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>Assemble a part list
>Learn how to build a PC (You can find more detailed videos on YouTube)
>How to install Win7 on new CPUs

Want help?
>State the budget & CURRENCY for your build
>List your uses - e.g. Gaming, Video Editing, VM Work
>For monitors, include purpose (e.g. photo editing, gaming) and graphics card pairing (if applicable)

>Use PBO on Ryzen. Legacy overclocking is defunct on Ryzen 2#00X CPUs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FC3fsVk9Sss

>R3 2200G - Bare minimum gaming (dGPU optional)
>R5 2400G - Consider IF on sale
>R5 2600/X - Good gaming & multithreaded work use CPUs
>i7-8700K - Best for 1080p gaming, but most expensive when factoring in delid, high-end cooler, etc.
>R7 2700/X - Best high-end gaming/mixed usage on a non-HEDT platform
>Threadripper/Used Xeon - HEDT

>Only Z300 series boards can utilize fast memory with Intel

>8GB - Enough for most gaming use
>16GB - Standard for heavy use
>32GB - If you have to ask, you don't need this much
>Current CPUs benefit from fast RAM; 2933MHz+ is ideal

Graphics cards
>GPU prices have gone down
>RX 580 or 1060 6GB are standard 1080p 60fps+ options
>1050Ti or RX560 for lower settings 1080p, or older games
>GTX 1070Ti/Vega 56 if seeking higher fps & you have a CPU + monitor to match
>Vega 56 or Vega 64 /w Freesync; 1070Ti if you already have Gsync
>GTX 1080Ti if seeking higher fps & you have a CPU + monitor to match
>Titan V

>Consider StoreMi
>Consider getting a larger SSD (better GB/$) instead of small SSD & large HDD
>2TB HDDs are barely more $ than 1TB
>M.2 is a form factor, NOT a performance standard

>Always consider FreeSync with AMD cards
>Lock to 72fps on 144hz non-Gsync monitors with Nvidia cards to prevent tearing on more demanding games

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This is nothing new. GCN has always scaled better into higher resolutions.
Just like how RX580 gains more over the 1060 at 1440p.
And the 290X did over the 780Ti.

Good something like "vega clock for clock (or ipc) test gamer's nexus". Vega 56 and 64 are within like 0.1% performance at the same core and memory clock.

>From what I've been reading on Newegg comments undervolting the card basically eliminates all those problems.
But it does even more on Vega56...
You put Vega 56 and 64 both at 1050mv, 1600MHz core, 1000MHz memory, and they're going to perform the same and the 56 is going to use less power.

Also keep in mind the 56 has the same compute performance of the 1080Ti, so a fuckload which isn't its bottleneck in games. It's massive overkill for current games compared to its raster performance still. The 64 is an HPC/workstation card that they're pawning off on gamers when they shouldn't have.

I agree that Vega64 for gaming should be removed from OP, but you're basically false flagging.
Undervolting it still makes its perf/watt only like 20% worse than a 1080 which isn't that signficant.

DDR5 isn't coming to consumers until 2021-2023...

Yes, it's still AMD. Though I'd get 2400G if you can since the extra 4 threads is going to bottleneck a dGPU much less. It barely bottlenecks the gtx 1080 at 1080p with fast RAM. It's on sale for $150.
2400G with an OC and fast RAM plays virtually every game at 1080p on low at least 30fps, with more optimized games at 60+ and/or on medium settings.
One exception I can think of is AC Origins, where you'd need to play at ~900p for 30+.

Rumors have actually been that there'll be another Polaris refresh on 12nm this time that's at least 20% more performance.
Not that exciting. But could be more performance and lower power consumption for slightly cheaper.

How good it is probably depends on whether it's a new tape out or not. RX580 was not a new tape out.

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>Consider StoreMi
Found the AMD shill

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Should I or should I not?

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google* not good.

>shilling actual good features

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>Yes, it's still AMD. Though I'd get 2400G if you can since the extra 4 threads is going to bottleneck a dGPU much less. It barely bottlenecks the gtx 1080 at 1080p with fast RAM. It's on sale for $150.
>2400G with an OC and fast RAM plays virtually every game at 1080p on low at least 30fps, with more optimized games at 60+ and/or on medium settings.
>One exception I can think of is AC Origins, where you'd need to play at ~900p for 30+.
CPU wise would it hold up if a dGPU was bought later down the line? Assuming I bought a decent dGPU at some point in the future, how long could I go before I'd need to upgrade the 2400G to a beefier CPU? Thanks anon.

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If you can sell the old ones off, then sure.

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this is for now my final build, should I change something?

also >>66621207

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>no DDR5 until 2021-23
Yeah, I know. Hoping more for the 2021 side. That should also be around the point where PCIe 4 goes mainstream and AM4 dies. In just can't imagine AMD introducing a new socket without DDR5 support.

With the current prices I ain't switching to DDR4. Well, that's easily said since I don't really have a reason tondo so anyways. My current system still does everything in throw at it with ease, even at 1440p. The only thing the 290 was struggling with was the witcher 3.

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is high speed 3200mhz second-hand Ram highly sought after? Or would it be better to integrate it into a new build a few years down the line?

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What model of RX580? 'cause that 1060 is shit.
But probably the RX580. Just you should try and get a decent model either way.
Build looks good other than that PSU and case being so expensive. But if those are what you want, go for it.

I already answered that in what you greentexted.

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Not that guy but it depends on your resolution, the desired fps and the games you play.

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Is SLI 1080s a good option?

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VEGA 64 tell me if its okay for gaming if I'm okay overspending. Are the thermals really that bad when its overclocked properly?

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I'd change that case, it looks terrible and costs too much but that's up to your taste.
Also I'd go with an RX 580 but really there's not much difference between that and the 1060.
Will you be able to run that ram at that speed?

>is sli a good option

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Check benchmarks for the 1300X, its quite similar. In CPU heavy games the 2x00G will let you run into a CPU limit if you put a decent card into the system. Every low budget CPU will. But as stated earlier, if younchange the cardnjust put in a used ryzen and sell the 2200G (or put it into an HTPC for your living room). Used 6 core ryzens are cheap.

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Looks like Epyc 7nm and Vega 7nm already support PCIe and on the same socket.
So Zen2 next year may actually support PCIe4 on the lanes that are coming from the SOC.


You're overspending.
Clock-for-clock, Vega56 and Vega64 have the same performance in games. Get the Vega56 (not the MSI or Gigabyte ones) and undervolt and overclock it.
Vega64 just runs hotter, and has a higher chance of Samsung HBM. That's it.

Better to wait for 2300X/2500X in that case, but anon was looking for the dGPU to use until next generation of GPUs.

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>I could settle with a 2700x/8700k and 1080 ti right now but that seems dumb.
Why do you think so? If spending that much won't hurt you then why wait? There will always be something to wait(TM) for.
>GTX 1100 in Q3/4 2018
>7nm Zen in Q1/2 2019
>AMD next gen GPU Q3/4 2019
>??? 2020

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I don't have experience with Vega 64 but I fell for the Frontier meme in my work pc and runs (even for a blower card) super hot and loud.
It's a massive chip and chances are good that water cooler guy is right when he says you shouldn't really go for it.

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SLI is always shit and should only ever even be considered if you can't get enough performance out of a single card. Get a 1080Ti if a single 1080 isn't cutting it.

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I meant check the benchmarks to see what performance you can expect, not to buy the thing. Benchmarks with dedicated GPUs are a bit rare for raven ridge.

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I mean, I know it can handle games fine today with a good dGPU, but if it's going to start choking on AAA games because of lackluster CPU performance in the near future, I feel like it'd be better to buy a stronger CPU and a weaker dGPU now and upgrade the GPU, rather than get 2400G, buy a dGPU when I have the money, and then have to upgrade my CPU next year or something because it can't handle games.

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They look great IRL, just the stock image of them highlighting the RGB strips sucks.

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How much of a cheap fuck can I be when building a Ryzen 3 2200g based system?
I already have a 520W Seasonic PSU, 8gb's of 3200mhz Ram, a cheap 120gb kingston SSD and an Mini ITX case. Should I cheap out on a cheap AM4 mini ITX mobo or invest a little more € into something substantially better?

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We should also see newer AM4 boards with PCIe 4 then. GPUs don't really need it, so you could run them on PCIe 4 x8 and use the other lanes for I/O functionality I guess. AM4 only supporting one full speed M.2 slot wasn't that optimal of a choice, never understood why they did it. Yields can't have been that bad, they should've given the I/O hub more lanes. Or at least the option to do so and then bin the CPUs also in terms of available lanes.

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ITX boards aren't any worse than larger form factors. If you find an ITX board that provides all the functionality you need a go for it.

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>Will you be able to run that ram at that speed?
It's B-die, so I guess so.
That 1060 is just a standalone, the real model would be the G1, and for the 580, the sapphire pulse or however it's called.
Also, for the PSU and case, the PSU prices are fucked here, I had to pay 95€ for something similar some time ago for my build (this one is for a friend), and the case, it's for my friend, so yeah, it's what he wants.

I will be ordering the rest of the build meanwhile.

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I'd be surprised if you can find a cheap mITX board but yes, that sounds like a plan.

>> No.66621514

Define S with R6 style upgrades when?

>> No.66621525

>Should I cheap out on a cheap AM4 mini ITX mobo or invest a little more € into something substantially better?
Form factor doesn't have much to do with how much spend. List the features you need, and get the board that has them in whatever form factor. If one form factor costs more than the other, they'll still perform the same. One consideration, however, is that, if I'm remembering correctly, the cheapest A-series AMD motherboards can't overclock, so it might be worth spending a little extra.

>> No.66621528

>paying close to 1300€ to only have a 1060

>> No.66621542

prices are fucked, and he will probably be selling the 1060 when the next gen comes out
how am I supposed to get something like a 1080 with that price it the card itself if half the budget

>> No.66621545

Pulse is way fucking better than the G1. G1 is loud and annoying garbage.

Would be nice if you could get X470 mITX but afaik the decent ones are like $170.

Many of the ITX have shitty VRMs for their price, is the thing.

>> No.66621569

I have the G1 and it's pretty silent, tho, so not considering that, the 580 would be better too, right? I want him to get the 580 actually just to test how good it is since another friend has a 1060 too.

>> No.66621609

Just did a 2200G build

Don't put less than 8gb ram (2x4) (50% loss of performance with 4gb)
Don't go below AM4 B350 (20% loss of performance without OC)

Anything else do whatever you want.

>> No.66621624

You are wasting too much money on ram mobo case and psu. You could definitely fit a 1070ti or 1080 for that price.

>> No.66621637

Thoughts? I already have a case and am going to worry about storage once I have the core build down.

>> No.66621645

Should I go for a cheap ASSrock mITX am4 AB350M? Overclocking won't be needed as the system will mostly be used for web browsing and very light gaymen.

>> No.66621652

Hi /g/ - somewhat unrelated but I'm in need of a new microphone with noise-cancelling since my PC is super loud because of summer - moving PC away isn't really an option.

I know it could be a 5 second google, but anything anyone's had experience with that's worked for them would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards

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Yes, but check for ram compatibility first.

You don't want your ram running at 2100mhz

>> No.66621679

I will get the case from amazon.de so it will be like 50€ less.
The cheapest 1070ti is 480€ (a blower one). Getting cheaper ram that doesn't even achieve 3200/300 stable would be like less say 40€ less, a cheaper mobo would be again 40 or 60 less, and PSU, prices are fucked, the lowest I could go for a non modular one would be 60 being lucky and not getting a chink wicked shit.
That may be 200€ less, so I would indeed get a 1070ti in there, but shit on everything else. This build has to last for like 5 years.

>> No.66621695

Want a desktop to replace my shitty broken college laptop

I have about $1500 USD and just want to play Paradox games and Rimworld

Is there a reason I shouldn't just grab the Superb tier from Logical Increments?

>> No.66621703

What about going even cheaper with an ASRock A320M Mini ITX. The mobo allows no overclocking but as I have said before, no OCing will be needed.

>> No.66621733

so my room is like 30C or 86F during summer (attic room). How fucked would my r5 2600X be?

>> No.66621744

>Logical Increments
I don't even need to look at it to know it's shit.

>> No.66621763

You will definitely get better perfomance from a 1070 ti than a 1060 + B-die. I don't know why you think a cheaper mobo/ram won't do it. About the psu 650w is too much and a 550 one is still more than enough and would be the same thing. Do what you want though.

>> No.66621776


sounds like you're fucked even without a PC, maybe hold off on the PC and invest a few hundred bucks into one of the portable ac units or even cheap and actual window ac unit

>> No.66621802

Do GPUs ever go on sale on Amazon?

I have like $300 in gift cards there but I never see any deals.

>> No.66621812

It should work fine, at least it's not a A320 (they cost the same as some B350M). Even if it's not needed it's a nice option to have just in case you want that extra performance later

>> No.66621836

I have the triple fan 1070 g1 and it's loud. Not just loud, but the pitch of the sound is annoying.
1070 is like 50% higher tdp, and it's got 50% more fans to cool it. It shouldn't be so loud.

That looks like a comparison of single channel vs dual.

Yes. They don't last long.

>> No.66621839

Anything else you'd recommend?

>> No.66621843

then what about this. Maybe another mobo?

>> No.66621860

Is there even a reason to buy HDD for a gaming PC?

>> No.66621879

>Potential Incompatibilities

It's shit.

>> No.66621895

>read OP
>find out what your games prefer AMD or Intel
>make parts list
>ask about opinions

>> No.66621899

Not unless you want to constantly hear Windows spinning it up even when its idle all day everyday forever.

HDDs are annoying as fuck.

>> No.66621946

Seems like a lot of money for a 1070ti, and again expensive case with seemingly nothing special about it.
But looks okay otherwise.

Oh except that board. Eh. If you're getting a b350 board, get the b350-f strix.

No. I only have SSDs. Only HDD are in my NAS. I would never put poorfag HDDs in my PC. I'd rather have a weaker GPU than have HDD and have it spinning up, whining, and programs locking up waiting on it.

>> No.66621948

Looks great, the potential incompatibility this guy brings up >>66621879 is that the motherboard might need a BIOS update, in that case you'd need a free boot kit from AMD. I'd swap the kit for a F4-3200C16D-8GVK or a F4-3000C15D-8GVRB and the PSU for a 620 EVO ($5 more)

>> No.66621952

Maybe if you have a big Steam, or EA, or Uplay or whatever library to keep games predownloaded on, then switch what ever you're regularly playing to an SSD.

>> No.66622002

>Seems like a lot of money for a 1070ti
The cheapest 1070ti, but the other anon bitched about it, so whatever.
>and again expensive case with seemingly nothing special about it
Forget about it, it will be a little less than 100€ on amazon.de.
>Oh except that board. Eh. If you're getting a b350 board, get the b350-f strix
That one would be 130€, barely 10€ less than the x470.
Would that shitty mobo really fuck the system? Like, the AB350 Pro4 should be good enough if paired with non b-die ram, I guess.
If I get all of that final build, it should be shittier for production but better for gaymes, and my friend prefers gaymer a little over production, but he will be still editing videos, tho. Should I just go for the 200 (non x) too? I would cut enough money to get the 1070ti for the same price that other build that it's pretty good already.

>> No.66622012

OS, programms, games, other data you often access.
Music, movies, archives, back ups, other data you don't often access.

>> No.66622026

So I have never built a pc before. My budget is around 1500-2000 however I can’t decide whether to have an amd processor or intel.

Tips also appreciated

>> No.66622049

I recently completed my first ever build, and it's also my first time ever having a desktop PC rather than a laptop.

I now have a potentially retarded question: is it really a good idea to turn off and unplug your PC during a thunderstorm? There's supposed to be one tonight, and I vaguely recall seeing that piece of advice many years ago, but I'm struggling to find properly formulated advice on the matter, it seems to be just endless opiniated posts without any factual backing.

>> No.66622080

Depends in the PSU, but outside chinese ones roper ones wont have trouble if the computer its off.
Also specially if your house is grounded.

>I dont know how check or want to remove the risk at 100%
Buy a PSU, Cyberpower or APC.

>> No.66622089

>Buy a PSU, Cyberpower or APC.

>> No.66622092

I'm really happy with my chip, Ryzen performs really well. AMD really is on top of their game right now.

>> No.66622104

>is it really a good idea to turn off and unplug your PC during a thunderstorm?

yea but the chances of you getting hit by lightning are very small unless you're ina lone house in the middle of a field

you still want a real surge suppressor, though since you're more likely to suffer a general power surge especially if you're in an apartment or large household

>> No.66622107

Looks good, I'm using that mobo with a 1200 and I have no complaints. It has 4+2 power phases, the same as the Tomahawk Arctic ScienceStudio got working with a 2700X so I'm pretty sure you'd be fine.
Maybe get a better GPU like the Gigabyte 1070ti (noisy fans from what I've read) or the EVGA 1070ti here

>> No.66622124

Too bad they are not as good in the GPU side.

>> No.66622128

what about the ASRock AB350 Gaming K4? it looks exactly the same as the other but just being red. I can get it for like 63€

>> No.66622135

>I can’t decide whether to have an amd processor or intel.
>I will play games and budget is not a problem
>I will play games and budget is a problem, also i will do multicore related work on it
AMD based in your budget.

>> No.66622147

This. Currently Nvidia can literally shit on a silver plate and offer it for $1000 because they know people will buy it since AMD has nothing to offer right now. Hopefully this will change in 2019.

>> No.66622162

when do the b450 motherboards come out? this month?

>> No.66622164

BASED and redpilled

>> No.66622172

I see, I guess I should consider a surge protector then for the future.

But just to confirm, supposing that my PSU is decent (it's supposed to have overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, etc.), the worst that would happen would be that the PSU would die without affecting any of the other parts, correct?

>> No.66622174

. Also is there a next gen processor coming out soon that I should wait or just buy the 8700k?

>> No.66622181

Do you have a monitor and peripherals? Read the OP and start a list

>> No.66622189

I'm looking at buying a UPS for my server. I was considering an 850w model. However, do UPS's also provide surge protection? Or am I plugging the UPS into a good surge guard, THEN into the wall?

I can count on 1 hand the number of times the power has gone out by me, however the last time it did, I almost lost 4TB of data because the power cut out mid backup AND the surge caused a drive to die. So I went from having RAID 1 backing up to another disk, down to a single copy of all my data. Was scary :(.

>> No.66622194

Is it a EVGA Supernova PSU, Seasonic, Anyone else that rebranded from Superflower, FSP, GreatWall, etc?
Its good enough.
Is it Corsair, HEC, any other chink low end PSU rebrand?
Then its not decent.

And to answer your question, yeah a good PSU would protect your parts from dying.

>> No.66622195

Looks okay but the reviews don't

>> No.66622199


>> No.66622237

If you look on newegg you'll notice that UPS's have a "Surge Energy Rating", but it seems to be lower than that of dedicated surge protectors, though I have no clue if it's still enough for typical needs or not.

It's a lower end EVGA, so I guess it might not be sufficient. Do you have any surge protectors and/or UPS models in particular you recommend (considering money is an issue)?

>> No.66622422

wait what's wrong with corshit psus?
i thought their issue was QA.

>> No.66622428

The only real difference between current Coffeelake and upcoming Coffeelake-S will be a 14-10nm die shrink, and an 8c16t flagship which won't really be relevant for most and presumably expensive. At this stage Intel is still reportedly struggling to gain a sustainable yield with the 10nm fab so it's still up in the air when release will be.
Honestly, unless there was a guaranteed release within a month I don't think it's worth waiting at all.
This is also not taking into account the first of the 10nm are shit clockers like Broadwell.

>> No.66622507

Low end ones? they have a good amount of problems.
Mid-high end ones? not really but you are just paying extra for the brand, if you get them in a good sale then there is nothing wrong, they are from Seasonic or Great Wall.

>> No.66622519

It will be like the Haswell to Devil Canyon series, its just a refresh of the line.

>> No.66622520

So my friend has a r5 1400 and a rx 580. He wants to get a i7 8700K because he has a 144hz monitor, but in reality we all know he needs a better GPU more than a CPU. Would a GTX 1070 or VEGA equivalent be optimal for 1080p144hz?

>> No.66622527

yeah i was gonna say the rx series is normally about the same as a g2/g3 or an xfx befx. the xfx being basically the same unit and the evga being superflower.

the early corsair builder cx greens were awful and would probably explode. i've heard good things about the new white builder series, but corsair's QA is legit retarded. even an rx unit could blow just because they can't be arsed to check.

>> No.66622541

He could wait for the new GPUs, and a upgrade to Ryzen 2600/2600X would be a priority as long he has a good motherboard.

>> No.66622543

People with a blower Vega card should really just get a Raijintek Morpheus. You're literally obliterating any thermal concerns and end up with an even better card than aftermarket models.

>> No.66622567

what i'm asking is if the CPU would have higher temperature when its warm outside? i know 30C would put it to the same temperature even if the PC is turned off but what about high overclocking or just general use with a standard gpu cooler
And i cant buy an AC right now but i will in the near future

>> No.66622577

30°C "fucked" at idle and 60-70°C under stress overclocked if you get a good heatsink.

>> No.66622578

idk I use a UPS.
A good PSU is going to have overcurrent protection. Check if yours does. Add a surge protector in front of it to be safe.

Vega56 is pretty good compared to the 1070ti/1080, though.

1070 is going to be like 40% higher fps on average over what he's getting now. But you're going to blow out the cost with the monitor.

Intel has an 8core coming out. Supposed to have hardware fixes for their security vulnerabilities, I think.

>Would that shitty mobo really fuck the system
Usually b350 is because you want to go mATX and there aren't like any x370/x470 mATX boards.
I suppose you'd get by with that board. Its VRMs are enough for a 6 core. But it doesn't have great user reviews which suggests poor reliability, memory compatibility, BIOS, so on.

>Do CPUs disobey the laws of thermodynamics? Pls esplan

>> No.66622598

yes quite obviously, you're not escaping this unless you use liquid nitrogen or dry ice and even then ambient temperature should make a marginal difference

>> No.66622599

>But it doesn't have great user reviews which suggests poor reliability,
Whatever, I found a reburb one for 60€, the "good" board. So yeah, I went with that and got a 1070ti that was 500€, a Zotac amp extreme ultimate whatever, one that looks like it's 2,5 slots and has three fans, so it should be good enough.
The ram I got is probably Hynix, but whatever, but if it does 3000, it will be godd.

>> No.66622600

[email protected]@70°C with a 212 EVO with 4 case fans in a HAF 912.
This is what my ambient temperatures are like, i rarely turn the AC on.

>> No.66622614


you make it sound less worse than it actually is

intel is in big toruble right and their liability lawyers are going to be working overtime for what may end up being a game changing loss in the cpu industry

>> No.66622629

I have a GTX 980ti, currently running with a 1080p ultrawide monitor. My cpu is bottlenecking it so I haven't been able to see how well it runs newer games, but since I'm getting a 2600x I was wondering if it's worth it to upgrade to a 1080ti or would that be overkill?

>> No.66622636

>Sonora desert
>i rarely turn the AC on.
>i rarely turn the AC on.
>This is what my ambient temperatures are like
>i rarely turn the AC on.

>> No.66622653

Never mind, hes just being an idiot and thinks that a better CPU will magically get him better graphics. I told him a 1070 would fix it, and he said he was trying to reduce his "bottleneck", so hes getting a 1080 and 8700K even though he has 144hz monitor. I told him to get a 2700K or a 1600X, and he just called me an idiot. Oh well

>> No.66622663

Well it is a upgrade while there is no bottleneck but its a retarded one since he will spend a huge amount of money too.

>> No.66622665

that would net you a 50% upgrade in performances, which shouldn't matter since your current gpu should be plenty for 2560x1080 and similar resolutions
my very pertinent opinion is don't

>> No.66622673

That aside, have you not overclocked your 980ti? Sounds like a terrible idea to upgrade from a pretty good GPU to a terribly overpriced but better one.

I'm guessing he has slow RAM and hasn't overclocked his 1400, and the slow RAM is still going to gimp his 8700k.

>> No.66622678

No, use the 980Ti till the 1180 comes out.

>> No.66622694

should I funnel money into a 2700x and take shade under a used 290/780ti until Nvidia pulls out their new lineup?

>> No.66622699

looks like i need an AC first then
fuck i wanted to build that that damn thing this month

>> No.66622703

Presuming your friend either has at least a B350 motherboard, I'd upgrade the CPU to a 2600X and make sure his RAM is top notch. He could upgrade the RX580, but I'd just leave settings at medium-high for the time being until something like a 1070, Vega56 or even an upcoming 1160 can be bought. The RX580 is still a solid 1080 card.

>> No.66622706

Yep. I told him to buy an 8600K, and he gave me
>hurr, ids just bettur

>> No.66622710

sure, this is the age of second-hand gpus after all

>> No.66622711

>used 780ti
Absolutely fucking useless gpu

>> No.66622712

Thanks anons, didn't know if it was worth it despite the price. Haven't OC'd yet, my case doesn't get good airflow so I figured I'd do it when I get the new one. Ultrashort describes the experience well.

>> No.66622717

Your friend is the example of more dollars than sense, sounds like you're aware though lol

>> No.66622725

I got used to it at this point, a fan is good enough.
Trying to save to ugrade my build and buy a Vive Pro once the new controllers are out, i already have $1200 ready to buy a EVGA FTW GTX 1180 day one because my 780 is starting to fail, im starting to notice artifacts on 3D stuff, not a lot but they exist.
But well /g/ is not my blog so that is all im explaining.

Just buy a good Noctua heatsink and it will be cold enough (Under 60°C at stock speeds unless you increase fan speeds).

>> No.66622745

Any chance to get some feedback please? I'm leaning towards the 290, 780s seem to be more sought after and higher in price.

>> No.66622749

How are you alive? Anything above 20°C is pure torture for me

>> No.66622759

Uhh 2600X would have been better. Works on his same board. And he probably needs to OC his RAM.
8600k is bad value in general, especially when you already have an AM4 board.
A 2600X isn't going to bottleneck anything less than a 1080Ti at 1080p.

Should also do some investigation on what is limiting him in games instead of blindly throwing money at it.
I was getting lower FPS than I wanted in some indie games like Oxygen Not Included. I updated to latest BIOS (previous one was a year old), and overclocked RAM from 2133 CL15 to 2800 CL16, and I got more than a 40% FPS increase in that game on my 1600X.

There's also actually a lot of games that a 1400+RX480 should actually get around 144fps or close to it on as long as you're not playing them maxed when "high" settings look the same. Especially if you OC the RX480 a bit.

780ti is garbage and the 290 is too hot.
Why not get a used RX580 or 1060 6G?

>> No.66622778

man, the ultimate cockroach, will build settlements anywhere

>> No.66622785

Is the 2700x overkill? Could use more cores for hobbies, but I'm more focused on laying down a nice upgrade path down the line

>> No.66622796

Yup. Now hes asking me,
>hurr do you even know what a bottleneck is
>da 8700K is just bettur
he could do just as well with a 1600 or even a 2400G and a 1070 with some decent RAM and get 1080p144 easily, but he just wants "da best", like it will make him better at video games. He wont listen to me, so i told him to waste his money

>> No.66622818

spooked if I might purchase a miner's cumrag gpu

>> No.66622831

an r5 2600x will do perceivably just as well, but it's perfectly valid to get an r7 just because you want to
and you do get a solid cooler with the latter

>> No.66622842

>but I'm more focused on laying down a nice upgrade path down the line
Then save the $100 on 2600X to put toward your 3700X or 4700X upgrade.

2400G with fast RAM and an OC will very slightly bottleneck a GTX 1080 in some cases. It gives you an idea of just how much performance you need to not bottleneck a GTX 1080 at 1080p: slightly more than a 2400G.
1400 is close to that. With fast RAM and and OC, it'll just occasionally bottleneck the 1080, and when it does not by much.

mining doesn't generally wear GPUs worse than any other usage, other than the fans.
If it works, it works. Just buy it with a method where you can dispute it if it's busted

>> No.66622850

Lol, tell him his idea of debottlenecking his system is like using a 2.5 gallon bucket to pour a glass of water.

>> No.66622858

>buy SSD
>it is a SATA SSD...

>> No.66622883

So what?

>> No.66622892

>make post
>it is a shitpost

>> No.66622902

You get used to it, its not that bad unless you are standing in the sun where you will 100% sure get sick from dehydration/heat stroke.

>> No.66622915

Eh, him and my friends just shut me down, saying
>who cares
>stop talking already
>nobody gives a damn
Im telling him this stuff because hes my friend, but if he thinks im an asshat off my rocker, oh well.
If he really wants to spend that much money, ill let him.

>> No.66622932

much love, man

>> No.66622934

>500 MB/s

>> No.66622940

You can't save people when they don't want to be saved. Ask any preacher.

>> No.66622946

I've encountered those situations with children when I was younger, yes.
Pack mentality over rules objective facts at that age.

GL finding better friends.

What are you doing where you need and use more than 500Mb/s?

>> No.66622952

The point of SSDs is the IOPS retard, not the sequential read speed.
And pretty much everything outside enterprise/server use wont use a NVMe SSD properly.

>> No.66622959

irresponsible amounts of power

>> No.66623100

>And pretty much everything outside enterprise/server use wont use a NVMe SSD properly.
NVMe have a use as a working drive for large movie files that you're moving around, writing, and deleting often. Maybe as a scratch disk for something like photoshop.
Those are the only two consumer/prosumer uses I can think for them and in 100+ pcbg threads I haven't heard of another legitimate and noticeable-improvement use.

With optane, on the other hand, you might notice the higher IOPS, lack of throttling, and lower latency. But you're still paying a fuckload more for I think a pretty slight performance increase.

The big problem here is that no benchmarker has really devised a test for SSDs that really shows how much or whether or not they really improve real world performance or not. Just synthetics. But subjectively, people that've tried StoreMi+Optane have said they do notice a slight improvement when they don't going from fast SSD to NVMe (other than transfer speeds on the last comparison).

>> No.66623136

get GTX970 at least

>> No.66623167

So how good are the new WD Black NVMe SSDs? apparently they are supposed to be as good as Samsung SSDs.

>> No.66623183

970 is worse performance than a 290.

Have you read anything? Why are you even considering an NVMe?

>> No.66623192

I need really good sequential write speeds for what i am going to use it for.

>> No.66623207

Oh also im a different anon that the one that was asking before.

>> No.66623214

Is there such a thing as 3200 cl14 ram that's under 32mm? My case doesn't have enough clearance to move the nh d15's fans.

>> No.66623241

you could remove the heat spreader but it's not without risks
once it's done you'd be set though, because ddr4 barely uses any power and certainly wouldn't mind

>> No.66623282

inb4 he kills his chips lol

>> No.66623301

Windows 10 crashes my Nvidia driver -> It uninstalls itself -> It reinstalls a different driver without my permission -> Continues to crash again

Absolutely epic

>> No.66623314

install gentoo

>> No.66623335

Open group policy, disable forced windows updates and drivers in updates.

>> No.66623358

I had this happening when trying to make make my Nvidia mining rig run on Win10. Never really figured it out completely and gave up, used Linux where I also had so many issues.
AMD just werkz on both Linux and Win10.

>> No.66623361

>its a retards don't even actually look at people that have tested the hardware and their opinions episode.
I wonder how many anons are going to get tricked into buying a 970 evo when they literally won't even be able to tell a difference doing anything but copying files from one NVMe SSD to another.

>> No.66623396

Windows 10 home or pro for strictly gaming?

>> No.66623407

ltsb or pro
home is fine desu

>> No.66623449

Pro isn't for home use even if you operate like a home business. The features pro has are literally administrative tools to keep pajeet from installing games on the company computer.

>> No.66623470

Have you seen the pcmr subreddit? Like 75% of the "le look at my boxes" posts are 960 evo or 970 evo that costs close to what their GPU costs for a pure gaming build. People are fucking retarded.

>> No.66623492

pcmr is cancer lol
makes me glad i went with a m.2 wd blue sata lol

>> No.66623497


>> No.66623500

is there any downside to leaving my pc on its side instead of standing up straight? no fans or vents are getting blocked

>> No.66623505

nope. you'll be good.

>> No.66623625

Just down turn it while it's on and HDDs are on. If you have no HDDs, there's no issue moving it around.

>> No.66623641

No, computers were originally used that way.

>> No.66623647

>poorfags will never know the feel of starting 20 VMs at the same time while doing live migrations on half a dozen VMs between two physical 2S hosts over 2 link-aggregated quad-port 10GB NICs
NVMe drives exists for people like me. Gaymers, fuck off.

>> No.66623754

Would using this as a computer monitor be a good idea?

>> No.66623775

they are kinda slow for gaymen, but for normal use, itll be fine.

>> No.66623819

As a secondary dedicated media one? yes.
As a main screen for games or certain programs? no.

>> No.66623858

Is this a good build or vould i get something better at thr same price?

>> No.66623865

Fuck off you fucking geek this is pcbg not have a wank over some autistic shit you are doing.

>> No.66623903

Single channel memory will causes stutter some times. either get 2x8gb or do 2x4gb and add another 2x4gb later which might not run as fast.
I'd also get a better case like the Fractal Meshify C, or some other ~40liter case with better airflow and which doesn't have an ugly window.

Looks good otherwise.

>> No.66623916

>no cross-channel autism

>> No.66623928

Is the focus g ok?

>> No.66623943


>> No.66623971

>window again
Well at least it's 42liter which isn't bad. Looked a bit bigger than that for some reason, especially having 5.25" bays and all.

It's similar to the meshify C, just older, it looks like, having a window instead of full panel. idk since I don't know ATX cases super well.

>> No.66624040

How long should it take for graphics card prices to lower back to their original prices?

>> No.66624060

that will depend on the whims of retailers
the conditions are already there, so anytime now

>> No.66624091

Looking at building a couple of gaming PC's for my daughters, the most common games they'll be running would be ARK, Minecraft, and some browsing and school work? $aud is the currency, and looking to spend under 1k if possible. Thanks in advance.

>> No.66624141

get them a chink laptop desu.
fuck ark. tell them to play something good.
like roblox. just got the guy at uhaul to play it with his niece. they dig phantom forces.

>> No.66624335

Depends on multiple stuff.
On how fast China fucks DRAM makers.
On how fast the retailers give up trying to sell overpriced cards because stock is not selling.
On how fast the new cards come out and how big their stock will be.

>> No.66624337


Would this be alright for gaming? Gonna pick up a SSD later down the road.

>> No.66624394

Yes, its the gold standard when it comes to HDDs.
Still, why dont you just buy a SSD first? it would make things way easier since you wont have to reinstall windows once you get a SSD.

>> No.66624519

Thoughts on this?
Inb4 outdated
That's the point. This is to be built as a powerful Windows XP retro gaming, using the most modern, compatible parts.
I have a bunch of old games I love and they refuse to run on anything newer than XP. Compatibility mode is garbage.

>> No.66624533

yeah that should work fine.

>> No.66624537

VMs are a thing you know, also avoid FX CPUs.

>> No.66624540

That's true. Getting that HDD would open up a spot for a 500gb SSD at least. Was gonna get a Red at first. Appreciate it.

>> No.66624549

Just get a cheap SSD like an ADATA SU800 if you cant afford a expensive one.

>> No.66624551


What do you guys think

>> No.66624572

bruh is this a legit gigabyte cherry red board for 40 bucks? that's what i'd expect out of some chink brand outemu board.

i don't use reds but holy cheese.


>> No.66624573

>avoid FX
Ironically, it's the best IPC you can get that's pretty much guaranteed to work with XP.

>> No.66624578

Almost all the advice I see for PC building is catered exclusively to gaming, which is not my priority. The small number of articles and example builds I find about non-gaming PC building are focused on high-end workstations for 3D rendering and video rendering.
Where are the resources for those of us who just want an "enthusiast" PC that will be able to keep up, but don't care about getting absurd framerates on absurd settings in games we'll never own?

Should I just buy server parts?

>> No.66624590

Thanks for the rec anon. That's exactly what I was looking for.

>> No.66624596

just get the best bang for the buck parts without worrying about framerates then. Get a 2600X and say an RX 560 4GB.

>> No.66624605

Get a 860 EVO.
Get a WD or HGST HDD, Avoid seagate.
That GPU is the worst option you could choose.
The heatsink design is horrible, lacks VRM cooling.
Why that case?

>> No.66624611

>only a 1060
Literally why

>> No.66624614

>buying games

>> No.66624657

Opinions on ram? Any fury x users? What would,you put in a high end build now?

Also, has anyone migrated to the samsung 970 drives. I've seen stats of them operating at 333 percent speed.

>> No.66624738

Is it okay to assume that lower watt psus are the same as higher watt models aside from watts? For example the Focus Plus gold 750 watt and 650 watt?

>> No.66624747

If they are from the same line? yes.

>> No.66624748

Totally new to this.

What would you suggest for the motherboard and gpu?

>> No.66624757

ASUS Z370-A or F.
GPU? depends in your budget.
Get a cheaper case like a Refine R5.

>> No.66624858

>don't care about getting absurd framerates
so you are still interested in games.

Go look at all the "budget PC build" articles and stuff.

>> No.66625246

More like furry X, yiff yiff!

>> No.66625264

>tfw extracted AGESA 1006 from ASRock beta BIOS to use on a Gigabyte board

>> No.66625265

Why would anybody waste their time building a pc?
>walk into an apple store
>purchase iMac
>job done

>> No.66625271


wow, you did it, you solved the gamer crisis

>> No.66625282

...how fucking dare you.

>> No.66625293

>Spending $1000 on something that cost $700 max with Windows

>> No.66625305


we got the next einstein people. razer and alienware are over

>> No.66625325

I'm fucking done. You do know most games cant work on Macs right?

>> No.66625331


why game when you can not

>> No.66625364

building first my rig soon. desk vs floor. where should I put it? I have dogs

>> No.66625365


>> No.66625367

>Why would anybody waste their time building a pc?
because we figured out how to build macs for cheaper.
Look up "hackintosh"

>> No.66625383

If you really want a machine on your desk you could look into a small form factor case that won't take up too much space.

>> No.66625409

Gaming seems like a more entertaining past time than bragging about my "high end" desktop to my "high end" friends.

>> No.66625418


>> No.66625427

This B-Die Team kit is going for $180

>> No.66625444

This B-Die kit is $180

>> No.66625481

>imagine falling for the most unimaginative bait

>> No.66625514

Because this, you have yet to see the frontal filter which is worse.
And this is only after 2 weeks.

>> No.66625523

I mean, I just wanna how bad the floor (with pets) is to warrant a small form factor, if at all because I’ve seen a lot of people seem to use their floor. and I’ve already parts picked:
>$2000 aud
>1080p/60fps gaming + potential streaming and video editing down the road

>> No.66625529

>Buying windows
Everything else looks good.

>> No.66625535

My laptop is staring to get flaky and it's time for an upgrade. How's this

>> No.66625538

Looks perfect outside the 1x8GB RAM, look for 2x4GB RAM.

>> No.66625558

Or buy a larger desk.

>> No.66625570

thank god this board is woke to corsair

>> No.66625571

Is there a combo as killer as the i5 2500k and GTX460 were 8 years ago? I'm starting to hit limits with newer games and the Fermi furnace makes all my fans go insane.

>> No.66625594

Its just the corsair low end PSUs that are bad, the mid-high end ones are decent.
Still the guy could buy something like a EVGA 450BT for $22.

>> No.66625596

>>What's up with Vega performing better at 1440p rather than 1080p?
>>Please don't say different architecture and doing well under pressure. There must be more to this fine wine tech
>>waiting for gddr5
>>Like DDR4 back when it was announced, it will still be several years before any of us have DDR5 RAM in our systems. That's partly because the memory controllers in processors and SoCs need to be updated to support DDR5, and these chips normally take two or three years to design from start to finish. DDR4 RAM was finalized in 2012 , but it didn't begin to go mainstream until 2015 when consumer processors from Intel and others added support for it.
>>ddr5 is being released in 2019 so implementation should be 2021 minimum
>Some food for thought. Sadly I'm in the same boat and that's quite far away

>> No.66625604

yeah definitely.
corsair in general has horrible QA, even in their tier 1 units. but they're still t1 units assuming they don't explode.

>> No.66625617

Thanks anon. This is my first build and I wanted to make sure I wasn't being completely retarded

>> No.66625644

I wouldn't recommend that motherboard, but some anon said the newer batch is fine though.

>> No.66625671

Not him but the normal sized one is good, and most of the time comes with the latest BIOS patch so it can run 2000 series CPUs.
Is that or spend more in a X470 motherboard.

>> No.66625718

well rn I’m looking at a 142*50 cm desk against a dual monitor + tower setup

well I think I might have to find some in store coz it’s not showing up here in kangarooland

>> No.66625722

Then look for Seasonic.

>> No.66625723

Well AB350 Pro4 is a decent one but he brought microATX case, which can't fit an ATX board.

>> No.66625739

also I’m retarded but how likely is for an idiot to get fucked from an update or whatever if I pirate?

>> No.66625743

There are no differences between a pirated install and a legit install as long you use something like MSToolkit.

>> No.66625752

r8 my low tier build. what do I upgrade first. I'm not very computer savvy. Everything but the GPU is about 5 years old. The GPU is like 3 years old I think.

CPU: AMD FX 6100 six-core 2gb
MOBO: M5A97 LE R2.0
GPU: GeForce GTX 960
RAM: 8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 722MHz
CASE: Cooler Master Elite 430 Mid Tower ATX

>> No.66625774

So I want to build something for PTC Creo, but I really don't want to pay Quadro prices if I can help it. This is what I have in mind, but I might be going overboard with the graphics. I'm looking at driving a couple 1080 screens, but I do have an affinity for massive FEAs (I can't recall the size of the last one I did, but 10^4 nodes is sticking in my head). I do want to stick to workstation cards.


>> No.66625787

CPU but that would imply upgrading the motherboard and RAM too.
Even the cheapest low tier CPU(Ryzen 2200G, $90) this days is way better than your current CPU.

>> No.66625794

I don’t what that is but I’m assuming it’s in the pastebin.

>> No.66625811

In simple words, its one of the legit activators for windows 8 and 10.

>> No.66625834

I've only got a single case fan as an exhaust in my PC right now but all my temps are in the low 30s idle and under 60c load. Is there any point to buying more case fans to put in there if my temps are fine?

>> No.66625856

Are NVMe SSDs a meme? I do work with large files from time to time. Should I just stick to SATA SSDs? I have the money, and my new mobo supports it

>> No.66626002

Looks good. I'd get a B350M Mortar or Tuf B350M-Plus if they're cheap (or a X470 Gaming Plus and a MX330 for better VRMs), a 2x4GB 3200MHz kit, a 1TB Caviar Blue or a 2TB Barracuda (5400RPM drives are slower). Consider saving up more for a RX 580 MK2 OC and a 24MP59HT-P

>> No.66626031

You can download Windows 10 from Microsoft's website and install it. I did this and haven't activated it and the only thing it does is have a watermark and you can't customize shit like your task bar.


All you need is an 8gb flash drive

>> No.66626289

I would get a 2700X (the stock cooler performs like a H7), a X470 Gaming Plus, a 2x16GB 3600MHz kit, if you don't have an SSD a MX500 and a Caviar Blue, a Focus G or a Meshify C and a Supernova G3 650W.

>> No.66626470

Can some1 give me a good part picker for a gaming pc around 1.5k mark?

I'm not a massive graphical whore, i just want something stable and resilient.

>> No.66626508

Is the 1080ti worth it or should i wait?

>> No.66626513


>> No.66626573


Just go for it

>> No.66626579

Looks nice, thanks friend. DIdn't expect i had enough for 1080 due to fucking bitcoin mining trash.

>> No.66626589

please dont do this

>> No.66626597

Alright thanks
Already have a 1080 but im going to 4k so i need the extra power

>> No.66626616

My father has been using this PC for a decade easily now and still refuses to upgrade. 80% of what he does is play command and conquer games and the other 20% is email and youtube. I threw an ATI Radeon 4500 in there years back and ever since he's said the thing is fast as lightning even though using it is painfully slow to me because of the low rpm hard drive and lack of ram. Do I let him live on in happy ignorance or do I build him some mid range modern PC and bring him into the modern world?

>> No.66626624

elaborate please?

>> No.66626625

WHat's the problem? Do explain, i'm a brianlet with a almost 10 years old toaster

>> No.66626636

just keep in mind the TI isn't -that- much of a difference, maybe 15-20%

>> No.66626643

Ive thought about doing sli but everyone says its a meme

>> No.66626655

Jesus christ my gpu is at 90C when i'm starting Deadfire.

Am i gonna catch fire?

>> No.66626667

SLI is a meme because the scaling sucks but at the same time I hope you at least plan to sell the 1080, because buying a 1080 TI and throwing the original in the closet is definitely not worth 800 dollars

>> No.66626678

Yeah im selling the 1080 first then buying the 1080ti + 4K display

>> No.66626696

Prepare to become tech support for your parents. Let them give you a budget if they want one, only if you are prepared to take care of their shit in the long run.

>> No.66626721

tech support is a non issue really, If I set it up right the first time I should be fine since the only thing it does is check gmail and watch youtube/netflix and play the command and conquer collection on youtube. Hard to break the computer doing that

>> No.66626733

play the command and conquer collection on origin*

He is a simple man. Fought the Russian proxies, now just wants to crush the Russians in games

>> No.66626753

hes right though. You are an idiot and thank god he didn't fall for your shilling.

> but he just wants "da best",
Tell him to get 1080ti then or wait for next gen Nvidia with his 8700k.

>> No.66626766

>Im telling him this stuff because hes my friend, but if he thinks im an asshat off my rocker, oh well.
Drinking the AMD propaganda coolaid, not even once.

>> No.66626811

>buying a cpu once and using it for for nearly a decade is bad
>buy amd instead and upgrade your CPU each year, thats good
Gee, I wonder which decision is better for the consumer and which is better for the company.

>> No.66626819

Just need the ok for this


that helpfull anon at >>66626513 provided. I haven't built, (or really, checked) anything computer tech wise since 2011.

>> No.66626835

why one 16gb stick rather than two 8gb? upgrade plans in future? other than that it looks good but I feel like you're taking a performance hit otherwise

>> No.66626844

I take that back, NEVER get a 5400 rpm drive please please spend the money to get a 7200 rpm

>> No.66626864

Please point me to it, again, i'm a motherfuckign brainlet as far as computer go. I've been coasting on my 2011 toaster but now it's basically a plane engine as soon as i have 2 windows open.

>> No.66626887


Just don't touch 5400 rpm unless its for a NAS

>> No.66626896

If you don't want refurb pay a bit more and get a new one. The speed is worth it.

>> No.66626907

AYe, thanks.

Anything else in the build to check/change?

>> No.66626950

possibly opt for a 2.5 ssd rather than an M.2 if you want a bit of savings but no, you're looking good otherwise

>> No.66626959

Neato. Again thanks for the help to you and that other anon.

>> No.66626964

Are you building this yourself?
First set ram before cpu and cooler.
Put the cooler plugs in before placing it cause the led plug is a bitch.
Remember to set ram at accurate speed in the bios, turn on xmp.

>> No.66626984

I'm probably not gonna be building it. I've got shitty hand dexterity due to an accident, and i'd probably screw it all up.

>> No.66627011

Not him but I'd get a B-Die kit to overclock it more than a CL16 one, a X470 Gaming Plus or a Strix X470-F (if you're near a Microcenter there's a bundle with the 2600X), a Caviar Blue (5400RPM are slow) and a modular PSU like the 620 EVO, Supernova G3 or Focus Plus Gold. You could get a True Spirit 140 or a SE-AM4 NH-U12S or NH-D15 to overclock the CPU more (the stock cooler is good for 4.1GHz on all cores, maybe more with XFR2)
This list would only make sense if you already have a 1440p 144Hz monitor, if you don't just drop the ti for a 1070, 1080 or Vega 56 (Freesync is cheaper) and get one

>> No.66627013

>swap out an NVMe drive for a shitty TLC sata drive at half the speed for $10 savings

>> No.66627021

Forgot the pic

>> No.66627025

I want to buy myself one of them "mini" pea-seas

I usually do light browsing and play the usual games that don't need a lot of vram

What do you think about this combo, /g/ ?

Mini Sistem PC ASUS VivoMini UN65U, Procesor Intel® Core™ i7-7500U 2.70GHz Kaby Lake, 4GB DDR4, 128GB SSD, GMA HD 620


It's about 600 dollars and it uses about 120W (which would be perfect because I stay a lot on the computer like a retard that I am

>> No.66627043

ar these any good ?
they have bretty gud revievs in my country and i want nice, cheap non gaming monitor
well maybe i'll play skyrim sometimes but i want good colors
also are there any info about power drawy of this hardware ?

>> No.66627045

Except NVMe drive was never in the equation.

>> No.66627053

look again

>> No.66627058

it's single channel vs dual channel you utter mongrel

>> No.66627059

Building an ITX pc in a node 202.

Have 1070ti and 8700k

I have no intention of overclocking, as it's probably be a hot small box already, and I'm fine with 8700k performance out of the box (bought it over vanilla 8700 due to out of the box extra performance).

So the question is - b360 mobo or z370?

So far as i see it, as im not gonna overclock, and that's the only reason to get a z370, stick with b360?

>> No.66627087

Looks overpriced considering you could build a better system with a 2400G

>> No.66627090

>Also specially if your house is grounded.
rip anons living on a boat

>> No.66627138

>good colors
Then look for IPS

>> No.66627151

it has to be cheap it's for this unfinished bulid

can't bring myself to order this shit

>> No.66627154

listen to this anon >>66627087

also look into the inwin chopin if you want a comparably small case to the asus. This is only if you don't plan to buy a discrete card in the future.

>> No.66627169

also, mind that i have to check my regional prices

>> No.66627189

Swap the A320 for a B350 since the cheaper ones should cost the same and allow overclocking the CPU and the kit for a faster one (has to be 2x4GB to get the most out of the iGPU), try to find a MX330 in your country

>> No.66627210

I've made a little custom pc

Already have a 450W silver powersupply and I could take a 120 gb SSD from my old pc

I could use its UHD 630 cpu as vram for games too

$484, what do you think ? Sorry for the pic prices, they're in romanian

>> No.66627246

allright anon i will try
what about this case that i chose ?
i want mitx case with one slot for card reader and dvd drive (recycled from my old PC)
and with one side mount for 120mm fan so it can pull more air straight onto cpu cooler
i also want a ceap one it doesn't have to be beautifull only functional

>> No.66627294

Sorry for the link dump, this should cost around the same and the iGPU is better than UHD 630
Two of these

>> No.66627309

not bad at all


>> No.66627332

No problem, the motherboard might need a BIOS update, I think I read in that page that they charge a little for that but you could try contact AMD for a boot kit

>> No.66627356

1070's are still too expensive. Price drop when?

>> No.66627358

How about mini tower instead?

>> No.66627426

nitro vega 56 was $379 on amazon

>> No.66627487

Is I3 8100 + 1060 3gb the best entry option for gayming? As a dirty poor east-eurofag with tight budget even going for the 6gb option is too much since then i wouldnt be able to buy a reasonable monitor

>> No.66627494

yes something like that

>> No.66627497

I didn't ask about your stupid amd shit.

>> No.66627506

I'd consider a 2600 with a B350 motherboard if you can afford it since you get a better CPU and a better upgrade path

>> No.66627530

Even a 2400G would be better than a 8100, here it's at stock

>> No.66627534


>> No.66627556

It was an M.2 Sata SSD

>> No.66627602

3gb is a little low though.
I would still use my old gpu if it wasn't for the 2gb vram.

>> No.66627619

2400G is considerably more expensive to me than the 8100. The price diffrence would allow me to jump for the 1060 6gb and i may be wrong but that would be more beneficial for gaming?
If i consider future games probably yes, but currently i have a very junky machine and never experienced anything past 2012 so i have a lot to catch up

>> No.66627625

If the performance is similar, perhaps a 1050ti 4gb would be the better choice dunno

>> No.66627644

Get a 2200g (or if possible a 2400g for the extra threads) and the 1060 3gb. At 1080p the 3gb should be no issue. For the monitor try and get a decent IPS monitor for those more accurate and deeper colours.

>> No.66627658

Not realy
Here a Palit 1060 3gb costs almost the same as some of the 1050ti's

>> No.66627672

Slightly but I'd still get the 2400G or the 2200G. The 3GB model has less CUDA cores so the VRAM limitation isn't the only downgrade from the 6GB one but you could try to get a RX 580 6GB if the price is decent. They perform very similarily, check which card runs the games you play better

>> No.66627678

RX 580 8GB*

>> No.66627692

2200G overclocked beats the 8100 while being cheaper.
No. Better off saving money and just getting a 1050Ti if they're cheap or using the 2400G and iGPU until you can get a cheaper, better dGPU.

Even turning down settings on the 3Gb, there are games that use more than 3GB of VRAM now days on medium.

>2400G is considerably more expensive to me than the 8100. The price diffrence would allow me to jump for the 1060 6gb and i may be wrong but that would be more beneficial for gaming?
Yep that's true. But a 2400G would also give you more headroom to upgrade GPU in the future. With decently fast RAM and a mild overclock, it barely even bottlenecks the GTX 1080 at 1080p.

Since Navi is expected to GTX 1080 performance or better for $250-350 next year, and the 1160 likely similar, the 2400G would make a good pairing with them for cheaper if you can use the iGPU and wait until then. Whereas the 8100 and 2200G are going to bottleneck more severely and only 4threads can cause stutter.

idk why people recommend that case. It sucks.

You mean 4Gb. But price is rarely decent. 8Gb is usually only 10% more.

Is Westmere not higher IPC and guaranteed to work with Win XP?... But I guess the price of an old i7-### is generally stupid.

>> No.66627699

Is there a way to turn off HDDs that are not needed while the PC is running (for noise reduction) or should I go with SSDs for everything?

I got 2 HDDs only filled with videos or images and shit, but for some reason they get activated all the time, causing noise for no reason when I'm just lurking 4chan.

>> No.66627703

are you daft?

>> No.66627707

It's a well-known fact that Nvidia drivers somewhat shit themselves on Ryzen CPUs, would like to know Shintel results too. (not that it matters with their continuous failure)

>> No.66627726

My Sharkoon QB One and SF 600 PSU finally arrived. I'm about to swap my Thermaltake core v1 with this bad boy. I'll report back once I'm finished anons.

>> No.66627740

Im realy getting torn here and i understand that the 2400g is giving me freedom for the future but like i said i have a lot of catching up to. But if i went for the 2200g and found a few coins in my piggy bank i would be able to pair it with the 6gb 1060 since the AM4 motherboards are cheaper here. Would that be a good middle ground ?

>> No.66627765

Don't listen to the resident shill poster. A 1060 3gb can run even the latest of games at ultra with no issue


>> No.66627766

It seems this was found to be the case

>> No.66627775

Last year it was a well known fact, yes. In fact, they shit themselves on any CPU with more than 6 cores (like on say an 6850k). But as far as I'm aware, Nvidia fixed their driver since then, at least for the most part.

>it runs these cherry picked games fine!!! It's all you need!!! Ignore the games it runs complete shit at!!!

>> No.66627797

Let me guess, these are all fake benchmarks right. Cherrypicked right. But if I ask for 10 similar games which have problems you won't be able to find any and will cherry pick 1 or 2 games like resident evil 7, right

Neck yourself shill

>> No.66627812

sure, that's in the control panel, power options

>> No.66627830

also got an sf600 recently, it sure is smol
too bad a revised version of the same psu with better cables and slightly smarter fan is due this month
literally the only corsair part I'd ever buy

>> No.66627832

And another 15 games for you


>> No.66627838

>idk why people recommend that case. It sucks.
Name the better case that suit his needs then, and cheaper too.

>> No.66627850

New thread


>> No.66627859

That's not what I said at all. Those benchmarks look accurate. They just left out the many games that use 3Gb+ even on medium settings.

How are you this stupid?

>> No.66627877


Show me 20 if there are "MANY"

>> No.66627917

Lol are you the same person who said "show me 10" last time? And I showed you 10 and you kept spamming trying to change the subject and ignoring them?

Fuck off, faggot.

>> No.66628000

>everyone on /g/ is the same person

You said many and you've just proven you can't even show 1 (one). I'll take this measly victory. It was too easy.

>> No.66628145

300 series motherboards for 8th gen intel are shit.
6&7th gen are cool but don't support 8th gen, and that's apparently a huge performance difference that'll be noticeable even if I'll be upgrading from 2nd gen entry level i5, according to tech experts like linus tech tips (tm).

What do I do?

Also how are 7th gen mobile cpus? Would it be performance-wise a bad idea to buy a small mobo with a soldered 7th gen u series cpu? as they come in a cpu+mobo combo then they're the same price as a new 8th gen mitx.

>Everything's so expensive and pointless in terms of functionality and performance that actually if my computer wasn't dying then it'd be logical to just keep it rather than to upgrade. Good Job, Intel shooting yourself in both feet and legs.

>> No.66628650

>buying from anti-competitive companies like nvidintelia
shiggy diggy doo bee doo wah (wah)

>> No.66628711

>buy 500GB SSD
>read the following day that you have to leave 50% space free or it slows down to a crawl

>> No.66628751

So IPS looks better, but the tradeoff is that you can't get lowest response times?

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