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>gf hands me cute ipod and her laptop
>tells me to put the music on her pc and delete everything off ipod
>so she can get rid of it
>why do u want to get rid of it
>your music is stored on the cloud no need to transfer anything
>well just do it anyway or something
trips decides what i do with cute ipod

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Put it in your asshole and post a pic

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Use it as your main music player.

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seconding this

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Cum on it and place it on a bench somewhere busy with an email address (throwaway)

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Enough poor kids who would love an iPod.
Fill it up with good music and give it away.

Be a good guy, OP.

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satan demands it

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Fuck off
Do this

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well shit

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checked and kek'd

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holy fuck i have to do it. thanks a lot, satan. i’m stuck doing errands for a short bit. if not in this thread, then I will link this thread later when I deliver.

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where's the cum normie

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Give it to someone who will cherish it :)

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>I come to 4chan to let random strangers decide what I do with things for epic memes
fucking brainlet nigger

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jesus christ

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Fill it with old songs and give it away to a retirement home

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Thanks for pointing out, anti-satan

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where is the delivery OP? >>66984666 It's been 2 hour already.

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There's a very good chance that it would be a minority - they shouldn't get any more handouts.
Niggers and spics already get too much for free

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in a sealed bag so the cum doesn't dry up

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and frozen so it's fresh by the time they see it

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I think that OP can decide for himself who he gives it to.. (if he would give it to someone)


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will cum leave it om bustop

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Bump for interest.

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It's all fun and games until his DNA ends up in a child predator database.

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he won't help you there

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Are all Americans this stupid?

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also made some OC for you all

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If you think that's bad you should see how they drive around 40 ton semi trucks that require 4 football fields to stop.

t. truckerfag

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based trips

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When is OP gonna deliver? Faggot.

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>also made some OC for you all
you should include all the "fuck off"s replying to >>66984667 or crop it out

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>made some OC
Nigga thats just an unedited screencap

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When pressing prtsc counts as OC these days...

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Based Satan poster.

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wait cum doesn't have your DNA? what the fug?
t. non american

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I hope you're baiting.

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it doesn't have your dna, it has the dna of your children obviously.

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the fat nano is a tank. i have one that i got at launch in 2008 that still holds a good charge. before i got bluetooth earbuds i used to my fat nano when i went on runs or went to the gym.

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i mean, the sperm contains your children's DNA, but i thought the seminal fluid or even whatever insignificant bit of blood that comes out of it could contain yours
dunno man i majored in computers not in biology

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Seminal fluids themselves don't contain your DNA. They're not cells, just a fluid sperm cells swim in. Sperm cells themselves contain half of your DNA which is supposed to mix with the egg cell's DNA to create a zygote. Hope that clears things up for you.

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thanks man sorry for being a brainlet

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then why does spit have dna?

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Hurry up and devliver OP, you fucking turbo fag.

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because spit does not create the babby

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how make babby

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Bepis in digeriedoo

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Bumping this thread

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you know if you all keep pretending to be this stupid something bad might actually happen

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Am sure bad won't happen fren.
OP will deliver

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A work of the devil

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you can say fag here

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Still waiting

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Shia LeBouf is going to beat Joe Rogan's ass in the Octagon!

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please let this happen

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Post her nudes.

If she's fat though please don't.

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bump for cumpod

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>i’m stuck doing errands for a short bit. if not in this thread, then I will link this thread later when I deliver.
Oh great it's fucking nothing

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wtf are you like an actual boomer?
t. 30 y/o boomer

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Post watch.

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OP better hurry up

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>bumping this thread

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kys yourself

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Do it. Deliver.

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Surprise, surprise, OP is a faggot.
>newfags think OP will deliver

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haha thanks for the serial OP

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quit sucking dicks and deliver already, OP

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no u

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Put your favorite music on it and enjoy listening to it while not draining your phone battery.

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>just be a normie scum, OP. It's fine.
lol no

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Putting rockbox on the ipod https://www.rockbox.org

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Report it as stolen.

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do girls have cute technology

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give it back, Jerome.

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second this. was the first thing that came to my mind, rockbox is fucking fantastic

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posting this to r/4chan!

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post proof OP

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Please include this one >>67000063 in the screencap edit

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You're the man, Satan.

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rockbox is the right answer

>> No.67003987

posting to bump>>66984666
do it op

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faggot ass OP good for nothing little bitch piece of shit motherfucker

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/b/ is leaking

>> No.67005204

OP is gay

>> No.67005212

stick it in your butt

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You have to go back.

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Gay and bluepilled

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fuck off

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OP You fucking cum on that ipod right now and take a picture of it and post it.

You can clean it off and do the real deal later but I want to see results now.

pic unrelated

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>Fill it up with good music and give it away
Highly doubt a poor kid is going to have the same tastes as OP who is clearly some form of boomer.

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i believe op

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OP never delivered. What a faggot

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go back

>> No.67006342

Literally one day ago

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I will wait.
I will wait...

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Bumping for satans cumpod

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>got trips earlier than was expecting
>chickens out cuz not ready
What a fag

>> No.67007849

>gf hands me her old smartphone to play with
>turn it into a mini server
>she's impressed that it can serve http and shit like that
>wake up
>realise there's no gf

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get off 4chan grandpa

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Looks like you lost an iPod
Time to an hero

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iPods are pretty cool, use it as a secondary music device.

>> No.67009888

Any day now

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Each sperm cell has a full set of genes brainlet nigger

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