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All generations welcome.
Hackintosh hardware also welcome.

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What's the best OS version for a Powerbook 165? I'm thinking System 6, but I'd need to create some boot floppies for it.

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>it's an appletoddler thinks he belongs on /g/ episode

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Pic related is one of the main reason I switched away from Apple. A good laptop shouldn't get painfully hot from just watching a video.

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It’s these modern hot intel chips and ssds. Every laptop which doesn’t sound like a jet engine when watching a video has some form of overheating issue. And that just about includes just about everything which isn’t a 5 inch thick super high end desktop replacement.

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Why do people hate Apple nowdays?
MacOS is literally the best OS out there.
>Supports most of mainstream software like Office/Adobe/Autodesk stuff.
>Has never crashed on me even though I install shit from homebrew and fuck around in terminal.
>Even has some good linux software like emacs.
>Many new games work great on it.
>Looks amazing.

I use Arch/XFCE on my T60, openSUSE KDE on my desktop and still I have to use MacOS to do some actual work.
Even a stable openSUSE Leap has a shitload of problems on my desktop with a fucking old Intel i5 2500K CPU and all mainstream hardware. I can't even browse the web without graphics problems.

Price is the big issue but I can't relate since I got my rMBP almost free.

Windows is the bigger shit than MacOS nowdays, redirect that hate to Microsoft as they are much bigger evil than Apple.

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>bigger evil than Apple.
Doesn't exist. Fuck off mactoddler.

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>good linux software like *macs

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>shitload of problems on my desktop with a fucking old Intel i5 2500K CPU and all mainstream hardware
>it's a mactoddler can't use a computer blaming others for his incompetence

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SUSE even has a broken font installer. I literally installed it with their (((YAST))) installer and installed fucking Chromium from that YAST shit and every now and then i get a full screen of artefacts just by browsing web in that shit.
Arch on T60 works alright tho.

Main thing going for MacOS and why I love it currently is support for mainstream software. If you didn't know some people need to work sometimes to earn some money. And if I open a fucking .docx document in libreOffice which is unarguably shit I get mostly broken text file.

I won't even mention CAD work which is okay regarding freeCAD and libreCAD but it doesn't support the industry standard .dwg format and therefore is useless.

Also you can't argue that GIMP is as good as Photoshop. It's not even usable ffs.

Linux is great for programming and fucking around but for engineering is almost useless.

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Microsoft is a tiny, insignificant evil in the face of Google. Apple and Microsoft are both bad but for different reasons, but at least they aren't completely irredeemable out-of-control corporations with a God complex.

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>aren't completely irredeemable out-of-control corporations with a God complex.

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True that. But what I'm telling is that at least Apple is not forced down everyones throat via education and mainstreaming. You go out and buy any fucking laptop or computer, it comes with a fucking Spyware10 free of charge.
Every school, at least in my country uses exclusively Microsoft software, providing free licenses and has become the default of all times. Even employers ask if you have that shitty Microsoft certificate that you know how to use the office and such shit.
So much hate is targeted to Mac but nowdays they are literally staying aside doing nothing if you don't want to be involved.
Google on the other side is unavoidable. If you use android and linux or windows you can stay completely away from any apple service, but if you use any god damn OS on any device you can't stay away from all of the google bullshit.

Of course now will some /g/tard say that we should use TempleOS or Gentoo and some meme FOSS services to live botnet free. But in reality its not doable thanks to google and microsoft.

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>mactoddler is so brain dead he can't avoid a single website

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What phone do you use?
Do you work anywhere?
Or you are the literal trap in moms basement sitting behind a librebooted X60 running Gentoo?

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No its because theres 1 fucking vent directed at the hinge on a $1300 machine with "pro" in its title; that's why.

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>mactoddler is so brain dead he can't even do a 3 minute task like install a phone OS
>mactoddler is so brain dead he can't avoid a single website at work

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Found your problem.

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Aside from the UI gripes and lack of a right mouse button, MacOS isnt what I hate about apple. Their ridiculous prices and constant anti-consumerism is the problem. Apple fucking hates their customers.

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Do you have any more of that, its amazing.

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But people seem to talk shit about the OS since the Windows XP days.
Apple are assholes, but with damn good OS.

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>>Has never crashed on me
>if it never happened to me it never happened to anyone
And yet macOS problems are so bad they regularly become national news despite being a pathetic 5% of the computer market.

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>damn good OS
At least you tried.

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>comfy mac thread
>invaded by Winshits and Linuxlosers

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the thing is though, it's not just a single website anymore. youtube, drive, docs, all stuff that normal people with normal lives need to use all the time are google products- its unavoidable
Posted From My MacBook

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>youtube, drive, docs
>while posting from an NSA sponsored fruit toy that calls you braindead retards "zombies"


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where the fuck is the new mac mini

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I need a new iPad. 2018 iPad, or iPad Pro?

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itoodlers out

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What computer are you using Parakeet? I bet its some shitbox from 2008 or some McLaptop someone donated you because you're a NEET loser.

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Daily reminder this relentless Apple frother is a Mexican who lives with his grandmother. He is poor as fuck, ugly, autistic and uses a crusty TwinkPad from 2009 as his sole computer. Why do you keep posting here? Why are you always so triggered by Apple? Its not my fault your life is a shambles. Watch him either just repeat my post verbatim with changed words or ignore it. I bet you regret posting this webm don't you? Nice bed faggot, you get those covers from 1972?

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>Have iPhone 6s and 2015 MBP
>Really enjoy using them

Oh fucc

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>eating shit from my hands
>really enjoy it

baka desu senpai

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TRIGGERING /pol/ 24/7

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U from halifax?

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He got upset and reported the post. He really starts crying when I expose him.

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oh hi danny

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>mactoddler banned from his own circlejerk thread

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Extremely sad.

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macOS is the peak linux distro

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>banned from thread

Back to rebbit Paradeep, doesn't work like that round here.

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It's a recent thing, before the 2016 elections and subsequent retard invasion you could calmly discuss Apple products for their pros and cons without screaming banshees hating on it as if it was the devil's work.

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Even AOSP can't run mostly anything without GApps and MicroG still uses a lot of nonfree blobs from Google. Same goes for vanilla LineageOS w/o GApps. Replicant is the only "google free" one but it's not really useable on 99% of devices and you still can't use WhatsApp and most other stuff you actually need a phone for.

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know what’s the most comfy part of having a macbook pro and an iPhone 8?

>it just werks

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you mean BSD/minix distro rite?

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having the US’s largest company protecting your privacy is more comfy to me than DIY shit like qubes or kali or openBSD. if my data gets lost because of Apple i’m definitely getting on the class action lawsuit, since our shit at least comes with a warrantee

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can you tell me the difference between bsd and linux?

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bsd was originally a fork of the official Bell Labs Unix code. then it evolved into being FOSS by rewriting the proprietary / non permissive license stuff. and still to this day it has a license where somebody can take it and close off the source, instead of being required to always make the source publically available. (this is e.g. why some of the macOS source is not public, or why the playstation 4 OS is not public: they took FreeBSD [for the ps4] or parts of BSD [for macOS/darwin] and put it in a "walled garden")

linux OTOH was written from scratch by Linus and he licensed it under the GPL, so anything with the linux kernel or anything that depends on it has to have its source made public.

linux is less close to the unix philosophy than BSD is; e.g. systemd is pretty much a violation of unix standards.

i could go on listing differences if you're interested but those are the main ones.

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>comfy apple thread
>hordes of butthurt winfags and gentoo traps with nothing better to do than break our balls
your salt against people with good machines must really be bad if you're willing to spend all your free time like this

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>lack of right mouse button
You know you can use any mouse you want, right? And macbooks have a setting to make the bottom right corner of the trackpad into right click, or two finger touch, etc. macOS uses right click functionality plenty.

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Funny, my macbook air has fans too, they're just positioned to blow the hot air out the back of the hinge rather than directly onto my balls. I can also use my macbook in bed without having to prop it up or use a cooling pad.

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>lack of a right mouse button


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>no less than 5 devices


yeah, it turns out that recent iOS versions are the gold standard for mobile security when managed via apple configurator profiles

it's everything I wanted blackberry to be, without running an exchange server (fuck that), or fucking with rooted android bolt-on security

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people like this
are the kind of boring losers you see swiping through facebook on the train with cultivated poise

pretty sure you shouldn't consider using a smartphone if NSA is a realistic part of your threat landscape

you can thwart a beat cop with an elcomsoft tool simply by forcing the iPhone to not accept new pairing requests

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iPad. Forget the "pro" model.

The only legitimate advantage it has is the ability to use a Smart Keyboard. If you need a keyboard, you need a laptop not a tablet.

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false. I'm the kind of guy who browses /g/ on the train and autistically laughs at tech jokes. never used facebook in my entire life.

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only true because it has the pencil on newest models. if you draw it's really the shit.

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This is just "active" stuff I use right now. My work laptop replaced my old personal MacBook because it decimates it in performance. The iMac is a Hackintosh.

Recently found out about iStats, which is pretty awesome. Bear is a great notetaking app that uses Markdown. I used to use CyberDuck but that shit would hang/crash on large directories, so I ended up buying Transmit and don't regret it. I keep tryna switch to Safari but it keeps fucking up on me, which sucks because Safari is way better at battery life than Chrome. I do DevOps/programming btw.

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>mactoddler banned again

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Firefox is the shit on Mac. Way better than on Windows or Linux. That + Safari on emergency and you're fine.

Notes with md looks cool, gonna try it out. What's a "WorkBook" exactly?

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>revealing your janitor role

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How many cocks do you smoke daily David?

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The WorkBook is a 15” 2016 MBP my work gave me. I named it WorkBook to differentiate from my “David’s MacBook Pro” that was my personal laptop, but since I don’t use my personal MBP anymore, “David’s MacBook Pro” didn’t show up in that list.

I’ll give Firefox a shot!

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Why does Apple upset you so much?

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I'm not a Mac user, I just bought my mom one cause I thought it was perfect for her as it werks and has fewer security risks. That said, I remember using Firefox on it before 57 (the version which made Firefox much faster) came out when I was helping her to set it up, and it already worked like a charm (especially since you could close it leaving the Firefox process open even without any open tabs and just resume it in any moment), I can't imagine how good it could've become now.

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>he has a computer I don't like, let's hate on him!
here's your (You)

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Sorry, not a faggot.

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Curious how you're so eager to point it out when it wasn't mentioned at all. Looks like we've got all the symptoms of a closeted fag.

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Sorry, it is true that faggots are more likely to buy apple products than other groups.

>> No.66756223

maybe because they have disposable income they're not spending on kids, and therefore buy the good stuff instead of off-brand lenovos, acers, hps, or dells?

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Oh that babyfur.

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>posts gay pride toys
>"why are people talking about being/not-being gay?"

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>chinkshit fruit trash that randomly explodes or dies to dust
>good stuff

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>tfw bought this for £300 yesterday

feels good man

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Actually Lenovo, Acer, HP, Dell and other manufacturers probably create more reliable, repairable, and more quality products. Sorry that your love of Apple is undying but take off those rose-tinted goggles and admit that there are problems (lots of them) with Apple and their products. Faggot.

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Are you trying to make fun of a kid with Cerebral Palsy?
How petty can you be?

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>feels good

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You seem to be on your period, to fix it, press a handgun to your head (check ammo first), and pull the trigger).

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Sure feels better than posting the same stale copypasta from my mom's basement

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>braindead samefag who can't count reads it as 800 Mhz

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t. mactoddler

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He was talking about 0.8 ghz, sorry mactoddler.

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>mactoddler is brain dead AND blind

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You sure told me buddy

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>Hackintosh hardware

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