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Intels next gen marketing strategy compared to AMDs in a fucking nutshell.

>calling it an I9 & hoping reddit will defend them

Ironically I got this from reddit.

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>amd releases ryzen 3, ryzen 5, ryzen 7 processors to show what these processors are competing with
>intel renames i3 to i5, i5 to i7, i7 to i9

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amd should just go full edgelord and start using greek letters
>zen epsilon
>zen delta
>zen alpha
>zen omega
conveys the same power scale and it appeals to the teenage boy inside me

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This, Zen Omega is the end of Intel, 64 cores for $3000

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threadripper is capped artificially at 32 for this year and next

they will NOT have 64 outside of EPYC until 2020, if not later. yields mostly but 64 cores is retarded for single threaded performance.

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aren't 2xxx series threadrippers already confirmed to have up to 64 cores?

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is there a reason why intel avoids some numbers (especially the even ones) for its iX series of processors?
i3 i5 i7 i9
where's i1 i2 i4 i6 i8?

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Isn't Threadripper basically Ryzen 9?

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That would imply it can compete

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Intel is so far behind AMD might delay the 64 core Rome Zen chips because Intel is retarded

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16 iampoo corelets still cant Match 10 intel cores

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>reddit spacing
>I got this from reddit
Good for you, now fuck off back there and never post here again.

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Stutterfire swiss cheese cores will definitely surpass Zen...in TDP )))))

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yes its an occult kind of thing

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T. Buttmad poor ivan

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There's nothing wrong with reddit.


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U decloaked yourself ivan

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>still seething

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To the filter with you swine

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>STILL seething

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So will AMD just call TR2, TR9?

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they should have chosen i2 i3 i5 i7 so they would have all been primes

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Don't you think this spacing is annyoing? Worse enough it's grammatically wrong.

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You can overclock a Threadripper for insane performance without taking down the neighborhood's power grid.

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Overclock poo in the loo still lose in clockspeed and Performance to 12 threads less
The absolute state of AMDrones

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And then you woke up

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But no one writes like that. It's markdown not "reddit" spacing anyway.

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pooripper is a joke

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It's not artifical, you dumbass. The only artifical limitaions of TR2 is 4-channel memory so 2 dies do not have direct access to it and only partial support of ECC.

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Without legs and without a better cpu

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amd should make a 16 core ryzen 9 and make the new threadrippers from 16 to 32 cores

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There is not enough pins for 16 cores. Even single dies are starved by the pin count.

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>they will NOT have 64 outside of EPYC until 2020
Still better than anything Intel

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>Ironically I got this from reddit.
stay there

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i9 is basically Intel telling the world that they're already past at their prime.

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Not feasible on AM4 (but 12 cores should do fine, I guess)

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Fucking brutal.

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>I got this from reddit.
stopped reading there

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Does Ryzen perform worse because it actually does bounds checking?

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I'm confused by this meme.

Old model:
>Pentium has 2c/2t
>i3 has 2c/4t
>i5 has 4c/4t
>i7 has 4c/8t

New model:
>i3 has 4c/4t
>i5 has 6c/6t
>i7 has 8c/8t
>i9 has 8c/16t

How did they turn i7s into i5s exactly?

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That's why it was stupid to add numbers after Ryzen in the first place. AMD should have done their own thing.

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you go to reddit? Knew intelfags came from reddit.

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Only intlelfags give a shit about what reddit likes or dislikes

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What's hyperthreading actually good for?

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Absolutely NOTHING (say it again)

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marketing. i've seen dual core i7s
the name means literally nothing anymore

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Yeah, back when they had the old mobile model
>i3m = 2c/4t no turbo
>i5m = 2c/4t with turbo
>i7m = 2c/4t with larger cache and turbo
>i7qm = 4c/8t with larger cache and turbo

Those aren't desktop parts though.

Similarly, i5 8XXXU models are 4c/4t, while i5 8XXXH are 6c/6t.

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laptop manufacturers try really hard to hide anything besides i3/i5/i7 since they're most likely U parts unless you like gay men

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Retards at Intel: "WE NEED MORE LAKES!!!!"

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>getting rid of hyperthreading, which was always shit, in favor of better technology that AMD showed off is somehow a bad thing

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Been looking for a laptop recently, the only ones bad for outright hiding specs were Acer.

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>amd should just go full edgelord and start using greek letters
>zen γαμώ το μουνί της μάνας της Intel

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Why do you have a teenage boy inside you

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i2 was Core 2 Duo

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greekfag go to hades

he's a republican

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underrated post

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they're getting rid of HT and replacing it with literally nothing, they're not paying IBM for SMT

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Who cares. Real extra cores > HT

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kek, the coping is real
>h-hyperthreading doesn't matter!

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This only shows Intelfags are mostly illiterate.

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toppest of keks

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AMD boys are redditors. Imagine my shock!

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i-i just want to be a qt bottom, ok?

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