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Tech Gore thread

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Thread has already been won

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ai, wish I saved stuff from previous threads.

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what even causes this kinda thing

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Would be posting hardware gore, but I haven't really got any.

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stop playing dorf fort at work

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giant magnet

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dhe 'boblem

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magnets probably

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Habbimg boblems?!?! :DDD

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holy fuck, that must've been terrifying

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Call for help it's having a stroke

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Cars are tech

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Start Windows Nigger Madly

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mags, fag

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>Tech Gore thread
>Posts destroyed apple shit

Thanks anon, you just made me a little bit happier today!

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It looks worse than it is. That bent front bumper is just making it look real bad.

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does that really happen

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Everything on craigslist is a rip off

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Holy shit, I wasn't aware that those magnets were that strong

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No it doesn't. Look where the front of the car actually is. It is behind the front wheels. Nobody on this planet ever fixed a car like that.

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good shit anon

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They're strong enough that you can float water droplets or even small frogs in their field.
Heck, patients with Platinum implants can't have MRI scans just because it'd rip the implants out of their bodies, even though in the force of "usual" magnetic fields we don't tend to think of Platinum as being Paramagnetic.

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Somebody post the GPU one

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ffs, man:

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computer ctopped besponding?!?! :DDDD :D :D

yeah i saw that too lol.

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>Tech Gore
>posts regular apple laptop

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MRI machines are fucking terrifying.

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Huh, I remember a defcon talk about destroying hard drives that had something like this but it wasn't nearly that effective. Are there larger pieces that flew off? The pieces that you can see makes it look liner that's actually a pretty secure way to destroy a hard drive.

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Mein sides

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Probably just faked.

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I hope it didn't get damaged. MRI machines are a gift from God and expensive.

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How do they work?

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Thanks Obama

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Nope, you can tell exactly what bit is bad by the wrong characters.

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>Broken applel product
But that's porn

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>becent habdware ob softwabe change might have caeced thic
Thicfags always ruin everything.

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Benis :DDDD

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fucking kek

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Fuck you

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>Current year
>Not giving your pc a golden shower
Shiggy diggy

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>Help buddy assemble gaymen pc a few years back
>Become roommates
>CPU fan starts running like a jet engine
>Tell him to get a new cooler
>Remove old fan
>Won't unstick from CPU
>Tell him to hold on while I get a razor
>He pulls it off anyway
>CPU comes with
Thankfully it wasn't damaged, but some of the pins were slightly bent, so it was a stressful hour trying to get it up and running again.

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God I fucking hate retards that don't know how to apply thermal pasting

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In my defense, that paste was there for over 4 years. It was long overdue for replacement.

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Why does every fucking retard that asks for help never fucking listen to the person they're getting advice and assistance from? How long would it have taken you to get the razor, a minute or two? Why would someone not just sit tight for that brief moment instead of brute forcing it like an ape?

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Always twist then pull. Problem solved.

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No i have seen this problem with computers with bad RAM or corrupted installs.

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Not worth $7,000 at all but it is indeed fixable.

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> resdarted unexpectedly, or gas aetomatically shed down

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At least they cleaned the liquefied human off of it before taking the picture

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Looks quite beautiful desu

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Lets see what i can find in my work phone.

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Anyone here got the webm/video of a guy installing every ad he comes across on his browser?

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Female owner dropped acetone over a T400.

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>Why did my laptop die? i took proper care of it!

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yeah, i figured that out as a teen when i wanted to do maintenance on my Phenom II. I figured the fluid had stiffened, then twisted it off. I hadn't heard about thermal paste should be reapplied and all that. So considering people know that when installing a new cooler, how the hell does they not figuring that out? (Also, i'm 100% certain that it says something like that in a manual)

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>Lets use an Air compressor to clean this cheap plastic laptop, what could go wrong?

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HA! i chuckled on that, good one.

I'm pretty elitist against most of this stuff, but i could see myself doing what you've experienced. Now i hopefully never will!

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Don't buy chink chargers.

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Not exactly a gore picture but fuck HP in general.
>Using the Keyboard as a CPU heatsink
No fucking wonder the keyboard died on that zone.

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Customer tried to clean a laptop with 200PSI he had in his work that was used in tires.
Fan literally exploded, when i opened it i found plastic pieces everywhere.

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not him anon, but it looks like he removed his fan blades with pressurized air

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>active cooler in a laptop
kys tbqh fampai

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What's acetone, anon?

It was nail-polish remover.

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I get that most of the time my laptop fan is sucking hair out of my left leg when i use it, but what else is there?

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>lethally strong magnets
>hammers 140dB at the innocent creature trapped in the small tube

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Is this an Acer? looks a lot like mine, it's been going strong since 2013, I do clean it every now and then.

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From the 10 seconds I looked at the pic, I already saw:
>radiator support
>bumper cross beam
>front fascia
Which is already makes that car a write off.

It's very likely the front rails and subframe are fucked too, which means a one way ticket to the scrap yard.

Drifters and new age japanese enthusiasts are the absolute worst and are why cars like these get harder and harder to find every day.

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I've had my thermal paste on for 6 years now and it's 29c idle and 50c load.
i7 2700K at 4.5GHz

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that's a 2.5 inch hard drive, the platters are made of glass. You can do that just by throwing it at a wall or the floor without flinging fucking glass shards everywhere like a retard.

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>A chair "weighs" 900KG, or 2000 burger fats.

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I've been in one, they're not that loud at all.

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my sides. Help

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it varies depending on the design (there are some MRI lines designed to be quiet) and the sequence that's running

>Echo-planar sequences are typically the loudest, producing sound pressures in the range of 110-120 dB. This "jackhammer" level of noise may create patient discomfort, and anxiety, and even temporary hearing loss.

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can you wear earplugs in an mri?

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It was even better in person. Characters flashing and changing vibrant colours.
Unfortunately, this was combined with the PC speaker screeching, so I only took the one (out of focus) picture before quickly restarting it.
The computer died less than a month after.

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It was a nvidia so no problem there

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Don't even need to open it and I'm mad.

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>be me
>get new thinkpad
>remove windows stickers because GNU
>glue doesn't want to come off
>use paint thinner
>oh no......
tbf it was an old thinkpad.

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>How to get rid of a TB of loli before the FBI arrives

>> No.66522959

>name blocked out
for what purpose

>> No.66522995

Because he comes from Reddit where they ban people for making fun of each other.

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Shit now i have a pain in my chest

>> No.66523051

Also, you could run like prime95 or some cpu intensive shit and stop the fan with your hand just to warm the CPU die so the paste goes liquid. Somewhat better than using a heatgun or a blade.

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Bad video ram

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delet this

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what if i stick my dick into it afterwards

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software gore

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speaking of chinkpads...

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Based spurdo

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I'd fucking kill them

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>blown to fucking shit
>"press ctrl + alt + del to login"
>apple charge cable bends the way its supposed to
>"that'll be 599.99 + tip"

>> No.66524172

ah yes the stale pasta that never happened

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And THAT is why I don't slam my ass down when I sit on a desk chair.

>> No.66524537

This. and as long as you comply with the spring replace intervalls you should be fine.

>> No.66524541

Windows Mike Tyson Edition?

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>MacBook Pro dropped out of a plane
>still works

>ThinkPad dropped out of a plane
>shatters into a million pieces


Show me a ThinkPad surviving this same thing and working in the same condition afterward. Hell, show me a ThinkPad that would even remain in under 8 pieces. You can't.

>inb4 b-b-but terminal velocity b-b-but not absolute concrete

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one of my worst nightmares desu

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Only gamers give a fuck about this.

>> No.66524704

Just looked this up. It it's the same case as I'm reading, the guy died from that. Gas piston explosion, right into his asshole.

>> No.66524758

>Is your PC running?

Better go catch it

>> No.66524780


I think it was magnets

>> No.66524800

Most likely just damaged enclosure, the PCB is fucking small on those things, like the size of the printed head.

>> No.66524812

Are a doctor?

>> No.66524822

Jesus tittyfucking christ, I have never even considered this possibility...

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>buys a 1080
>lets save money for the case lol

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this is a ylyl thread and i lost a few images back.

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21k no lowballers i know what i got

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don't have pics but story time lol

friend was complaining to me about frame drops in overwatch. it seemed pretty sporadic, but it was nearly unplayable.

guy had my old 750ti, my brother's old i3, basically gave him some old hardware to hold him over during college cause we weren't using it anyways. this was early 2018 so not too long ago.

i tell him to open command prompt, tell me if anything spikes during a frame drop. he tells me storage memory and cpu spikes when he drops frames.

i tell him it's a psu issue. bring it over and i'll fix it up. he has a thermaltake from his mom's computer.

he brings it over, i crack open his mom's pc to remove her psu. it's a decent unit, nothing much.

i open up his old-ass early 2000s case. wires everywhere. weird 5.25 sound card that routes to the rear.

cpu cooler unseated. just a stock intel cooler but 3 of the pins weren't even in, cooler was flopping around.

his dad must have wired the thing because the cpu cable wasn't even plugged in. it was a sata to cpu adapter and the 8 pin eatx cable was just left untouched. apparently he didn't know how to break apart the cable.

he had some retarded side fan on the window of the case making a ton of noise. i left that unplugged.

the best part though was the power supply.

he said it had bad coil whine, the reason was because it had a fan missing. psu was running passively. big gaping hole where that fan was supposed to be.

so we swapped out the psu, i reseated the cooler, cleaned up his wiring, got rid of the crappy panel fan.

smoothest his computer has ever run lol. it was awful.

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not command prompt, task manager.

...its midnight. give me a break.

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cant tell which side the connectors are on, but it might actually be fine

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you have to haggle

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>spring replace intervals

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Maybe saved by one.

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Gore or not, this is very satisfying for some reason.

>> No.66525243

Love how the solder joints on the power connectors look like they melted
>how to reflow your Nvidia GPU the fast and furious way.

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Oh wow I had no fucking idea this could happen
Regular 4 legged chairs from now on

>> No.66525306

LTT is cheating, desu

>> No.66525319

what a fuck

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I had to go for a walk after I read this post because it pissed me off so much christ

>> No.66525569

I work with NMR, I agree with you

>> No.66525609

wow sure am glad I don't live in a third world shithole like the us. I've had a few MRIs throughout my life and never particularly loud for a few tonne of magnets spinning around me.

>> No.66525638

When I go in for a bowel scan, they have to put my entire body inside. I also have to stop breathing so they can get a decent image. They have a flimsy pair of cup-style headphones where they can talk to you - these reduce the sound by a large margin for me.

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>dat jiggle

>> No.66525753


afaik this only happens when the chair (and so the piston) is repeatedly loaded incorrectly like sitting on the front edge of the seat often.

Also, as previously said there are replacement intervals. Look into the manual.

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>> No.66525833

that stupid laptop is literally made of five pieces, top and bottom shell, raspberry pi, battery, screen. no shit it wont break in to more pieces.

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fucking lost hard

>> No.66526216

>What's acetone, anon?
The solvent in most nail polish removers.

>> No.66526243

No, he didnt. The "guy" is Boogie.

>> No.66526309


>> No.66526415

This is right up there with the guy beheading and cutting up those mice.

>> No.66526519

looks like a hard-boiled egg from the thumbnail

>> No.66526547 [DELETED] 

>apple products are fragile thinkpads are the best!!
>no, here's evidence
>nuh uh your computer is dumb so of course it didn't break

Posted from my iPhone™.

>> No.66526554

Only one way to find out anon

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File: 1.56 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_1533[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We need to figure out a way to make idiots magnet-proof.

>> No.66526630

While this is the best method, in addition to heating up the paste before trying this, I've ruined an AM2+ board and CPU from trying to twist it off. Thank fuck it wasn't anything important.

>> No.66526632

Don't listen to that anon. The guy who died on that chair is a young boy from China. He bled to death.

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I still don't know what the fuck this is if this was human or dog hair

>just gonna use this hsf as a hair brush oh yeaahhh

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>be HP
>build housefire laptops
>have genius idea to add extra heatsink
>forget to cut out plastic from the fan unit

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File: 1.61 MB, 4020x3972, ugh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.66526833

>glued together machine vs servicable parts

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>> No.66527096

>Shorting out pins on the gpu

And what, exactly, did you expect to happen?

>> No.66527160

so this is what they mean when they say "the nsa bugged my router"

>> No.66527272

>hey anon, my friend bent CPU pins installing the heatsink, is it fixable?
>Maybe? Wait, how the fuck do you bend pins installing the heatsink?
>the manual didn't say how much to torque the screws so he just went ham on them until he heard a screech and then the pins had bent
don't have the pic with me, but it was just some corner pins slightly bent, I think he succesfully RMA'd it

>> No.66527317


>> No.66527348

if you could guarantee the water dries before you turn it on is this even that bad?

>> No.66527385

Mineral deposits

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>> No.66527504

>signed for the package in that condition

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This desu, what the fuck were they thinking with that redesign? It seems they finally caved to retarded phone "reviewers" and dropped their beautiful Omnibalance and Unified Design features in favour of the rounded corner style trash

>> No.66527530


You can tell by the shoes he's east euro.

>> No.66527534

This is what you get for smoking.

>> No.66527540

Would never happened with T1000.

>> No.66527547

>Using the Keyboard as a CPU heatsink

>> No.66527559

Your left testicle hair.

>> No.66527576

I thought fans have rpm signal. And motherboard can emergency shut down system, if reading gets too low.

>> No.66527675

Boogie killed regular, four legged chair.

>> No.66527907

>They're strong enough that you can float water droplets or even small frogs in their field.
Not in MRI magnets. Yes in a Bitter magnet.

>> No.66527917

Also the implants are not banned due to the static magnetic field. It's due to the RF pulses.

>> No.66527924

i was in one for TBI recently, it was weird as shit feeling it pull my eyeballs and skull around like that

>> No.66528021

Show me a 2016/2017 Macbook Pro that can get a spec of dust under its keyboard and still have it work afterwards

>> No.66528079

Dude how do you deal with your family, also you should of kept it on your person at all times that s what I did.

When my dad took my 1700 laptop and said he was going to have it dismantled and he was going to wipe the sad I just to my micro ssd and putnit on a necklace

>> No.66528121

That's pretty damn impressive, but I think they might've just gotten a lucky impact

>> No.66528135

Just spray matte clearcoat all over.
I restored my second hand heavily used T60 that way.

>> No.66528181

Would that be a problem if you first blew away most of the water with a compressor?

>> No.66528273
File: 996 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-06-28-07-17-52.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.66528327

How then should we apply it, o wise one?

>> No.66528658

Fuckin based

>> No.66528706


Winbows Finlanb epinition :DDDDDD

>> No.66528731


Are you stupid? That thing might as well be fused in there.

>> No.66528961

Fuck you I feel pain in my asshole when I sit on my chair now I can't sit down anymore

>> No.66528990

The official story is that the friction from him sitting down ignited a flammable gas inside the piston. There should only be nitrogen, maybe they used something different. Or- it could’ve been filled with oil. The point being, it literally exploded when he sat down.
Some chairs will blow down, others blow up straight into your ass. It’s a real clencher

>> No.66529024

everything just goes over your head, don't you?

>> No.66529041


Brainlets out.

>> No.66529048

it's a fucking shame. I bought the XZ1 fearing a better design for the XZ2 (basically, same thing but smaller bezels big enough to have front facing speakers and front camera would've been just fucking perfect), but fuck, it's an aberration.

I know the XZ1 is far from perfect but I fucking love it.

>> No.66529051



>> No.66529141

people who wear there watch on the right side

>> No.66529179

*destroys extremely rare piece of hardware of which only 50 were ever made to make cool pc case*
>dude it's just a prank lmao

>> No.66529325

In his defense, that case is heavy as fuck.

>> No.66529476

If it works it aint stupid.

>> No.66529647

just throw it away there is no saving that

>> No.66530952

if you just use the end of a mechanical pencil you can straighten the pins ez

>> No.66531456

I actually saw this a few months ago and ever since then. I blow in my headphones and then feel around with my fingers before putting them on.

>> No.66531512

Maybe not, but I would worry about breaking something.

>> No.66531545

I thought that was a snake or liquid spilling at first.

>> No.66531717
File: 36 KB, 600x500, 1498256809366.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ho lee fug

>> No.66531747

nice dragons

>> No.66531805
File: 389 KB, 1024x856, 64D33FEC-559D-4379-B687-6A1D7C56225B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah, balance ball chairs are better

>> No.66531836

That's a pretty fucking intense fort you got there

>> No.66531930

DRIFUTOfags are the absolute worst, one day I'm gonna one day derice a S13 and a S14 and put them in a fucking Polycarbonate box so nobody can drive it.

>> No.66531946

You don't even need pressurized air for that, I broke mine like that just by blowing too hard.

>> No.66531949

desu anon I have almost exactly same story. except that at some point I got wifi router installed at my room, reflashed it and put a lock so that any time someone threatens me the internet gets cut off.
but yeah. not so hard to believe.

>> No.66532025

>B-B-But muh 8k 170 wojacks per second CS:GO

>> No.66532045


>$200 scaffold

This is what happens when post-docs have too much adderal.

>> No.66532059

this hurts, ouch

>> No.66532387

I mean there's no room for any powerful components in a fucking macbook
The best it can run is the best SoC that doesn't require a heatsink because muh design philosophy takes precedence over usefulness

>> No.66532406
File: 679 KB, 220x220, 1514901911159.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>raspberry pi

>> No.66532796


If you've ever had an MRI before, the though of this is terrifying. Some kid not too long ago got their head liquefied in one, when a fire extinguisher was mistakenly left in the room.

>> No.66533309

aka more intelligent left-handed individuals?

>> No.66533318

We're hitting freetard levels that shouldn't even be possible

>> No.66533410


>> No.66533441

Beat me to the joke

>> No.66533483

cockroaches are fucking insidious

>> No.66533836

so you're saying you can't follow a conversation
ok, got it

>> No.66533920
File: 24 KB, 350x350, serveimage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.66533936


>> No.66533942

kids do dumb shit on a budget.
I told my parents I didn't need a K version of my CPU when I got my first desktop

>> No.66534093


>> No.66534316
File: 2.53 MB, 4128x2322, 20180505_121035.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.66534332


>> No.66534423

>that case

I have the heavier one with glass tempered panel, shit is a fucking tank, like 75lbs

>> No.66534472
File: 309 KB, 1024x685, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

more like beywheelz

>> No.66534495

Looks like Dell XPS to me.

Sauce: owned one with a very similar layout. Dunno for sure.

>> No.66534571

there is no way that even happened I would literally break every goddamn thing in the house and probably kill my mom too just for fun, how in the fuck could that even be real

>> No.66534589

>spring replace intervals
eyyyyy anon u fockin troll

>> No.66534754

fuckkkk you, I hope you get raped for insulting apple (aka the best OS inthe entire fucking universe) you jealous cunt, I bet you cant even afford a MBPand thats why you shitpost about it.

>> No.66534772

how the fuck did they shoot up that high when they only rolled off a desk at waist level?

>> No.66534785

my head hurts everytime i read that screencap

>> No.66535081

They're don't roll on the floor, they mostly slip. The actual rotation speed is much higher than it looks like. The quarter-pipe is much less slippery than the tile floor so the discs accelerate much faster when they hit it.

>> No.66535112

oh i didn't even realize the hard drive was still spinning with so many platters inside

>> No.66535220

I never understood this either.>>66528273
shouldve done it with greentext
great story anon
ah the classic
i kek every time

>> No.66535230

Fuck reddit and fuck you.

>> No.66535316
File: 128 KB, 800x600, 1523072944402.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.66535322
File: 215 KB, 1037x778, 1524001774246.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.66535419

why not really

who here gives a shit abox xb*x anyway

>> No.66535496

idk man i just sold my truck for half its lowest KBB value just because i wanted it gone

>> No.66535505

I love how i can tell this is from an HP computer.

>> No.66535571

>computer bugs

>> No.66535572

So THIS is why we staff nursing homes with abusive third world trash

>> No.66535624
File: 2.30 MB, 2592x1944, IMG_20180413_191606.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Laptop that survived 5 years without cleaning somehow.
It had a dedicated GPU and the CPU shared the heatsink, and it was totally blocked by dust.
This is what the cover looked like.

>> No.66535742

Could you theoretically do this with distilled water?

>> No.66535854
File: 482 KB, 1024x561, download.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.66535912

Almost the 3 year anniversary of the biggest dumbfuck on /g/

let's celebrate

>> No.66536014

I don't get it.

>> No.66536092

Don't think this was an accident.
There are many vids out there about ppl experimenting with discontinued MRI.

>> No.66536135

This all reads in the same way I have to talk to people with down syndrom.

>> No.66536152
File: 2.28 MB, 3264x2448, guts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.66536251

God I hate mlg players

>> No.66536940

Should be fine. Iirc I've actually seen hardware running in distilled water.

>> No.66537089

sure, if you want to look like a fucking numale cuck

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