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You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

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>pentium D

I wish it had a temp sensor, it is a damn heater

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Shitbox thread? Then here goes my streaming PC.
No, the mobo is not on fire.

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Report in /g/amers. CPU is 8700K 5GHz.

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Did you mean System Specification Thread? Next time, write it out explicitly. Now here is a speccy, which per the phrasing in your title, is on topic. Have we learned our lesson?

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Your motherboard seems to be running a bit warm.

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No friend, that's a spectrum like your autism. Speccy is a computer program developed by Piriform, users on /g/ may participate in a thread where they post screenshots of this program's generated list of their system specifications.

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Another Pentium D anon reporting in

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How are your temps?

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epic pc dude

oldies but goldies, slightly eepic

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I'll bite

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We quad core now.

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shintel btfo. ryzen 2700x (and yes speccy overestimates the temp on amd cpu and bugs out on nvidia memory size (should be 8 gigs)

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12 inch 2 in 1 laptop with IPS display.

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My graphics card might die and it's still somewhat new, computer started crashing (freezing screen), same thing happened with my amd card before it went to shit.

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sounds like a faulty powersupply/fan

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r8 my first build

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Why run a 1080 Ti SLI on a 16 lane CPU but cheapen out with shitty 2400 MHz RAM?

I would actually sell one of the Tis, get proper RAM and more SSD space. SLI isn't worth it.

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nice compy and pentium d
good old quad
interesting resolution
that's a lot of gpu
based pentium d poster #2
ryzen friend
based biteposter
loyal fxposter
truly based 1.10ghzposter
maybe worth checking your power supply
neat compy
naice naiceposter

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Pretty good but Speccy doesn’t detect them right, I have the better heat sink for this Dell so it keeps the temps down well

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What are your temps on idle and full load? Mine is a fucking housefire on stock cooler, going from 52°C to 70°C.

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is your cpu ok

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For some reason, Speccy can't read the correct temps for the 2700X.

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For some reason, Speccy can't read the correct temps for the 2700X.

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Hello, is this the shitbox thread?

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>Pentium D
oh sweet jesus i hated this thing. had to use it in 2012 for like 6 months and then i got an e6700 c2d

my first gpu was an 8400gs

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wtf is that shit?

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you have a piece of history my friend.

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An actual piece of shit

compaq ts1000 or something

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I kinda like it in a weird way because it isnt intel or amd, but some calculator company that made some hunk of shit that emulated x86.
Except it's so slow, its actually painful.

I installed minecraft on it at some point and got 2fps and a ton of glitched stuff.

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>piece of history
No anon, THIS is a piece of history.

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>Transmeta Crusoé
No way

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I got the RX 460 on craigslist for $90, which replaced my R7 370 4gb that I sent to a friend. My only regret is that it took away the DVI-A port so that I can't use an old shitbox monitor that I have to get that "muh dual screens"

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based rx460poster

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Idle temps are a little high but thats cause I think the AIO pump is dying, got a Noctua NH D15 I need to install on monday

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>talking shit about presler

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>Now here is a speccy
Are you sure? Because i'm pretty sure it says ZX Spectrum.

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>Next time, write it out explicitly
He did, the program is literally called speccy

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2x more bibelines

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based crispyfontposter

i think the vega apus are neat

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Why should I upgrade?

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>No amd synergy
Nice cpu but kill yourself
Good build, dated
Now THIS is a man of good taste.
Pretty good, not perfect though.
Again, decent...
Okay, kind of poorfag tier though

The rest of these builds are fucking disgusting.

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Reporting in

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Need to get another 8Gb of RAM, since the laptop still does absolutely everything I need and I see no point in upgrading it, except for a bigger SSD or more RAM.


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Not the best build around, but it still works fine.

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>tfw never got to unwrap on of those slot PIII processors because I was fucking 4

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7 degrees Celcius

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>speccy threads

/g/ worshipping horribly buggy and barely functional software, what else is new?

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This desu desu

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tfw 6 year old pc

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Just don't reply and get out, no one cares about you shitty opinion

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>tfw Ivy is 6 years old
>tfw it still rocks.

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plz no bully

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Good lord, is this an Alienware prebuilt PC?

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>Why run a 1080 Ti SLI on a 16 lane CPU but cheapen out with shitty 2400 MHz RAM?
LED ram is on the way.
>more SSD space
I have 3TB of SSD I didn't put in yet, I need more cables.
epic pc dude
>that's a lot of gpu
Yes indeed it is.

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was the cheapest way to get into a 1080 during the great bitcoin minter bullshit....

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real boomer CPU right here

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32nm rig with Windows 7 is all you need. *sip*

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Lad those temps are good.

I have a i5 7300HQ, 8GB DDR4, GTX1060 3GB in my laptop, the fucking beast idles at 45-50C

Granted UK is humid as shit right now

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Love this chunky boi

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I know this is a data mining thread but whatever

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You are the one seething here, newfag.

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Why even bother posting?

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idles at 45C in the summer, and at around 65C-70C full load

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t. CIA nigger

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23°C here and it's idling at 53°C lmao. Thanks God my PSU will arrive tomorrow

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Ignore the temperature readout for the CPU. It's a bug

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have you tried touching it?

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how do you know it's a bug and not actual temperature?

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Because it said about 40C in the bios and in other programs

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Both HWiNFO and HWMonitor say about 40-50C

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Anyone else on /xeon/ club?

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also posting another piece of history

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Poozens out

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