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>more women should be in Tec-

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On a scale of 1 to 10, how pathetic is your life?

I'd say for me about a 6

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i'm not gillian but ok

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Sir, answer the question.

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what makes you think my life is pathethic?

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>not providing free diagnosis
>not "discovering" massive amounts of malware
>not charging for data recovery
>not charging for a reformat
>not charging for driver installs

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Why is your life pathetic? Is it because you spend all day white knighting online for women who will never even notice you exist?

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Who would actually charge for that lol

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How is that a rip off? You ask someone to fix something for you, and they did it. Time is money. If you're going to queue up someone's workload, you better pay.

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because you post on /g/

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>all she had to do was toggle on the wi-fi
Zero sympathy,

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A shop having a very bad preliminary search for solutions AND a shitty queue system does not mean they should get paid. They should fix their shitty business.
>call OP a fag
the absolute fucking state of nu/g/

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go back

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this information is definitely in the manual, maybe even in the quick start guide

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I really like this pic

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Well the guy could have also reinstalled WLAN drivers, and the guy time is worth something even if it was stupid easy to fix, its a business.

Ripped off? yeah, but its a business, for a reason you are supposed to ask how much will it be before doing it.

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I would've turned Gillian sidebutton on hard after I got done fixing her computer hehe

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I'm gonna assume that the guy probably spent a few hours trying different driver versions before he realized there was a switch at the side. I just assume everyone everywhere is an idiot, even myself. So disregard everything I said.

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I got triples. That means I'm not so stupid after all.

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I got in trouble at a computer repair place because I was honest with a costumer once.
>"memory failure, dosen't necessarily you got a bad ram stick though"
>"sometimes the vibration from the fan will unseat them if they're not put in right at the factory"
>"There ya go"
Over the years I learned you have to turn off your conscience at the door and take advantage of how little most people know about your trade.

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