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I am 21 CS student but during my school years I learnt very little maths.

I have the maths level of a high school student at best and this is badly effecting my computer science competence.

Can anyone recommend resources to help me learn from my current level I am at, mainly mathematics that will help me with CS/data science etc?

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What's the extent of what you know?

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1. Change to math 2. Finish bachelor/master in math 3. Switch back to cs. Done.

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Well obviously the basics but more in depth stuff like logic is fine, algebra ive been focusing on and im learning very well with. Geometry im getting a decent understanding of, but really not much more than that.
So far on my degree ive been able to handle any maths thrown at me but i know that will not be the case in the future unless I dont step up.

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Baby Rudin
Spivak's Calculus on Manifolds
Polynomial algebra
Asymptotic analysis
Train a little by doing some physics problems
Then Numerical Recipes

Of course, if you're not a math minor at least, there's no way you'll have the motivation to do all that during your studies.

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Does your university offer a discrete maths course? I'd take that if I were you. Also, have you taken any calculus courses? From my experience most CS programs require at least the first level of it.

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computer engineering was what you were looking for then, not cs. I guess you could just go take the engineering courses though well those for or involving math at least

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Isn't discrete mathematics mandatory for CS on basically every university?

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I will do that.

No although it should be.

Okay i say CS but actually doing a CS/Cyber security degree.

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CS is way more theory oriented (or atleast the CS theoretical stuff, aka all the logic-related stuff pretty much)

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>Okay i say CS but actually doing a CS/Cyber security degree.
discrete mathematics is the number one basic CS course, you should have had it

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get khan academy and commit to it

that or whatever suits you. could be recommended math books from early to higher level

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Listen. Visit /sci/ wiki for obligatory literature.

Calculus 1 --> Calculus 2 --> Linear Algebra --> Discrete Math --> Probability Theory --> Statistics

If you want to go into full rigor mode, read proofs and try proving it by yourself, later looking into more advanced things. (i.e. Zorich for Calculus).

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Tbh I learned Maths ins school up to calculus and I still feel like I don't know enough. And yet, I also rarely use advanced mathematics in programming.

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How come I live in third world country and I receive Calculus IV?

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Pick up math text books on algebra & trig (often called pre calc), calculus, linear algebra, statistics, and discrete mathematics. Ignore what ever subjects you don't need.
If your cheap and want instant feedback with unlimited practice problems then khan academy is a nice go to with a placer test that helps you figure out where to start.
Lastly youtube has a ton of content to help you better grasp a subject so be sure to abuse the shit out of that resource.
That being said as a CS student 3Blue1Brown's Essence of linear algebra series will be the best thing you ever watch.

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Algebra and Trig -> Calculus 1 and 2 -> Discrete Mathematics and you're set. You won't be needing more math than that for CS. Don't listen to the idiots in this thread.

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Give up or go do a maths degree. You are basically worthless as a computer scientist in 2018 if you don't know any maths. Look at machine learning or the cryptography in a blockchain.

At best you can get some shitty programming job.

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Where are you from?

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> calc 2
> not linear algebra
As much fun as I had with calc 2 it's uses in CS a very limited. If anything you should tell him to go after prob & stats / linear algebra over calculus. But it's clear you don't know anything and just wanted to feel smart giving bad advice didn't you?

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Are you taking English courses as well? You should be.

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From a fucked up country

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>don't know any math
>decide to do a theoretical math degree
>said degree doesn't even teach discrete math
good luck

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>Calculus IV
Without a description the term is meaningless

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