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>Hey, anon, I put Linux Mint on my laptop
>I wanted to go back to windows 10
>Can you please help me?
>Yeah, no prob
>Download a GUI tool to make windows usbs
>The flash drive is not bootable
>Format drive
>Mount ISO
>Copy everything from ISO to the stick
>The flash drive is not bootable
>Decide to run a VM of windows
>Just to make a bootable usb stick
>Install gnome boxes
>Box setup failed
>Install Virtualbox
>Create a VirtualBox of the ISO
>Download rufus
>Can't access host files within VM
>Download VirtualBox extension pack
>It takes an hour for rufus to copy the ISO
>On an laptop cooling pad
> i7 4790HQ
>It works

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I'm sorry, but everybody involved with this story is far too fucking stupid to ever touch a computer again, be sure to turn yours in at the earliest opportunity. After that, neck yourself.

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how about you do your research before doing stuff like that? or better yet, create backup usb of windows installation because everyone usually want to go back when they try linux.

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And what was "the right way" to do it, mister smartie?

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not him but woeUSB

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I've had this same problem. I swear it's impossible to make a bootable Windows USB without Rufus. I remeber when I messed up my Debian installation and needed to temporaily go back to Windows, I had to go to my uni's libary to find a random to let me use their laptop to download Rufus and burn an iso I had on a usb, as I couldn't for the life of me burn it from my Linux laptop. Rufus worked first time.

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rufus is the only tool that's ever worked for me for windows also
not even microshit's own media creation tool

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Use fucking Windows 10 and literally just copy the shit to a vfat partition.

I mean its fine that you don't know what the fuck you are doing but honestly don't pretend that you do and let your friends know that you are wasting their time ahead of time.

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>this is the average /g/ poster now

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wtf, i HATE linux and windows now!

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1. Create empty GPT scheme on USB, e.g. by using fdisk
2. Create a single partition spanning the entire drive
3. Give this partition the type EFI System partition
4. Save the Layout.
5. Format the partition FAT32. `mkfs.vfat -F32`
6. Copy the files from the iso to this Partition.

Done. Works for Windows 8.1 and later.

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What about 7

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>>Hey, anon, I put Linux Mint on my laptop
>I wanted to go back to windows 10
>Can you please help me?
>Yeah, no prob
>let me just bang my head against the wall for 2 hours instead of googling "how to make a bootable windows usb on linux"

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>Can't install windows

Honestly how do you expect /g/ to fucking react to your story? You legit have fucking downs if you can't install windows 10 on a computer.

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You had multiple options
1. Use dd
2. Google for specific tools, install and use them (you will most likely find WoeUSB first)
3. Do wizardry with hex editor but that's not the best option.

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Does dd actually work?
I've always had to run bootsect to get a Windows ISO bootable or use woeusb

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Or just toggle the bootable flag in fdisk Jesus fuck

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>muh usb
You could’ve burned a disc and been done in five minutes

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It does but it will not create volumes so you won't be able to use free space in any way

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>Download a GUI tool to make windows usbs
Guess what tool was that


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Rufus is so god damn slow, but it's free and it works so I use it. The new GUI is a mess though.

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I've used dd to create bootable Linux ISO drives before so I'm aware of that
This was a long time ago, but I saw mentions that it didn't work for Windows so I just ended up using woeUSB
I always have a Windows machine available now, so I just use a batch file that I made to create a bootable Windows drive. Don't fix what ain't broken, I guess

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it's not our fault you're too dumb to use woeusb with gui

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Learn to read

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The easiest solution would have been to head over to tpb and download a win7 activated ISO and burn it to DVD, install on host machine and use integrated update tool to get win10.

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Create an MBR parition table,
make an empty partition spanning the disk,
flag partition bootable,
copy files.

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>Mount ISO
>Copy everything from ISO to the stick
You're retarded as fuck

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use WoeUSB to make windows usb on linux. i don't know what they changed, dd unetbootin and others don't work anymore

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With UEFI it's legit.
That's what you do when you dd recent distro iso's to sda/sdb whatever

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I can relate to this. Use Etcher if you're still having issues, it worked for me.

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I used woeUSB to install Windows 10 on a work machine and it turned out fine.

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>not using dd
You might have a severe case of retardation.

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use woeusb

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I hate /g/, its filled with a bunch of fucking extra chromie brainlets
>parted /dev/sdX
>mklabel msdos
>dd if=IMG.iso of=/dev/sdX status='progresss'
It takes one minuete OP, for the average /g/ more, but this is considered the professional and recognized method

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su -c 'dd if=/path/to/image.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=8M status=progress oflag=direct'

assuming your USB is sdb, could be sdc, etc

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>not using dd

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Am I on /g/ now? This isn't the future I chose.

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dd if=[iso file] of=/dev/sdX
where X is the number that corresponds to the the usb drive
pro tip: use df to find that out

or install gentoo

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OP you should drink bleach and do the world a favor

wtf happened to /g/?

Smart phones killed 4chan it's like a endless summer now

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dd you stupid nigger

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>First of all. Mint has preinstalled tool for usb.
>Second if your friemd is not gamer or dont use windows exclusive stuff like photoshop then he is fucking stupid.
>Third your friend is stupid cus he wants wangblows 10 not gloriois windows 7.
>You are an idiot cus you do retarted shit instead of looking for google to get how to to create windows 10 usb.

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hell, even etcher would've been a more acceptable solution than the retardation you've displayed

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It seems he asked the wrong person. How did you manage to become this incompetent?

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Why do you encourage a person to suicide? What the fuck is wrong with you?

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Neck yourself.

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Go. Leave this place.

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Same, took quite some time and after testing out different programs, only that actually worked was woeusb.
Everything else fails for some reason.

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I'm a computing retard, but I've been using linux since I was a teenager for every computing task I've ever needed. How do people have this many problems with linux? I always hear stories like this, but every problem I've had, I stumble my way through a solution, mostly browsing through forums. I don't get why so many people have problems.

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MS require you use their own usb maker

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Burn ISO
Boot ISO

but this is really God telling you to not install NSA/Windows.

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