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Google has collected so much information on you that they can predict with 95% accuracy when you will die.




>turn up to hospital
>"pls help me I'm ill"
>get turned away because you were going to die in a few weeks anyway

What's the next step in the botnet's masterplan? I figure Google will start lying about the health of undesirables so it wont look suspicious when they kill them. Maybe all the anons who used to write "calle nigger" in legacy captcha will meet unfortunate ends soon.

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I hope Google targets IE and Firefox users first, good thing I use Chrome.

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good thing I don’t use google services.

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Would you prefer to have your death predicted by Facebook or Microsoft?

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>"I'm sorry anon but since we don't have enough data about you to do a reliable prediction of your life expectancy we are unable to provide medical services"

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that's why you don't rely on state provided healthcare. earn money and pay for everything yourself. problem would arise when you needed a loan or something.

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Can you turn the algorythm on google itself?

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Looking on the bright side you would be able to get treated faster than others in queue if you'll be likely to die soon.
This would help creating a more meaningful priority queue, increasing the percentage of people to survive.
That's if you could be saved somehow and you need treatment faster than other.
I think this is what we should search for in this new AI.

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cute boy

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I'd fuck him/her/xer/zher/durr

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it's not a tranny, headcase

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>just stop being poor lmao

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I wish I was a cute boy like that.
Imagine all the code I could write after a long day of sex with my bf.

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you can't have both privacy and free shit. nothing wrong with being poor.

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Even if it was a tranny, it wouldn't be a problem.

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Good thing I don't use them either.

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Who's this semen demon?

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Why do you want to know? You aren't going to do anything creepy like jack off to his pics or anything are you?

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Remember Google Flu? That shit didn't work at all. Their 95% precision will be nowhere to be found, when it is to be verified externally.

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It's gemma

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According to AI you died last week so we took the liberty to seize all your property and use it to fund immigration to Europe

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so that's with the demented-ish facial expression..

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She's a baka gaijin who gets drugged and fucked by Yakuza for your entertainment. That's what that facial expression is.

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Sounds nice.

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according to the botnet...

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No man, just doing some research.

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that's gemma and it's not a tranny you fucking dicksucking faggots

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>you will never be a cute girl like her
why live

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based post

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You’re a fucking moron lmfao move to vensuala already

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Microsoft would forget to be evil and actually try to figure it out.

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Yeah that’s cool and all but who’s the slut

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It was already posted in the thread you faggorino homoboli.

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Trannies being good programmers is a lie.

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Nobody said tranny that is clearly a trap.

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-Dont Google "how not to die" before your deathbed
-The algorithm is hacked

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>government will take care of me regardless
i'm not saying you shouldn't use free healthcare but you should be ready for when it's not there for you ie have a safety net of your own.

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>Trannies being good programmers is a lie.

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If that happened, it would probably start deleting itself.

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how do I use this?

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It's pretty crazy how the botnet can pick things up. It detects it partly as "Sword Art Online" for some reason, however.

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Blessings upon you, anon!

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Cyberpunk dystopia now!
>google "ass cancer"
>your McSurance policy automatically increases its premiums

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I welcome our Google overlords and hope they will come for IE/Edge users first.

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>how to lurk

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I would prefer not to have my death predicted by anybody.

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Kill yourselves

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This is how they justify death panels in socialist countries.

>Oh hey we're just gonna deny you Healthcare because you're just gonna die soon anyways.

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/pol/ mentality aside there's absolutely nothing wrong with being transgender as long as you're not one of those blue haired ugly dudes who want to be called xyr.

If she looks like a girl, acts like a girl and is a professional what's the problem of her being a programmer?

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I'm just sick of the trap meme that these niggers keep on spouting whenever someone posts something or someone remotely feminine. I don't give a shit about trannies tbqh. If you want to ruin your life, that's not my problem.

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is this actually what americans think? shit like this is why america is seeming more and more like a third world shithole, i traveled there earlier this year (everywhere between california and alabama) and theres so many poor and homeless people EVERYWHERE, and the more and more i realise how fucked that country is the more it makes sense why they dont have public healthcare, they simply cant afford it, like african shitholes and the likes

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Not a shred of credibility

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No it can't.

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I hope they use their boston dynamics robots to pre-emptively kill me.

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see >>66414319 >>66415134

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>Implying I don't intentionally feed the botnet wrong information

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Google trying to kill people goes against their business model because it means fewer people to expose to ads.

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>AI builds your profile for jobs
>AI says when you die
>AI tells you how to get somewhere
>AI is your relationships

fuck whos not gonna make it to 2050 at this rate?

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If somebody can predict death probabilities it's them for sure but it's always probabilities unless you're either terminally ill or really old
The big problem may be ia objectives which may be attained by any means, even if it implies killing people: ultimate pragmatism
You may need to add a no kill clause in such objectives

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There's a silver lining to this that I think people in this thread would otherwise miss:
They have hard evidence on what behaviours increase and decrease lifespans. While they don't have gene databases (yet, give it 5 years until google releases a 'family history through your genetics' service), they have the secrets to longevity. Ironically enough their extreme data collection about lifestyles gives them lots of data about what will increase or decrease a lifespan.

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Even identifies cropped stuff

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i feel like this is a little presupposed, when it can state that youre going to die it will be 95% accurate but otherwise its not like it's aggregating a bunch of information and doing some wizard statistics to see that your health and lifestyle are trending toward an early death, it's probably seeing that you're looking up stuff related to the cancer you just got diagnosed for and all the books you bought about accepting your death then knowing youre probably on your way out

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Turns out that looking up cancer books and terminal illness help stuff is REALLY bad for your health since most people who do this die shortly after.

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now I need to rewatch it crowd, thanks

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>be 24, fit, eat healthy, work from home
>check predicted time of death
>15 minutes left
>15minutes go by
>Google™ killbot bursts inside room
>asks to solve captcha to proceed with the assassination
FUCK wat do I do bros, it's been like 5 minutes already and it won't leave

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No, I want a FOSS solution I can run on my own device in a sandbox without internet access
Or not since this isn't important

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Then install TempleOS

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it's waiting to ask a 4chan poster to identify all humans, just wait a few more minutes

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>what do you do
don't solve the captcha. just spam refresh.

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>mfw my user agent says I'm using chrome
Haha I'm immortal.

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>TempleOS predicts my death
Shit man Terry still got it

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That doesn't work. It will get you a ban.

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>there's absolutely nothing wrong with being transgender

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>It detects it partly as "Sword Art Online" for some reason,
That's scary, too. I bet it's recognizing the art style of an artist at A-1. AKA the studio that did SAO and half of who worked on franxx.

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New as fuck.

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What's this screenshots, what is this software and source of the manga, please?

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No manga, one image

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