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Sign this fucking petition, you bigots

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Petition for a fucking emoji... Holy shit some people are really retarded

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No, this shit just shows that we are slowing devolving into retards.

People who need representation in fucking emojis are really fucking self-centered, and mentally broken.

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>ayo hol up
>where da wite wimmin @
impolite sage

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What's retarded about it? How else are you going to gauge interest

it's not that you NEED it. it's that being left out is insulting.

yeah care to make an actual point next time?

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>Tinder was founded by Sean Rad, Jonathan Badeen, Justin Mateen, Joe Munoz, Dinesh Moorjani, andWhitney Wolfe, who later left Tinder to startBumble.[8][9]Other sources restrict the list of founders to Mateen, Rad, and Badeen,[10][11]though this has been disputed.[12]Rad and Mateen had known each other since they were 14. They both come from wealthyJewish-Iranianfamilies
>They both come from wealthyJewish-Iranianfamilies

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If this "interracial couples emoji project" is gauging interest in anyone, then there is a problem.

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10 cleavage peak vouchers have been deposited to your male sjw sex account, Carl.

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I think what people obsessed with emojis really want, whether or not they realize it, is a gaia-like thing that lets you make a little cartoon avatar of yourself. If you came right out with it, most people would think it's autistic and cringy. But it's pretty much what emojis are turning into.
Not saying it's good or bad, but I think that's what a lot of people desire deep down.

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tinder is disgusting degenerate garbage to start off with.

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Tinder is owned byb jews, of course.

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ITT: 30 yo boomers that are unwilling to move into the future and refuse to accept natural societal change

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I'm not surprised.

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What was wrong with standard yellow emoji? Retarded liberals wanted nigger skin colors and now they're pushing for this. This is literally a non-issue, but this is what happens when 90% of your work force is diversity hires with low IQs.

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I'm white and my girlfriend is black, and we were literally discussing a few days ago the fact that interracial emojis don't exist. I don't really care much but I'd probably use it if it existed.

Emojis are a part of language now and enable us to express ourselves more effectively than text alone.

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Fuck off /pol/

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>discussing emoji with your black gf
Kill yourself, you literally don't belong here

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niggers and honorable niggers are unbelievable, they want to force their agenda down everyone’s throats.

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not technology

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Yeah, I am sure this confirms the antisemitic urges of poltards, just accept that Jews are better then you at making successful businesses.

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There's nothing 'wrong' with it, but people made their desire to express themselves in a way they identify with and the emoji makers fulfilled this demand. If you don't like it you can always fuck off.

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both of you should sign the petition, pass the link around too. We only need 800 more sigs

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>I need emoji that has somewhat similar skin tone so I can express myself!
Kill yourself.

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I've been coming to 4chan since 2007, I don't care what you think.

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>17 year old boomer on /g/ that thinks unicode isn't part of computer

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Absolutely disgusting. Race mixing should be made illegal again.

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>What was wrong with standard yellow emoji?
It isn't inclusive, why is it so controversial to ask for other races being explicitly included into something?
Segregation is over, get it?!

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You're still a normie retard and literally every white man who isn't a faggot looks down on you.

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I'll only sign your petition if you absolutely pretty pretty promise me the emoticon couple are not Trump voters

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Lol, the poltards arrived.

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I really don't care that much and I don't believe petitions help all that much. I'll leave them to it, hope they get what they want though.

Where did I use the word 'need' or a synonym thereof? I said 'desire', ie a want, not a need. You don't know what anyone else's wants or needs are, you have no place to tell them what's right and wrong.

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wow, that a lot of gib dick.

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yep. this one's going in my yep compilation.

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Why can't the people fuck off instead of adding special combination rules to fucking characters. Didn't we learn that this is a mistake for digitized human language already, now we're doing it with pictograms. Fucking stop. We should have never started. We could have just stuck with sexless, yellow skinned, blobs, now we're expected to handle every possible combination of characters or risk being called sexist, racist, speciesist, ageist, etc

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>everyone I don't like is X

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Hahaha, yes I am laughing.
But really it is time to stop engaging in your racist fantasies and accept reality.

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are there any other colors? such brown? because I'm not black nor white. i'm brownies. haha

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I'm not a 'normie', I'm autistic and weird as fuck, not weird in a quirky way, genuinely struggle to interact with most people in the outside world without getting into arguments or pissing everyone around me off. But yeah I've still managed to get a relatively normal girl to be my girlfriend, get a master's degree, and hold down a good, steady job. I am used to people looking down on me for all kinds of things, you kind of stop caring after a while.

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No, it is just pretty obvious where you come from, I know there are different kinds of racist, the ones who say "Heil Hitler", the ones who scream "white power" and so on.

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kys shlomo

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sound edgy.

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I don't like this PC bullshit much either but the more you rail against it the more it's gonna happen so just deal with it.

There's like 5 or 6 shades I think.

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>But yeah I've still managed to get a relatively normal girl to be my girlfriend, get a master's degree, and hold down a good, steady job.
So you are a Normie aside from one easily suppressed quirk.

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No lines should be drawn. Computers are capable of producing millions if not billions of skin tone colors. I need my emoji...

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Not really edgy, maybe when I was younger. I'm 32 now, I'm past all that shit, I mind my own business for the most part.

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Kill yourself.

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KYS jew hater.

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Kill you'reselfs

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You first Chaim.

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I fight with myself every single day to not sperg out and cause massive problems for myself and everyone around me. You literally have no idea how hard I've worked to be where I am. But I wouldn't expect a self-defeating basement dweller to have any idea about that.

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>we're wasting precious unicode character space on pointless emoji duplicates
Technology was a mistake.

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>I don't like this PC bullshit much either but the more you rail against it the more it's gonna happen so just deal with it.
You really shouldn't push against something, just let it happen and as your opponents start caring about the skin color of emojis you surely will get rid of PC culture soon.

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oy vey this thread is practically annudah shoa

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Boomers by definition can't be 30. The youngest are at least 50. Fuck off back to plebbit.

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Reminder that someone has to program the special cases, someone has to draw all that shit, and teams have to sanction this. It's simple in concept to add these things, but the effort is large.

>proud to announce we added 18 gorillion more possibilities to the unicode standard
>try typing white teenage girl, adult black male, female doctor with asian skintone, pig, and the sweat emojis in order to create the new aristocrats emoji

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I need a chocolate/brown gf so badly /g/

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>Jim I'm going to need you to sketch up 800 different orgie images by noon

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t. 25 year old boomer

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Boo hoo, someone gets a job for a long time.

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Nice waste of dubs.

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>You literally have no idea how hard I've worked to be where I am.
Being able to work hard is the most Normie you can be.

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Check out this new shit called JPEG, PNG, GIF

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Get fucked.

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I happen to have an early copy of the spec, pic related

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Yes, everyone who doesn't hate black people is baiting.

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>I've still managed to get a relatively normal girl to be my girlfriend
>nigger girlfriend
top kek

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Need my emoji...

make emoji now please

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Gwd feel better already thanks dol

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Most normies work hard but don't work smart. I do both.

You can't offend me with words. You will never have a girlfriend even close to the level of my girlfriend, that's why you get mad and lash out.

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the absolute state of /g/

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>not inclusive
Yeah, because whites are fucking Simpsons. Fuck off.

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I have every right to tell someone that their fucking stupid emoji isn't an important issue. This is why we don't innovate anymore, we hire retarded SJWs that spend company time and money designing emoji that represent everyone. I'm sure glad we have interracial emoji while real progress stagnates, thank god for women and niggers in tech!

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>Most normies work hard but don't work smart. I do both.
The fact alone that you called me a basement dweller revels you as a Normie.
And the fact that you insult people for not having a girlfriend, reveals you as a REALLY FUCKING NORMAL Normie.

If you have had casual verbal context with a non blood related female within a year you are a Normie.

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This but unironically.

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Men don't have rights, sooo

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>Yeah, because whites are fucking Simpsons.
White people are already included in everything, they don't need special representation.

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What race has emoticon yellow skin and impossible facial features?
What race can levitate?

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Not even that anon, but /g/ isn't /r9k/
Sorry about your mental illness

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>Not even that anon, but /g/ isn't /r9k/
Yes, there are a lot of Normies here, I am not arguing that.

>Sorry about your mental illness
I am not diagnosed with anything.

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Then amerimutts would pretty much go extinct.

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>What race has emoticon yellow skin and impossible facial features?
Not the blacks, which is the Problem I am getting at.

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>Implying that is bad and not one of the primary motives.

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this desu desu

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>What race can levitate?
Japanese you idiot

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What race is immune to HIV?

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>being this triggered

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You're joking but there are a few SNPs that happen to confer almost complete resistance to AIDS, found in certain European populations.

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