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>smartphone battery 3000mAh
>last 10+ hours
>laptop battery 3000mAh
>last 3 hours
Cure my autism. How?

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Laptop has much larger screen nigger

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laptop uses more power

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>laptop screen 1366x768 14" 100ppi
>smartphone screen 1920x1080 5.5" 400ppi
>>laptop screen is much larger

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Screens, Ernie.

It's the reason why a 3000mAh phone with a small/medium screen will have a higher screen-on-time than a 3000mAh with a big screen.

imagine being this retarded
golly gee, i wonder if pixels or inches matters in this context...

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Your laptop uses an x86 processor, which is quite powerful. Your phone uses an ARM processor, which is much weaker, but is also way more power-efficient. Whereas the x86 processor in your laptop drains that 3000mAh quickly, your phone slowly sips at that power, using it very efficiently.
In the near future there will exist ARM laptops that will bring this power-efficiency to that platform, although the performance as I said may be a bit decreased from the x86 norm.

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Fucking retards


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Phone lasts about 3 hours doing anything of relevance, truth be told.

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Just doing my part to increase post quality on this shit board

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Autism almost cured, thanks professor.
Now, why does smartphone vendors often market their phone having processor with speed that is similar to PC processors? eg "Octacore 2.0Ghz" if it's weaker than x86?

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>smartphone battery 3000mAh
>fits in the palm of ones hand along with a smartphone

>laptop battery 3000mAh
>literally larger and heavier than the entire fucking smartphone

makes you take a modicum of pause

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a thread died for this
fucking summerfag

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Cores and clock speed don't necessarily mean a CPU is faster. Especially when you're talking about different instruction sets. x86 CPUs, in addition to using much more power, are also significantly faster than ARM CPUs.

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Because that's what the phone CPU is. It has 8 CPU cores, so it's octacore. The clock speed is 2.0 GHz, so it's labeled as such.

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Is there a real use-case for these many-core CPUs? Are phones any good at doing tasks in parallel?

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ARM and other RISC processors use significantly less power than x86.

They day of ARM laptops is coming. Soon, brother.

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One uses more power. Laptop has a larger processor and screen

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My Raspbery pi 3 + phone screen combo last 50h on one powerbank charge.

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Oh, hey, I remember you and your ridiculously complicated and unwieldy setup

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The entire fucking point is to run a linux machine for 50h and power it from microusb. Fuck laptop batteries. You can't buy them on every corner.

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retarded kid is fucking retarded

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>Is there a real use-case for these many-core CPUs?
It is more power efficient to do it this way
>Are phones any good at doing tasks in parallel?
Phones as in the hardware is irrelevant. It is all about the software. Expect most software to not scale that well to multi core

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not the real thing
mWh is it

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because 'mAh' is how many mA can draw within an hour not how long the battery will last. your phone uses an USB charger - less than 1A. Your laptop might be using 20 times more for CPU (presuming it's a 35tpd CPU @ 1.2v and gpu+screen) meaning dividing the mAh size by 25 000rather than 1 000. I guess. its a size how much you can drain within an hour not how much it has in total. (voltage was left out of the equation)

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> octacore 2.0 GHz
> 8 core
> @ 2.0 GHz
> 8/2.0GHz
> 200 MHz CPU

There you have it, >>66537834

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that's not how that works, anon...

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Is this autism?

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>because 'mAh' is how many mA can draw within an hour not how long the battery will last. your phone uses an USB charger - less than 1A. Your laptop might be using 20 times more for CPU (presuming it's a 35tpd CPU @ 1.2v and gpu+screen) meaning dividing the mAh size by 25 000rather than 1 000. I guess. its a size how much you can drain within an hour not how much it has in total. (voltage was left out of the equation)
Wow. can't be more wrong than this. I appreciate the effort.

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explain then?

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I appreciate you homie.

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x86 has a higher clock speed but lower performance per watt than ARM.

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I'm still learning, could you explain what's wrong, besides values being based on my desktop knowledge and guesses based on tablets?

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laptop draws more power from the battery dumbass

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It's not just about clock speed or number of cores, but what you can find in the cores as well.
You can think on the clock itself by being like that guy with the drum on slave ships, every drum a slave does x amount of work, but he beats that drum billions of times per second.
ARM is a skinny barely fed slave, while x86 is basically son goku, so he manages to do a lot more per "drum beat" than the skinny slave.
But as you know, son goku eats a lot more food to keep his power.

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>x86 is basically Son Goku

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legit meter for battares- Joule

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Thanks m8!

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>>smartphone battery 3000mAh
that's less than a third than of what is possible and advisable

have fun deactivating and activating GPS/BT/WiFi and regulating your screens brightness constantly
>he micromanages shit he should bother about because muh thin aesthetik

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>>66537834 (OP)
>>smartphone battery 3000mAh
that's less than a third than of what is possible and advisable

have fun deactivating and activating GPS/BT/WiFi and regulating your screens brightness constantly
>he micromanages shit he should not bother about because muh thin aesthetik

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the left one is a terrorist of religion

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1.) Your laptop's battery should be much, MUCH larger than just 3,000 mAh.
2.) More parts & more powerful parts + bigger, brighter screen + more components + heavier, older OS = more power consumption = less screen time.

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There are several reasons for this.
For starters - laptop has a bigger screen. Power used to light it is roughly proportional to its area, not number of pixels. 50" tvs with 1366x768 resolutions sip more power then 1366x768 12" screens as well.

Moreover - Laptop most likely has a processor with higher performance, but slightly lower performance per watt. Same for memory, hard drives and GPUs. Many laptops use desktop chips that were binned for lower power usage.

Lastly - Phone software ( especially OS ) was specifically written to save power and, that being its highest priority, results in higher power efficiency. Phones will actively turn off devices that are not used at a current moment, dim screen to save some power etc. While laptops do the same, they are not as aggresive with it.

There is also a point about use cases. On a phone you, usually, don't do anything computationaly complex. If you started compiling software on a phone, it would eat up power just as fast. There is a reason why you can't, usually, browse internet and listen to Youtube at the same time on many android devices. Decompressing a stream takes power.

It is not as rosy with phones anyways. Some GPS modules could eat up a battery within to hours of use. Software that is required to operate all the time ( like mapping software, strava or other fitness trackers ) also eats up power quite fast.

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We are past 2003, granpa.

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>in a fucking laptop
unless it's literally a chromebook with the internals of a smartphone, that shit is going to last maybe 10 minutes before dying.

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You again. I'm honestly surprises your eyes are still working from that terrible setup.

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>14' is same size as 5.5'
this must be a bait, sage

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That's not autism. That's mental deficiency.

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We still use x86 retard
Amd64 is an extension to x86

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>muh gaymes

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this, the laptop battery will be higher voltage

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This what the frick /g/? A cellphone will always run a single cell at 3.3 to 4.2 (3.7 nominal volts) so mAh comparisons between phones make sense. A notebook can put a cluster of cells (usually from 3-5) in series for a higher voltage and then take these clusters and our then in parallel to increase Ah.

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I'm suprised no one explained it correctly. So mAh is pretty much useless. To look at the capacity of a battery you have to look at Watt hours which is Amp hours * Voltage. Your 3000mAh battery = 3Ah. A lithium 18650 cell, which is in the area of a phone battery typically runs around 4.2 volts. 3 * 4.2 = 12.6 Wh. Now a decent laptop battery has 3 or 6 of these but they are run in some combination of series and parallel. When run in series you have a higher voltage but the same amperage. So assuming 3 cells in series you have 12.6V and 3Ah, giving 37.8Wh. Now you can compare batteries on an equivalent level.

So now that we know our laptop battery has much more capacity why does it not last as long? The answer is a laptop draws more power on average than a phone. With a laptop the screen is typically on most of the time and a phone screen is off most of the time which saves power. Smaller screens also draw much less power than bigger ones. Typically you do much more intensive work on a laptop than a phone which causes the CPU and GPU to use more power. At idle my laptop pulls about 10w but under full CPU load pulls 40+w. I don't have the numbers for a phone, but the same concept applies.

Hopefully my autism can cure yours.

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Because a Tesla powered by two AA batteries will last as long as a remote, right? It's not autism, you're simply retarded.

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>A cellphone will always run a single cell
Innos D6000 has dual battery. Check and mate.
I'd want one if it had android 7 min or at least some form of custom rom scene, but there seems to be nothing at all.

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Motorola has a whole line of phones that do this. Look up moto mods, there are a few phones that support them and a variety of batteries exist.

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But it's not x86.

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Thank you man

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ARM vs x86

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>>smartphone battery 3000mAh
>>last 10+ hours
If you doesn't use it, of course.

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Looks like those are set to run in parallel. Very interesting, but that means the voltage stays the same so at least my point that notebook battery is a different voltage than a cellphone battery still stands. Rather than add the voltages, you'd add the capacities.

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Phone lasts like 7 or 8 on a GOOD day with 3100mah

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>toyota echo fuel tank 50 L
>last 600 km
>dodge ram fuel tank 75 L
>last 230 km

This is you right now op

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Electrical current draw is different. Laptop has way beefier components of a more complex architecture. so it needs a stronger electrical charge to push through them.

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Based racist analogy, thanks anon

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Based Raspberry Pi phone chad

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Screen also sips more power tho. Just not as significant than the SoC.

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Screen backlight consumes 4x more power. CPU consumes 10x more power. Needs more voltage just to turn on(though mah's are calculated to take that into account). mah's are a useless metric though, check mWh's instead.

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OK, you are all retarded.

mAh is not a measure of the capacity of the battery. It's just the discharge rate.

Wh is the number you need to look at.

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Not really. It's more like
>Toyota Echo tank filled with 50L of gasoline
>Dodge Ram tank filled with 50L of diesel
>Reee why is there a difference in mileage at all?

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Not everyone's wearing cargo pants my dude

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this is the most retarded thing I read this month.

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Do you have any clue how thick a phone double the thickness of a regular phone is? You don't need cargo pants for a bigger battery phone to fit in your pants.
Stupid journodrone.

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Double the thickness, double the weight. It just looks dumb if you're wearing regular slim-fit pants.

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When people tell that to you they mean you look dumb and not the bulge in your pants.
You even manage to look dumb to me over the internet.

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If you think core counts and clockspeed mean something's fast then the FX 9590 should be the fastest thing out there.

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nice projection my dude

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what do you want from me, weeb

fuck off

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