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Where is it ?
No win10lets edition

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I don't have Specky so here's a CCleaner screenshot, It's just as good.

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>using compromised software
wow the botnet surely appreciates getting to use that hardware

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How do you watch videos without VSYNC with that Classic Theme??

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If you use CUDA decoding you get VSync in players.

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You think he has anything to back that up? schizoids on /g/ think everything is watching them because they are sketchy dudes.

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Fuck you. Update to Windows 10.

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Aren't gpus made for professional use bad for gaming?

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>windows 7 boomers

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who says i game on it

though not always, its basically a slower GTX 470 with 3gb of video memory and it gets about the same framerates as my GTX 465
kinda what i expected, underclocked 470

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Windows 10 isn't so bad. If you haven't been forced to upgrade to Windows 10. It is time to consider it.

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not him but tldr: 32bit & cloud ccleaner had some very sophisticated malware embedded in one version last year. 64 bit was never compromised and there is no evidence to suggest otherwise.
Given this fact, ccleaner will likely be under even more scrutiny than ever before, allowing little chance for something like this to happen again in the future.

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>Says the guy running a 1070 with a 768p monitor

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what the fuck is with that monitor?

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I know, I know, more RAM is on the way. No idea why it says I only have 2047MB of VRAM, it's the 6GB 1060 card.

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>2047MB of VRAM
because speccy is garbage and they refuse to update it in any meaningful way.

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idk why speccy says i have an i7 4th but it is an i7 6th gen

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>Complain about windows 10
>Lets datamine your hardware configuration for free

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F i n e W i n e

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>[email protected]
Nice shit TV you've got there. Did you blow all your allowance on that GPU kiddo?

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I like to think these threads are started by someone involved with speccy to keep it alive.

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Thing should still kick ass if you can get an X5690 or some other Xeon 6 core, they're well binned and should OC.

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2700 @ 3.95ghz P state
Vega 64 @ 1650mhz/1080mhz undervolted
RAM 3200mhz on extreme subtimings

Chip will do 4.2ghz but the voltage ramps hard
Memory will do 3466 CL14 but again voltage is much higher and seems not as stable latenc is withing 2ns anyway
GPU is like 100 watts lower power consumption compared to stock

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this program sux

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What are "extreme subtimings" to you? How much voltage for 4.2?

Try 1.4 and 1.44V if you run BDies. The 2700 should do at least 3466.

Also, why doesn't my 480 show its clock?

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These are the current timings. Ive ran them tighter than this but I dont think the voltage bumps is worth it. These run about 64ns latency. With 3466 it was 61ns
No voltage increase needed with these timings either.

4.2ghz CPU was 1.475 or so. The board I have does not have LLC options so it needs more voltage to maintain clocks on load.
My chip is kind of a crapper too It takes 1.3v to run 3.95ghz all core 4.0ghz stable is 1.35v 4.1ghz is around 1.425-1.45

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win 10 is da best

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VSOC a bit high? I run 1.044 V on my 3533 build. I may try 3600 CR1. 3533 is stable at 1.4 V but I use a 4266 kit, CL16. CL14 will not boot maybe I try more voltage.

Bad cooling? I currently have 1.425 V for 4.25 GHz, but it needs less. Haven't figured out yet. 1.4 is pretty high probably also a bad board. Good ones like my Crosshair need less mV.

My 1700 runs at its sweetspot, 3.75 @1.24V. Look at the consumption. It matches a 5960X or 1800X with these temps in a small HTPC case with only fan.

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Its stock voltage for the SOC. Just set to auto
Cooling is ok its this board not having manual core voltage control nor LLC
The gigabyte ultra and gaming 5 x470 boards are shit for overclocking the CPUs
I use P state OC with P state voltage control.
There is zero LLC to keep currant high when load spikes. Without LLC you need much higher voltage to maintain stable.

Im on a cyrorig H7 case cooling is decent. Not really running into a temp issue. Load is 69C prime 95 and furmark on a vega 64
Just dont want to be blastin heat out with stupid high voltage in the middle of summer for 200mhz
Ryzen voltage ramp up is bad past 4.0ghz~
I could probably run this chip 3.9ghz with 1.25 but IIRC I read you want a odd P state for it to down clock all the way? idk

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ASUS seems to be nice, but the Prime 350A has a lot less options.

Yes, for the new Ryzens. I have both. I think the 1700 could do 3.9 or maybe 4.0 with 1.4 V but its not worth it. For the other PC I have a massive cooler (H150i) and the best RAM/board for maximum gaming performance. The 1700 is my render workhorse that can run efficiently.

I use the regular multiplier. 3.75 is the maximum boost if you have XFR, for me its my allcore boost now. It downclocks and runs on 0.3-0.75 V then. Same for the GPU, I heard its consuming, but actually consumes only 7 W in idle, les than my previous 960. AMD just needs tweaking. Its similar in efficiency than Maxwell. But the difference is, the 480 has 2300 shaders, you can run them in a sweet spot, while the 1060 only has 1280 and need almost 2 GHz to match performance.

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>No win10lets edition
Trying to make your dumpster-dived shitbox look better by eliminating Ryzen and late-model Core i*?

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> No win10lets edition

Why?, a winfag is a winfag no matter what version of the micro$hit botnet you use.

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Win10 is unironically more stable with better overall performance compared to my current 7SP1 reinstall. 16GB of swap file for what, and I still get memory complaints when 9GB of my 12 are in use. What a mess.

I'm just stupid amounts of lazy when it comes to swapping files between drives.

>using vsync instead of custom refresh rates
Get the fuck off my board.

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>tfw bought the most expensive x370 board at launch and it has a shit vrm

>tfw just spent close to 300 $ on the x470 taichi ultimate because i want my 2700x to be comfortable

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the taichi has really nice vrms

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>128gb ram
>Titan X pascal

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Getting 4.2ghz at 1.3v on my 2700x, ambient around 77f.

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>using spyware to post system specs
just windows things

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*mandatory updates* and win10 security patch overhead already ensures that

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Spectre/Meltdown KB patches are automatically forced on all Windows versions, whether they are legitimate pirated or inactivated.

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1.gen brehs, stay comfy :3

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Good story, tell it again.

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>overclocked my FX8350 to 4.6 on one core per module
>it's performing exactly like an i7 920 but with a lower tdp
Not sure whether I should be pleased or salty, but the ipc of first generation i7 was strong as fuck.

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Feels good man

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comfy :)

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my pc sucks :(

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>4k monitor


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Get a Q9650 for that and keep on rollin

I think his HDMI or whatever can't handle it at 60fps.

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Just get a quad, they're like 10 bucks a pop.

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That's still fucked up dude how do even deal with the pointer moving at 29hz? that's some gigbayte uefi tier shit.

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You don't. Set your media player to output to the 4K screen and control it from a 60+Hz screen.

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shit I couldn't deal with that i'd be wanting to use it as my main display and run 60 fps youtube.

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used dell workstation $150
picked up an evga 600w PSU on sale at bb for $30.
Hoping to pick up a 680 for 80$ friday

Initally I was disappoint at the proprietary psu but luckily there was an adapter avail

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That's a nice system, If it weren't for messing around with overclocking I would've bought a used dell precision because secondhand intel stuff is awesome.

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Yea I miss overclocking but im pretty poor. This rig should be fine for a while just really need to upgrade the gpu, def showing its age.

Surprisingly theres 2 1060 3gbs on local CL for 165 and a 560 for 130. Maybe i can scoop one of those up

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Why do you have this PC with 128 GB? What do you need them for?

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who here /nucular/ ?

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8GB is enough

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For >>66507470

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5ghz at 1.235 volts, life is good.

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can't be fucked to switch to coffee lake

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can't be fucked to switch to a real os either
>mfw i share a board with homecucks

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Haven't changed much.
Probably gonna get an 1800X at a discount because why not lol.

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>decade old software
>security patches given by unknown pajeet
>looks down on win 10 users
>sill a windows user because he's a gaymer
>will still run win10 10 years later claiming peak os.

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forgot daily

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hello fellow window users

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FOAD loser.

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3.8ghz takes 1.38v?
Ram not on XMP?
fix yo shit

>> No.66512997

>FX 8350 @ 4.6GHz
>low TDP

Are you retarded? I've had an FX 8350 for 5 years and I needed AIO to run it at 4.6GHz.

They were extremely power hunger processors. And slow as fuck.

>but muh multi tasking

I used it for development during uni (with 2 VMs running simultaneously sometimes), it was an excellent machine for that. Rest? Not so much.

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>what is an irony

lurk moar newfag

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Some said cable management would help lower temperature.
It seem I got meme hard.

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hp bro, get a quad

q9400 <3

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I only had 4 cores running on four modules, which gives it good ipc, and I do think the multitasking is a big deal because that's the kind of stuff you buy X79 for.

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I didn't know polar bears posted on /g/

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Does Windows 10 still remove Speccy?

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PC is 6 years old now... No real need to upgrade.

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File: 1.54 MB, 1920x1200, Prime95 4.4GHz 2 hours 42 minutes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's not that hot of a CPU Anon, Intel enthusiast chips have been 130w forever but its fine because Linus said so.

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Download the newest version, it might be fixed.

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Nah, but enterprise is pretty sweet and not so cucked.

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Im thinking of changing my CPU to a I5 - 2400
dont even know it my mb can handle it though

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My chip is a shit overclocker and the ram is OC'd from 2133 to 2666.

>> No.66517789

I woud suggest getting a B350 board and 2200g, sandy bridge, FX and all that is good stuff second hand prices are ridiculous for what the platform is.

>> No.66518063

everything is too expensive in my country

only thinking about that i5 because i found it necessarly "cheap"

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Funny how lenovo calls anything a "high density" display.

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no linux here

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>I-I was just pretending

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Except those are good temps.

>> No.66522176

If that thing was 5 inches across it'd certainly be high density.

>> No.66523579

I think if it were 11 inches it would be ideal, I once owned an 18.5 inch 768p screen.

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Win10 on the 256gb, Fedora and whatever other distro I'm hopping on the 120gb.

I bet XP runs great on an SSD.

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>18.5 inch 768p screen.
Wew lad I bet that makes every video look like JAV.

>> No.66523765

Yeah I put that thing in my closet in case my U2412M breaks, but I know that would never happen because ultrasharp, looks gorgeous too.

>> No.66524906

That speccy is from a X220 tablet so 12.5 inches display, I owned standard X220 and let me tell you 768p at that screen size is shit.

>> No.66524967

Noob question: why is Speccy not showing a temperature for my storage (it's a Crucial 500 GB SSD)?

>> No.66525076

>Kernel: 4.15
What a hell man

>> No.66525577

I have a Panasonic CF-SZ6 and it has a 12.1" screen at 1920x1200. Shit looks sharp as fuck and definitely "retina"-tier.

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29c is a medium-high idling temp actually, Piledriver's temp sensors aren't calibrated for the low end which is why so many FX posters seemingly have sub-ambient CPU temps. The fact that it's showing up at 29c means it's decently warm.

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Do people really run on shitboxes like this?

>> No.66527842

>Doesn't know what a VR headset is

>> No.66527918

jesus kid get a fan or something

>> No.66527940

Speccy is the worst piece of shit software and throws out wrong CPU readings, it showed mine at 118 °C, while it was actually at 32 °C

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dude you're on /g/ don't say stupid shit like that. Get the fuck off of our board you fucking normie REEEE

>> No.66527976

comfy but lame theme

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