome the core war. To think we might have 12-16 cores on the mainstream next year when we had 4 core max just two years ago.

>> No.66999663

Still, I'd rather just have AMD lower the RRP by 20 bucks, that's like an additional noctua fan or something else

>> No.66999681

Why are there so many retards typing with this spacing?

It looks like a child that can't read for shit.

It's not like you're bringing new topics to play with each line.

You even have multiple sentences in the lines, so then why?

>> No.66999682

>the absolute quality of /g/ in the summer of 2018
Jesus it never used to be this fucking bad

>> No.66999699

reddit spacing

>> No.66999734

>all these Intlel shills buttmad because their shilling isn't working
Fucking LMAO

>> No.66999748

Nice reddit spacing, retard.
Go back.

>> No.66999756


Imagine being the genius that came up with the idea.
"How about we buy $8 chinkshit tackle boxes and make them into OMG COLLECTORS EDITION COWADOODY LOOT BOXES, fill them with $5 worth of chinkshit "swag" and sell them for $200?"
You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

>> No.66999784

>so it's actually AMD taking a $20 cut to give you a nicer box
More like it's AMD raising the price of OEM units to fund the numale meme boxes.

>> No.66999966

yeah no
especially HELL NO
yeah handling large datasets on a single thread

>> No.67000021

>He thinks $20 makes a difference when you are paying $400 + for a processor that you will use for at least 4 years.
If $20 breaks the bank, you should be looking at i3s my friend.

>> No.67000050

More like $1500

>> No.67000056

see: >>66999663

>> No.67000101

>spending $20 on fancy packaging is fine because LOL WHAT ARE YOU POOR xDDD
Spending any appreciable amount of money on packaging vanity for a consumer product with a lifetime of less than a decade is fucking retarded, and so are you for defending it.

>> No.67000144

Oh shut up you utilitarian autist.

>> No.67000171

>but I really don't see the need to ship workstation CPU in a massive bling case when 99% of these are going to get in the trash right away because the target audience here is very far removed from the kind of guy who puts his tech status symbols on a display

Eh, I use my Threadripper for workstation stuff and I appreciate the packaging and kept it. If I sell the processor at some point it'll go right back into its nice fancy box. And yeah, it's a workstation processor but people like to pretend it's for gaming. Just look at the branding for Threadripper motherboards.

I think it's pretty smart of AMD to go over the top with the packaging. They are treating Threadripper as a halo product. The numbers from a German retailer suggest that TR only makes up about 2% of Ryzen sales. People who have no use for 16+ cores will still oooh and ahhh and feel better about the brand as a whole. And obviously it's good press and hype for the launch. News articles, forums, 4changs and reddits talking about your product is good advertisement.
It also helps to reinforce negative feelings people might have about Intel's value proposition. It's like AMD is saying "Look, you know and we know that you're getting ripped off with that Skylake-X CPU. Look at how few fucks they give. Their equivalent processor costs twice as much and they can't even be bothered to give you a little bling for your 2 grand."

>> No.67000183

Top tier banter

>> No.67000187

what if intel dies in your lifetime?

>> No.67000192
File: 84 KB, 640x480, Krat59h.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I remember the thread where we found out the FX tins were recycled. And tearing them apart would reveal other products.
Fun Times.

Not mine but pic related.

>> No.67000201
File: 176 KB, 276x337, as.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>omg I received so much swag in the package!
>WOOOOW there is even a sweatband and a bunch of stickers

Please put an end to your existence.

>> No.67000289


>> No.67000310
File: 13 KB, 225x211, 1488327626352.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.67000353

Literally better than new cardboard.

>> No.67000361

*lisa's milk from her lactating breasts

>> No.67000379

Because facts and reality = AMD shilling

>> No.67000386
File: 289 KB, 1247x767, 142b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone here remember that Radeon HD 5970 that came with box a plastic gun case and a duffle bag to carry it around in?

That's a good way to get shot by the police.

>> No.67000395

What the fuck is with this spacing, go back to primary school holy shit.

>> No.67000430
File: 24 KB, 267x297, 1502488836418.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.67000484

>buy HD 5970
>get shot

>> No.67000592

If I got caught carrying that shit around, getting shot by the police would be a mercy.

>> No.67000599

I'm not talking about the shitty collector's editions of video games, those are gay. I'm talking about the packaging in the OP.

>> No.67000608
File: 614 KB, 992x1043, 1532984775087.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.67000609

I could fit a computer in there.

>> No.67000615

There is virtually no difference between these two.

>> No.67000616

Lol they had such shit coolers back then.

>> No.67000619
File: 86 KB, 593x992, 1533175113414.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.67000621

That's not a gaming box dumbshit

>> No.67000632

i love drinking kiketel tears

>> No.67000639

One is just fancy packaging, which sets it apart from other similar products on a shelf. The other comes with useles things like maps, chink toys, keychains and other crap.

>> No.67000704

>AYYMD wants $1,799 US DOLLARS for this HOUSEFIRES garbage


>> No.67000758

This is BS

>> No.67000766

>comes with useles things

This applies to both. Especially since the metal tin with plexiglass and styrofoam probably cost more to manufacture than all of the stupid gaymer swag combined.
If you fail to understand this (it's okay when people I like do it!), you're a part of the problem.

>> No.67000813

Big box for a big cpu, something Intel can't do since their products are garbage.

>> No.67000954

Bitch who cares, the people who can afford that thing surely don't. I enjoy nice shiny things and the OP packaging looks great, I love it!

>> No.67001004

he's most likely a retarded intlel shill, otherwise he wouldn't have sperged over a fucking box like a retarded ape

>> No.67001048




Nice argument, Idiots.

>> No.67001075

t. double nigger

>> No.67001186

Yes, you're the only one

>> No.67001452


>> No.67001732

Nice box.

>> No.67002152

What a fucking wasteeeeeeeeeeeee

>> No.67002205


Well duh - have you never visited OCN's news section?

>> No.67002988

>devs, math, sysadmin
>single thread
holy fuck

>> No.67003535
File: 42 KB, 600x400, huhuhuhuhu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>cinebench points are the estimated innocents killcount...

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