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>LMAO freetards, enjoy your no games

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LTSB just werks

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>not dual booting windows and linux

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>not ditching windows and gaming on gnu/linux only

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dual booting is fucking retarded and you know it, either go full winshit or full ganoo/shit

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>Not ditching gaming

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>being so addicted to 0's and 1's calculator you start making associations of simple process of using Operating system as being held in prison because of some imaginary boundaries you feel in your head while using it

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I dual boot Arch, and W10 for muh gaymes.

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i will, thank you. maybe i'll even get shit done!

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>not wanting to ascend in nethack once in your life

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>doesn't even have proper drivers for GPU
>l-lmao MSbotnet

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Which games are we talking here? Can we get actual discussion of /g/ related topics not just shitposting on said topics and grammar?

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>I hate having fun

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t.adult who still plays with toys.

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How big of a loser you need to be to even make such an obvious freetard bitter thread
You're ugly

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PC is for work, consoles for play. Besides, all emulators are for freetards too.

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>How big of a loser you need to be
well he's a freetard
probably a tranny with trannyboot too

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>I live in a prison but you're ugly

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how can it be prison if i get four windows and my gf?

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She's not real

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windows = well trimmed lawn surrounded by a small fence

linux = unkept grass in bumfuck nowhere

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i've seen this WEEB/gamer to many times

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Nigga it's you freetards who keep bringing up Windows all the time.
Windows users never even mention Loonix first because frankly it's irrelevant as fuck.

Talk about sour grapes man.

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"There are two types of Operating Systems. The ones people complain about and the ones no one uses"

-Monk Hair Dane

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>it's irrelevant as fuck.
Most computers run Linux.

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Any reasons or are you just shitposting?

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>not using both linux and windows
enjoy your artificial freedom, fanboy

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>Any reasons or are you just shitposting?
Have to configure all your programs twice, like email clients
Have to maintain changed to said configuration on 2 systems
Have to use the lowest common denominator file system
... or a NAS which costs extra and is slow unless you spend big $ on 10 Gb/s Ethernet

It's much easier to just use 1 system

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>Windows users never even mention Loonix first because frankly it's irrelevant as fuck.
True in the real world, but not on /g/...not on /g/.

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how about killing your entire workflow + having to reboot every time you want to use an application from the other OS, then killing it again and another reboot if you want to go back to the previous OS you were in

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i'm on /g/ every day!

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99% of desktops run Windows stop trying to distort reality.

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Isn't avatarfagging against the rules?

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I do all of that and it's no big deal. Windows just werks and "mantaining" on Linux is most of the time just running apt update && apt upgrade

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you don't even have to do that, sometimes they come with their own auto-update programs

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probably 10 /g/, youtube and reddit tabs

And seriously, the alternative is to not use the other OS exclusive app. You just switch on the best OS for what you're doing (e.g. Linux for programming, Windows for gaming).

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More like 80%. Don't get me wrong, that is still a majority. Don't try to distort reality.

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>using proprietary software

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Yeah, sometimes I forget that Mac exists. But my point still stands, Loonix gets <1% desktop market share so for an average Joe it's irrelevant as fuck.

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Enjoy being jobless incel gamer

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Linux is just a kernel. Please call the complete system GNU/Linux.

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this is the only actual argument for windows, "everyone else is doing it"

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linux IT'S a toy, anon

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The operating system is what's irrelevant to the average user, what matters is the software on top of it.

Because most people use Windows, most software is on Windows.

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>4chan filename
It's not even your screenshot, faggot.

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it is you n*rd

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>13. Do not use avatars or attach signatures to your posts.
Stupid ironic weeb.

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Even If I'd install Windows my hardware is just garbage.

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>Tux Racer
Your argument is invalid bitch

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>configure all your programs twice, like email clients
Are you insane? Other than your steam account you shouldn't use anything else personally identifiable on windows. If you're dual booting for games then the division is clear, Linux should be your personal OS while windows should be used for games exclusively.

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If there's any meme from /g/ that I'm glad I fell for, it's nethack.

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>muh gayemz
Go outside, fatfuck.

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