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....asking for a friend

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My friend says yes

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tell your friend that some faggot on the internet's friend says thank you

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Antergos>Arch Anywhere>Using Ubuntu instead>manjaro

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I would never do it as a syadmin. I'd allow it if I also allowed distros of choice. Otherwise I'd get something with LTS that I wouldn't have to go in and fix so much Everytime a pacman -Syu breaks some dependency somewhere.

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Corporate systems can still run CentOS 5. Think about it. Now try not updating Arch for a year.

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God no, it's the worst distro you could possibly choose for corporate systems and networks.

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It would probably be fine if you use the LTS kernel package and don't need GPU drivers.

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No, it's a distro for PCs

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get something with lts support.

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Jesus no

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What happens if you don't update it? Never used it, just heard it breaks a lot.

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Arch is ''definitely'' not suitable for corporate infrastructure, especially when the infrastructure is mission critical

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just use debian

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yea if you want to go bankrupt

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Use Debian stable or CentOS

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Arch is <i>definitely</i> not suitable for corporate infrastructure, especially when the infrastructure is mission critical

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this is not forum, faggot

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Arch anywhere doesn't exist anymore. It's Anarchy Linux now

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Honestly, it works fine for basic server stuff, none of that crap get's frequent updates,anyways.Never had anything but Nvidia and Gnome give me an issue on Arch.It's every bit as reliable as Ubuntu LTS, you just need to pay attention to things a little more. Luckily,Pacman is pretty verbose if issues arise.

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how do I disable my unused VGA port. It always shows as an active display.
Using Antergos with deepin

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I would imagine this might help:

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what would you suggest meme man

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People mainly like Arch because of the autistic logo

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I have a colleague that uses Arch with KDE on his work laptop. He's had some minor problems with some kernel updates, but never with applications (as far as he tells me).

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I only use it to have new stuff and I love the package manager.You guys poop all over Arch, but it's the same Linux you're running, just sooner.

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Why place manjaro so low?

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I put arch linux on usb drive, with two btrfs 500 GB drives for storage for urbackup in a corporation.. for backing up their desktop shit

all because arch has aur package and is easy to manage with no noise

is it the a great distro for corporate enviroment? dont think so
did I do it anyway cuz I could no be bothered with centos or ubuntu server?

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Only redhat should be used for that.

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If you ever install new packages theres a good chance they won't work cause they'll assume all the other ones are up to date.

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Circular problem.

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Is your friend me?, whatever, i fuckin suffer in this damn distro, EVERYTHING FUCKIN BREAKS, proxychains doesnt work either...

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Why not give Manjaro a try? It's based on Arch but the devs maintain several repositories - unstable, testing and standard. Unstable is bleeding-edge - packages are available as soon as possible; this is basically the same as Arch. By default the desktop installation uses the "standard" repository, which simply delays package upgrades anywhere between 1 and 2 weeks and releases them as batches.

I've been using it as a daily desktop driver on different machines for about three years now, and a package udpate has never ever broken anything. Granted, I never used NVidia or Gnome like this person: >>66686764. From my experience it's stable enough to serve as a server or for corporate infrastructure.

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>Antergos > Arch

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sid always has newer stuff

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been running arch on my business vps (mail, card/caldav, website, etc) since 2013 with no trouble

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install gentoo

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