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OLED or X9300E for $300 less?

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Do not get oled. Only get a sony if you want to sometimes game at 120hz 1080p
Otherwise get the highest quality lg ips you can afford. The new lgs also game at 120hz 1080p

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im saving that

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me in the middle

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9305 best tv ever had. was afraid of oled burnin

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>believing the bullshit marketing that the tv is 120hz

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You buy one with actual 120Hz panel and not the meme "120 Bogoherz".
It's THAT simple.

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What's the difference between 9300 and 9305? Also is it true the TV weighs 30 fucking kilos?

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Do you want to keep your TV for more than 5-8 years?

Buy the X9300E

Do you want the BEST looking display you can get TODAY? (but you'll need to replace it in ~3-5 years)

Get the OLED.

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What's the best "Dumb" TV that i can buy today? I don't care about the size or anything, i just want a good tv without all the shit smart features.

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Lg signature oled
Remove the interface box, reverse engineer it and build your own dumb interface box.

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me inside

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I don't think anyone sells TVs without the Smart shit.

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Strength a slut

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fuckin thicc

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Is true

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Don't buy a TV. They spy on you. Use a computer instead, preferably one that also doesn't spy on you.

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>tfw a /g/ thread turned into a fap thread

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I wish to lick

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That's dirty

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i want to do >>66429605 that

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I'm willing to agree to both at the same time.

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Stop posting porn

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I also do drugs. Boo fucking hoo how I like to abuse my shittly evolved brain for self pleasure.
At least I don't pay monetary units or objects of value to consume porn like a retarded drug addict would with drugs.

Stay a monk until you die while I enjoy self pleasure, sex and compounds that fake my brain into making me feel good. It won't matter once we both are dead.

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I'm inclined to agree with this sentiment.
Almost everyone in the world wants to be happy and says that should be your goal as well, to live a happy life. In the civilized world, as long as it's not harming anyone else, I won't fault you for doing it.

Now the question is if pornography is harmful to the self compared to abstaining. Could greater, more consistent pleasures be derived from somewhere else. It's hard to say for certain, even when thinking about yourself.

For me, I submit, and I am content.

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How are the Qled TV's and monitors? I'm thinking about getting one 4k monitor?

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Complete meme
They're trying to mimic the oled name for a reason

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So they don't produce the same black levels? Is the contrast acceptable? Are they good monitors/TV's despite the namesake, basically?

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They're still high end tvs though

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Life is utterly pointless behind a reason of reproduction to carry on genes that has no actual goal except just having to go on.
Anything you do, as you said yourself also, as long as it does not harm others, is up to you. That's the beauty of a free world, the only point in life I can understand is to use this brain of ours that's inherently flawed from the start to just make us experience good things and feelings.

In the question of pornography, both actual intercourse and self masturbation while watching pornographic content can wield pleasures of different kinds and different highs. I sometimes like to not masturbate and not have sex for a few days, so I can wield more pleasurable experiences when I do, because that's how our brains work. On the flip side, you will be giving out on smaller consistent pleasures more often that way and all in all, our time is limited.

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I often wonder what we'd do with immortality. Is utopia some kind of glorious community, or is it just an array of people in some kind of drug injecting pleasure machine, for eternity.

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>array of people in some kind of drug injecting pleasure machine, for eternity
After a couple hundred years of immortality, that would seem like the best existance.
We aren't made to be immortal in the first place, our small minds have a hard time dealing with our short lives 99% of the time already.

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