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Why do you encrypt your files?
Do you have something to hide?

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fpbp /thread

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Why do you wear pants?
Do you have something to hide?

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Why do you close your door?
Do you have something to hide?

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Yeah, its basic human decency to wear pants, dumbass.

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Its basic human decency to encrypt your files, dumbass.

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so that flies dont come in wtf

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you don't need a door for that

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When have you ever seen anyone in public with encrypted files?

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>post ANIME
>call someone a dumbass

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I assume they all do, how could they go out on the street without encrypting their files first?

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Anime website

They don't, bud. The only exception is Applel phone's with a passcode

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Android phones since a couple of years ago as well.

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Yes, i do.

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They don't, except for everyone who uses Apple or Android phone.
But yeah - like nobody uses those. right?

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people don't hide child pornography in pants anon

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>kitkat screenshot
All new phones are encrypted out of the box.

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they dont?

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Android phones are not safe.
Apple phones on the contrary are safe.

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Apple phones are not safe.
Android phones on the contrary are safe.

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>Apple phones are safe.
Keep telling yourself that.
But it does not change the fact that encryption is easily available for your average tech-illiterate normalfag.

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why won't you let me freely browse the files on your computer/laptop/tablet/phone?
do you have something to hide?
>nigger steals device full of private information, photos, documents, logins, what have you
>hdd is fully encrypted
>he can't do shit with the data or even boot the OS without reinstalling
wow i wonder why anyone would encrypt their files
truly everyone who ever encrypted shit is a pedo

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Nothing more secure than a proprietary operating system. You surely know it's safe then.

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Stop pretending anime isn't welcome, because it is.

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It derails threads if nothing else.

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Nope, but to protect, it's my freedom. No one has to condemn to hidemy data. No one has the right to sniff all on my computer for no reason, just for "security". It's pointless.
I haven't, but if I would have selfmade porn on my devices, no one should be able to watch them for security-reasons. Big Brother isn't allowed to watching me. Well 'Murica won't understand and all are running behind cool 'murican lifestyle and do thair life public for no reason.
And why the fuq should I let other people know what I do? That I can say "I have nothing to hide"? It's jzst for privacy. Faggots will never understand.

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it only derails threads when faggots complain about someone posting anime

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you're the one derailing threads faggot

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they do, this guys just not doing it right

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Everything should be hidden by default. I don't have to justify hiding something, you have to justify wanting to look at it.

mobile phones in general are unsafe

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It cost me nothing to type a password everytime I boot my computer.

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>not using a tpm

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>Do you have something to hide?
n-no, of course not.

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This is what happens to you if you go outside while your files are unencrypted.

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Yes. Yes I do.

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The police ram your door and place your computer on backup power while they remove it from you home and place you in jail while they attempt to crack your user password.

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Yes, I do. I don't have anything to hide, I do it because it's as easy as clicking on a box during the installation process of my distro of choice.

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I would be flattered.
But it would take years to crack my password.

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My company is ISO/IEC 27001 certified, so I have to encrypt all my data.

Any child pornography consumers out there should start doing so, hidden in plain sight...

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Yes, child pornography.

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They would probably use an undisclosed privilege escalation exploit introduced into both hardware and software by the CIA.

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I would like to see this done in 3d, just to show that its actually possible

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A decent person has something to hide.

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I'm a 12 year old qt trap wearing pants right now. Want me to take them off?

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Small peepee
Wouldnt wear pants if my cock were massive desu

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Of course I have something to hide on my computer - my tax related documents. If someone stole my computer, I wouldn't want them to have the information needed to file a false tax return next year.

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>m-muh something to hide!!!!!1!!one!

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