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Post em.

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$800 barely used on craigslist

Guy built it for his wife who never used it

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>Wife isn't interested in Vidya
Oh gee wow, what a shock who could have ever seen this coming?

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That is a nice fucking deal right there.

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Still works

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>tfw almost as fast ram but with much less latency

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post battlestation pic

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gpu died

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It's getting complicated figuring out what I paid for this. It's $615 including the monitor, not yet counting the 3TB and one of the 2TBs.
The 2TB I pulled out of a machine I gave to my dad, giving him a 1TB with a few bad sectors from another machine, and the system I pulled that from got a $25 SSD and sold for $125 more than I paid for it with 1TB. So I'm down $240 for the system I gave to my dad, up $100 for another system, and I have a 2TB out of it.
The 3TB is out of a system I haven't yet flipped. I put a $10 500GB drive in its place. So is that $10, or would I have to guess at what the system would have sold with a 3TB?
I'm leaning towards just calling the 2TB a freebie and the 3TB $10.

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It just works

I wish I would have built something capable of 1440p or at least 1080p 144Hz

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Good. I had P4 with 256 laying somewhere.

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cool now I know the specs of a bunch of ANONYMOUS FAGGOTS

you're a bunch of retards

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What's your point? We don't care.

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you really can't see his point? you're not going far

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change the rx480 to an rx580

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it's really fucking dirty, but it's comfy for me
the monitor on far right is on top of a PS4 Pro (not right now actually, I lend it to a friend and now there is an hp case under it to support it, but it's the same), it's for whatsapp/discord
the monitor below it is mostly the secondary for the browser or playing PS4/Switch games, as it's 1080.
Bottom left is mostly a music player, and top left deluge monitoring, I should switch to qbit, but it's too much work.

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We need to address all of you fucks on /g/ that have this ridiculous collection of random disks.

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hey, i'm >>66766077 have you tried lowering the timings on your ram? not that it matters much tho, but it might help. I set the multiplier for my cpu at 103.8 and it's stable like that, then set the ram as you can see now. I think I could improve it a little, but that would be only for fun, as I don't even think using this instead of 1600mhz ram would be better for my usage (some games, torrent and photoshop).

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No, the timings don't go lower. It's mixed bag of CAS 11 DDR31600 that will do CAS 11 DDR3 2133. (I have it at 2000 since I don't want to push things.)

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Core 2 duo is still fine for normal use, I use a Dell E6400 with the 2.66 T9400 as my portable just fine, it's actually got better IPC than the FX-8350 I use as a main machine, but that thing clocks sky high to compensate it.

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What if I am not a wangtard?

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Then you don't use your computer for anything but surfing 4chan and your specs really don't matter.

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This. Us Microsoft gamers are the true computer user. Can y'all Loonix ass bitches even fuck with Crysis? Didn't think so.

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Well, I have 2x8 1866 and 2x4 2133 so I guess that's why I can push it a little more.
I might try to go with the 2x4gb 2133 sticks alone to see how high I can go.

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Linux has games too, bruh.

You won't miss Windows.

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How's the summer weather treating ya /g/?

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I am a hardcore gamer. Gaming is my passion. I need Microsoft to play the latest and greatest competitive games.

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Sorry to interrupt you, but you see, as with windows, linux can run arcade games, the hardcorest of the hardcore games.
Using linux actually makes you more hardcore because all the games it can't run are for casual millennial that want everything delivered on a silver plate.
When Mame is your only choice, you can't be distracted by the over "tang commercial simulator" watch.

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Okay, Loonix, enjoy your casual single player ass bullshit games.

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Arcade games aren't single player.
All you have to do is to beat the high score of the best person in the world to be good.

Requires a fuckton more skill than beating 12 year olds on a mostly faked out online that use prediction to hide the latency.

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try getting an epic killstreak against the best CS:Go players in the world, loonix. Takes a ton more skill than y'all fake ass high scores.

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Beat gradius 3 with only one coin and then call me back.

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Beat Destiny at Starcraft, then tell me how hardcore you are.

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Starcraft runs on linux.

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500 gb m.2 nvme ssd coming wednesday feelsgoodman

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Give money pls

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>Requires a fuckton more skill than beating 12 year olds

well, that's not exactly hard

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compared to an HDD it's a huge difference
you won't regret it

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My buddy gave me this pc after I had to sell mine. What a bro. It's an older prebuilt with a mangles dvi port.

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I'm considering building another meme machine.
What iconic cpu should I get?
Must be released before January 1st 2011.

It will be paired with a 5970 or maybe a 4870x2 if it fits the build better.
Pic related was the last one I put together. This was $80

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think I need a new hard drive lads

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I know. I'm planning to delid when I'm not so busy. Maybe get an AIO.
Idk how they got fucked up, they're supposed to be 1466, and the timings are outta whack. I definitely set them correctly.
Uhhhh idk about that though. Probably due to summer.

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Nothing's changed since then.

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I recently moved states and I have to wait for my main PC to arrive. In the mean time, I have to use this piece of shit.

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Thats a lotta data, assuming it's a gaming rig, but the 64gb ram tells me perhaps not. Video editing? Skylake and Z170 still sell for decent on Ebay. Maybe consider a threadripper2. If it's just a gaming rig tho no reason to upgrade. What clock speed are you running the i7?

that thing looks like it cost $350 or less brand new. When you get your desktop back I say take out the hdd and donate it to homeless people or something.

q6600 with a heavy OC and 8gb ram is surprisingly useable and cheap. Same with i7 930.

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FX8350 with a 7970 is a really nice meme machine.

>Disable four of the 8350 cores for better ipc
>OC to 4.6
>Performing identically to i7 920 on cinebench
>tfw everything still usable and fast.
I really wish I had built a Nahelem machine in 2010, my family even had the money but I was too pussy to build it.

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where are my poorfags at?

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>Speccy thread
was confused for a moment

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dumb question, but can you force programs to use cores form the same cluster? Cache is shared between each 2-core cluster, correct?
Like World of Warcraft only uses 4 cores, and iirc it tries to use 1 core from each cluster, suffering heavy latency and becoming cache starved. But if you disabled 2 clusters entirely would that solve it?

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I am about to upgrade because I feel like my CPU is feeling really old right now.

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I'm not sure fi you can force it, but each cluster has it's own 2MB of L2 cache so disabling them disables the cache, the L3 cache is 8MB available no matter what is enabled or not.

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have a look at taskset(1)

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I don't really do video encoding anymore. The reason I bought the 64GB RAM is pretty stupid, I just wanted to upgrade something. My i7 is overclocked to 4.5GHz and I don't think I will change platform for a while, but then I will most likely go for whatever Zen generation is hot.

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Isn't that some Windows nonsense?

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I know, I know.. my CPU is from like; 2010. I swear it functions fine. Doesn't bottleneck my 1060 at all.

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>my CPU is from like; 2010
Be proud of the 990FX platform, it's fast as fuck and was cheap.

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2600k never die.

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waiting for 1100 series like an idiot

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Almost 2 years old now

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paid like 1.6k for my "gamu machine" back in january. I should of waited or build my own i guess

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To be honest, it still performs great. runs almost anything on 60fps.

how much can I ask for my system?

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This is just running 4chan and youtube and I can barley run skyrim modded
I hate being poor

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here you bunch of worthless fucking ingrates

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79F ambient and my 212 EVO is barely ticking over.
Being able to undervolt to under 1.0V helps.

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But nice deal. 8/10

-CRACK-GLUGLUGLUG-SMACK- Aah... CPUs as they used to make. Jesus fuck upgrade already.

What the fuck are you using your PC for? Get a 1080 with so many monitors tbhfam. 9/10


CPU's on fire yo.

I fucking hope you were benching your CPU in that cap.

Gay ass poorfag.

>RX 480
I shiggy diggy.

>Applel Shitter
6ft rope ain't much in the hardware store.

Wtf is up with niggers running their shit so hot? Clean your shit or get at least sufficient cooling ffs.

OEM pleb.

One giant meme/10

Get a job, hippie.


Weebshit or Japanobro? Hoarding anime, hentai or illegal memes?

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like I said >>66767249 I only gayme a little (actually play LoL most of the time, just ARAM, sometimes AAA games, but get bored quickly), and seed shit for some private trackers and some photoshop editing, that's mostly all.
I will probably get a 4790K and OC it to hell, but after getting a D15 when the black model drops out.

>> No.66779935

>Wtf is up with niggers running their shit so hot? Clean your shit or get at least sufficient cooling ffs.
It aint so easy when it's 45c and 90% humidity, plus it's a SFF PC so that only makes things worse

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Got the 3770k at 4.5ghz

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Yeah, when I first bought it, it was $299. It was somewhat fast when I first bought it. Now I really want to buy a Thinkpad.

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What a glorious board, I know they made an Extreme11 but that's basically a server, i'm still a big fan of X79.

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Built this recently, how did I do?

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GPU could use an upgrade, but i'm fine with the one I have - barely play vidya anyway these days

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My new laptop.

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>Get a job, hippie.
I do have a job, faggot

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What do you guys think?

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I think you're doing alright. You probably overspent on memory though.

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All that costed me $140 before the hike.

>> No.66785731

Also it makes me happy still seeing Athlons and Phenoms, keep it up!

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GPU price drop fucking when.

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>R9 anything with that screen
Holy shit nigga, get a new screen, an Asus 21 inch 1080 TN panel is like 100 bucks.

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Guys can I get some advice on upgrade?
I am mostly interested in more RAM and SSD.

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Where my 3570K bois at?
Also, its on 4,5gHz...

Also, since im here, what should i focus on upgrade? I mean, should i wait rather for something new?
Because the only upgrade i can see is getting a new cpu, but that means a new mobo aswell and thats plenty of cash

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>mention two Linux native games

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Monitors: 3x 27" 1080p 144hz
DAC: Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus
Headphones: Sennheiser HD 660S

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Why is speccy so shit at reading temps?

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at least use inxi

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fucking amd sensors man. im getting an upgrade by the way, probably an i3-7100 or something
any advice/ tips?

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>Weebshit or Japanobro? Hoarding anime, hentai or illegal memes?

White collar gaijin in Japan hoarding anime and hentai, but most of the drive is not fully occupied.

>> No.66788370

oh my god, how much autism

>> No.66788416


(# ゚Д゚) I'm very socially outgoing with my coworkers all times though.

>> No.66788437

Well, i'm not lmao, i have a job im im pretty socially awkward

>> No.66788491

I like the pretty picture.

>> No.66788531

fx a shit

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Fuck wrong picture

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>> No.66788573


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cpu temp actually 20c lower

>> No.66788929

The ipc of it is really shit but you get 8 of them so it ends up being really good as a work machine.

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CPU is 8700K 5GHz.

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Ryzen 5 2400G

>> No.66791820

nobody needs this much storage

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Frankenstein pc that started with a feeble fx 6300 years ago

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I'd like to add a NVMe drive in the future.

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I've ditched Hulu and downloaded all my favorite shows to the 8tb drive. I run a 20 ft HDMI cable to my surround sound receiver, works well enough. Also stream games to my Shield TV upstairs through my cat 6 cables using the Steam app. I'd like to add a NVMe drive and a Bluray drive for BR rips in the future.

>> No.66792345

You should pop that external 8TB apart and install the drive in your PC.

>> No.66792399

I've been lazy about doing that, but I will soon.

>> No.66792799

you should really have a NAS with the data backed up if you need 8tb of storage

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gaming laptop cooling at idle kek

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Feels good my brother

>> No.66793920

I've been planning on that too, but all of my plans are on hold since I'm recovering from surgery.

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pls no bully I'm upgrading tomorrow

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fuck off to >>>/v/ winniggers

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don't have any issues with it

>> No.66794221

>pls no bully I'm upgrading tomorrow

No Bully? GREAT SYSTEM. perfect balance. I am wondering what speed you have your 955 at?

>> No.66794237

How fast to boot from the SSD?

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>Meme machine
Nigga that CPU is rare as fuck.

>> No.66794298
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>> No.66794324

I'd reccomend a better Gpu if you play games, also an ssd would make things all around faster, maybe look into a haswell i7?

>> No.66794347

Go for the i3-8100 if you plan on getting an i3, its got 4c4t compared to the 7100's 2c4t

>> No.66794395

>didn't fall for the high end board meme and still built a kick ass 2014 rig with 100% flash storage
Nice, Anon.

>> No.66794677

uh. not sure. havent visibly observed a startup in a while.

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