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speccy bread

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She gets it done.

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on laptop atm

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How do I make my PC faster?

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why is scorting such an awful process in Windows and why is speccy sometig .g. likes?"

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Give it a spoiler

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Is speccy trustworthy after the CCleaner/piriform thing?

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The way I see it, if you're gonna be leery of using speccy, then you shouldn't be using Windows, but Speccy is fine.

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>literally the most generic midrange build out there
nice. when'd you get it?

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>tfw that notebook is faster than my actual build.

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few hours ago, its as fast if not faster than my desktop

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fuck i can't read

bost desktop

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Don't sweat Anon, intel is weird with naming schemes, and it has a full 1060 so it's confusing.

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i don't know why but i'm just fucking retarded when it comes to reading speccys. i ALWAYS fuck up and misread something the first time i inspect them

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I always loved the boards intel made for their enthusiast platforms such as X58 etc

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the X58 and X79 era some edgy ass boards
i'd love to make a meme build with sniper ram and pic related but the gun mobos cost so much now

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>Only 4 ram slots on X79 for memory overclocking
That's pretty based.

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Nothing but winfags on here.

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How'd I do, /g/?

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how's that 3960X treating you?

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i found that one gigabyte (?) bandolier motherboard locally at a pc repair shop. it was 45$ but someone had stepped on the pins or something. it looks pretty stupid in person, hope u find one anon

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what did i win

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if the bandolier one you're talking about is this one that's an MSI board
it's quite expensive online
the only tacticool mobos that aren't ridiculously costed don't have guns or bullets on them. they seem like solid boards for their time but if i'm not using shadow the hedgehog's computer there's no point to this

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it just works

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>2600K and HD7900

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fug speggy

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It has been pretty great, don't see myself upgrading anytime soon (unless Zen2 proves to be a big leap). Was running it stock until a couple years back, oc'ed with a change in cooler. Right now it's at [email protected] (peaks at 65°C with my H110i).
Couldn't POST with a faster RAM kit for some reason, the MOBO has a sketchy power connector, and it can draw a lot of power (stress testing 220W+ easily).

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i'm considering going pure overkill on my newest build to keep the dinosaur running forever like that.
waitin on next generation shit already

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With an OC'd 8320, GTX 690, and GTX 460, my pc is almost as powerhungry as Intel's new Chernobyl Lake chips.

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Looks like my CPU is cooler than average (running an AIO water cooler) but my motherboard is 15-25 degrees C higher temp that average. What gives? Is it because I'm running an M.2 drive?

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Chipset kinda sucks but that's a nice machine, 980ti hangs in there with 1070 I think.

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fuck moving, i have to use this piece of shit until i get my rig back

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>AMD laptop
Ouch, I feel you.

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yeah, i've had this laptop for over 5 years, runs Windows 7 at 30 fps

your amd laptop (?) sounds decent enough, what specific model / brand is it?

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I was an HP DV6-3010us, a total piece of crap that oveheated since I got it in mid 2011, used it until Jan 14 until I made an external out of it's 320GB WD black drive and junked it.

It had decent specs on paper when it wasn't throttling though.

2.3GHz P520 Turion
4GB DDR3 1333

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waiting patiently for the new gen of GPUs.

Also, when the fuck are RAM prices going to be reasonable again?
I bought 32GB DDR4 3200Mhz 4x8GB in 2015 for like $170(~$43 per 8GB). To replace my one broken DIMM right now would cost me $115. For a SINGLE DIMM. More than twice what it cost in 2015.

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>Jan 14
January 2014, I mean.

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No warranty? I bought cheap 4x4 Crucials for 45 € back then, now even shit RAM costs 150. I use them in my other rig now, the 5820K didn't do anything above 2666, but they actually do 3000.

The Dualchannel 4266 kit seems to be faster, I'm running it at 3533 with my Ryzen. I guess its the latency, the X99 didn't boot if I set CR1 and the timings were loose assfuck.

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>now, the 5820K didn't do anything above 2666
You probably just needed to give more voltage to the integrated memory controller.

Mine wouldn't boot with anything beyond ~2600Mhz without increasing that voltage. On my BIOS it's called the CPU SA voltage

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Well that's his point, anything over 2666 is considered an OC, kinda like how sandy is natively 1333, but can overvolt to 2133.

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Sure, but the whole point of the 5820k is to OC it.

3.3Ghz stock clocks are laughable.

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My idea is the same, crank the CPU vcore to the max of the range intel specifies, and see how high you can get it prime stable.

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mine was stable at 4.6GHz, but for 24/7 use i keep it at 4.2Ghz, not trying to replace my motherboard or CPU unless I need to, and while my motherboard has decent VRMs, i don't have dedicated VRM cooling.

900Mhz over stock clocks aint bad as it is.

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Windows 10 true, eternal master race.

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install gentoo

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I could see that being a beast if you can get 16Gb of ram, a 1060 card, and a 2600

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That shit is all over the place. Decent chip, outdated OS, fucked up resolution, a-lot-a-ram, no SSD?, cd drive or emulated drive?.
Talk about Western Digital fanboy.

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>outdated OS
Still better than windows 10

>fucked up resolution
Brought that 5+ years ago, somewhat bad decision. Want to upgrade but this shit still works fine.

>no SSD?
SSD is a meme. Disk space is real.

>cd drive or emulated drive?

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Just added 7TB for $70.

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Was it hard for you to deal with WIndows 7 and USB 3.0 drivers during install?


nice. This one is mine >>66918448

How many drives are inside your case?

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>Was it hard for you to deal with WIndows 7 and USB 3.0 drivers during install?
Nothing at all, that motherboard came with PS/2 port. And with Paragon Adaptive Restore I don't need to do a fresh windows install.

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>1900x1200 @ 59hz

wassup with that?

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Oh ok. Is it stable?. I'm considering going back to seven just to play around (I have a 1700x).

It's true you can't update with that CPU?. Windows update on 7 rejects your system for updates?.

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Seven. One port still free.
I lucked out when I found this thing.

No idea. Windows just wants to call it 59Hz even though it's running at 60.

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It's just a glorious 16:10 panel, Anon.

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After install needed drivers, yes, as stable as the old build.
And it's true, after you update with latest windows update (I can't remember KB number), you will be notice with noisy popup say unsupported hardware blah blah blah. But there are a workaround to bypass that if you care.

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Why would anyone with a decent GPU install fucking linux lmao

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My CPU wins

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I tried anything. It was a bad OC, 4.4 at 1.36 V or 4.2 at 1.23 V. Now my Ryzen is more powerful or equally powerful even singlecore wise and consumes less. Especially the idle power states.
Yes, its less powerful than a 1600 stock vs stock. This made the switch easier for me, I would probably have kept it if it was a magic 4.8 GHz OC. But these were rare. I saw a 5960X recently with those clocks, impressive but I can hit 1950 in Cinebench too vs 1800 with the X99 octacore.

Now consider, I got 50 % more performance with way less power draw for half the price on a 60 € board in my HTPC. Thank you AMD. I always planned to stay HEDT.

Also considered buying a "cheap" 5960X because the prices dropped with Ryzen, but a USED 5960X is still more expensive than a NEW 2700X, while the 2700X is more powerful and efficient.

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Got 250 € for the 5820K. Now they sell for 120 upwards.

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>I tried anything. It was a bad OC, 4.4 at 1.36 V or 4.2 at 1.23
That's just a terrible chip then.

Mine did 4.6Ghz at 1.375v, 4.7Ghz was stable enough at 1.395v to boot into windows, but never stable enough for stressing.

I run mine at like 1.2v @4.2GHz for 24/7

>Yes, its less powerful than a 1600 stock vs stock
Yeah, it's a decent chip depending on what you're doing with it. I simply have no interest in doing another build for at least 3-4 years.

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>has a GTX 1080 Ti and uses a 1080p 60Hz monitor
What a phucking brainlet.

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Windows 10 always wins.

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CPU is OC'd to 4.1GHz.

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Maybe I should update to the spectre/meltdown safe bios, some guy have modded bioses for good 'ole x58.

Nice, too bad you can't overclock that badboy. How much did you pay for the cpu?

I have a E3-1230 on a h61 board with 16gb in my guest/backup pc, paid $30 for the cpu, rest was a thrown out HP pc that had a faulty gpu I got from the electronic garbage container where I worked a few years back.
Just smacked in the xeon, ssd, a new spare psu and a gtx770. Pretty good rig.

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I wouldn't fuck with something that reduces performance over an issue you may not even be affected by.

>> No.66921517

I don't remember exactly what, but there was some specific applications that were affected performance wise. Benchmark scores was listed in the thread on techpowerup.

If it affects the shit I run (mostly just firefox and a few games) I can just flash back to my current bios. Or just switch back, board has multiple bios chips so its no big deal.

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I got it for around $160. It will probably seem like an overpay to you, but I live in Bosnia and everything PC related is expensive af here compared to USA. People here usually sell used 4790 for around $260, used 4790k goes for cca $300. Yeah, it kinda sucks that I can't overclock it, but the deal was too good to pass up.

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Holy fuck, $300 for a used 4790k? Thats insane. Well atleast a 3.6ghz haswell will probably last you quite a few years still :)

I live in Norway, but cpu prices are pretty comparable to the USA, for used atleast.

How are living conditions down there? Is it a very poor country or doing well? Peace or war? I don't keep up to date on world events.

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We're a poor country, with pretty shit future. It's peace, but everyone hates each other (Serbs, Bosniaks, Croats). There's corruption everywhere, unemployment is high, young people are leaving to the western countries, etc.

>> No.66923031

Sorry to hear that. You were part of the soviet union back in the day?

>> No.66923121

Nah, Yugoslavia.

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thats the plan eventually, but itll probably be an aftermarket 1050 Ti and an i5 2400/2500K with 8GB RAM

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Why do people say speccy thread when they mean system specification thread?

Had this been a real system specification thread, this picture of a speccy would be off topic. Since this is a speccy thread, the image is on topic.

Has OP learned a lesson from this?

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You mean macedonia

>> No.66924830

You being on the spectrum makes this post of yours on topic.

>> No.66924840

Or serbia, or croatia, or slovenia, or kosovo, or bosnia and herzegovina.

The breakup of yugoslavia resulted in more than just a single nation afterwards.

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never had a spectrum but I love playing this

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>has a GTX 1070 and not even a 1080p monitor

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not to mention the 2nd generation i5. Already that's bottlenecking the fuck out of the GTX 1070. But i guess at 900p it wouldn't matter much anyway.

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>tfw i actually paid money for this thing

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Who else is a storage nigger?

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>using windows 10
sage in all fields

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give'em back tyrone

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>nobody taking the fury road to fijitown

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not as much as you, but i've got ~17TB at the moment and plan on grabbing another 6 or 8TB on black friday. >>66918500

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what do you do with this besides data hoarding or meme magic VMs?

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I used to have a 1080p monitor. It crapped the bed about six months ago. Shit was sad.

Is it a bottleneck? What processor should I upgrade to? I'm not even sure how long I have been using it.

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Ryzen 2600/i5 8600K would be enough if all you ever do is gayming

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Thanks anon. I am going to do some research. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

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>Is it a bottleneck?
Depends on the game, but anything CPU intensive would see massive improvements with a new CPU. I'm sure there would be a few games that would go from unplayable stuttering to smooth as butter with a CPU upgrade.

But again, at 900p you're never gonna be able to use the full potential of the GTX 1070.

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When you get your new monitor, make sure it's 1440p. The GTX 1070 is a 1440p card.

As for the processor, a Ryzen 5 would be a good choice. I have a 1600X and it's great. A 1600/2600 would be a great CPU to pair with the 1070.

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No, Yugoslavia. Macedonia was also a part of Yugoslavia, alongside Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia and Montenegro.

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