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The sooner everything collapses the better.

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I will. That is when ads stop being one of the sole contributors to increased data mining and user profiling online.

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And that's a good thing.

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What will I ever do without clickbait articles, vlogs, and Google's botnet.
Guess I'll just have to manage with the remaining few websites that never had ads and still manage to have better content.

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Exactly why there will be built in ads in isps in 5 years. To access the internet, you must watch ads and that will give the user 30 minutes before you are are blocked by the ISP. Or pay 50% more for ad free internet

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Anarchy is a good thing

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never in my life have I bought something from an online ad, all my purchases come from research or recommendations, and granted recommendations could be considered secondhand ad-influence, but then again I'm not one to blindly buy shit either.

Ads for a product make me trust the product less, it feels like they're overcompensating for a lack of actual worth.

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>it's my job

no, its not a job, get a fucking real job

every time i see an add its just gets me more irritated and points out the fact that the company producing said advertised product/service has too many funds to shovel their shit.

when you are good at what you do or you produce something worthy of buying, people will appreciate it and will look for you, and will even pay a premium price.

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The only thing that video made me realize is how much I want IRL adblockers. Maybe that's a good application of VR glasses.

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No, capitalism is.

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Advertisements should only be composed of gifs, pngs or jpgs totalling no more than 256kb telling you about a product or service, and with a link to click on, that's it, no tracking, no cookies, no bullshit.
Do that and maybe they'll survive otherwise suck my dick.

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Hey guys, guess what if we stop adds.. like you know economy will collapse and stuff

Great argument there.

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The premise is flawed.

It acts like people will stop needing to buy shoes, or tires for their cars or whatever bullshit gets advertised.

It'll still sell, it's just that maybe consumers will actually research what they buy instead of just buying <x> brand they see an ad for.

The only thing that'll collapse is the advertising industry. There will still be jobs for them (albiet less) in things like marketing for things like product design etc.

It also completely misses the problem. A lot of people who block ads don't have a problem with ads themselves, but rather malware that comes through ads, and being tracked through ads. This video is completely out of touch with the issue.

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I'm an average guy, why would I give a fuck about the 1%?

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Black hole sun, won't you come.

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Because they create jobs and drive technological progress forward, you entitled piece of shit.

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> Nobody finds goods without advertisements
What a load of crap.

Ads are usually about redirecting people to the wrong, pricier products.

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ok, jew

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this is what ad execs actually believe

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Based. Let the world burn.

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There will never, NEVER, be a service that lets you pay to block ads for one very simple reason: if you have the money to not want to see ads, it means you have enough disposable income that advertisers REALLY want to sell to you and they will be willing to pay top dollar (more than the dollars you're willing to pay to not see the ads) to push their ads on you.

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Ayn pls.

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if it wasnt for those shitty popup pages with fullbass blyat music and porn ads and just little banners around the website i wouldnt mind turning it off

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"Without advertising, goods and services can't find their customers!"

Sure is Soros in here

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Fuck the globalist Jew economy. I wish the oppressive communist regimes would do something useful like outlawing marketing.

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Ads aren't there to make you want to purchase items, and the expected result of seeing an ad is to not want to buy that item. Ads are such a big thing because they use a very simple premise: once you see something you can't unsee it. Your brain is really good at pattern recognition. When you see X, in a fraction of a second the synapses in your brain fire up and go over all other times you've seen X or something similar to X. Because of this, even subconsciously, you will remember that thing from an ad when you see something related to that thing. Advertisers don't need you to want to buy a coke when you see an advertisement for coke, they just need you to associate coke with drinking. Eventually you'll be in a situation where you want a drink and coke is available and eventually it will work and you'll buy one.

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>technological progress
>making wiruses to place ads on desktop instead of browser

You're right you jew.

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finally a trip post I can agree with

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>you're destroying the world's economyh
Capitalism is shit anyways. Stop being such a faggot.

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You mean the Chinese? Fat chance

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I hate ads and hate the products that are advertised. Seeing an ad reduces the chance that I buy the crap.

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And it's a good thing

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Nice bait

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Install AdNauseum my droogs

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I will continue to use pinhole, and anything that it don't filter, the adblocker on Firefox will do the end job.

I hope online advertising burn in hell

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>Exactly why there will be built in ads in isps in 5 years
Sure, let's just pretend that encryption doesn't exist.

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Okay, let's disable adblock then
>flashing banners
>autoplay videos
>redirect to scam site
>spamming browser with asks for permissions
>goes to fullscreen

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Capitalism is the world's economy.
Also your image makes no sense. Why would he increase production if demand didn't increase? If demand decreased he would have to lay off workers anyways. Why can't he he sells his goods to other people? Why can't those people get other jobs? Is he the only employer in existence? Is everyone else doing the exact same thing? Is the horrible reality of capitalism a giant reserve of surplus production and no need for anyone to work? Sounds like the nightmare is a communist utopia.

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Wow, someone who actually knows what brand recognition is.

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I block ads because they
* Animate, or otherwise flash/blink in the corner of my eye
* Use loads of CPU power and waste my laptop's battery life or make my desktop's CPU fan turn on
* Waste loads of bandwidth
* Play audio
* Pop up windows or tabs

If advertising was in the form of text, or static non-animated banner .jpg files less than 100KB per advert, with no bullshit javascript wasting CPU time, I would consider disabling my adblocker.

It would also be good if there was a way to block adverts from specific companies or for specific products. For example I wouldn't want adverts for Apple stuff because I won't ever buy any Apple products because I know that Apple abuses its customers.

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There is literally nothing wrong with communism.

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Oh wait, all those murders...

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And this is why no company blocks ads sent to their CEO.

They couldn't organize their business otherwise. I mean, how would they even find products to buy and partners to sell to without everyone being able to get ads to CEOs and other brass 24/7?

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You had one chance and you blew it.
As soon you installed malware on your visitor's PC for some extra bucks, you burned the bridge and it will not be rebuilt.

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>le blame capitalism for the world be more socialist may may

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>please stop using ad blockers that destroy the website, take longer for me to load
>please stop
>implying I ever click on any ads to bring in revenue to the owner of the video/site

So what?

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Thats when you quit using the internet and read a book. Don't pay for something that forces you to do something else before you are allowed to use the thing you paid for.

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>Capitalists sends millions of lives to die for a meaningless war just to increase the pockets of the war machine
>This is fine

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Most advertising is about selling you shit you don't need.

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They only do it when they have competition, and they did shut down competition with infinite patents and copyrights.
So they all have to die so the market can be rebooted and have competition again.

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Said the folks who post Pinochet memes...

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Plus in many countries they circumvent basic state protections like those against monopolies / duopolies and cartels that can form and extinguish every new competitor.

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I don't care. Blow it out you dick, nigger.

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It concentrates too much power in too few people.
People are retarded and the more power you give to a person, the biggest the dumbassery this person will do.

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Alright, this has been nagging me for a long time now.
>communism is defined as an economic system in which the means of production have been seized by the masses, and as a result DO NOT have a class system
>all implementations of communism however have had an ultimate authority, along with a small inner circle that one must cozy up to in order to not fucking die
>implying they were classless
>implying they were real communism
The world has never seen true communism, just like it's never seen true capitalism.

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Good. Majority of the people are too stupid to be able to make political decisions. Take a good look at the 2016 election if you need a reminder.

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b-but you NEED this Anon!

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The world has seen true capitalism. Like true communism, it isn't stable, it falls into some other state of affairs right away.

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Not one post here even implied it was "fine". It's not this board's fault communism isn't sustainable and without contradictions.

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>those 30 yo boomers who defend capitalism

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I wouldn't buy anything from a internet ad, ever. And if they have any effect on me, I'll look up the thing myself. They are inherently not to be trusted. Me blocking ads doesn't take anything away from anyone.

TV ads (I don't watch TV but it's on at work) however gives a service or product some credibility, because it's harder to get on there. They have to pay more, it's not targeted and it's under a lot more public scrutiny than a scummy online ad.

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>It concentrates too much power in too few people.
Because capitalism doesn't, right?

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Did someone say "destroying world's economy"?

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>inb4 b-but that's not REAL capitalism!

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hold up Monster is owned by Coca Cola?

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Have you never seen a fucking monster can

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>if you remove ads people will just stop
consuming stuff

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>he doesn't read the fine print on beverage cans indicating who produced them

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The USSR was more nationalistic than america is right now.

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>"Hey, why isn't this shopping experience more personalized?"
said nobody ever

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that would be extremely painful

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geez, get rid of ghostery already. it's a data mining piece of crap.
as far as adblocking goes ublock origin and umatrix is all you need.

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>if you remove ads people will just stop consuming stuff

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so much this

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if you need ads to tell you what to buy, you're basically retarded

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buy my shit, goyim!

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And company executives watch ads all day long so they can figure out what their company should buy to become more efficient.

... that said, people are this gullible.

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Based tripfaggot not being a piece of dogshit for once.

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>blocks your ads
nothing personel kike

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disable adblock plus goy!

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I had no idea that /g/ had so many leftists.

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not much would change, though.

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>mankind didn't start to get creative or produce stuff until ads were invented
>if ads suddenly stopped, people wouldn't know how to search for or discover things on their own and would stop consuming entirely

Really makes me ponder.

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Whatever you say, mylord

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Perhaps you are retarded then, because linux is literally communism

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>adblock plus

Are you trying to trick us again?

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>Appeal to dictionary
Communism is revolutionary. In other words, first you overthrow the current government (Violently, of course), create a communist one to (Violently, of course) redistribute everything equally, then, once everyone is already sharing the means of production the government is supposed to be dismantled.

It was real communism, they just had a lot of "counter-revolutionaries", capitalists etc. to kill and never got to the point of dismantling the state because it always collapses on itself before that.

> just like it's never seen true capitalism.
wtf is "true capitalism"? You mean anarcho-capitalism?

>Capitalists sends millions of lives to die for a meaningless war just to increase the pockets of the war machine
Imagine being this simple-minded.

>> No.66945199

still more people than in communism.

>> No.66945202

The war machine wouldn't be so extensive if it wasn't for the work of capitalism. Paid for with your blood.

>> No.66945208

that's ma boy!

>> No.66945214

>The war machine wouldn't be so extensive
Neither would the economy that lets you go to a grocery store to get fresh meat.

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>it's another thinly veiled political thread

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Free software is communism

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disable all adblocker addons
filthy goy

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>the world's economy is entirely based on whether or not I am forced to see advertisement for things I never want and will never buy

>> No.66945230

The same could be said for the state. Or Israeli influence in US politics.

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I agree. Adblock isn't necessary to use nowadays since ads are not that bad and do not disturb users. I try to optimize my google ads campaign with the help of https://recommendme.online/ and tell you what I put so much effort into it that every user of Adblock makes me sick.

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>Adblock killing the economy
>Muh Shekels
>being this much of a jew

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