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Would this even be possible?

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Oh, I remember that shit thread.

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T. Alphabet agency

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Absolutely, but also everyone has known this since the early 2000s. Intel CPUs are completely and 100% compromised due to the NSA backdoor. They're also 100% completely compromised by poojeet script kiddies due to the meltdown and spectre vulnerabilities.

I hope that Intel guy bailed and got a job at AMD instead.

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Probably true man, how do you think the government works? Of course they do stuff like this.

Even if it's fake, there's something like it that's real. If the US intelligence community *wasn't* doing it, then they are morons.

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>got a job at AMD instead.
(implying it's "true")so he could shut his mouth when he sees shitty practices like this?
Nah, you're retarded.
I mean, it's not a "leak" or anything since technically people have known about this, but it's not like Intel provides any disclaimers about their CPUs

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He didn't shut his mouth, he leaked the info online as he should have.

Just kill yourself Intel shill.

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It's a pretty boring leak if it's totally devoid of any technical info. Imagine the undiscovered hardware bugs that intel's sitting on.

Also the spying on Trump thing makes me want to support intel if anything, too bad they suck at mmu design.

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the stupid, it hurts

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Yep. It's true. Your kernel is ring 0. ME is ring -3. Three levels deeper.

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Finally, someone who knows what they're talking about.

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That's just some stupid larper the IME backdoor has been known since way before 2017


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That's it OP. I'm reporting you to SPLC and ADL. My lawyers will come soon.

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>runs while the computer is hibernating

But there's no power when it's hibernating. Did he mean sleeping? Is he talking about motherboards with LAN wake/boot compatibility? Is he full of shit? He did very little technical spec talk for a 5 year vet with lots of knowledge about this program.

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Let's assume that this is a real practice and that Intel is participating in on a large scale, through coercion or otherwise. Why wouldn't the US gov't also force AMD to do the same? Let's say this guy is a genuine whistleblower (he's not), why would this lead anyone to believe this is only an Intel problem?

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If you think otherwise then you're a nut job.

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market share probably

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>Your kernel is ring 0. ME is ring -3. Three levels deeper.
Good TLDR;

The ME is a separate CPU, so the ring terminology is kind of deceptive. In older versions, ME wasn't even an x86 core, it was ARC or something.

I think it used to physically be part of the chipset, but I'm not sure.

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What are rings 1 and 2?

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The fact that PSP/ASP exists on AMD chips is pretty convincing, but if this was Gov mandated, how do you explain IBM's POWER chips?
There is no hidden code there at all, and they even let the previous core designs be licensed to Suzhou PowerCore.

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Not used by modern operating systems.

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Wikipedia has this diagram, but I don't think Windows or Linux or BSD or OSX or anyone actually uses the 1 or 2 rings. Maybe a microkernel like MINIX or GNU Hurd does?

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Know of any OSes that did back in the day?

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If the AC is connected, it stays powered up (same feature allows always-on USB and wake-on-lan).

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Watch the public freak out when the leaks come out like they did with Facebook. "Nobody could know that!!11"

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Abstract autism.

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>"Activate the hardware backdoor."

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don't forget jewtube.com

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Assuming this is possible, I suppose AMD's FX line is the last of the chips that aren't backdoored to the nines?

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I don't think anything uses it, because it's mostly useless. Operating systems generally want to control access on a more fine-grained level than the hardware allows anyway, and therefore virtualizing I/O methods is more useful.
OS/2 reportedly did, in order to provide some user-mode processes with direct I/O access, but that just exemplifies why it's a bad idea, because the hardware can only grant or deny a ring total I/O access, whereas a reliable OS will rather want to grant I/O access to specific devices, if at all.

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if you have nothing to hide, them spying on you has no effect. only the vile and the unhinged is afraid of being spied on.

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>Why wouldn't the US gov't also force AMD to do the same?
This isn't about "forcing". Theoretically, the Israeli government would be the ones doing the forcing, if anyone. It would be an excellent strategy to implement. Especially when you consider how much easier and cheaper this is, compared to constructing something like the system the NSA uses. Also consider the fact that the USA uses Israeli intelligence quite frequently. Remember the Kaspersky fiasco? Ever question how and why Israel was nosing around in their systems? Ever consider the fact that if their claims against Kaspersky were true, then that makes them also guilty of eavesdropping on classified information and probably for years.All of these Intel backdoors could have been shared with US agencies, too. There's just too many possibilities and opportunities for this shit to have not been taken advantage of.

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It is absolutely possible, but noone knows whether it's actually true.

It's important to keep in mind that the IME backdoor that everyone knows and talks about is a different thing. That backdoor is in a known piece of IME functionality that is publicly known, only exists on certain motherboards, can be turned off, and is used for automated corporate management of computers. Using it, the IME actively fetches an IP address of its own (separate from the OS) in a non-hidden manner, and administrators can connect to it to manage the machine. The problem consisted in buggy authentication that allowed anyone to log in.

While what OP is talking about is certainly possible in theory, it has a number of special requirements, most importantly that the attacker has to be able to reach the machine he wants access to with network traffic in some way, which would be difficult since the IME doesn't have its own IP address. Even if it "hijacks" the host OS's IP address, it would still be perfectly visible to network monitoring if it tried to make outbound connections, which would certainly have been discovered had it been so. Contrariwise, since most computers are behind NATs, it wouldn't be possible for an external attacker to connect directly to the computer in question. That pretty much only leaves the possibility to embed hidden data in packets that are otherwise used for legitimate traffic, which in turn requires the attacker to either have direct access to a server that the victim is initiating traffic to (certainly theoretically possible in the case of Google, Facebook &c) or a MITM-attack on some router on the way. It's difficult to disprove that something like that might be happening, but if it is, then noone has publicly posted any information of just how it works.

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Right, because fear of being persued, stalked,followed,whatever, for unknown reasons, is completely unnatural. It amazes me how many lunatics there are in this world. The lock industry is just a bunch of scam artists and snake oil salesman. Passwords? Give me a fucking break you paranoid fucks! As if a bunch of letters and numbers are going to save your ass! You dumbasses with guns are the absolute worst, though. There's nothing to fear,you're just crazy. You waste your money buying these things,when your tax dollars are already being spent to employ people armed with guns to protect you. There's nothing to fear at all.

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It wouldn't legally be mandated, they'd just get paid to do it. manufacturers of open source chips would just be ineligible to receive these contracts.

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>vile and the unhinged is
should have been "are" not "is" you tool

Also, 0/10 for older than dirt troll post

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you shall not be afraid of your state spying on you like you shall not be afraid of cops being armed. otherwise, you probably are hiding some nasty stuff in your closet.

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I remember Power cpus have export restrictions.

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All the best stuff has export restrictions.

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Regardless, the methods they use are security vulnerabilities, and I don't like that. Your argument will always be retarded.

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>AMDrones actually believe their CPU isn't also farmed by the big guys

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bulldozer is safe with secure bios

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Until somebody gives reasonable evidence to the contrary, yes, you're right, that's how rational people operate.

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>expecting braindead intlel rajakikes to be logical

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Im not afraid of them you nigger. I just want them to respect my privacy. It's basic human decency. "Nothing to hide, nothing to fear" isnt a fallacy because of its assumption that you want to hide. Its a fallacy because it assumes that we are afraid. Im not afraid, and if a court of law granted a warrant to law enforcement to come search me I would allow them. But i have yet to receive such a warrant, so I'd hope that they'd mind their own business and spend my tax dollars on something more constructive.

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Would this even be possible?
>Intel Custom Foundry’s 10nm meltdown is crushing a $20+B market cap tech giant

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Look at the STEM guy who's too smart to learn history. There is a solid record of states with these powers abusing them. Once it is accepted, having something to hide or not is meaningless.

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>There is a solid record of states with these powers abusing them.
if you have nothing to hide, they can't abuse them.

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In fact, the sole reason why your computer is capable of responding and turning on as you hit the power button is that it actually still is drawing (hopefully very minimal) power out of its power source.

The power button is not something like a light switch with two ways. It is a one-way switch that generates a unary signal, an interrupt for your hardware. This interrupt is only generated and then perceived by the controllers when the device is powered, and then cause your computer to turn on if it was "turned off".

Turned off state of a computer is merely a STAND-BY state with (hopefully) extremely low current draw being drawn.

I don't know anything in detail about a full-blown computer. I just took a hardware course where we dealt with microcontroller + FPGA units.

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tfw can't use that sweet ring -3 for myself

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glow in the dark retard again

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nothing personel, kid

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if you can connect to the internet you're being monitored.

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this cant be real, move along goys i mean boys

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so it's impossible to compute securely on a modern device anymore?

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Is that /pol/?
Almost certainly larp then.

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Can anyone give me a quick rundown on this dude?

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Bill fucking gates. Is this bait?

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>"Activate the AMD PSP backdoor"

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Yes, it's possible.


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>/pol/ """discovers""" something that /g/, Reddit, and their mother's cat have known for a long time
>tries to spread propaganda that it was all their hard work that bought Intel to justice
I hate these LARPing 14 year olds. Cookie ban when?

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It’s not only possible, but they are doing it to you right now.

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Remember that he was a larper who got called out and asked technical questions related to the position but he failed to answer them and stopped replying

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>nupol larpers
bet op is a /v/ poster

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That is the most retarded thing I've ever read on 4chan - and I frequent /b/ and /pol/ far more than this shitty Linux circlejerk.

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I thought the CMOS battery provided a jolt to send a signal down one of the 24pin power supply cables. lol

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It asks the question of why they went through that much trouble when they could just use any of the many more effective things in the ANT catalogue.
Or just put a tap on the phone lines as per the Carter Page warrant and the Analytica FISA warrant.
Note >>66637628
we have never seen the warrant, but are too listen and beleive its totes what is said.
You know, like Intel's reichstagg.

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