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You go over to your friends house. His dad is there and knows your like tech. He shows off this living room setup to you.

>Smart TV
>Blu-ray player with built in streaming apps
>An Android Tablet that stays in the living room to be used with the Chromecast
>Laptop connected to the TV
>Roku connected to the TV
>Amazon Fire connected to the TV
>Xbox One

Do you see any problems /g/?

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>Xbox One

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Yeah, he is obviously missing the Chromecast Audio for when he just wants to play music.

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the whole fucking lot

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yes, having friends

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What's worse failure to proper use of understand technology or not using technology at all?

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>proper use of understand technology
Worst enough their are people like this. Not saying that they have all the listed stuff, but doing stuff like having a smart tv, a stream device of some type, and a device with built in streaming such as a video game console/laptop/blu-ray player.

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So what faggot? The dude obviously works hard and doesn't have the time to obsess about /g/ shit, let him enjoy the shit he paid for instead of being a sperg

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I sure do. That chimp managed to successfully breed with an actual female.

Consoles aside, name one thing that setup does that can't be accomplished with a computer, a TV, an internet connection, and the right know how. Well, other than waste money that is, as my setup is significantly cheaper.

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>no Apple TV
pleb-tier desu.
baroque complications = technological dicklet

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Conflicting ecosystems.

Or basically, all of them do the fucking same thing. He should replace them all with a single htpc and an actually good TV.

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*installs gentoo on each of these devices*

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>You go over to your friends house. His dad is there and knows your like tech. He shows off this living room setup to you.
>>Smart TV
Some are limited to Netflix, newer ones have multiple apps. Never been able to hook up a phone directly to a tv unless both were Samsung.
I'm not an audiophile so I wouldn't have this, but smart TV doesn't make audio better. Neither does other devices list.
>>Blu-ray player with built in streaming apps
Blu-ray players are cheap and you really can't find ones without streaming apps, even if they aren't much cheaper
See the phone issue with tv above, even if tv can directly play phone, it's usually easier and most people have Chromecast accessible phones, so this makes sense.
>>An Android Tablet that stays in the living room to be used with the Chromecast
This I don't see the purpose, because you have phones, laptop, smart TV. Maybe it was old and no other use?
>>Laptop connected to the TV
/g/ out of all people should know laptop hooking up to the is superior to anything else, this has a lot of uses. Sure he could basically not need anything else but it's more confined.
>>Roku connected to the TV
Ok this doesn't make sense, since smart TV and Blu-ray player and Chromecast.
>>Amazon Fire connected to the TV
Same as Roku. But maybe these two each have an app the smart TV or Blu-ray player. Regardless it's like 20$
>>Xbox One
Games. This can't be replaced by others.
>Do you see any problems /g/?

I see problems, because he could minimize the devices used. But, overall, really it's just the Roku/Amazon fire that are overkill, and either they had it before or they must have specific use cases that the smart TV and Blu-ray player / tablet doesn't.

Regardless, it's not my money or time being wasted. I would ask why each device and see if I could help him minimize the amount or understand why he needs all of them, and make casual conversation without sperging out.

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Good post

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The best setup is a smart TV (because it's fucking impossible to get a normal TV with good specs now) that isn't on the network fed by a htpc. Anything else is unironically botnet.

Soundbars are shit m8.

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soundbars are the 'computer speakers' of the tv world

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>like tech
/g/ doesn't like tech.

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Yea. A lot of that could be replaced with a good HTPC build

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>muh HTPC may-may
if you support libre software then a smarttv is basically your only option to watch Netflix ethically.

A smart TV is an appliance and updating software is not an expected part of normal use, just like a toaster or a refrigerator, so there's no moral imperative for control over the firmware.

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When will this abomination of sound end

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>I'm not an audiophile so I wouldn't have this, but smart TV doesn't make audio better. Neither does other devices list.
There is nothing audiophile about sound bars. But a soundbar sure as hell is better than the TV audio, unless you are buying complete trash.

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Literally everything is better than smart TV speakers. They're too thin and low in weight for real good sound for anything of low frequency.

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So you were saying that it was a good easy way to get better audio for the TV? I must have misinterpreted you then, thought you meant that it wouldn't make the audio better.

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That wasn't me, but anything is better than smart TV speakers. Just don't get soundbars for any real good audio experience if you want to hear good sound etc. For that thing just get proper speakers and a proper receiver/amplifier. Soundbars are fine for TV sound, they're just expensive but they are more convenient.

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Yeah, that's what I meant:
>But a soundbar sure as hell is better than the TV audio

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No one is denying that

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Nah, someone else's house is their business. No one likes the sperg who critiques their home as a guest.

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Xbox works as Chromecast

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soundbars are the best union between form and function - they sound bretty fuggin güd if you get a decent one, they're discreet, and high-end ones integrate beautifully into your living room, without having to run cables through all your walls for built-in speakers.

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>a smarttv is basically your only option to watch Netflix ethically
If by "ethical" you mean "using the least amount of non-free software", then the most ethical way of watching netflix is running a free torrent client on a free OS to pirate netflix shows.

>internet-connected device
>"updating software is not an expected part of normal use"
Enjoy your literal botnet.

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desu I'd just replace most of them with a ps4
>streaming (music and video)
>more desirable exclusives than the xone (subjective)

don't really see the point in using the chromecast other than convenience (?) , I don't really know how the ps4 integrates with smartphones. also throw the soundbar in a trash can and replace it with an actual 5.1/7.1 home theater that wouldn't even cost too much. with that many ecosystems in your living room, you're bound to have a few headaches

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>An Android Tablet that stays in the living room to be used with the Chromecast
>Laptop connected to the TV
>Roku connected to the TV
>Amazon Fire connected to the TV
>Xbox One
An HTPC can do all that

A 2.0 usually sounds better on the same price point, he can a add a subwoofer later if he wants some nigbass but maybe he doesnt have the space required.

>Do you see any problems /g/?
Yeah, but just be nice and tell him that his setup is cool. Don't be an autist.

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Why do they have a fire and a chromecast?

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The soundbar with subwoofer I own sounds good enough for the living room apartment I currently reside.

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>Xbox One

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>no amazon echo/google home/any other listening device
based, nothing wrong with his setup

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Just put a chinkbox with kodi and BT headphones, or if for SOME REASON you like strangers hearing your porn, a good speaker setup.
Plus the tv, which ought to be a given.

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Why a chromecast, two streaming boxes and a Blu-ray player? A smart TV to top it off.

Just use the roku. Physical Media is dead.

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1 - You go over to friend's house.
2 - His father unzips.
3 - kneel down.
4 - profit?

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Great NEET shaming, you labournormative asshole.

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Eight problems, but the laptop is choice.

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>Account lock

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>B-b-but sir u-u-u could replace all this with a r-r-raspberry pi s-s-sir

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Play audio to separate devices based on what monitor/TV the source is located on. You can't watch something on your computer while having something else playing on the TV without both coming out of the same speaker/headphones.

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Oh you would hate my room then.
>Acer 27 inch 60hz IPS HDR 4k monitor (8bit+ FRC)
>4 way HDMI switch box that supports 4K HDR 60hz that has a tiny remote and also has Optical output
>PS4 Pro in HDMI
>6700K, 16gb DDR4, 390X, SLI Gaming Plus motherboard franken PC with 240gbSSD, and 2tb+3tb Seagate harddrives for bulk storage. Plugs into HDMI/Display Port
>Sony UBP-X800. HDMI in, output directly to speakers bar via Coaxial (4k blu rays. Also Amazon Prime + Netflix 4k with HDR)
>Roku Streaming Stick+ . HDMI input (for NowTV+ Youtube)
>Logitech Z906 speaker system
Nitpick me if you want. But I got all of these things dirt cheap over the last few years, and the setup works fine for me in my tiny room.

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In addition I have a PSVR I take out now and again, to play on PS4, and sometimes play around with on my PC with my ghetto PS3 camera setup via TrinusPSVR. (doesnt work all too great sadly)
I should imagine someone out there is screaming at me for "doing it all wrong. You goddamn retard!", by now. But I have fun with it all still.

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Yeah, I do see a problem. I don't have any friends. Who the hell's house am I in and why?

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