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speccy thread, since i couldn't find one

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>TFW spend several thousands on a PC
>The PSU alone cost almost 200 €
>It turns off randomly even in idle
>In the meanwhile: My budget HTPC with a lowend PSU I bought used for 30 € a few years ago still works flawlessly

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>Using burger measurements
>Using house fire brand cpus.

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decided to see if my Virtualbox server can into gaming

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100°...are we going back to old AMD furnaces???

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It's better IPC than my shit, I'd love to render on that machine.

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No, you are going not to understand how shitty Speccy is.
And I guess my 2700X has similar rendering performance while drawing about 33 % as much. How much Cinebench? I come close to 2K.

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Holy fuck dude, I only get 713 on cinebench with 4.4GHz, I can get to 730 points at 4.5, but my CPU cooling is now a limitation because of the voltage needed to get that stable.

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I meant the Xeon guy. Yes, dual Xeon was worthy until Ryzen, but since then they aren't worth it anymore. All the modern standards and extremly efficient.

My 1700 rig gets around 1500-600 multicore wise, but it runs at 3.75 GHz undervolted and draws only 100 W under full load while staying aroung 60°. If you have render workloads I highly recommend getting a used 1700, they archieve 90% of the performance of 2XXX Ryzens.

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1500+ score is still insane for how slow RYZEN is clocked, I feel like I'm living in 2007 where you had a P4, then got a 1.86GHz Conroe and it btfo your 3.6GHz CPU

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Yes. Ryzen matches Intel IPC wise, it only needs more clock, if they could archieve 5 GHz it would kill Intel. I switched from two Intel based machines, don't regret anything.

I would keep the 8350 if it suffices for you. I would not upgrade anything, same accounts for the 2500K and similar machines. They are low end now and a 2200G is as fast while being more efficient. Sandy Bridge needs 4.6 GHz to match a 2200G at 4 GHz.

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bruh wtf you thinkin

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Feels comfy man.

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recently got a free 16gb RAM upgrade after my 8gb kit died. since it was 2400mhz ram, and they had no high speed DDR3 so I got a 16gb 1866mhz kit.

GPU upgrade next and i'm sorted for another 2 or 3 years

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>All these shiny chinkpads
>tfw still haven't got a T420 to replace my core 2 duo latitude

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sounds slow af

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It's actually snappy with that little Sandisk 128 gig in there, and web browsing is fine, but it's just not main machine fast, a T420 with the Quadro and a lowly 2520m is gonna be on par with the CPU and GPU of my Q6600 rig, and I was doing fine with that, and it's portable to take on vacations.

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only 32? plebian

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what I've been running for the past 1 and a half years. I'm pleased with its performance but I hope to be able to upgrade it soon.

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The locked i7 6700 would make that thing a fucking beast without changing the board.

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/comfy/ wsl

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Runs like a champ, my other desktop running a 5930k & 1080 Ti is no slouch either. I gave both my old FX 8350 builds to family with a mixture of my old shit and they bought a couple components.

I don't think I'll ever go AMD again.

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>I don't think I'll ever go AMD again
That was a mistake on your part. Expect a thousand (you)s from buttblasted amdrones for not buying from their favorite vendor.

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They can hate all they want, it's not going to change my experience with the products. I ran some R9 290Xs and had to RMA them several times before going full custom loop just to keep the temps within reason.

AMDs just a hot mess, Ryzen is a step in the right direction but everyone I know running it is already feeling some buyers remorse. Another gen or two and they might have a place in the market to people who need to get actual work done on their systems.

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Absolutely agree. The above post from yours mine. I actually started out with AMDs and tried several ryzens and that intel one was the one i settled not only because of temperatures but actual performance on gpus and threading.

Intel was way better.

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Am I gonna get chinkd if i buy one of these used from aliexpress or ebay for 40 euros?

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>Ryzen 1700 non X
>stable under full load

pick 5, nigger.

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Pretty good temps overall considering it's streaming GTA5 right now.

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>gtx1080 for [email protected]
what a waste, anon

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Couldn't find a good 1440p monitor.

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Am I a Onions boy?
>tfw speccy is too stupid and it says Uknown instead of NvMe so I had to fix it in paint

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X99 bros. HEDT is /comfy/ as fuck.

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I don't know why you'd buy anything from aliexpress, but you should be fine with a reputable seller on eBay. These go for about $25/ea here in Americaland, so hopefully you find something cheaper than 40 euros.

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thanks for the advice, however wouldn't I be able to get away with the i7-7700?

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Oh shit, it is supported, I haven't been up to date on intel's chipsets and what supports what.

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>something cheaper than 40 euros.
Yeah Im a bit retarded, I was actually talking about the x5675 Xeon since the multiplier is higher.

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westmere master race checking in

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2600k is goat, still in the midrange.

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How are the X5680s? I've been thinking of picking up an X5690 but am still unsure given I can barely push me E5645 now.

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Tempted to fall into the ryzen meme but im not in the mood to spend so much money

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Haswell is still pretty damn strong, it's enthusiast platform X99 even existed alongside it with DDR4.

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if you fall for ryzen, how much would you sell that old pc for?

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windows 7 is the comfiest after thoroughly curating it of bloat. I'll be on this installation for another decade and any bench or program i ran on day 1 will still perform the same.

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No idea because i dont know how good my computer actually is, the only thing i know is that my budget went from 800 to arround 1100. (Also i only want to change a few pices, because of Meltdown, but the rest like box and graphics card i'll keep it)

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windows 10 pro vs windows 10 education?

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Get 8.1 pro or 7 professional.

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nvm I found this. I'll just upgrade to education sku before I graduate uni
I have 8.1, it's okay. I had win 7 awhile back why would I downgrade to decade old software?

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>overwrote payload image for reaction image

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I'd say the cpu+ram+mobo together could fetch close to $200. Similar story with the 970 if you aren't planning to keep it.

That said for a 970 at 1080p, a 4440 is a fine match, don't consider Ryzen if gaming the most intensive thing you plan to do with it.

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where can i get speccy for arch. I don't see it in aur

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Best I can upgrade this machine to

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Dude what kind of thermal paste are you using?

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>~$ speccy
>speccy: command not found


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Only a few more days until the new build is ready and I'm done with this setup. It's served me well, and i'm sure I can repurpose it into some other role.

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Are you me?

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win10 LTSB will only make sense when Win7 loses support

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Sticking with this for awhile.

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>newfag doesn't understand speccy

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I made the mistake of buying an i7 about a month before coffee lake was announced

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>All this cancer running at 50-60C°

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Babby lake is still good to go for many years, the real mistake was buying a locked i7

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I actually got a pretty good deal and got it with my MB for about $250

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>gta sa
My man

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Nobody needs that much storage.

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I have 24.
But only because I mistakenly believed I had fried 8 gigs while upgrading to 16. Turns out I just didn't push it in hard enough.

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*teleports behind your stock clocked pussies with dual-ch memory*
>nothing personal, kids.

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>needing more than this

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Molten lava

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Why do stupid people type speccy thread when they mean system specification thread?

Until people clue up, here is a picture of a speccy, which is on topic as per the title.

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