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Ok so my school is having me take my linux+ here in the next few weeks. I personally work as a windows admin and linux has never been my forte. I am having issues trying to learn it since I just can't get into the material I have never really liked linux that much even in my lab environment at home most of my stuff is Windows based so this is all foreign to me. The two distros I have to use are Debian and CentOS. Any advice or help you guys may have is more than welcome.

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Find some intro material, read and practice the commands as you go.

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Install gentoo

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oh how original

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Why do you use wangblows? That's like locking yourself in a cage. What justification could you have for having such a disregard for your own freedom?

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Great dubs, but how could you be this new?
>Compile the kernel and configure it on your own
>Understand the various options provided to linux
>get really good at fixing installs
>no systemdong

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Because he would conceivably benefit due to his fake job of being windows admin

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I think the cost well outweighs the benefit.

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Honestly, try installing arch or Gentoo, you'll get really comfortable with the Linux command line, I promise.

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Download a virtual machine manager like VirtualBox and find a way to replicate what you do in windows with Debian/centOS.

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>Get well paying job in a windows shop
>Get a trodded on job as a linux sysadmin whose only job is to watch the webservers
Other than yuh freedoms, what's the real cost of windows? SCCM, Puppet, and Chef make windows domain administration significantly easier than it used to be.

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Why are so many people apathetic towards the idea of freedom?

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Because I have rent to pay, and because most free versions of a product are frequently shittier.

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DESU I just never really touched Linux much. To be honest it is HEAVILY influenced by my time in college. In college most of my classes were windows based, my 1 Linux class my teacher was a pile of shit that just ate pudding and rambled about his vacations to brazil and occasionally talked about Linux most of his time talking about it was telling us how much better it was than windows without actually showing us and when I would ask "How is it better" He would just say "It is" and then set the class on it's 3rd break that day for him to get food from the cafeteria. In class when we would ask questions during one of the few times he was actually teaching a lesson he would say "Ask the person next to you and if he doesn't know google it I am not here to answer questions". Needless to say most of the class was me there confused about what was going on I passed the class because his final was a step by step guide with every command you need to enter to do it and if you did it YAY 100% in the class. I left not learning a thing.

With the windows classes in college my professors were retired windows admins and things along those lines and they taught the class well when I was studying 2008 R2, Windows 7, and AD I learned something and they were willing to answer questions (DreamSpark also helped out a ton). If I had issues I could meet with them after class on Skype or Google hangouts and they would assist me with the baby lab I had at the time and make sure I REALLY understood what I was studying. So because of that after graduation I left with a sour taste for Linux and decided to go for windows administration. Now that I am going back for my Bachelors I am being forced to learn Linux again and this time I don't have a teacher since it is at WGU.

I will be honest I do use some linux in my house I am running PFsense on my router. I guess I have never tried it since that class due to that professor and i have to get past that stigma.

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pick one

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Blaming someone else for your own education is not an excuse. If it is the reason you stunted a possible pathway for growth, then that speaks more of your character than his.

Understanding linux over windows isn't intrinsically different. Sure all the labels are different but the logical topology is tentatively the same.

I guess the marked difference between windows and linux is that by default Linux has and needs to use more programmatic idioms through shells, sed/awk scripts and what not. The only equivalence with Windows is Powershell.

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Well for the class I put CentOS on an old laptop I have laying around and been playing with that. With the lab I also spun up a small CentOS VM that I ONLY connect to with SSH so I am forced to practice CLI. My school gives me access to Plural Site and Lynda so I have been going through those guides but for some reason it just isn't sinking in. I feel like i am back in Calculus and nothing is sinking in. I Feel part of the issue is I have no like direction like I am poking around the CLI and somewhat getting around but I feel like a gimp in a damn walker having to do ls every 5 seconds to see what is in the directory, help to remember anything more advanced than ls, cd, vi, and alike. I just feel like I am doing it but none of it is REALLY sinking in and getting through to my brain. The part I NEVER remember and have the biggest issue with is the options for commands like -r -a etc all of my guides seem to expect me to just KNOW what they mean and not explain what they are before hand and that is HEAVILY throwing me off.

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That gif killed me..

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I know it isn't an excuse I really should have tried to learn it but I guess the class made me feel so fucking helpless and the teacher and other students were so useless that I just left hating it. It doesn't help that the guy that sat next to me was a DOUCHE always called me "Microsoft Kid" since I knew so little about linux and that he was some old Grey haired bald man. When I would ask questions to him he would just kinda laugh at me for not getting it and tell me to google it like the professor did and always pick at me in class "See isn't this WAYY better than windows" and being a 17 year old kid at the time I would just nod and go "yup" and then go back to being confused.
I do agree that it is my fault that I didn't learn it on my own and fill in where he failed at his job. I do admit that and I am now dealing with the consequences of not learning it on my own it. As for your comment on programming I am going to agree with you there, I am NO PROGRAMMER at all I attempted it on my own and really didn't enjoy it so I did not pursue it. It's why I personally can't program my school didn't require it for my last degree and my new school doesn't require it either and work hasn't called upon me to learn it so I never bothered to learn how to program.

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Okay which of you guys was his teacher?

But honestly even if the teacher didn't explain a thing you should have done some studying on your own. I learned Linux completely on my own by just using it. By the time I actually had Linux classes the teacher didn't have anything left to teach me so we were just shittalking together while the others were working.

But since you actually work already you might as well spend a bit of money to accelerate your progress. You can try something like Linux Academy. They have teachers that can assist you anytime you want.

Just make sure next time to be diligent and learn stuff on your own beforehand. IT isn't fun if you have to play catch up all the time. Pick some things sometimes and just learn them.

Also, pfSense is FreeBSD. Not Linux. And the fun part about knowing Linux is that you can also use BSD's and other UNIX like operating systems.

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Thank you for the advice of the Linux Academy I have heard about it but never knew if it was worth it or not. With your advice I will start my free trial tomorrow and get to work! Thank you for your advice I can't wait to finally get rid of this stigma towards linux and finally learn the OS.

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Sounds like you need better tab completion, switch to zsh.

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Fuck off faggot, this is what you get for using windows

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I am kinda trapped on bash for the cert sadly I have to learn everything in bash since it is considered a standard.

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Zsh is backwards compatible

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