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>“Our plan for the Naples-Rome-Milan roadmap was based on assumptions around Intel’s roadmap and our estimation of what would we do if we were Intel,”
>And then, we come to find out that they can’t do what we thought they might be able to. And so, we have an incredible opportunity. Rome was designed to compete favorably with “Ice Lake” Xeons, but it is not going to be competing against that chip.




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Brian "We're trying to stop AMD from reaching 20% DC marketshare, OKAY!?" Krzanich.

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And people thought Zen would be a flop. People thought Keller didn't mean anything.
The foreseeable future is now AMD unopposed while intel barely remains relevant.

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At first i was sceptical but i was only watching the scene for a year when zen launched. God MCM is a game changer.

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>"what would we do if we were Intel,”
>"we come to find out that they can’t do what we thought they might be"
>AMD better at being Intel then Intel

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Kek, Intel's server roadmap is probably cemented until 2022 with Sapphire Rapids, 2020 is Icelake-SP and that will be going against 64 core Milan that has a new uarch and is using EUV, what the fuck is Intel gonna do?

inb4 EMIB and they find out they actually can't glue together 2 XCC dies without having 1.3GHz all core turbos

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thank you
based sue

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Lean on their "warm" OEM relationships to lock AMD out of markets?

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It's not working now when they actually have a EPYC competitor, it's certainly not gonna work next year when they're raped.

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2019 is going to be ugly for Intel

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A lot of Intel-loving OEMs are already dipping their toes into AMD waters.

Cisco and Asus are debuting AMD based Blade systems. Cisco's Citrix system has been a HUGE boon for Intel since it's launch, and now they stand to lose a BIG market share there.
Ryzen Server platforms are going to be hitting the market soon from OEMs like Tyan.
Supermicro is beginning to offer more and more configurations in AMD and Intel
Fucking QNAP, a NAS company, is even picking up AMD

Intel had a shot at the RISC market with their stuff, but they lost it big time to Cavium.

Now, they're going to have to lean on their accelerators (FPGAs, Xeon Phi, etc), Networking, and continuing hold on the Laptop market-share to keep going.

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Laptops are a big problem, there are no real premium AMD based laptops that i can see, most of them cut corners in build quality, battery life, and even the damn single channel memory.

Even the vaunted AMD based thinkpads are - if they are anything like their previous generation, the poorest quality models in the line.

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holy shit, that’s savage

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Actually there's plenty of upcoming premium laptops with Ryzen processors.

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AMD will have to wait for 7nm APUs to get some laptop market, thankfully they can rape server and desktops in the meantime.
By that time they'll have enough money to start twisting OEMs arms and set some standards for laptops.

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Intel has a shiton chips, and that’s great for the laptop market, which has devices of many sizes and different TDP requirements.

Intel has 5W, 15W, 25W and 45W CPUs, while AMD has just a 15W-25W one. I would love to see a 45W Raven Ridge with Vega 11 with high speed dual channel memory in a 15 inch laptop, that would destroy those i7’s with Iris Pro graphics.

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>“Ice Lake” Xeons

more like easy bake lake amirite?

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2800H is a 45W Raven.

But I don't care for your fucking gayman laptops.

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>AyyMD management being so incompetent that they fucked up their estimations about Intel
>It worked out in the end
Intelaviv is fucked, kek

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Incel btfo with no recovery

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>AMD: We expect something great from Intel
>Intel: Hold my beer

They can't even do what their competitor expects them to do, holy shit, Zen2 and Rome were probably designed around early 2016, when 10nm issues were only starting to show up.

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Intel's foundry issues go back further. Cannonlake was originally set to release in 2015, it was officially delayed then. We've known about trouble with their fabs for about 4 years at 10nm. Even the launch of 14nm with the CoreM parts was a sign of things to come back in 2014.

Right now AMD has the bases loaded and intel has no players on the field. They're in the dugout, talking about Women's NBA. Not even the right game.

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Intel doesn't consider AMD competition, AMD market cap = 15B, Intel = 200B, they're dirt beaneath their feet, they're insects flying around them, they're nothing more than bugs Intel can squash in seconds if they wanted to,

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Man, these bugs sure are making a joke out of their flailing stock and dumbass CEO.
Money won't fix your shit fabs Intel, those guys you layed off a while ago could have fixed them though!

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That's not even close to being true, you moron. Nobody pays attention to the WNBA.

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says increasingly nervous kike for the 6 millionth time this year

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Lmao amd shills this desperate
Intel will launch 5ghz 28c xeon
>mean while ayymd stuck on haswell level ipc
The xeon will molest this Module amd housefire

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Intel seems to be doing everything possible to hand over their entire high margin market sectors (server and HEDT) to AMD. Let's see them keep their market cap when xenon sales nosedive.

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Take it easy, anon. Intel might be struggling right now, but they aren't going to die on us just yet.

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Put a "reentry vehicle capable" sticker on it for maximum effect.

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>5ghz 28c xeon
Can you recommend a chiller for cooling it? I'm in a western country, so I can't use the setup Intel had at Computex.

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They are all worse compared to intel counterparts
>hp model something something
>same model as intel but with apu
>single channel ram
>worse Display
>other retarded shit
>cost the same as intel
I wonder who could be behind this gimping of amd products from oems

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for anyone who has not seen it yet


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Xilinx is ahead in every aspect in fpgas, from features, silicon to libraries and design software( vivado >>>> quartus any day)
Xeon phi is kill.
They have nothing to lean on. Even xilinx's fpgas are going to get 7nm from either gf or tsmc while intel will struggle to push 10nm even for their cpus.

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>J-just wait guise.

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The latest HP Envy x360 laptops actually have dual channel memory for both the AMD and Intel options. It also is the only AMD laptop I am aware of that has a 4K display option. This is the only ADM laptop I can think of that is not gimped when compared to its Intel counterpart. Its so obvious that Intel is pressuring OEMs to gimp their AMD offering.

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This is so fucking funny.

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>one Laptop against thousands of intels
>tells me to fuck outta here
Anon are you suffering from asperger?

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Sorry. I was just randomly picking a reaction image I had on hand. I actually agree with you that the current AMD laptop offering suck. Hopefully that will change in the near future.

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Where's the source?

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> 2800H
didn’t know about those. If the Vega20 rumor is true, this thing will be a fucking beast.

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I was just messing with u fag
I dont think it will get any better for AMD in the mobile market in the near future
>normal people still refuse to buy amd even after they pretty much raped intel
But i hope that it will get better, because i want a capable gpu without paying extra

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Do normies even buy laptops based on what brand of CPU they come with? I don't think most people even know who AMD or Intel are, much less have an opinion between the two. I could be wrong though.

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A lot of ormies know that a Nvidia or AMD sticker means they can play their vidya

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Yes they do, thats why you see a intel powered sticker even on an atom, celeron abomination
Thats also why nvidia got the so called "mindshare"
No matter if amd brought out a superior product, all the ones that dont inform themselfs much, still got an nvidia

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>wasted my youth shilling for intel

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How did Intel get where it is now if they're hitting a wall like this so hard? Alien tech? Jew magic? Both?

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too many shekels from good goys

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B. R. I. B. E

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They sat on there ass too long that there hitting this wall.
They got too used to just making refinements instead of a architectural changes since there was no competition and they did this since sandy bridge and they did this for 7+ years, now there tapped out on how much they can gain from refinements and now need a wholly new architecture which takes time

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you need to update this. Nintendo is with Nvidia right now

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Not only do they need a whole new architecture but a new fab process too. That is what is really going to bite them in the ass. Both of those are fairly serious undertakings on their own. Having to do both at once is incredibly difficult. Having to do both of those in a compress time frame is fucking stupid hard to pull off.

I'm sure they will eventually pull it off eventually. They will probably have lost the majority of the market share to AMD by then.

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The ryzen version they released came with a 6-bit panel.

Fuck hp

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I don't think so. I remember buying my first laptop for school, I got the AMD one since Phenom sounded cooler than Core 2.

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I want to culturally enrich this britsh police officer

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>stock image
>no link

Uh, yeah...
Nice one rajesh.
Come back when you actually can run productive software without burning down your office space.

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>office space
He can't even afford Intel hardware.
You expect him to be in a office and not in a shack next to a goat farm?

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>They will probably have lost the majority of the market share to AMD by then.
I doubt it. AMD's market share has only improved by a few percent since ryzen launched a year ago. Even if AMD starts gaining market share at a crazy pace the way Intel did back in the core 2 duo days, it would still take a few years for them to catch up.

See: https://www.cpubenchmark.net/market_share.html

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when intel did this back then amd was competitive sharing the same specs

but now an OEM will have a really hard time to explain how they will lock amd out considering that its outclassing intel on every single spec

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Damn that was some spicy bantz.

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I knew exactly how that was going to play out, and I still wasn't disappointed

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>“Our plan for the Naples-Rome-Milan roadmap was based on assumptions around Intel’s roadmap and our estimation of what would we do if we were Intel,”
>And then, we come to find out that they can’t do what we thought they might be able to

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talk to me when AMD has their chip on one single decent laptop

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>sharing the same specs
jesus, you really weren't around for that, were you?

intel didn't have a leg to stand on for YEARS. everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY on the ground was recommending AMD to everyone.
...everyone except the OEMS.

intel was blown the fuck out so hard they spent billions (in total) keeping OEMS from shifting to AMD, and it WORKED. there was even one company (I think it was HP) that AMD offered a million FREE CPUs but HP said they couldn't afford to accept them. (hundreds of millions a month in kickbacks from intel would disappear)

it was a really shitty time for the PC industry and intel is entirely the reason why.

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2020 7nm mainstream and 3nm after that in 202x is gonna be hilarious

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>1200 watt draw on average
>2400 watt spikes
>on an external 1700 watt external sub-ambient refrigeration cooling setup
>is outperformed by a 250 watt part with a silent air cooler

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New without memeing, how well will that 28c Intel perform at stock speeds?

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The marketing is how you know Intel is shitting the bed. When you go and in b2b powerpoints use "glued together cores" etc. as an argument you've fucking lost it. Also, the 5GHz incident and many more.

Why didn't I stock up when I foresaw this? I'll never get the lambo money.

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Apparently they're going to try to release nervana in 2019. It's a shot in the dark if those kinds of chips become a big deal, but if they do intel is best positioned to own that market.

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>yfw 64 core Rome

>> No.66436017

Prolly similar to Xeon 8176 Platinum or whatever they rebranded for the presentation

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You again?

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Yes and it was a poor choice. At least they sold like hotcakes and probably got them for dirt cheap.

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>>Zen was designed against a best case scenario from Intel
>Intlel is barreling down the worst case scenario at light speed
Krzanich is gonna be publicly executed for the enjoyment of the shareholders in a few years

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>now there tapped out on how much they can gain from refinements and now need a wholly new architecture which takes time
They also fired senior engineers and validation teams in favor of marketing MBAs and diversity officers, not to mention other senior staff they lost to other tech companies, so they also have to do everything you mentioned with greenhorns and burnouts.

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even ARM has become a good competitor against Intel:

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yes goy, of course they do!

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The normie consumer PC market is dead as shit. Only the enthusiast, business, and gaming markets remain. Intel is becoming radioactive in all due to constant performance downgrades due to bugs, and the last six years of performance increases that didn't even keep up with worker wages, nevermind Moore's law.

AMD has a shot like they've never had before.

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I'm gonna fucking buy 32 core threadripper

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what are you gonna use it for?

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Not him but shitposting

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amd athlons after the k7 had similiar specs but with better price anon
and it was usually in front but not that much to justify anything

that doesnt change the fact of what intel did nor am i shilling for anyone

however this time around isnt the same at all
epyc offers a reduction of cost so great that they cant refuse
not even dell which they said some months ago that they didnt had any plant for ryzen based systems yet they did release..

>> No.66437346

and this isnt the best part of that demo anon

the gas they used to cool it down its banned on both usa and europe
they couldnt demo that cpu on their homeland even if they wanted to

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>intel will go under in your lifetime

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nah. sadly they got too many other popular products for that to really happen.

>> No.66437650

like what?

>> No.66437654

7nm sampling in 2H 2018, 2019 for volume production

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Is this guy just a total narcissist or something? He has like 20 employees yet he seems to insist that he's the only guy who fronts the cam 95% of the videos.

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and guess when everycunt and their dog are gonna go get those for server duties?

>> No.66437706

people dont wunna watch retards like me who work for autists like that on camera.
i love how he makes everyone here jelly as fuck
20 employees is fuck all hes just a funny yt personality.

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b-b-but it's still slower than our imaginary 5ghz 28core ch-ch-chip!

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I feel the abject needed to defend myself when confronted with the stupidity that is your logic. Sure, my messages could be shorter. Sure, my messages could be more to the point. However, due to the effort I'm making to articulate myself clearly, and effectively, anyone reviewing this conversation would see me as a rational adult, and you as the whiny toddler that you are.

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>*keynote arrives*
>*grand unveiling occurs*
>Its 28 Pentium 4 550's overclocked to 5ghz soldered together on a pcb

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I only support gnu/gpl cpu like LEON or OPENSPARC.
Radiation resistant LEON chips are the main hardware used in satellites and space applications.

>> No.66437847

>Radiation resistant LEON chips are the main hardware used in satellites and space applications.

But can it play Crysis?

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Their ssds and Ethernet net adapters are still pretty profitable.

>> No.66437865

Sensible chuckle

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Fuck you AMD, give us better GPUs already.

>> No.66437904

arguing about consumer CPUs is so meaningless it hurts. it's like watching people brag about how their mug has better thermal insulation. come back when you've been exposed to industrial grade shit.

>> No.66437927

The GPUs that AMD has are the best for their business, not for the consumer.

>> No.66437944

I think you completely missed the obvious sarcasm there, wise one.

>> No.66437992

To be fair nvidia shit all over amd server GPUs, the new volta on nvlimk is insane.
I’ve one (1) cabinet at work of nvidia gpu and xeons.

>> No.66438006

AMD pls STOP, Intel is already dead.

>> No.66438051

are you saying that if their cpu division tank their ssd and ethernet cards will be so profitable that will still keep them a float?

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AMD's strategy is basically do nothing and win while watching Intel slipping and tripping on their own feces.

>> No.66438080

How long until AMD has no competition and rests on their laurels?

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Chips with 32 cores are pretty industrial grade if you ask me

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deserves a (you) for posting this

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>intel ssds
Irrelevant garbage.

>> No.66438183

What am I gonna do with all these corez? Will Muh skyrim super duper 1080 remix editon get more fps?

>> No.66438186

>7nm 2019
>14-7 in 2 years
wew mate, that's quite a huge step. And here I thought 7nm was so far only in the works for their gpus.

Freaking exciting.

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>> No.66438208

Well AMD can rely on outside fabs. These fabs not only build for AMD but for many others. The budget for fab improvement therefore is much higher. There is no way Intel can compete with TSMC and GloFo combined with IP and knowledge from IBM and Samsung.

>> No.66438249

The intel image looks like a fucking solar explosion.

>> No.66438263

AMD Opterons had 40% of the server market at some point.

The cards for Intel look even worse now. I expect 50% share for AMD in 2020 for newly bought servers.

Intel's monolithic die won't surpass 28 cores. Meanwhile AMD will launch a consumer 32 cores processor and on the server side will have a 48c/96t CPU on 7nm.

Intel is in a corner.

>> No.66438271

Intel is basic the oem for all the major parts.
They fab their own dies in the CPUs obviously, they even have their own mask shops.

The pins, heat spreaders, adhesives, silicon, etc are sold by and to so many people it would be impossible to have a strangle hold on this part of the market.

The only outcome they could have, would be to put pressure on resellers.
HP, Dell, Lenovo, etc.

This worked better in the past but these companies are now almost as big as Intel and won't be as easily pressure into shunning gaymendee.

>> No.66438295

>Ethernet net adapters
might as well buy realtek now, almost have the same performance for 1/100th the price

>> No.66438357

kek, now all I can see is a solar flare. fitting

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>> No.66438463

Also, Asus is selling affordable 10 Gb/s PCIe cards - they're only $100 or so.

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>every fucked up lead to good things
imagine intel in 2021

>> No.66438662


>> No.66438713

>I expect 50% share for AMD in 2020 for newly bought servers.
Yeah, AMD will fare better in the server market than they will in the consumer market. Their infinity fabric allows the cost of their cpus to increase almost linearly as they add more cores while the cost of Intel's monolithic dies increase exponentially as they add more cores. This is extremely important for servers that need a huge number of cores but matters less for ordinary consumers who have no need for more than 4-8 cores. AMD won't start overtaking the consumer market until they significantly improve their single-threaded performance.

>> No.66438758

Are cpu even that relevant nowadays? Most stuff is run on cuda.

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>S-see our 28 core does 5GHz please don't buy AMD

>> No.66438771

Brain damage.

>> No.66438780

Honestly the IPC on Zen isn't too bad already, if they keep iterating on it for small improvements, then there won't be an issue, if they can only get zen to actually CLOCK as high as intel cpus currently do, zen will really start flying off shelves to gamers.

>> No.66438782

Intel's "exclusive interviews" are fucking savage. I love it.

>> No.66438784

>le single core meme

it's not 2008 my dude. everything is super threaded now

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Most games don't scale well beyond 8ish threads. Having more than 4 physical cores is mostly only useful so that you can have crap running in the background while you are gaming. The 1950x gets better gaming performance with half of its cores disabled than it does stock. Per-core performance is still very important for gaming.

For servers, it is a totally different story. Their workloads could easily scale to thousands of cores. A $5,000 64c/128t epyc chip would annihilate intel's xeon line.

>> No.66438939

The most painful scenario i see for intel is the virtualization meme.
Every core you throw at it is used, zero intercore communication, its all about in how many computers can you slice a computer.

>> No.66438944

>4.2ghz is the slowest


>> No.66438947

>Having more than 4 physical cores is mostly only useful so that you can have crap running in the background while you are gaming
Which is true for most people. You can't even stream your gaming on a 7700k without extreme stuttering.

>> No.66438988
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I never thought Intel would shit the bed harder than they did with Netburst. This is getting there.

>> No.66438993

This, unless we have 6GHz+ 16 cores

>> No.66438994

The streaming example is not that common.
But a common case is the ol "windows just get a core to do some shit he wants and you get a random hiccup".

>> No.66439006

Or you run a music player in the background. Or you run a web browser in the background. Or you run a media player/youtube on a second monitor. If you only do gaming and only gaming on your pc at a time, you might as well buy a console.

>> No.66439038

>Most games don't scale well beyond 8ish threads

because the hardware simply wasn't there yet, when next gen consoles run 8+ cores because it's so affordable games will follow along

>> No.66439043

Well, there was the Itanic.

>> No.66439061

Well, that's kind of like bringing a gun to a knife fight. All discussion would stop there.

>> No.66439072

current gen consoles are 8 core systems.

Most games still only use 4 cores effectively.

>> No.66439084

They generally know how to sleep well.
But windows, windows wants CPU, windows gets CPU.
I wonder how well a literal 5 core CPU would fare in a game that uses 4.

>> No.66439170


>> No.66439375

This is hilarious.

>> No.66439447


>> No.66439495

Nah, it will just end up being the main chip of some defective reploid.

>> No.66439513
File: 104 KB, 620x229, Xeon-BWD-EP-Alter-Arria-EMIB-03.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The connections themselves are quicker/lower latency vs TSV according to their pic.

>> No.66439524

>WE >>>/biz/ NOW
we will post pink wojacks and whine all day because we lost everything on last deal ?
i don't even have enuff unique pink wojacks :(

>> No.66439535

you mean the one that reaches temperatures of space shuttle reentering the atmosphere ? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

>> No.66439681

Jesus Christ, this has to be a false flagger pretending to speak on behalf of Intel right?

>> No.66439721

No, thats from intel's Retail Edge program. Its for sales people who work in computer shops to get trained on how to sell intel products.

>> No.66439869

Whelp, that's particularly low.

>> No.66439877


>> No.66439985

This thread is at least nominally about server CPUs.

>> No.66440205

Its intel (Involuntary telemetry)

>> No.66440255

I'd rather they stick around, firmly in the #2 place, just to keep AMD honest. They'll still be remembered in the history books and B-school case studies as a cautionary tale of corporate hubris.

>> No.66440265

They cheated by not giving a shit about security flaws.

>> No.66440417

Its amazing how old that meme is and how many iterations it had and now Intel actually made it reality

>> No.66440446

Oh they give a shit about security flaws, as in the ones they invented based on their opposition in a damage control effort

>> No.66441064

>>AMD better at being Intel then Intel
Just like men are better at being than women than women.

>> No.66441346
File: 171 KB, 923x369, Screenshot_20180621_174343.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why don't you stop shilling for either company and become Mr. Shekelstein himself by buying used shit?

>> No.66441500

>Brian just resigns

>> No.66441512
File: 31 KB, 288x288, 1518804362883.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he put Intel inside™

>> No.66441651

>brian is foaming
Nah, he was fired today and in a few months will be suicidated.

>> No.66441732

I can't help but see that as making things more complicated. A full size interposer should in theory be able to have the same "short wires" in that example and have the same speed, it only looks like its to reduce the cost of the interposer and scale up manufacturing to multiple small interposers with better yields which is offset partiality by more complicated assembly and organic substrates. .

>> No.66441854
File: 166 KB, 1280x640, 1529551311123-pol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This x1000

>> No.66442342

you mean that one that needs the 1000w cooling device?

>> No.66442484


>> No.66442513

> tfw old enough to see AMD BTFO for the third time. K6-2, Athlon64 and Ryzen. I need a proper Pepe for this.

>> No.66442618

No one wants to talk to you faggot, begone

>> No.66442694

I think you mixed up the definition of BTFO.

>> No.66442839


>> No.66443102


>> No.66444285

Brian is resigning due to sexing a colleague.

>> No.66444527

>what are memory timings.

>> No.66446075

There's only so many ways you can split a task.
In games you generally can only split it into about 5 threads: Sound, graphics, game logic, input, and networking if it's online multiplayer.

You can further split those, but the gains severely diminish and you start introducing problems with synchronization and deterministic behavior.

>> No.66446119
File: 3.07 MB, 9999x9999, intel_collage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

mfw normies are so retarded and phone-obsessed that they consider explicit text messages to be a form of sex

xDDD <-- that's the face

>> No.66446123

The problem with core count when you are a game developer is the GPU vendor keeps trying to suck you into their ecosystem instead of allowing you to leverage more available cores to handle graphics items. Game loop: 1 thread, Physics loop: 1 thread, IO loop: 1 thread. Boom that is how 99% of shit is done, still to this day. Until the kikes at nvidia stop brainwashing our developers, we wont start looking at new and innovative ways to leverage hugely scalable CPU architectures for purposes of enhancing the graphical experience. The reason this hasnt really happened is because once the developer gets a taste of what he can do on 1 x86 core, he's gonna want to do much more. The implications are profound and they DONT want you thinking about it at all. x86 CPUs are decidedly cheaper than GPUs. If you can spend $800 on a TR2 and have enough cores to run traditional CPU tasks as well as manage most graphics concerns, the GPU becomes a moot point.

>> No.66446221

What are you rambling on about?

Yeah, multithreading could probably kill shit like PhysX, but a CPU works completely different than how a GPU works.
CPUs are very good at performing sequential tasks or performing scalar calculations, but GPUs are vector processors, designed for highly parallel tasks.

Why do you think else do you think OpenCL/Cuda is a thing?
By using the strengths of a GPU for highly parallel tasks and a CPU's strength at sequential operations you can achieve much better performance than using either by itself.

Yes, x86 has vector and SIMD extensions, but those don't hold a candle to what a graphics card is capable of.

>> No.66446296

One x86 core is obviously not enough, but we are heading into a realm where having 64 in a consumer box is not out of the question. Also don't neglect the fact that by running on an x86 CPU, you can efficiently perform far more complex math which enables use of better algorithms. The memory situation is substantially superior - essentially unlimited. There is a reason commercial shops like Pixar still use CPU-based rendering for all of their production needs today.

>> No.66446317

>There is a reason commercial shops like Pixar still use CPU-based rendering for all of their production needs today.
That's entirely memory based, and amd already fixed that issue with SSG.

>> No.66446379

Yeah, but most GPU renderer are CUDA based right now, so unless AMD can get Pixar to adapt Radeon Ray (fucking Raja and his stupid names) as the core of Renderman, the market still won't be there for AMD.

>> No.66446419

You're always going to need a graphics card for gaming.
You're talking about pushing nearly half a trillion pixels per second to render 60fps in real time.

Pixar uses CPU based rendering because they don't need the frames to be real time, and their rendering techniques really aren't that suitable for running on graphics cards.

>> No.66446439

Can't we just kick nvidia in the nuts and make cuda free?

>> No.66446464

CPUs are really bad at handling higher resolutions though. Look at Ion Maiden, it has a software rendering mode and even with the simplistic graphics at 4k it brings pretty much any CPU to its knees. You'll always need a GPU for gaming, real time frames are different than the prerendered stuff that Pixar does.

>> No.66446512

>Half a trillion per second
>Le typical display:
>2560*1440 = 3,686,400 pixels
>3686400*60 = 221,184,000 pixels over 1 second @ 60 FPS.
>Fuck it lets say its 144hz
>3686400*144 = 530,841,600 pixels over 1 second at 144 FPS.

You are telling me I cant fill a 530m pixel budget in 1 second with a 32 core 4ghz CPU at my disposal?

>Starting to get shilly in here.

>> No.66446577

530/32 = 16562500 pixels per core partitioned
4ghz/16562500 = 241 cycles available per pixel
Assuming you can get a 4-8x speedup with SIMD, you could easily be looking at a kcycle per pixel for a 144hz 1440p framebuffer requirement.

>> No.66446594

Ive seen entire raytracing engines written using less than 1000 cycles worth of pipelined instructions.

>> No.66447074

Was buying it a year ago and continue to do so now...the next few years gon b gud

>> No.66447090

>too big to fail

>> No.66447105

>400w TDP
>1700w air conditioner cooler

>> No.66447321

Maybe 400w tdp baseclock, before overclocking. Not including boost speed tdps in their advertised tdps has become another scummy nail in Intel's coffen.

>> No.66447788

>The breaker tripper
no thanks

>> No.66447803

more diversity initiatives.

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