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my god this is old news

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Takes years for designs to even reach simulation. Intel won't have anything new until well after 2020.

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Pajeets will fade away.

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read the anandtech interview, he's already got his hands dirty on current designs slated to hit consumers in the next year or so.


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>this year
Well, don't worry, chap. The guy will be normalized by the Intel's LGTB culture. GREAT THINGS IN THE MAKING!

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Time to sell AMD stocks before it's too late

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intels shitty designs are only a part of the problem, in reality their broken 10nm manufacturing is whats really killing the company. A new chip design isn't going to fix that.

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x86 and amd64 need to die. x86 alone is a 40 year old design. AMD64 was announced back in 1999. So was probably in the works for a while, making it at least 20 years old.

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Good thing keller has more experience than just chip designs.

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>hey it's old therefore it can't possibly work!

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> I'm like the least computer savvy computer designer I think. I just had somebody help me log in to one of my online accounts.
of course he is autistic. what was I expecting?

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It's more to do with the fact that as it ages, more and more security problems are being found with it that are intrinsically linked to it's overall design. They last four years alone has seen a deluge of CVEs highlighting just how bad security is in the overall design.

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Autists advance society with their crazy shit, so meh.

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>Jim Keller vs Jim keller CPU wars.
What a time to be alive.

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well of course they advance society just like he did before. albeit I was really not expecting him to be one.

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Why autistic?

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>JK: Well, I'm kind of a computer expert. And an AI expert. And an SoC expert. I know a lot about GPUs and software stacks, I've worked on networking processors, I've worked quite extensively on transistor level design and foundry technology
>JK: I just had somebody help me log in to one of my online accounts.
find the problem.

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The reason it's survived this long is specifically because it's old and "it just works". They'd rather hack instructions onto it and pump out insecure shit, than go back to the drawing board and come up with something new, because they can keep selling shit to people who don't know any better.

This is nothing new. People having been calling for a move away from X86 and AMD64 for over a decade. Particularly those in the tech sector dealing with security. The reason both China and Russia have gone with their own chip designs (Russia - Elbrus / China - Loongson & others) is because of the inherent insecurity of X86 and AMD64, and more specifically Intel's cpu inside a cpu that nobody can access.

For similar security reasons the Americans, British and some European governments have struck ZTE and Huawei off their lists of sources of telecoms equipment. Just this year the Brits declared ZTE a national security risk. 4 days ago, they again announced the same about Huawei equipment. The Huawei founder (Ren Zhengfei) is a former PLA soldier and continuing Communist party member. He has very strong links to the government in China. The US refused Huawei trying to buyout 3com and a few other companies for national security reasons. Even the designated street shitters won't let China into their telecoms infrastructure.

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>intel is so desperate they forced Jim to lie about being involved in their shitty products

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then how did intel manage to convince jim to work for them? we all know he wants a challenge.

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AMD still haven't made money with Jim's designs. They deserve to take at least 80% market share from intel before they can retaliate.

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50% would be plenty and profitable enough. it would also push both of the companies to innovate.
Unless Intel turns its usual ways.

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Jim does what he wants, and always has, he has no loyalty to any single company, Intel offered him the ability to fuck around with pretty much anything he wants, he has carte blanche.

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>find the problem.
There's none. Knowing something about computers doesn't warrant obligatory user program skills.
It's like you are the autist.

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>play the piano flawlessly
>cannot button your shirt
oh yeah, I am the autist.

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>I am the autist
With your previous example, I'm sure of it.

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He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University.

Holy fuck, all that with a BS. This guy is a role model

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sure sure.

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Most people arent good at retarded web services. Keller is literally the normiest ov boomers. It would be strange if he were good at some very topical, generationally relevant nonsense

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Keller looks like a decent guy to talk with a beer about anything.
Independent of what will happen in the x86 space, I wish the best for him.

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