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ITT post free shit that's so bad that people would rather pay for the proprietary alternative.

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only because Krita needs more shilling.

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Thanks for reminding me.


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Anything that requires you to make something good.

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Very cute. return to /v/ now.

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Three words
Free To Play
most aren't that good
few exceptions though
usually its best just to shell out 20 bucks

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If the market is any indication, pretty much everything in FOSSdom except LAMP stack.

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Free as in Freedom, not as in beer, brainlet.

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“LAMP” stands for “Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP”—a common combination of software to use on a web server, except that “Linux” in this context really refers to the GNU/Linux system. So instead of “LAMP” it should be “GLAMP”: “GNU, Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.”

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Isn't there a basement you're supposed to be chomping chicken tendies in right now?

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4chan is closed source proprietary infested with spyware

why are you here retard?

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your mom

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<yourmom suckscock=true takesitintheass=true lovesa2m=definitelytrue willdieinhersleeptonight=ifyoudontrespond />

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proprietary document formats will navigate you into hell (a hell which you can avoid), but I agree that libreoffice can be lacking in some areas

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for (Nigger nigger: france.getNationalTeam())

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It's hard to point out because both sucks immensely but in different areas.
Open source software is always tiny and unbloated and have magnificent engines, but the GUI is always a piece of shit and it is always incompatible with most formats.
And well, it's a bit crash prone for no reason.

Close source "just werks" in terms of loading stuff, but it does so by eating 12GB of harddrive space and tentacle raping your OS with several creepy as fuck dependencies and DRM shit, and well when you finally get it to work, you quickly find the core features other than the ones the normie use to not be that good.
And those are also crash prone, but they only do it when you're trying to work.

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Don't forget to free dicks afterward, we don't want dick overflow

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It would actually be a dick leak, anon.

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Ultimately leading to an "out of dick space" error, amirite?

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But what if a member of the france's national team is not a nigger?

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ur mum lol

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He's gonna be cast into a nigger

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I don't think that works very well.

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If we wanna worry about edge cases tho:
for nigger in [nigger for nigger in frange.getNationalTeam() if nigger.color < 128]:
for nigger_dick in nigger.getDicks():

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Niggers come in 127 different colors?
Learn something new every day.

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>inb4 i-its just the same!
No it fucking isn't, and you would realize this if you actually used both of the extensively.

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Or we could involde both of your mothers:
queue = Queue()
threads = []

def getRunner(mother):
def run():
while not queue.empty():
nigger = queue.get()
for dick in nigger.getDicks():
return run

for nigger in france.getNationalTeam():
if nigger.getColor() > 128:


for mother in you.get_mothers():
thread = Thread(run=getRunner(mother))


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You could use Libre/Open Office for about 5 minutes to realize they really aren't close at all...

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libyourmom-MT - coming soon to GitHub.

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Or most free as in freedumb editors, if I had the money.

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Never used a proprietary office or photo software, what's so good about them? Can I legally study and modify the source code and then redistribute my changes?

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More features, better UI, improved compatibility etc.

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>More features
>better UI
Dark patterns
>improved compatibility
Vendor lock-in

Where is the source code?

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If this software is so vastly inferior, why do you want the source? Of course, we all know the answer - we just want to hear it from your mouth.

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they just werk. they're for people who want to get shit done.
a product that needs to be fixed by the consumer is a shit product.

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the sad thing is the proprietary one is shit too but for some godforsaken reason people keep using it

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No, freetard, actual features.
>Dark patterns
>Vendor lock-in
Office Open XML is open(.docx, .pptx...), LIbreOffice is just shit and can't handle them properly.

>Where is the source code?
Its closed source, as you know. You aren't going to see it anon.
But you should also realize that no one gives a shit as long as the product itself is better, which it is.

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You can actually. You just have to sign an NDA and have a good reason (which being a whiny bitch like that anon isn't).

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Just looked into it, its actually a thing.

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I don't personally want the source to whatever garbage spyware app it is you're shilling, but if there are people who use and depend on that software, they should be able to study and modify and redistribute it otherwise they will be at their vendor's mercy

All software has bugs and is going to break eventually. Your vendor might fix some of them, or they could more likely just tell you to fuck off

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Anon, the likehood of something like LibreOffice "breaking eventually" is significantly higher than that of Office.

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>they should be able to study
See >>66515028.

Read: steal.

>and redistribute
Read: profit off others' work.

Freetards. Born thieves, live thieves, die thieves.

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what's it like pretending to be so retarded you don't know what proprietary means? next you're gonna say, "what's so good about this Windows? does it let me legally compile my own kernel?"

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I'm >>66515007 and >>66514462 and I'll say the proprietary software is significantly better than the freetard shit, but modifying source code is not stealing and to suggest it is is completely retarded.

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> Be me
> Writing dissertation in Word because my supervisor wants me to
> It crashes
> "No matter, I saved my work recently"
> Reopen document
> All of the references for the appendix are gone
> The macros I set are gone
Wow, great software, so much better than just using LaTeX and a text editor

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oh boy.. Stallman really is autistic.

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It's the modern form of "begging" leftists of all stripes (niggers, feminists and freetards) have been using for the last 20-30 years: insult abd hound the white, hetero, capitalist male into giving you free stuff, because you're too useless to do anything yourself.

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Works on my machine, I've had literally 0 (zero) Word crashes in over 10+ years of using it.

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there's no excuse to pay for proprietary/have any proprietary alternatives, all free software is good because of this, but if I had to pick something bad then well, GNOME, systemd, every pooetteringware, except these every Libre program is cool, rad, A-okay at worst

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>there's no excuse to pay for proprietary/have any proprietary alternatives
Why not?

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because proprietary soft is made to restrict you, and you can't be sure if its malware or not, if its doing what you think its doing or not, etc, etc.

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any free video editor, especially shotcut.

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What if the product is objectively better and universally used?

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>actual features
Programs should do one thing and do it well, not have 1000 features
"Better UI" is marketing speak for railroading people into using features and buying shit that they don't actually need
>Office Open XML is open
The spec is hot garbage, I wouldn't want to implement that shit even if I was working on MS office

>Its closed source, as you know. You aren't going to see it anon.
Why? Are they hiding something? How much does it actually cost to zip up some text files and put them on an FTP?
>the product itself is better
Costs more != better

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I'm not upset about the crash, I'm upset about the fact it apparently at no point saved my macros or an entire category of references for some reason.

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>Putting nigger dicks to a queue
>Expecting to get full niggers with multiple dicks out from it
The absolute state of Python programmers

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>but modifying source code is not stealing
Do you believe for one second that freetards want the source code of Windows, Office, etc. to improve it? To contribute to the code base?

THAT'S retarded. No, they want to rip it off. Because that's what they do. It's why they resent proprietary software: because it has restrictions on it that the person who actually made it (quite rightfully) placed on it. They've never done anything useful in their lives, have never had anything that they're proud of, have never produced anything of actual value - so they have no frame of reference to understand people who do, and have.

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Which is why GPLv3 exists. You use something licensed with GPLv3? It's mandatory for you to use the same license.

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>Programs should do one thing and do it well, not have 1000 features
Its a word processor you retard.
>"Better UI" is marketing speak for railroading people into using features and buying shit that they don't actually need
What are you rambling about? The UI in the Office suite is better than the one in LibreOffice, and it isn't something that's even advertised.
>Why? Are they hiding something? How much does it actually cost to zip up some text files and put them on an FTP?
Why the fuck would a company spend millions on developing software and then give it away? Of course they will charge for it.
>Costs more != better
I literally never said that, I use free (as in beer and freedom) software that works better than proprietary equivalents, but in this context, LibreOffice is worse and happens to be free.

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You're correct but only because office was already broken to begin with

>sign an NDA
Not going to help you bury your skeletons, sorry
Removing malware from your own computer is stealing?
>profit off others' work
You mean like how proprietary software companies are now in a mad rush to get everyone's personal data and sell it for their own gain? No I'm not interested in doing that either, sorry

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>Do you believe for one second that freetards want the source code of Windows, Office, etc. to improve it? To contribute to the code base?
No, it's to verify whether they are doing something nasty (hint: they are).
Why won't they show the source code to their users? What do they have to hide?

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>office was already broken to begin with

>> No.66515226

>Why the fuck would a company spend millions on developing software and then give it away? Of course they will charge for it.
They have every right to charge for it, but they should provide those who buy it with the source. That's what free software is about. They don't need to make it "public".

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>he things you can make money by selling open source software

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It's easy to confuse the two. The pubes on top don't help.

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Do you not understand the concept of a USP? Why would you release your source code for everyone (ie competitors) to see?

>> No.66515242

99% of programming jobs involve developing free software, and they don't even realize it.
Private software, used within a company and never released, can still legitimately be free software as long as the users have the four essential freedoms.

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>99% of programming jobs involve developing free software

>> No.66515246

Nice reading comprehension senpai.

>> No.66515252

>use competitor's source code that is licensed with GPLv3
>It's now mandatory for you to release the source code of your own software

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Yes they do. Try actually landing a programming job for once.

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I meant everyone, retard. You really think its so hard for a business to spend a couple of hundred? Its practically accessible to everyone, and lets be honest, once the source code is out, its out. There is nothing stopping them from incorporating elements of it into their own software with a proprietary license on top and it would never be discovered.
I read somewhere on /g/ a while back that this is what the chink WPS office or whatever its called did with some LO components.

I'll believe you if you give me a source that "99% of programmers make free software". Your link does not show this.

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You have it backwards, have you ever been at a modern tech company? The current day white hetero capitalist is a begging leftist cunt who wants to give you free shit so they can turn around and sell your data to advertisers. They believe your computer is their property to do whatever they want with because they tricked you into signing up for their bullshit cloud service.

The only people who want to rip others off are proprietary developers. They take whatever code they can get their fingers on that someone else wrote, profit off it, and then refuse to give out the source code and place arbitrary restrictions on it just so they can cover up their theft.

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Using outright illegal activities as an example is fairly dishonest of you.

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I used an example that is not extreme and completely feasible.

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You let freetards at Windows source code, what do you get? MinGW. Where MS accidentally released the MSVCRT.DLL source code, and freetards partied all over the internal structures. Old New Thing has a series of articles where Raymond goes into this at length (never once actually naming MinGW, but that's called "professionalism") about just how much this error cost them.

So yes, cry yourselves to sleep at night with projectionist fantasies of "naughty" and "wrong" code. You got ONE DLLs source, and look what you did. Now imagine if you had the entire OS. Microsoft are doing the right thing: people like you should never, ever be allowed to see the source.

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Imagine wasting so many words while at the same time completely missing the point and saying nothing at all.

>> No.66515317

Projection of the highest order. But that's why MS is rich, and you're on an anime imageboard.

>> No.66515330

Hey, if you're stupid enough to miss the real point - not something you made up in-flight to rationalise your cock-eyed view of the world - that isn't my problem.

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Keep sperging, you know you are wrong and making pathetic attempts at looking smart.

>> No.66515346

>"naughty" and "wrong" code
Have you seen the amount of personal data that these huge companies have been able to collect? That shit is a pretty real threat.
If you're going to use that "nothing to hide" argument then you should aim that same shit towards proprietary code.

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>Can I legally study and modify the source code and then redistribute my changes?
No, but you can actually make good-looking pictures. Unlike with shrita and shitmp.
>this bicycle I made from scrap in my backyard is superior to a Bugatti Veyron, because I have a deep understanding about how it works, and can modify it myself.
>people should make their own software, just like how they make their own clothes and cars and buildings, if you are relying on proper industry and capitalism, you are a brainlet

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I like that analogy.

>> No.66515368

basically, you have no idea what you're talking about and only mentioned kirita because it's open source, not because it's shit. You're just a retard pretending to be smart.

>> No.66515379

That would float if it wasn't a different excuse every year. "the amount of personal data" is just your latest bitch about how evil and wrong and stuff that proprietary software is. If you stuck to one excuse, you might be worth considering. As it is... all it looks is >>66515103.

>> No.66515381

Flawed examples.
You can do whatever you want with those other products, including dissassembling them, modifying them and reselling them.
Proprietary software denies you all of this.

>> No.66515384

>krita is not shit
ask me how I know that you never actually had to make a graphical design outside of your hobby, where you have unlimited time and no standards

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>the botnet is an excuse

>> No.66515396

keep on pretending that you're a """""graphics designer"""""

>> No.66515399

you can't legally modify your car any way you want, are you retarded?

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Not if you live in a first world country.

>> No.66515420

Which is the point.

Open source allows you all these things because it have no intrinsic value. It's worthless shit, just like a dog turd on the sidewalk. Nobody wants it, nobody will pay for it, so it doesn't need any security.

Proprietary software, however, is like diamonds, worthy of protection and security, because everyone wants it - every freetard up and down this thread (despite insisting it's crap) wants it, and demanding some sort of made-up "right" to get it.

They are, from the absolute foundations, wrong.

>> No.66515426

>muh strawman
I'm not a graphics designer, but I used both proprietary software and shrita. For any unbiased person, interested in the capabilities of the actual product, its usefulness and not an ideology, the difference is apparent.

>> No.66515434

>cuba is my ideal country
eat shit, commie

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Best browser coming through.

>> No.66515441

>Its a word processor you retard.
So is a pen and a piece of paper, but you don't need 1000 features to use that
>The UI in the blah blah blah is better
Baby duck syndrome
>Why the fuck would a company spend millions on developing software and then give it away?
I don't know, most big proprietary software companies have tons of software they give away "for free," so lost profits clearly are not the issue

>Why would you release your source code for everyone (ie competitors) to see?
Punishing your own customers in a misguided attempt to damage your competitors is not a viable business strategy. If your competitors are any good, they don't need your source code to tell what you're doing.

>> No.66515442

>Can I legally study and modify the source code and then redistribute my changes?
Being able to do that does not make a software better.

>> No.66515444

>For any unbiased person
Nice weasel wording there, faggot. You have absolutely no arguments yourself and instead have to refer to this nebulous "any unbiased person" to sound like you have an argument.

>> No.66515445

>Which is the point.
No it wasn't the point, stop trying to save your sorry ass and move goalposts.
Thanks for proving you're so braindead you've never modified or resold any single item you've owned.

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free softwhore

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File: 62 KB, 620x800, given-enough-eyeballs-all-bugs-are-shallow-quote-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe, maybe not, but it gives it the potential to become better.

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Wow. Just wow.

This is why you are begging on an anime imageboard for companies to give you free shit. You are far too stupid to do it yourself.

>> No.66515476

>for the blind ideologue the mere word of 'unbiased' is incomprehensible and nebulous
You are a despicable human being.

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>free software is about price
You fuckers never learn. Ever.

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>So is a pen and a piece of paper
Clearly you have never done any actual work that requires some of the features of Office suites.
>Baby duck syndrome
>have tons of software they give away "for free,"
Office isn't free and that is what we are discussing.
>not a viable business strategy
Delusional or retarded? Pic related.

>> No.66515493

>You are far too stupid to do it yourself.
Ironic, considering nearly anyone smart enough to do it themselves supports free software.

>> No.66515501

Don't hide behind "free as in libre". You've made it abundantly clear that you want free beer all up and down this thread - and resent those who won't give it to you. See >>66515103.

>> No.66515504

I'm not talking about the concept of "unbiased" you absolute retard. I'm talking about your stupidly vague reference to this "unbiased person" as a way to substantiate your claim when what it really does is hide the fact that you have no argument. This is the type of shit that Wikipedia uses the [Who?] tag for.

>> No.66515506

It's almost like vendor lock-in is a serious problem and there is real market demand for windows-compatible operating systems that aren't windows

Neither does hiding the source code from everybody just so you can avoid scrutiny for adding features that make the software worse

>> No.66515517

Anyone smart enough to do it themselves works for a proprietary software company, and makes tons of money. Anyone who THINKS they're smart enough to do it themselves (but aren't) are freetards. I don't expect you to understand the difference though.

>> No.66515523

>there is real market demand
>no one has ever made it

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>MinGW is an operating system.

>> No.66515547

x264 has become one of the most common codec libraries
xiph has produced some formats that sees very considerable use
AOM is currently developing an open standard for internet video that is free for anyone to use and this is backed by a bunch of industry bigwigs

>> No.66515551

Taking 20 years to come up with a half-working ripoff of Windows NT 3.5 is hardly "making it", anon.

>> No.66515555

They have to reverse engineer it and skirt around all the licensing traps that they might encounter to prevent any legal troubles. Microsoft was started in the 80s.

>> No.66515559

No, MS is rich because they pander to these idiots, and a lot of other idiots too. There is no other reason.

>> No.66515564

>out of the millions of proprietary programs, systems and protocols out there, here's three open source things with traction
>haha i win the argument
No, not really.

>> No.66515579

>Don't hide behind "free as in libre".
But that's exactly what actual free software, as defined by the FSF, is about. You're again moving goalpoats.
>You've made it abundantly clear that you want free beer all up and down this thread - and resent those who won't give it to you.

I don't think you've ever actually worked for a proprietary software company if you believe that. The worst programmers I've ever seen were working at "proprietary software" companies.
Still, most of them were developing private software, to be used internally (manage internal databases, etc.), which can be considered free software.

>millions of proprietary programs
Proprietary software really only makes a tiny fraction of all software. It's simply that that 10% that is proprietary is used by 90% of people.

>> No.66515580

2018 Adobe software has some of the worst bugs that just break everything

>> No.66515583

>russian garbage stolen from the actual developers that works just fine... like wine... :^)

>> No.66515584


Supporting propietary code is simply wrong, specially when its "free" as in beer (aka spyware). I dont care if your shit is better, which isnt btw.

>> No.66515606

If proprietary developers were actually smart then they would be able to figure out how to give their users freedom. Instead we get a bunch of lame excuses why they can't.

>> No.66515633

>millions of proprietary protocols
TLS is a very important part of the modern internet. It's an open standard and almost all libraries that are used to use this specific protocol use some form of open source license. Only 4 are listed by wikipedia as being proprietary. Nobody likes vendor lock-in, not even you. One way of preventing this shit from happening is by using open source software for maximum cross-compatibility. The entire internet infrastructure is made up by a lot more free and open source software than you think.

>> No.66515652

The FSF's opinion does not correspond to reality. Any arguist who uses the FSF as a source has already lost the argument.

I got the software without paying for it and no laws were broken. That's freeware. You clueless millennial liberal.

>> No.66515661

>Clearly you have never done any actual work that requires some of the features of Office suites.
And I never will because I do not accept the EULA.
Look it up
>Office isn't free and that is what we are discussing.
I don't even need to look to know that there are plenty of ways to get it without paying a dime
>Delusional or retarded?
If you're going to excuse shitty behavior with the value of bill gates's stock portfolio then your bar for quality is quite low. I don't use MS products but I see many customers reacting to them negatively all the time. They also have been successfully prosecuted by many governments for being an illegal monopoly.

>> No.66515671

>I can steal it so it's free

>> No.66515680

For /g/ it's games, but start a thread like this and we're full of engineers and architects though. There should be a name for this effect.

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File: 7 KB, 210x230, st,small,215x235-pad,210x230,f8f8f8.lite-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>freeware == free software
lmao kid

>the fsf's opinion does not correspond to reality
They literally created the definiton of free software.

>hurr durr don't use the sources i don't like! WAAAAAAAAAAH

>> No.66515706

completely braindead post with no trace of reading comprehension

>> No.66515721

I never said anything about stealing. There are legal ways to get stuff for free.

>> No.66515722

So, what's a good alternative to MATLAB?

>> No.66515725

Even if your statement were true (it isn't, see Wine), it doesn't seem to represent a "real desire for an alternative". Remember, OS/2 offered full Windows compatibility at one point - and look what happened.

>You're again moving goalpoats.
"no u" - I just keep moving them back. Consider yourself muted until you reflect on your hypocrisy and projection.

If this software is so terrible, why do you scream for their source code so much?

See, this is how blinded by ideology you are. Nobody cares about "freedom" (in inverted commas because the freetard definition of "freedom" is so disconnected from reality) except poorfags. Smart people care about money. Big proprietary software companies have it. You don't.

Think about it.

>4! i'm winning!

>i resent other people having more than i do - The Post

This. Nothing in their lives has any intrinsic value, so they can't comprehend something different to that.

I sincerely doubt there's any of those here.

>They literally created the definiton of free software.
Nothing but a religious proclamation. Not even worth refuting.

Actually, it was quite insightful - that anon was seeing right through you.

>> No.66515734

>ad hominem
don't reply to me, ever again

>> No.66515793

Why the fuck are you even counting by how many software there is? Are you fucking retarded?
Microsoft only has 1 office suite while there are 2 (maybe even more) free and open source software. Going by that retarded logic, Microsoft loses. Prevalence is a much more important metric. Also, there are 19 TLS implementations that are open source, compared to 3 proprietary ones.
Another thing. Have you ever been to a website in its downtime and saw the words "nginx" and "apache"? Free and open source and they're both the most used web servers out there.

You seem to be of the retarded mentality that the only type of profit for a company is direct profit.

>> No.66515817

This is why you'll never be anything, anon.

>> No.66515821

>"no u" - I just keep moving them back. Consider yourself muted until you reflect on your hypocrisy and projection.
Says the one who started talking about free as in price when the subject is, and has always been, free as in freedom.
>If this software is so terrible, why do you scream for their source code so much?
Again, to study its behavior, something brainlets like you can't conceive.
>See, this is how blinded by ideology you are. Nobody cares about "freedom" (in inverted commas because the freetard definition of "freedom" is so disconnected from reality) except poorfags. Smart people care about money. Big proprietary software companies have it. You don't.
Smart people care about power, not money. And again, free software is not about money. You seem incapable of understanding this.
>Nothing but a religious proclamation. Not even worth refuting.
Well, it's a fact though.
>Actually, it was quite insightful - that anon was seeing right through you.
No, he was making up the most pathetic strawman I've ever seen.
Funny, those two things are exactly what you did. I smell massive butthurt for being called out instantly instead of witnessing your pathetic little attempt work.

>> No.66515832


>> No.66515836

We all get you're trolling by this point, but at least try.

>> No.66515857

Nah, just bored. You freetards are so easy to stir up. Like kids being told Santa doesn't exist. You'll be happy to know I have to hit the sack - I actually have a job to go to in the morning.

>> No.66515866

>being told Santa doesn't exist
Like being told that 90% of internet infrastructure is using free and open source software?

>> No.66515872

>i was just bored and trying to stir you up! i'm not retarded, trust me! i have a job!

>> No.66515878

you've just given up because somebody brought up the fact that the internet itself is heavily dependent on free and open source software

>> No.66515880
File: 68 KB, 431x450, 1523310286210.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

TIL Cisco IOS is FOSS.

>> No.66515896

I have a job to go to too, but I don't ask others to give up their freedom in order for me to do it.

>> No.66515903

some of the most important companies are using protocols their own employees made as open industrial standards
>this is example!!!! software should be freeee!!! i can do it at home, if i would WANT TO!!!! i could make my own graphical design software too, but i DON'TTT!!!!! wreeeeeeeaaaaawww I am not INSANE!!!!!! give me free, i want to edit everything, even though i actually can't!!!!

>> No.66515910

They're for hardware, specifically cisco routers, a while ago you were talking about protocols. Most implementations of Internet protocols tend to be of the free and open source variety. Face it, you've lost.

>> No.66515930

I thought your main point was that nobody uses open source software? Now you're just moving goalposts

>> No.66515955
File: 38 KB, 758x435, this triggers the whole thread.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.66515976

>I defecated on the pavement and an elderly pedestrian kicked me

>> No.66516091


>> No.66516121

at this point, you're no longer even trying
is it because you lost and have run out of arguments?

>> No.66516126

Well, it doesn't exist for me, since it's proprietary, jews still be like "yeah, run this mystery binary on YOUR machine goy"

>> No.66516147

Propietary drones please fuck off, no cares that you are a peasant who doesnt respect his own freedoms.

>> No.66516155


>> No.66516159

I have won the debate, before it started, since proprietary software is a multi-trillion dollar industry, while your messiah is just a shunned weirdo.

>> No.66516160


>> No.66516176

And what the fuck is so important about YOUR machine? You think jews give a shit about your granny porn?
Besides they already have thousands of backdoors to choose from. If you actually think they couldn't get your stuff if they wanted, you're deluded.

>> No.66516181

How much is the rabbi paying you?

>> No.66516203

why do you lock your house? if someone really wanted to get into it, they could, no matter how hard you try

>> No.66516236

well, I want to know what I'm running on MY machine
>You think jews give a shit about your granny porn?
maybe not granny, but about loli sure they do
>Besides they already have thousands of backdoors to choose from
>?que is Libreboot?

>> No.66516308

>I love to make ((them)) rich

The developers are succesful, the consumers like you are the losers.

>> No.66516368

I have one uberquestion that always destroys your every argument mr shekelberg
If they "don't care", why they are doing it?

>> No.66516412

Of course they profit somehow. What I'm saying is that they're mass collecting faceless data.
No human will ever take a look at wtf you have on your computer unless it's the FBI.

>> No.66516425
File: 295 KB, 200x200, sc5LGnW.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>if a proprietary program is objectively better then it doesn't exist for me

>> No.66516432

Playing video games is a better use of brain juice than arguing about linux on here and literally seething and frothing at the mouth when someone not linux savvie appears

>> No.66516444

Human or algorithm, what difference does it make, they still shouldn't be looking at my data

>> No.66516447
File: 125 KB, 1080x1080, 105.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok, what if it's going to leak? Leaks happen almost all the time.
>it doesn't exist for me, since it's proprietary
No matter how good it is, it's still proprietary, I don't care

>> No.66516458

also, this
Trips of truth

>> No.66516475

I'm so used to the backward logic of GIMP now that Photoshop genuinely twists my head around trying to figure out basic shit

>> No.66516487

The difference is that I don't give a fuck if some machine uses my browsing behaviour to optimize targeted advertisement.
As long as you don't consume cp or some shit it doesn't fucking matter what software you use cause it will have literally no effect on your life.

>> No.66516503

>objectively better
This is a sales pitch and you fell for it.

>> No.66516504

>it's still proprietary, I don't care
I got that. The good thing is that your opinion literally doesn't matter to anyone but yourself. It must be fun to pretend the world outside your basement walls doesn't exist.

>> No.66516505
File: 204 KB, 900x900, keep_pol_in_pol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>el autismo
Funny how these garbage threads are less about the merits of open, free software and just a proxy battle for triggered /pol/ morons who think anything that doesn't come with a brand tag, ridiculous fees and botnet ads is """communism""".

>> No.66516508

You fucking brainlet neets don't even know how to put together a fucking coherent argument. saying "x" is trash because it is is a worthless way to argue your point. Maybe try something like "I prefer the Windows file browser over the mess that is dolphin/kdebrowser/whatever else because It is tightly integrated into the rest of the system, includes native, functioning support for OneDrive and has a default programs system that is uniform and functional" instead of spouting autistically about abstract ideas.

>> No.66516518

Krita's great for drawing but still not as good as Photoshop overall. GIMP is a joke, I think they make it bad on purpose.

>> No.66516540

Honestly I am kind of tired of it because when I do, first they'll say "X software can do Y", then when I point out that it can't, they'll say "You don't need to do Y." So now I just use the combination of software that works best for myself and shitpost on /g/

>> No.66516541

I don't need to argue at all. I just try out both and settle for the better.
Mostly it just happens to be the case that open source clones of proprietary software are significantly worse.
Maybe not so much the case for non-clones.

>> No.66516546
File: 102 KB, 305x305, 1486050212033.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

retard detected. try reading the fucking manual, buddy. gdb is powerful as fuck.

>> No.66516550
File: 189 KB, 405x412, 592.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It must be fun to pretend the world outside your basement walls doesn't exist.
Im pretty sure it exists, I have to somehow get to gym and stuff

>> No.66516556

Yeah, objectively better. As in, it does thing X which no open source software can do with the same level of efficiency. But wait, what am I saying, proprietary software "doesn't exist" :^)

>> No.66516573

>not LAPP
P is for PostgreSQL, of course

>> No.66516589

>not LARP
Swap PHP with Rails as well.

>> No.66516600

>not MEAN stack

like in what century are you?

>> No.66516601

PEBKAC, If you can't figure out how to use your software efficiently, that's on you. But go ahead and keep on thinking that proprietary developers are hiding their code for reasons other than to keep glaring inefficiencies secret from you

>> No.66516631

Why would I use shitty tools? I wouldn't use a rubber mallet to hammer nails, and I wouldn't use GIMP to do anything at all.

>> No.66516633

>if you can't write your own open source alternative to proprietary software, that's on you
this one never gets old

>> No.66516709

I do care, targeted advertisement is waste of everyone's time and money. Please call me when average click-through-rates increase past 1%
>As long as you don't consume cp or some shit it doesn't fucking matter what software you use cause it will have literally no effect on your life.
"nothing to hide nothing to fear lol!!!!"

>> No.66516775

A bad craftsman always blames his tools
Never said that.

>> No.66517018
File: 38 KB, 1680x1023, Krita4.0.1text gradient fill.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.66517029

Another slow day in the Adobe mail room.
Another photoshop shilling thread.

>> No.66517273

>plenty of ways to get it without paying a dime
So what even was your point then?

>> No.66517314

>neo/g/ the thread

>> No.66517349

True, but /gl does not like that point of view. Thus you get hate

>> No.66517377
File: 30 KB, 450x420, 1339550542725.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can't think of any.

>> No.66517399

ITT post duckling related syndromes so crippling, people would rather waste money on proprietary software than overcome it.

>> No.66517467
File: 44 KB, 750x563, 5ab16de1e72a031a008b45ff-750-563.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stallman is the king of wordgames. Linux vs Gnu/Linux, open source vs free, free vs free, and so on.

>> No.66517478

Or: the FOSS movement and the people in it are so fucking repellent that people will spend thousands of dollars and give their data to ad companies to avoid it.

>> No.66517485

yea, he's a jew

>> No.66517487


>It's OK to use the abbreviation “PC” to refer to a certain kind of computer hardware, but please don't use it with the implication that the computer is running Microsoft Windows. If you install GNU/Linux on the same computer, it is still a PC.

>The term “WC” has been suggested for a computer running Windows.

How salty can one individual get?

>> No.66517494
File: 2.26 MB, 2068x2764, Steve_Wozniak_by_Gage_Skidmore.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How is that relevant? Jews like bullshitting people with semantics?

>> No.66517500


>> No.66517504

Any audio production suite

>> No.66517511

>spend thousands of dollars and give their data to ad companies to avoid it.
You're just grasping there. Everyone knows that most people are just really ignorant that it is happening at all.

>> No.66517527

> free
> paying
Dumb Americans. Get a proper language.

>> No.66517528

I disagree about LibreOffice. Maybe you just don't know how to use something with the learning curve of a flat road.

>> No.66517543

My GF just asked me if you really are this stupid. What do I tell her, anon? Do you really believe your post, or is it some flailing rationalisation to make yourself feel better that nobody's interested in your gratis and libre software - mainly because of the toxic ideology and people attached to it?

>> No.66517576

>A bad craftsman always blames his tools
Common GIMP defense. I don't blame my tools because I don't use GIMP at all.

>> No.66517592

Having a steep learning curve is a problem, after all it is a productivity software.

>> No.66517638
File: 115 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_20180627_173546.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

GIMP master race

>> No.66517718

Green is my pepper.

>> No.66517744

you are insane. i can't believe how much time i spend on here talking to people like you. however, since it's all i've been doing for the past 5 hours, i'll take the bait one last time.

it may be hard to believe, but there are people out there whose only interaction with computer software is to get things done. yes, i'm saying the vast majority of software users out there do not even know the words "proprietary" or "open source", let alone their meaning, let alone any kind of ideology or" people attached to it". they are unaware of these things because these things do not interest or concern them. before closing this tab, i'll give you an example of how insane you sound:

A: do you use LibreOffice?
B: no, what is it? all my computers at home and work use MS Office and that's all I ever used and I know it works so why fix what ain't broke?

A: do you use LibreOffice?

>> No.66517752

>steep learning curve
It's almost like you haven't even seen the software you're shit talking about. LibreOffice rips the interface straight from the earlier pre-ribbon MS Office. If you're going to argue about something, try to at least do better than this shit.

>> No.66517790

>Well, it doesn't exist for me
Tixati, Vivaldi, ClipX, and XNConvert are examples of good proprietary software.

>> No.66517828

>no, what is it? all my computers at home and work use MS Office
Actually most people nowadays know LibreOffice and it is what they will use at home. Somehow even my ignorant aunt knows LibreOffice.

>> No.66517881
File: 94 KB, 624x564, 1449523280948[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Actually most people nowadays know LibreOffice and it is what they will use at home

>> No.66517890
File: 78 KB, 282x300, 1526789169617.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

, , , and are examples of good proprietary software.

>> No.66517893

How many of those softwares give the user freedom?

>> No.66517913

>useless post with nothing to say
I guess I'm right then

>> No.66517935

Yet none of them offer substantially more functionality than free alternatives.

>> No.66517976

Do you people actually use LibreOffice? I never actually maintains formatting between Docx and whatever fucked file format it has

>> No.66517994

Nope. Making blatantly false statements doesn't make you correct.

>> No.66517995


>> No.66518024

tixati is banned in a lot of private trackers
vivladi is pretty heavy on the resources
>needing to use a third party clipboard manager
XNConvert might be your only point

>> No.66518077
File: 50 KB, 550x529, bitchnigga.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


> paying monthly for M$ wurd

>> No.66518083

I'm talking from personal experience
You're free to perform a statistical measure if you don't believe me

>> No.66518146

I prefer it over Word. I also don't want to pay for a fucking text editor.

>> No.66518199

>Somehow even my ignorant aunt knows LibreOffice.
I'm sure cramming FOSS down her throat every time she makes the mistake of asking you to help with her computer has noooooothing to do with it. The funniest part is that you're so heavily programmed, you don't even realise it. Freetards really are a cult, aren't they?

>> No.66518232

The source code of both proprietary and open source versions is such shit it's actually harmful to read that. You can extend adobe software and msoffice with plugins though.

>> No.66518240

Sorry to disappoint you but I needed to write something and used her computer. I then asked her and said they have installed in her work alongside MS Office.

>> No.66518290

actually this
and I was an "Adobe Certified Associate" for PS CS4 (shit wasn't worth the paper it was printed on, but I didn't pay for that exam)

>> No.66518318

Uhm... yes?

>> No.66518324


>> No.66518334

I use LibreOffice on a daily basis. It's damn good.

>> No.66518336

that one's fucking hilarious though

>> No.66518339

To be fair, no software certifications are worth the paper they're printed on.

>> No.66518344

This! Although it has a minor learning curve, I was able to go through it all in a day or so.

>> No.66518370

Most people can't distinguish between the means (the software used) and the goal they actually want to achieve with it.
Saying "software X lacks feature Y" is irrelevant as long as it allows you to reach the same goal in a comfortable, efficient way.
True, no free and open source program has every single feature Microsoft Office has. But I have yet to see a document made in Word that looks better than what I can do with Vim, Pandoc and a touch of LaTeX.

>> No.66518531

this one was egregious
also had to do a Dreamweaver cert, never used it in my life, still passed

>> No.66518767

lol I have a cert for some shitty-ass b2b software company I worked at for awhile. The certification was for a version that was years behind the actual version we used and worked on, so I failed it twice because I could not get a copy of the software. Then they updated the test to a relevant version and I passed it with no preparation. Now that it's all done I make sure to keep that certification off my resume.

>> No.66518882
File: 16 KB, 348x348, 1511488704756.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So you're saying people have a problem with gimp's interface not because it's something they're not used to, but because people in the FOSS community are repellent?
OK bro.

>> No.66518901

Nah they have a problem with GIMP's interface and functionality because they're both fucking terrible.

>> No.66518927


>> No.66519098

It's "stupid" Americans.
Dumb means mute or speechless.
Learn English before you criticize.

>> No.66519149

Take a look at any business, information systems or computer related position on any job board and see if you can find an instance of a LibreOffice requirement in their criteria.
You won't, because MS Office has been and will continue to be the business standard for years to come. You'd know this if you'd ever worked a day in your life, or applied for a job.

>> No.66519176

The funny thing is that FOSS has a technology that is better than MS Word, in my opinion: LaTeX. You get so much control over the layout and formatting of your document. But instead they focus on shitty knockoffs like LibreOffice Write.

>> No.66519193

Do you have any idea how much of a repellent baby duck you sound like?

>> No.66519194

> He still uses SQL databases

>> No.66519261
File: 28 KB, 504x432, gimp_logo_flat_by_znkhucast-da9x4yb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>people would rather pirate the proprietary alternative.

>> No.66519272

Don't really care, I've used both, Photoshop is more functional and saves me more than $10/month in time vs GIMP.

>> No.66519354
File: 242 KB, 1054x934, BlenderDesktopLogo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I came here only to post this, and it's already the first one posted
thanks for not letting me down anon

second answer pic related
I have been told that the UI has improved since then, but the last time I tried it was dog shit

>> No.66519618

baby duck syndrome costs you $10 per month.

>> No.66519669

Nope, I just pay for a product that is worth it to me. Similar to how you presumably use GIMP 2.10 instead of GIMP 1.0, I use Photoshop instead of GIMP.

>> No.66519712
File: 145 KB, 178x188, v.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are you, antisemantic?

>> No.66520058

quack quack

>> No.66520108


>> No.66520223

It will throw WhiteDickRuntimeException

>> No.66521515

No problemo, my anonymous friend.

>> No.66521579
File: 286 KB, 960x640, 1529553053871-g.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that owl
nigga I haven't seen that shit since 2006 or so

>> No.66521614
File: 535 KB, 613x531, 36267246_2136135836415137_1718932202047143936_n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.66521619
File: 1.28 MB, 3840x2160, Photoshop_2018-06-28_00-06-58.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.66521657

dunno, can't really call it dogshit since it's the first thing I learned, it certainly has a steep curve but it's pretty amazing how powerful it is and is actually used in a multi billion dollar industry with plenty of expensive proprietary alternatives

>> No.66522033

I don't know how much it has evolved since then, but here is a quick summary of my experience with it
>decide I want to do some simple 3d modeling for personal projects, and learn blender in the process
>this isn't the first time I tried, but I naively believe that the software has improved since then, or at least that I have a better understanding of it after these past experiences
>spend several days learning how to use it
>90% of the functionality is locked behind barely documented keyboard shortcuts with no GUI equivalent, and the GUI is wildly inconsistent from one setting to another with retarded amounts of menus and hidden submenus , and generally unintuitive UI
I have nothing against shortcuts and do use them extensively in other programs, but I believe that making them the only way to interact with your software is a pretty poor UX design
>after hours of frustration on blender I learn that my university offers free 3ds max licenses
>20 minutes later the job is done with no previous experience using that program

I am not saying that Blender isn't powerful, but one could say the same about Gimp: it has the feature but what good are they if they are such a pain to use

>> No.66522037

>plebeian Java
>not using master race C#
.Where(c => c.Gender == 'M' && c.Race == Races.Nigger)
.ForEach(n => your_mom.SuckDick(n.Dick));

>> No.66522062

>what are java streams

>> No.66522069

>unironically using C#
you check will come in the mail anon
t. Jewcrosoft

>> No.66522515

>saying REEEEE in 2016+2

>> No.66522548

Can this fucking thread die already? It wasn't supposed to be like this.

>> No.66522618

>as long as it allows you to reach the same goal in a comfortable, efficient way.
which more often than not is not the case

>> No.66522688

GIMP is fucking fantastic. I have both and don't touch photoshop because it's shit. It's so bad I actually suspect people like you must be hired by adobe.

>> No.66522739

Are we using the same programs? The UI in 3ds max is as bad if not worse than blender. Every 3d program is like that with hidden buttons and menus and shortcuts everywhere. It leads me to believe it's not possible to make one without that stuff

>> No.66522810

are you the same person as >>66522688?
one thing I have noticed when comparing FOSS software with their industry standard competitor, is that the commercial ones have much more intuitive and polished UI
I am sure there are people who prefer the UI of the free option, but there is a good reason why companies still buy the expensive one even with the same features, and it's not just the customer support...

>> No.66523138


Nonfree, but Wolfram Mathematica is ten times the scientific computing environment with a far more user friendly language and interface.

It's more expensive than Matlab, but not unreasonably so. $2700 vs $2150 for the standard industry license.


You are missing nothing. MS Office has been unusable since introducing the ribbon at the top.

>> No.66524438


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